Part A

Reminiscing about my last decade’s synopsis of inner spiritual yatra , I saw that when I was adamantly searching, I was essentially in search of peace. I wished to have a unyielding peace of mind. I had asked God to grant me that in great abundance. After the turmoil and mayhem inside, born out of my own fate I wished to seek something that would give rest to my mind. I was very tired, really tired of the whole thing.

Everything looked worthless except having peace of mind during that crucial life phase. It seemed as mandatory to my life as my need of oxygen. It became as imperative as water is to each one of us; water is our lifeline. It became as pressing as one’s daily night sleep is for our well-being.

I wanted peace of mind like never before because it seemed to me that whether good or low times, peace was never sought by me earlier and that it had to be accomplished somehow. It was really vital for my life. Besides that, if I did not lead a peaceful and pious life, eventually it did not matter what I possessed or achieved in worldly gains, they were inconsequential. My saatvik tendencies were bursting to the fore with full force as if there was no other aim to be achieved in life other than this one. It was a matter of life and death kind of a situation when I look back to review my life now. By looking back, I also get a sense of awareness as I can gauge very well how much, how much my Masters have worked on me day and night painstakingly without any halt. It was because I could once and for all achieve the ultimate goal of salvaging my soul and free my chains of slavery from the innumerable karmas that I have sowed in countless lives. After that only could I live truly peacefully.

When peace arrived with the arrival of so many visions of His Holiness Swami Nityananda and Swami Shaligram of Ganeshpuri during my sleep, I turned inward effortlessly. I touched a chord with them instantaneously and with their each arrival came a gush of peace. It was a new beginning in my life with such mystic encounters that look unbelievable to most people, particularly to the profane. In the middle of black clouds, a gentle revolution within was taking place in silence. Every vision of Swami Nityananda and every soothing, assuring word of the Swami of a few words, Dayananda Shaligram were moving me into God’s world that was so promising; it was laden with divine peace and sustained calmness.

As more and more calmness infiltrated into life, my mind automatically lost the grip of the thoughts that were associated with several people, things and even events of previous life phases. I got a hold of things as they were in reality, in genuineness as well as with a sense of intense calmness and my views were dispassionate as though those events were someone else’s story and not mine. This was in spite of the fact that I gained a true picture of people’s false, crooked and hypocritical nature and I saw them in correct light with the Grace of the benevolent saints. Grace was cascading over me ceaselessly because I asked for redemption and was ready to do any kind of penance to pay the price of my biggest wealth- my armoured, peaceful mind.

The biggest virtue that I received from Swami Shaligram was that peace is everything. There was a solution to every problem of mine which he said he would give me but I should hold on to my peace and not let it slip away. If I had peace in my mind and would not be ruffled, then one day I could also see God because peace follows more peace, and when we have abundant peace and do penance correspondingly, God appears to us. I was convinced of this logic because my life was surely changing as I calmed down my mind each day and saw the pronounced results. I began to intuit more, I began to communicate with my Swamis more often than before and I was turning inward more and more and my health began to improve drastically. I now had a reason to re-align my life once again.

When I embarked on my voyage, I was doing everything for peace and wanted to know the Truth from God directly in that state of mind. Who knew at that time as things were so out of tune, that one day I would be sharing my intimate spiritual experiences with people and that they would be useful for all of them in some way or the other. They would in future also open new avenues for them on their path of God realization. My experiences would help them in their growth and progress and my words would be a reflection of God’s own words for others to follow and circumnavigate……life is so pleasantly surprising, really!!!

My learning at that time

The most important aim of our meditation is to achieve deep tranquility and peace of mind. Our Spirit will only manifest itself if the inner environment is peace laden.

There is no peace without a prior tempest; there is no lasting peace of mind without a long duration of penance or tapasya.

Some of you who make an intent quietly in your heart, God will grant that slowly until the time when the clouds of outside storm gathered around you are disintegrated by God and peace would return in its place.

This is the blessing that we should ask God to bestow on us so that God as intense peace shines forth as the Sun amidst the grey clouds that were gathered in the mind.

Part B

On 2nd Feb 2014 evening, as I was working in the kitchen, all of a sudden I heard a very unique, overwhelming and heavenly sound similar to Om. In an instant, my eyes became enlarged like never before, my diaphragm expanded and extended extraordinarily and I felt a huge spiral current across my spine which made me totally energetic and robust.

I was stretching myself further and further outwardly till my breath stopped fully. I could feel that there was no beating of the heart and I was not uncomfortable in any way because of this. I straightaway stopped my hands working on the counter of the kitchen and stood still without a breath to know what was happening so unusual. I was observing myself objectively.

Just right then my eyes were opened but at a standstill, I could see the arrival of the appearance of Shri Mahavatar Babaji with a laptop, and reading something in a far off mountainous area with someone young  leaning towards the screen of the computer. He was smiling softly, and I heard him saying, “Oh so she has published such a wonderful post on the internet. People have liked it and also the simile of the Bird of Paradise. This means that she receives flawlessly what I want her to take from my mind. She is gathering my thoughts in the most precise manner, the way I want her to receive!”

Suddenly at this moment, something unprecedented happened. A relay of thoughts originating from the mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji were transferring and reaching my mind.

It was very evident; I could sense and see it, both. Like Sanjay of Mahabharata character I could see the whole scene being enacted in a distant place while standing in my house and with eyes open. I could for a while see unmistakably Shri Mahavatar Babaji sitting with someone in a house made of stones in a hilly area and he was seeing the Home Page of my blog and reading the subject matter and finally rolling his eyes from top to bottom on the screen of my blog.  He was delighted with what he saw and his face projected ecstasy. I could understand that he wished I must surely know in some way that he keeps track of my blog and he reads it from time to time.

On hearing this information which was clear and audible like normal conversations, I was convinced that somewhere in a nook and corner of the Himalayas, Shri Mahavatar Babaji must have asked someone to give him a laptop and he was browsing my blog and had reached the new post published on 31.1.14. regarding my visit to Dakshineshwar. As a blessing and a kind gesture, he messaged me telepathically to inform me that I am being watched and protected by my Divine Father.

Now regarding that unique sound- my mind shifted to my right ear where the sharp sound was lingering which was similar to Om but it was not what I had heard ever before. I was slightly puzzled and very desperately curious to know after all what that was and why it had appeared in the first place. Was this sound an indicator and a tip off that the mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji was about to relay something to me or was it an auspicious sign of something else?

After a few seconds of wonderment, I got to experience another moment of stupefaction when I began to hear this sacred information from Him,

“The unique sound that you just heard is a sound which is higher than the wavelength of Om. It will give you profound and very deep peace. The uninterrupted peace will last for three continuous days.”

I thought for a moment that so far Babaji never told me that there was any sound whose wave length was far higher and sharper than Om. I wondered if anybody else knew apart from very advanced yogis. I was later told that only one or two very highly evolved classical singers are familiar with this sound. Knowing this, my mind came to rest finally.

I stayed in that state for three days, totally meditative and in unbreakable peace. I have been hearing this special sound intermittently and at irregular junctures which puts me in a very peaceful state of mind all of a sudden, a state which is indescribable. I dive deep inside the waters of a calm river whose water is so cool and restful that it is very hard to break that silence and open my eyes again to see visuals that my eyes hold of outside world.

Is it a reward that Babaji gave me as my Guru for his work that I do?

Maybe, yes.

If so, then it was a divine blessing.  I write all my posts only when there is an advent of inspiration from the world of the saints who again act as and when they are in inspiration from God. Their mutual co-ordination and co-operation through intuition becomes one divine world and all have the same sankalpa or common thought for the welfare of everybody. With continuous gratitude and prostration in my heart throughout the day, I thank them. That is all I can do for the kindness that has been bestowed on me for  abundant peace and the unique divine sound which is so rare.

No matter how much a devotee pays respect or shows gratitude for such huge benign acts of the sacred Masters, it will always be less and insufficient because we cannot reciprocate accordingly for the kind gestures that they do for us by taking us to God’s world where such good omens and auspiciousness awaits us.

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