In search of Ultimate Peace-III

March 11, 2014


(Mukteshwar temple, Bhubaneshwar)

Part A


Bhagwan Shiva is the Adi Guru and the first yogi living in Himalayas who researched and founded yoga and discovered the art of controlling breath. He is the pioneer of Kriya Yoga or the science of regulating the breath and with its constant practice in isolation, capturing of the mind and finally silencing it. In conclusion, the mind and body were made immortal and divinized with the help of intense practice of this innovative science combined with deep meditations.

Lord Shiva then initiated his son Kartikeyan into this yogic science. In times to come, Lord Kartikeyan blessed his foremost disciple Bogarnathar and initiated him into the same practice of immortalizing the body and mind with tapas. Shri Bogarnathar was a great sage or Maharishi who spent most of his life in thick forests in South India.  Moreover, he did wonderful research of ancient yogic sciences and lived a long life. His Samadhi is in Palani in Tamil Nadu, near Madurai. He is a deathless guru and considered one of the eighteen Siddhas of India. He mastered chemistry of making human body deathless and immortal, did intensive research in yoga and many more mystic secretive yogic disciplines. I have paid my obeisance to him twice in Palani, where he rests even today, by visiting the powerful temple of Kartikeyan or Murugan Swami built by him with panch dhatu or five metals.

When Mahavatar Babaji was doing great penance in the forest of Sri Lanka in Katargama, as a young boy of less than fourteen, Bogarnathar initiated him into higher levels of Kriya practice. Mahavatar Babaji was initiated by Bogarnatharji during his meditation into the science of Kriya Yoga. With great deal of kripa or blessing, I have been able to go and spend enough time in this sacred place of Katargama also two times. Both these places were never known to me until my dearest Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji directed me to go there in order to make advances in my spiritual and mental well being. I shall be always very grateful to him for sending me to such dynamic places which are associated with his own spiritual accomplishments.

Dear friends as you know that recent teerths have been made by me to Somnath and Dwarka also. Somnath is one of the twelve jyotirlingas in India. Prior to that trip I also went to Dakshineshwar in Jan 2014 and before that I made a wonderful trip to Pondicherry and Palani in 2013.

When I was in Madurai and before embarking to Palani a night before, Shri Bogarnathar spoke to me in the hotel at length which I have shared with you in this post God Within –III.

Since I have come from Palani, he has been teaching me many new things about which I was totally unaware. My meditations are so much richer and profound. I have been hearing the higher frequency of Om frequently which is giving deep peace in my mind. It is the kripa of Shri Bogarnathar I just learnt yesterday.  I have been repeatedly hearing a very high frequency sound which is higher than Om and it leaves behind impeccable peace of mind; nothing disturbs. Babaji has put me in the hands of Shri Bogarnathar for my next grade of education and tutoring after my second visit to Palani. He has been teaching me mostly every day early morning between 4 and 6 am. That is his time of taking me up for my further studies. I am extremely grateful to him for inducting me as one of his students and I am again realigning my daily schedule as per his advice. The heart is full of thanksgiving and salutes him so many times through for out the day for his unlimited generosity. Everything that he has imparted to me is new and fresh. The reason is that the first  level that he begins with is for the accomplished ones and the standard quite high.

 Please read this article many times, first as a whole and then in parts many times. Read after a few days again so that the complete analysis is formed in your mind. Also do not forget to thank him profusely so that with his generosity and benevolence, you shall be imparted some light and insight into his huge reservoir of ancient wisdom. He usually likes us to wake up early and meditate with him where we can get an opportunity to commune with him easily……

He taught me-

Kripa or Grace is of three types- kanishtha, madhyam and uttam or less, medium and high types. They depend on the tapas of the sadhak congruently.

Tapasya or penance of three types-tapasya, ghor tapasya and mahaghor tapasya.

Bhakti or Devotion three types-tamoguni, rajoguni and satoguni.

Tamoguni devotion is when the devotee is selfish and asks for himself or herself only and gives nothing in return to God. Some of them also use dark forces to get their end results.

Rajoguni devotion is done by devotees who love God and will return something also when they are benefited but on one or two conditions.

Satoguni bhakti or devotion is done by pure devotees who ask for nothing in return and love God only because they want God’s grace and love in return. They always do thoughtful and generous actions which are unselfish in nature.

Bhakt or devotees are four types- aart, artharthi, jigyasu, mumukshu.

Aart-Many devotees come to God or Guru when they have problems and they wish to find a remedy. Once the problems are solved they leave and go back doing regular things.

Artharthi are the devotees who come to Guru’s ashram or shelter because they want arth which means wealth, money or prosperity.

Jigyasu means those people who have jigyasa or curiosity. Once their curiosity is fulfilled, such devotees do not continue their relation with the Guru or with God either and they get engrossed in many other activities of life and return to their normal prior lives.

Mumukshu or the one who has the desire of Moksha or salvation. Out of so many devotees of God or a Self-Realized Guru, just a trickle or handful come to them for salvaging their lives and wish to liberate themselves from the shackles of life and death’s chain of sufferings. They never leave their honourable Guru and never break the relationship with God who they had searched in many previous lives while facing many hurdles and problems daringly. Their lives are a complete submission at the holy feet of the Great Masters and benevolent God.

Shanti or peace is of three types- shanti, ghor shanti, param shanti. Peace, deep peace and Ultimate Peace.

Part B

On 3rd March evening, I got up from a short meditation with a lot of serenity. In that time when my eyes were closed, in my vision I could see my back and my face turned towards distant Eternity. I was facing the Lord. I could see Light. There was nothing else in the view apart from me and the Light. I saw a big circle of very pale light, almost white in colour. Soon the circle became bigger and bigger and it enlarged on its own so much. It had stretched itself as far as it could to its maximum. My whole vision was surrounded by serene Light. I was sitting and seeing this big white Light. With so much fascination on its arrival and magnetism, after a few moments, I decided to go inside it. I melted myself inside this big corona of white light. It was extremely light. I vanished inside it wholly, there was just Pure Light and I was not present anymore. The Pure white Light continued being there for quite a while until I heard the Voice of God telling me-

“Today you have crossed the last step thereby the whole of Brahmrandra, Crown Chakra has opened. It is fully opened. When the Crown Chakra begins to open by the yogic activities of a yogi, for some it opens a little and after that he  stops putting in more efforts. For others it may open somewhat half or a little more. Rarely it opens completely and fully open in one life wherein all the cells of the nervous system are active. You have achieved this in a very short time. Those who reach this stage of evolution can receive Prabhutva gyan or extremely rare knowledge of God.”

What can I say? I owe this exclusive experience to Shri Mahavatar Babaji for it has happened only because of his constant guidance, care and love which has been flowing uninterruptedly since so many years. Guru Kripa kewal Guru Kripa!!

Now regarding me recently, Maharishi Bogarnathar informed me this-“Tu asadharan stree hi nahi parantu vishesh hai.(Expand your Consciousness-II) Tere dono bahon me bala hai. Ek bazu mei bala hai dhairya aur doosre mai hai buddhi. Tumhe asadharan safalta apne purushartha mei isliye mili kyunki tumhara mana bahut sthir hai. Aur tumhara mana bahut shaant hai.

Prachin kaal mei, log Bharat mei barah jyotirlinga ke darshan nahi kar pate they kyunki saaf safai ka abhav tha aur adhunki parivahan nahi tha.Tum itne teerth par gayi ho aur tumne kabhi koi shikayat nahi ki hai  kisi asuvidha hone par itna safar karne ke baad bhi.

Babaji ki di hui padhai aur pariksha tumne samay se thodi der pahele hi khatam kar li, isliye veh tumse prasanna hai. Mai bhi tumko har roz nayi nayi baat sikha raha hoon.Tum Kriya barabar karti ho, maun rakhti ho, samay par neend le rahi ho aur khana samay par kha rahi ho. Aur sabse badi baat hai ki tumhara mana bilkul ek jagah par hai. Babaji ki kripa se tumhara Brahmrandra pura khul gaya hai. Tum paanch baar Babaji ke darshan ke liye Himalaya gayi aur veh tumse jaankar nahin mile. Ishwar ne un paanch yatraon ke liye tumhe ashirwad diya hai. Ek yatra ek janam ki tapasya gini jayegi aur is prakar tumne paanch janam ki tapasya woh paanch yatraon mei kar li hai.”

“You are not only an extraordinary woman but are special because you have might in both hands. The might of patience in one arm and in the other intelligence. You have achieved exceptional success in your spiritual endeavours because your mind does not waver; it is  steady all the time. And you have a peaceful mind.

“In olden days, people were not successful in completing the darshan of all twelve jyotirlingas in India because of lack of hygiene and proper transportation. You have gone on so many pilgrimages and have never complained by the inconveniences caused by excessive travelling.

All the studies and tests given by Babaji to you have been pursued and finished before time and therefore he is pleased with you. Even I am teaching you so many concealed things because Babaji is happy with you. It is with his benevolence that the Crown Chakra has blossomed fully.  You have made five unsuccessful attempts to Babaji’s abode in the Himalayas. He purposefully did not meet you. God has blessed you for those five unsuccessful yatras. Each trip is equal to one life’s penance and therefore you achieved the penance of five lives in this life granted by God. ”

I asked Bogarnathar to clarify if the Crown Chakra opens in stages or not. I was curious to learn and know from a Maharishi like him whose stature is gigantic. He answered saying that–“Yes, it opens in stages very slowly. It does not normally open all at once in one life. It takes a lot of time to evolve this part of the human body because it is a very delicate organ and the life trials are deterring and hence the hindrance. Human life situations can be very critical at a few times. The procedure becomes time consuming because of this reason. The people become pessimist or depressed and these melancholic tendencies act as a deterrent and constrains them. Relentlessness, cheerfulness and blind faith in the Realized Guru are foremost requisitions for the quick flowering of this seventh centre of spiritual energies.”


Illumination, more illumination has been trickling in as sheer Grace of God!I was quite intrigued at the incessant flow of special information supplied to me and I then began to wonder how it is possible that Babaji is being extremely benevolent towards me and hence my rapid progress.

Why me?

Diffusing my queries, Maharishi Bogarnathar satiated my doubt by replying to me. In his own words-

“You have done tapas in continuous last eight incarnations. It takes minimum of eight continuous lives with unremitting concentration and patience for God realization. Each eight incarnations must be totally dedicated for God Realization only. Average people take fifteen births and many take more than fifteen continuous lives to open up their Crown Chakra or Brahmrandra for full enlightenment. Some take twenty five to thirty five lives for its culmination.

In exceptional case like Babaji’s, it has taken him just six lives for full enlightenment and there can be no comparison at all with anybody since Shri Mahavatar Babaji got spiritual enlightenment many millenniums back.  He has been escalating his mahaghor tapa and going on adding to his ocean of spiritual knowledge and wisdom since then. Today his state of spiritual consciousness is beyond our comprehension and we are unable to fathom his stature.”

I quickly recollected at this stage something that Babaji had told me some years back in 2004-

Moksha or salvation is not the end of supreme human evolution. Moksha is not the completion or termination as you think my dear child. You are well versed with the Holy Scriptures and feel that you are still not able to comprehend what is Moksha as per the indications given in the Hindu Shastras.

It is not your fault. The ancient Hindu scriptures were not divulging enough as it was prohibited from God not to reveal too much because of the possibility of blasphemy or violation of sanctity by unruly seekers. Therefore you thought after summarizing the scriptures that you would like to end your journey at attaining liberation or Moksha. Rather, the real journey starts from hereon. At this juncture, the Brahmrandra just begins to open up and will keep on blossoming as and when the process of its culmination is put into action. Almost all the aspiring yogis like to break and end their journey at this summit. The journey is tough. But this is not the summit.

Moksha means exhausting all past karmas. After Moksha, a new phase can be entered by the jigyasu or mumukshu. From here on, start the escalating stages of blazing, very blazing and intensely blazing knowledge which in Hindi are called Teevra, Prachand and Prabhutva Gyan respectively.

As and when the sadhak makes progress at the behest of the enlightened Master, the Crown Chakra simultaneously blossoms. At Prachand gyan stage, the Crown Chakra opens around half in size.


Many sages, saints and yogis are exhausted at this stage and cannot go further because of intense penance required for its culmination. It gets very hard at such a high stage of evolution for the reason that the enlightened Master will not inform his aspiring devotee beforehand and the disciple should fall back on his or her own will power and resilience which is required in wholesome quantities. God will only allow and let those yogis go higher still if the burning desire or Ichcha Shakti in them is inextinguishable. The Holy Master only supports and guides his devotees once the inextinguishable flame is visible to the Master and he has unconditional love and undying compassion for the deserving disciples.

Between the stages of middle and final culmination of the Crown Chakra, concurrently Prachand and Prabhutva stage of Godliness, it is a tight rope walk. The Master supervises the last onset of intense growth period but with a price to pay by his devotees. Many challenging and problematic tasks are to be performed and passed by the yogi after which he or she may or may not finally reach a stage where the traversing ends and the yogi sees God in full glory and clearness at full blossom of his Brahmrandra.

Nonetheless, after arriving at this safe stage the Maha Guru begins to shower all the ancient and well preserved spiritual knowledge and secrets liberally to his favoured for all the perseverance, sincerity, hard work and obedience showed towards his Master. At last, the devotee is at an irrevocable and secure stage after which he will bask in deeper oceans of peace and tranquility because of which God contact becomes so much easier, quicker and the relationship between God and devotee as a lover is far more informal than ever before.”


This revelation of facts coincides with another mystic experience that I just encountered unexpectedly. This happened by means of God substantiating His verdict by giving me a glimpse of his sacred world and its sublime working lately.

On 6th March in a very early morning transcended stage, even before I left the bed, I had a beautiful vision of Lord Vishnu sleeping peacefully on a black serpent, Shesh Nag. I was seeing it with keenness and affinity when the slumbering serpent raised its hood and jumped towards me. I was calm and without any ruffle. Just then, five beautiful golden rays of God’s Light came out of the mouth of that serpent and were thrown at me with a force. I looked at the rays again to inspect and see more clearly if they were shining. Seeing their brilliance, I was satisfied and assured that this must be a good omen and the vision is a harbinger of something nice to happen to me. The answer came to me later from Maharishi Bogarnathar yesterday early morning.

He explained to me in the morning of 10.03.14- “This was an indication from God that you are completely united with God with no Maya. Lord Vishnu has conquered the whole Maya and therefore sleeping on the serpent Shesh Nag which symbolizes the delusion of man or Maya.

Even the extreme faintest etches or markings of Maya on your mind accrued in all the human incarnations undertaken by you have been erased by your tapasya which you have done in this life. You have no debt towards Earth anymore. The debt of each human being is enormous. We incarnate many times. In each life, we consume food, water, air, medicine, natural resources, the care and concern and kripa of godly deities and much more. This debt increases as we proceed in each incarnation.

You are now totally entitled for Prabhutva Gyan or extremely brilliant spiritual knowledge which begins now.

Prabhutva Gyan is most difficult to attain. We have to give back to the Earth and the whole Universe with our body, mind and wealth-tana,mana,dhan. When the equation becomes equal, the human Soul acquires Ultimate Peace or Param Shanti.

Prachand Gyan  also is hard to accomplish. Even the seers, sages and saints get tired and impatient. This revelation about you to the world is not to seek any attention for you, but for a different purpose. It is for all the striving seekers to know that they have a long road to march and they should therefore first improve their concentration. Only when the mind is so very concentrated, will you be able to achieve highest human feats and reach the highest spiritual domains.

The devotees who are interested in this pursuit, they should concentrate on the image of Krishna or Babaji. Have faith in your own self. One would require solitude, isolation for a very long time and silence should be practiced liberally.”

He continued showering kindness by telling me many things about myself which only he was entitled to tell-“You were getting ghor shanti and now if you should attempt further for more Param Shanti which translates as peace of mind which can reach about twenty five kilometers or so. Also the depth of your peace should be more and it should be able to heal others with your mere intention.

So many human ailments are healed if we increase the depth of our peace by making it more profound.

People cannot know from exterior if we are a yogi or a bhogi; a seeker or an indulgent. But the peace emitting out of the body and mind will determine whether we are pure in mind and body or not. The purer the mind, the more peaceful it shall be. Ultimate Peace is achieved when the mind is absolutely calm and quiet. My sweet child, you were always in pursuit of the Ultimate Peace. Your search of Ultimate Peace is now within your reach.”

Getting to know so much from Maharishi Shri Bogarnathar, I was still left with one question to which he replied on his own. The relay of conversation occurred just yesterday morning. He continued satisfying me by confiding in me-

“I and Babaji both decided and we prayed to Supreme God about thirteen years ago to permit us to approve and endorse our intention. In ancient ages, when the wise sages wrote something or documented their research in the field of Yoga, Science, Astrology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics or even Physics for that matter, it was not preserved well. The manuscripts were vulnerable to natural elements of fire and floods. Sometimes they were even robbed and hence the hard work of a genuine sage could become the source of glory of another deceitful person. Hence in this age we wanted someone to write a complete manuscript or shastra of how to attain God, the process of salvation. We thought if this project would be successful, I would want to write and preserve my own hard earned ancient chronicles of wisdom acquired over ages in a well-mannered documentation. Today in this age of technology, any data can be preserved for many ages safely via many new multimedia forms. And hence the articles that you are now writing are at my behest and are being documented and preserved. It can be used in future for many eager generations who wish to help themselves. Your great effort in this endeavour has been rewarded by God and will be considered equal to Adi Shankaracharya’s arduous effort of visiting the four holy corners of  sacred India rejuvenating Dharma and uniting the char dhams of India- Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameshwaram……..”

Oh! Sweet Lord! Make us pure Like Thee! Make us Glorious like Thee! Make us desire less like Thee! Make us humble like Thee!

A Note-All my dear friends thank you for writing to me frequently. I try to reply to all of you as soon as I can.  Some devotees have shown keenness in making pilgrimages with me. Whenever I get an inspiration from my Guru His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji, I shall inform them and they can join the troupe or mandali if we are a small group. We shall go to holy sites, learn more and do new studies and practice meditation more often.

My yatra to Varanasi is about to take place. It will be my eleventh Jyotirlinga  by paying my respects to Kashi Vishwanath. With only Baidyanath in Bihar left, let me wait and see how and when this shall take place by His Will.


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