Photo Gallery of pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya and Sarnath.

April 25, 2014

Bodh means enlightenment and Gaya is a place in Bihar where Lord Vishnu trampled and killed a demon or asura named Gaya. Therefore the place is still called Gaya.

It was in Gaya under a ficus tree that Lord Buddha had enlightenment and hence the word Bodh Gaya.

 At the entrance gate


 A view of the canopy of the main temple from outside.


Maha Bodhi Temple





The entrance of the temple in which there is a huge idol of Lord Buddha. Just behind it is the Peepal Tree or Vata Vriksha under which he had Enlightenment.






I have a Peepal leaf in my hand which had fallen down from the Bodhi Tree with the breeze. People from all over the world, mainly South East Asian countries and Sri Lanka come here and Sarnath to make a holy pilgrimage. 

People love to get a fallen leaf which is so holy and venerated. They take the leaves home and preserve them. We did the same.

This is the Bodhi Tree which is very, very healthy till this day and widely spread. It is under this Tree that Lord Buddha gained severe spiritual illumination. We spent a lot of time here and did not feel like leaving this serene place. Many people gather here under this tree, say prayers in groups and also do chanting in batches in a group or singly. Most of the people come here to do meditation and sit calmly as much as they can.

It is a very energized place and I felt that if I had more time, I would have come here early in the morning to meditate with minimum people.

The MahaBodhi temple with Buddha’s idol is in our view, we are at the back of it.



Devotee from Philipines on my right and the monks were from Burma. A true moment of universal love and brotherhood, felt one with them. They were very, very happy to come to India, holy India they said. Wanted to remember such lovely moments and hence  took this picture to remember and recall that in Spirit we are always One.









Dhamekh Stupa, Sarnath, one of the few pre-Ashokan period Stupa.

Sarnath, the place of first sermon. This is the place where Lord Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths for the first time to his five disciples. It is also known as Mrigadeva or Deer Park

The Four Noble Truths are-

  • The Truth Of Suffering
  • The Truth Of Cause of Suffering
  • The Truth Of Cessation or End of Suffering and 
  • The Truth Of the Path leading to the End of the Suffering.

The Three Gems or Jewels are-The Threefold Refuge or Tisarna

Buddham Sharanam Gachchami

Dharmam Sharanam Gachchami

Sangham Sharnam Gachchami…..














Peace, peace and more peace on this Earth and to all living and non living creatures!!

With this photo gallery, we come to an end to viewing all the three places that I visited last month in March-Varanasi, Sarnath and Bodh Gaya. They will always be remembered, recalled and cherished. Bodh Gaya was exceptionally peaceful. Such divine and serene air and atmosphere, hardly seen before in a public place. If God wills, would love to go back at least once to meditate in quietude in the wee hours.

Photo gallery of pilgrimage to Varanasi-II- Dawn at the very ancient banks of Varanasi!!

April 23, 2014

Gazing at the Sun rising with abated breath is my cherished passion. I have seen the Sunrise many times in Pondicherry but capturing the whole great event with a camera lens was not possible due to some or the other hitch. In the past three years whether I went to Puri or Pondicherry or Kanya Kumari, all eastern parts of India where the Ocean provides us the whole horizon, due to bad weather, taking pictures of the complete ceremony was never possible. Every time there was something missing. If the weather was good, sometimes floating clouds would block the view as it happened in Kanya Kumari and the variety of colours and shades would get camouflaged..

Persistence pays. When I least expected, the best happened by God’s intervention. I could see the best Sunrise in the eastern part of India so far. It was a memorable day. It would not be an exaggeration if I say that Sunrise at Varanasi was the most spectacular Sunrise I ever saw so far in my life! What splendid moments! What a Rising it was!! Waves of warm energy arising and tingling in the body as the Sun erupted suddenly and then ascended so quickly in the sky!

We reached the Dashashwamedh ghat at dot 5.30 am with our cameras and an unbiased mind.


The sky and Ganga water were very calming, lovely pink and lavender every where. 

All eyes set on the semi circle, inverted pink halo over the land, so much energy emitted by the yet to show Solar body


After a wait of more than 10 or 15 minutes, we get to see a small dot of the Sun








When we brought our boat back to the ghat after seeing Sunrise from a point, another memorable spectacle…. Moon near an ancient temple. Sun was on east side and the Moon on the western side. Humbly prostrated to the two heavenly bodies made by God and an integral part of our very existence…..


Golden lights from several sources from the ghat falling on shaking and moving waters created magic, a very beautiful sight to see!


When we left the boat, we decided to take a short walk on the sprawling ghat. It was now warm and the sunshine recharged us. 

Some interesting scenes when there was a little humour and a bit of laughter too…….

Self Realization is an internal action to perform, externals not needed please!





Varanasi ghats are very, very active more so Dashashwamedha Ghat. Thousands of people doing their own thing uninterested in other person’s preoccupation. Nonetheless, there is something common amongst all. In some way or the other people do remember God, their own Gods in their own peculiar way.

No one knows since when these river banks have been active but for sure the Rig Vedas and other Vedas must have originated from here in search of Truth. Some rishis meditated enough, prayed enough until God reciprocated in the form of hyms.

Throughout all the madness in the sea of people, I was humming these lines  on the ghats which I heard in the television series Bharat Ek Khoj some years back-

Srishti se pehle sat nahin thaa, asat bhi nahin
Antariksh bhi nahin, aakaash bhee nahin thaa.
Chhipaa thaa kyaa, kahaan, kisne dhaka thaa?
Us pal to agam, atal jal bhi kahaan thaa……

Sanskrit lines

नासदासीन्नोसदासीत्तादानीं नासीद्रजो नो व्योमापरो यत |

किमावरीव: कुहकस्यशर्मन्नम्भ: किमासीद्गहनं गभीरं ||

This first stanza is in Sanskrit (Rig Veda, Book 10, Hymn 129, also known as Nasadiya Sukta)


After we saw whatever we could at the river banks, we set out to other important places. 

We went to touch the Lotus feet of Shri Lahiri Mahashayaji. His house is still there but no one lives in it. My another wish finally fulfilled.


 Ma Anandmayi’s Ashram in one corner of the city.

Saw this bloom just before we found the ashram after a little bit of search. This is a hospital-Ma Anandamayi hospital.







The inmates were very nice to us. We were even asked to go and visit the second floor of the ashram. Very thankful to the ashramites. The ashram also has a Kanyapeeth or school for young girls who will be inducted as Brahmacharinis in future.

My view from top……


A memorable visit, Grace unfolding at every step. Thank you God.



My post has finalized around 10.45 pm.But I have decided to publish this post at Sunrise tomorrow. It would be such a wonderful time to read it at that calming and spiritual time!

At Sunset today, I wrote one poem which was posted on Face Book. It does not have a link and hence I decided to paste it on the same post so that all the readers who do not have FB profiles can read it. I am definite that there will be something for each one of us. Agreed, that this photo gallery has become quite big but so has our divine family.

Time to pray!


Sunrise and Sunset are favourable times to pray and plead,
To the Divine Father and Mother and to our beloved Thee.
Catapult your innermost requests and appeals and urges,
To that One, holding you with its tender, imperceptible arms and glare.
For that Power and Dynamism shall start embarking
Towards your inner self and your eyes shall open from deep sleep!

Wake up to know that praying is utmost important,
For our belligerent soul and sleepy mind.
Whenever calmness overpowers you, in those times,
Quickly catch hold of that Benevolent Being,
Who is eternally awake and forever free!
Whenever you become a child and He your Guardian,
Remember that you shall always be attended to whatever it is!

Actions we must perform which are benign and beneficial,
For deliverance, for redemption and for our penance.
Actions performed with God in the centre and I on the fringes,
Shall always return with auspiciousness, hope and every goodness.
Aspire to transform yourself and pray to become one such God’s child,
Who shall always perform just those actions,
Which shall arouse everywhere the Presence of that Ever present Being!

Redemption, transformation, deliverance, pardon and pleading,
Should be our daily reflections, prayers and devotion.
Our inner bright Light has been shrouded much too long,
With darkness, dimness, sluggishness and unceasing hibernation.
We are too lazy to remove the dark shroud which was worn by us willingly,
Are we not too tired wearing that heavy robe which is contagious and murky?

Those blessed souls who live their days and nights and live in God’s radiant love and Light,
Call us so many times to return to our real house and Garden of Eden.
Prayers are those moments when they await lovingly to hear, 
At least one little faint murmur or a small voice that invokes the Divine for inspiration and deliverance.
If you invoke, if your urge, if you request humbly,
To free your bonded soul and sluggish and bereft mind,
Guaranteed you shall be heard in the corridors of the Heavenly Father’s House and His Divine family!!

Pray with humility, pray with devotion, pray with greatest faith, pray with heart’s flood gates flung wide open undyingly.
Pray with sincere fervour, pray with submission and, 
Pray with continuous intense calling and pray with simplicity.
Pray with invocation, pray with all your attention,
Pray for your deliverance, pray for your complete transformation. 
And pray in heart’s absolute silence till the time when you disappear and arrives His brilliant Presence!!!



Photo Gallery of pilgrimage to Varanasi-I, Aarti

April 20, 2014

16th and 21st March, 2014.

During this time I made an elaborate pilgrimage to go to three places in U. P. state thus making it a full triangle. Varanasi, Sarnath and Bodh Gaya. This dream was made possible after many years of deliberation, and it finally happened with the grace of God.

In Varanasi, there was too much to see and less time. Yet we saw the Arti, went to the Shiva temple, saw the famous Sunrise and also saw the house of Shri Lahiri Mahasaya in the thin streets of overcrowded Kashi.

At night, I got an inspiration to go to Ma Anandmayi’s Ashram also. Paid my respects and homage to her. The inmates and sanyassins were very cordial and co-operative and even allowed us to take pictures and showed us all around. Some pictures will be uploaded in next post.

There will be 2 posts on Varanasi, 1 of Sarnath and Bodh Gaya each making it total of 4. The posts are coming in a slow pace because many new children are learning more on FaceBook and are deriving more benefit because the posts of the blog are quite difficult for them. Short posts are serving them a good and effective purpose on the social site.

Your queries and further guidance are also taking place side by side. Hence the photo gallery of the last trip has taken so much time to deliver.

The trip was very much gratifying and I decided to do the photo gallery with all my interest and enthusiasm. I am sure you will like these photos and if you ever make a visit to these places, they will give you ample help and guidance. With these thoughts I wish to take you on a virtual trip to these very ancient sacred sites. Hope you all will enjoy seeing our old heritage, culture and customs passed on from one generation to another since centuries. There was surely some magic and pull in these places, more so in Varanasi and Bodh Gaya.

I quickly posted a few small albums on Face book on these three places once I returned some weeks back in order to stay in touch with you all. These are the links of Facebook. You may like to see some other pictures as well I think.


People from all over India flock here to visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple and to see the very famous worshiping of the sacred river Ganga at the banks or Ghats in the evening with lamps and frankincense called Aarti.

IMG_7492 - Copy

Foreigners from all over the world take great pains to come and appreciate India’s ancient heritage, religion and culture. The tourist attraction is mainly Manikarnika Ghat.


Going towards Dashashwamedh Ghat


We reach the ghat, river bank




Preparations in full swing for the Aarti





The Sun sets and hundreds of people feel relieved that their wait is over, including us. Before the Aarti starts, we take a long boat ride for an hour to see all the famous ghats.


IMG_7924Devotees float floating lamps with flowers to Mother Ganga to mark respect and some to fulfill boons.



Mystic touch added to Ganga with shining waters and a full moon night.


Dashaswamedh ghat is completely transformed into festivities and lights, thus compensating the long wait!











Sankalpa Shakti, the power of our thoughts-II

April 5, 2014


Two posts within less than twenty four hours!? Yes.

Some of you asked me in my absence from the blog when will the next post be out. I had no answer.  I was merely floating as per God’s will and taking things as they came.

Yesterday, I was by some means asked to submit the post before midnight certainly by Swami Dayananda Shaligram. It was expected of me to submit a new post before midnight even if I thought that I needed more time. I never like to forego any directive by my Gurus because I know each word that I receive from them has tremendous power, reason and purpose. I posted Sankalp Shakti, the power of thought-I in the nick of time though I wished to retire last night.  In that assigned job and steadfast endeavour, because of lack of time I could not add Part D.  There was a lot of explanation from my side on many aspects in response to many mails and activities that are taking place between some readers and me. Something was let unexplained I knew. However, when I got a response from one reader from Kerala around 10.30 am today in reference to the post published barely twelve hours ago, I was stunned. I was electrified to see that my thoughts have reached those people who were alert and attuned. I was telling her many things mentally, I was guiding her from inside and she got it!

Without taking prior permission from Rakhie, I am publishing her mail so that she reads her very elaborate answer on the blog with full explanations. By sharing her mail others will also learn. She is very new on the blog, very young in age yet she has been very understanding all this while. Assuming that she must be a student or a young employee somewhere, and she lives very far, I excluded her in my group mail wondering if she should be put on the fast track or not. To my very sweet surprise, she has shown so much maturity in grasping the given messages and therefore I have decided to teach her more in detail in this blog post with all my delight and affection. She deserves it. Her reply will be a blog post because I will get a lot of scope for a long explanation on a subject which has not been taught or revealed before to many of you, rather all of you on this blog.

Some have expressed a desire that I should give a discourse also so that the recordings can be heard again many times for things to seep in. Shahid, is this what you have envisioned for hastening your learning and mentioned to me in your mail? You can record this post in your voice and re-run it several times. I have decided that this post will be in the form of a discourse or speech anyway, something I have not attempted before but looks fascinating. As long as the learners are gaining tremendously, any method is a good method. So we will give a new form to our post for freshness and also adapt ourselves to new learning methods. At the same time, everybody will be addressed in one go and the purpose of mass communication will be served also. There is one more reason for a shift in writing style. It is to make you more attentive, alert and self-reliant.

 Dear Sarika Amma,

I have read your present blog. l was waiting for your new post. l can now feel that you are too busy because of increasing  number of readers and their reply. Last when I wrote so many questions and when I read your reply I came to understand that you are busy. After some days I even felt that there is no body to care for me and my spiritual growth since I am a beginner and I cannot escape from this maya with my own effort because I am not as much strong and there is no body for me. Then I prayed so mind became calm. I am surprised today by reading your blog because some of my thoughts were reflected. l now understand that every devotee is given time for self- analysis they should build their strength by themselves by meditating and praying and also finding solution to their problem from inner guidance and all the great gurus are watching them and when appropriate time comes they will come to each one of us. Amma, thank you for your inspiration and guidance. My love and gratitude to all our gurus who are watching us and my love regards to great guru Mahavtar Babaji .

With lots of love


My dearest Rakhie,

I am so happy to get your mail today and want to reply at my earliest.

First thing is that you are not alone and there is always somebody sent by God to take care of you. You are God’s child. Even if you are a beginner and have come in a class room actually meant for the advanced seekers, you are most welcome! You will be raised to next grade but do not feel disappointed at all. Just relax.

The only problem is that I have still not got an opportunity to explain at length about the organization of this Open University in the virtual world. I am well aware that there are many more like you who are struggling after joining this High Degree Course as they are a bit puzzled! Most of them have not been able to decipher what they should do now and what is their future because there is no structure or organization here. There is no conglomeration or meetings or sabhas, the Guru wears very normal clothes, has no intention of being popular or number one. In fact, she wishes to be a recluse; had it not been for Divine will, I would have never come out in open. And as you are seeing, there are many people who are seeking my attention and after acknowledging this fact, out of your good nature you wrote to me that you will not disturb me.

You are not disturbing me at all my girl! Agreed, there are many people who are asking for my time and attention as well as energies, but in the physical world this is too time-consuming. So what should be done in such a case?

Therefore, a second kind of option will be taken so that we all are connected, learn daily and make improvements, even so live apart anywhere in the globe, save time and yet be always connected!

Now listen to this carefully everyone –

God is the sole Creator, most powerful, Ever Conscious and Ever Awake. God is most pious, most sacred and most fair to each one of us. God is in the centre of everything that we see in this world and the originator of all Forces.

Depending on our own feelings, our good or bad thoughts, our purity, our good or bad intentions, a response is set off by us. With the will or sankalpa of God, a response is initiated from God’s corresponding force simultaneously. This process transforms in a subtle energy and takes the shape of a thought and is directed towards Shri Mahavatar Babaji if we wish.

The inherent power of God will decide thought’s movement or direction depending on our intention in our sankalpa. If we intended that Shri Babaji should listen to your pledges,  prayers and requests, they will reach Babaji’s mind with the will of God.

He in turn, will answer your needs but as you are not yet ready to mentally connect to him on that subtlest level, he sends signals to me. In my meditation, he speaks to me and directs me what to do next.

Sometimes this may take time to reach me or you because the list of requests is terrific out there! So many thought signals, mental energies floating, crisscrossing each other in the atmosphere!

When I get specific information for specific tasks, I review it. I decode it and then ask for help from God and my Gurus to simplify or make it palatable for the users because we have done both, sins and good acts. Sometimes, the given task of redemption is so bitter to undertake, that a lot of patience and tact is required of me to handle the complicated situation. So I sometimes buy time.

With tremendous patience, faith and peace and courage, I take up many cases one by one so that a complete case history like a doctor maintains in a file is made in my mental sheet in the memory box of each seeker if they belong here. Time to time advice is given depending on his/her prarabdh or destiny, capacity to bear, fortitude, patience and complete trust in me.

What exactly happens in this virtual Open University? What exactly Babaji does for us? What is his role and my role in running this University?

In all other Orders and Organizations if you have noticed, there are structured norms, rules, steps and techniques given to be practiced. They all are good but only to purify or start up and or partly for redemption. Most of the other spiritual practices are normally initiating you so that in some life or far off rebirth, you shall be ready for Moksha.

But Babaji does the last and final act- He breaks us free by first telling us to bear and live our destiny. There is no running away from what we have done at some point of time.

If we are capable of doing that, next tray of challenges awaits us- our sanchit karmas or accumulated over lives actions’ results.


Some of the effects are shared and borne by him and other saints and a fraction is shifted or flung at us. We find this much also uneasy to tolerate and undergo!

He allows us to practice whichever technique we are pursuing and along with that, some temporary tools are given by him as per changing times and needs in this blog or personally by me.

What he advocates the most and that which we have not been able to catch is- Always, always do very good deeds. The reason is-it is the power of actions or deeds that will mould all our lives now and in future.

Therefore, doing good actions, meditating and chanting to calm the mischievous mind, and doing all our worldly duties sincerely are vehemently advocated by Shri Mahavatar Babaji. My blog reflects that very evidently. Read all those posts if you have not done so related to karmas and consciousness.

Why does Shri Mahavatar Babaji not give us prescribed general teachings or techniques for masses?

It is because we all have come from absolutely different backgrounds and pasts and releasing the past negative, detrimental impacts of our actions is more important than anything else. Techniques are available from many reliable places also but Babaji asks us to reconstruct our present life to great heights so that our future is very bright and glorious.

He has also given us the inside story of a successful sadhak with this blog and also revealed all hidden sacred facts so that we do not fall prey to fraud people. Instead, we should do all our familial, social and professional duties sincerely and pray and sit in meditation at home to get all the dynamic results. Such a method will save us so much time and escape confusion, bewilderment and doubts. If you are already following some spiritual organizations or spiritual leaders, please do so. There is no reason to stop going there and doing group meditations or listening to lectures.

To summarize everything now-

There are two levels of human-communications.

Firstly- on the gross level as seen in interviews or meetings with people. The communication takes place with our eyes and ears and the people are physically present. Restriction- limited people can be involved.

Second kind of communication is subtle communication. It takes place with our mind via our thoughts. The purer and sacred the consciousness of any person, the faster the speed of transference between minds. Prayers and meditations will help you in fast development of this type of subtle communication.

In this kind of communication, there are no limits, any number of students can be enrolled in this Open University and there is no time bar or cut off marks. Each one walks at his own pace depending on his or her strength and will power.

Babaji is sitting in the Himalayas mentally guiding a huge number of devotees and sadhaks for their welfare on the basis of his great mental powers. He along with his mandali of chelas are working on so many worldly and spiritual projects silently.

We should try to adapt to the subtle mode of learning for faster, reliable and easy mode of communication.

My dear, I am listening to everybody even when I have not replied formally. The subtle work is all the time going on in the invisible world. So stay guaranteed that you will progress. You have to only learn this new method of learning and eventually master it skillfully. Agreed, this method is novel, unique and unheard of. But all Shrutis and Vedas have been written in this fashion when there was no technology to rely on. It is the most reliable source of gaining spiritual knowledge; Shri Mahavatar Babaji has chosen this method for me and has been successful. You can do the same.

My prayers and meditations are your replies. Learn to fetch your answers in silence and in the quiet workings of God. Sit down quietly many times in a day to listen to your Atma. It has stored all the recordings of the mental waves of Babaji, you and me.

The whole Universe is responding to your doubts, queries and inquisitiveness. Learn to look at things differently, with subtle, inner eyes. The inner sacred vision is most trustworthy.

With this now I end my correspondence. Some of the finest knowledge will arrive a bit later. This is enough for you for today.

We shall always be united with God’s soft and tender touch and presence.

Yours very lovingly

Sarika Amma

And lastly dear friends, did you not grasp that when I pray for all of you for what you mention in your mails or sometimes on phone? God listens to them; you must have got your answers within. When you come and tell me all the intricate problems related to life, I dish out very few solutions. This is because I pray quietly for you all instead. After this God decides based on your inner state of consciousness and purity, and after which the real work starts. I am certain that visible changes are taking place in your current life, make a note.

This is in addition to the fact, that in almost every meditation of mine, a substantial time is devoted from the saints more so by Babaji in imparting me guidance for you all. It  is reflected in my mails and posts. Look inside, be more quiet in heart and mind and read the language of your soul, you will Know That.

The transmission, mental transmission is happening all the times between various minds. If you have softened your heart, made the mind pliable and humble then you are now ready to receive the wireless transmission relays coming straight from Babaji. From his source, emerge grand ideas for us if we have great thought or will power. We receive them in our mind and body and implement it if we are attentive.

Babaji’s style of working is unique. He utilizes the powers of his mind to bring about amiable positive changes in our environment and us. He calls it Sankalpa Shakti. Whatever he decides is bound to manifest. But if our minds are scattered, weak, and impure or confused, he cannot decide for us.

The last many posts on Fb are about mind and its powers. I have started writing on Fb so that small and easy lessons can be given to all of you in between the long blog posts. Simpler themes and easy to follow from beginner’s level to advanced levels are published on and off. Please consider both the avenues as equally important as Fb postings are an extension of blog. Especially those devotees who are at the basic or elementary level should read those posts reverentially because they are also always guided by the divine saints from the astral world.

Receptivity, attentiveness, clarity of thought, self-discipline, fortitude and consistency on Fb is as important as you are expected to have on Spiritinlife. They are one; only the exterior is different. Please pay attention to both. Learn from both because regular messages are being relayed from both sites.

Connect to the Holy Masters and your Atma inwardly by first silencing the mind. Unite your thoughts with the power of your sacred Guru and empower your thoughts by daily prayers and deep meditations!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om!

Sankalpa Shakti, the power of our thoughts-I

April 4, 2014

Part A

Introduction & Updates and appraisal of recent developments on the blog.

My dear readers, I am back at my writing table after an interval of a few weeks. Intensive traveling to many new places and holy sites in India every month since the preceding several months has reduced my typical energies and also diminished available time to think coherently and one pointedly at a stretch that which is demanded to keep the blog aflame! Shifting climates, varied weather conditions and meeting a variety of strange people, availability of improper food was a challenge that I had already undertaken mentally before I set out and was prepared for anything. That circuit just got over and I am back after the lengthiest absence ever from home scene. Only normal routine seems perfect to write lengthy and comprehensive blog posts. Many new entrants are demanding my time and energy and were initiated and attended to in the weeks and months gone by.

Some devotees came to visit me from far and to me it appears that it was like a deeksha samaroh. In our interactions with divine grace, was embedded the strength of that ceremony although no such formal ceremony took place. I am certain that they got a head start with that divine force because they made the effort of motivating themselves and spared their precious time to come. They will henceforth be able to stand on their own gradually if they persist in their attempts over a long period of time to make prominent progress. Many emails are being dropped for personal supervision and enlightenment. Replies go as and when inspirations arrive at my end. No earnest soul is being deprived; a lot has to be done by the aspirant as per his or her aspirations and limits on the other hand. With continuing spiritual help and guidance from the Holy Masters, an ongoing silent revolutionary work is in progress far and wide. Some of you who are able to go deep within by sitting quietly with a calm mind will be able to assess one’s formidable progress ever since they started learning from Spiritinlife. And some will benefit in coming years if they persist till the end.

Part B

From the time when I came to know in the early 2001 year that Kashi or Banaras was visited by many, many holy saints even in modern times. I was thoroughly intrigued by this information and wondered what could be the reason for the saints all wishing to go the this holy ancient city be it Adi Shankarachary, Dayanada Saraswati, Swami Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, Ma Anandammoyi or even Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Lahiri Mahasayaji’s parents decided to make Kashi their home after their house was washed away in floods in Bengal during his childhood. Trilanga Swami made it his home and many rishis and sages have also stopped by anonymously on their pilgrimages since time unknown. Once I finished reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I thought of visiting Shri Lahiri Mahasaya’s abode in Kashi. I was very delighted to know that he lived there for so many years spreading Kriya Yoga in New Age quietly and discreetly. I wanted to pay my respect to this great Spiritual giant of modern times. I sought his blessings for my inner purification and growth. Thinking of all this within my heart, a seed of pure intention of going to collect the invisible dust of countless saints and seers was conceived and germinated. It became more pronounced when I learnt that  Babaji had gone there from Kolkatta after he was free from slavery of bondage in his early childhood following  a group of monks going to Varanasi.( The state of Super Consciousness-II)

At last, my day finally arrived when I had the opportunity to visit this ancient place a day before the colourful festival Holi on 16th March 2014. This time I decided not to search any internet browser to go to this very old city. My reason was that in ancient days there were no cameras to take and show pictures, no prior room bookings could be done so when people set out on long journeys, they went with an open and free mind. Their expectations were very limited. They did not demand anything at all from anybody and were submitted in their views. It must have been lighter in mind for them I estimated. Why should I visit this ancient holy city in a very uptight state of mind? I said to myself. I wished to be open to any kind of challenges or unexpected twists as well as any kind of experiences. In this way, I wanted to surrender to my Holy Gurus and the compassionate God my small gesture of devotion and offering towards them lovingly.

We were advised by everyone as we reached around 4 pm that we must not lose any time and should straight away go to the temple Kashi Vishwanath, the very old Shiva temple in the heart of that city because of the uproar and hooliganism that the local youths are prone to start up the following morning on the occasion of Holi Festival, Dhulivandan. So we went by their sane advice and to our delight, the temple was absolutely empty as the locals were busy with the celebration of festival Holi.

We spent a considerable time inside the premises, meditated and sat in peace for as much as we liked. There was sedative silence and no one was bothering us. As we sat under the very old Peepal Tree on a full Moon night growing so closely to the temple, I was truly gratified. Prior to the start of the journey, I had wished for some solitude and was wondering how I could manage or escape those long serpentine queues and rough behaviour of the stream of people usually found in famous public places of pureness.

As the night was very lovely and cool on a full moon in Banaras, so was my mind, very imperturbable. All the tiredness, dust and noise of the overcrowded city were forgotten suddenly. Meditating under a calm and peaceful full moon on a very pleasant night with minimum human congestion was God sent and my favourite dream had come true. I wondered at that time in peacefulness that so many holy feet must have stepped inside this temple since thousands of years, including Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Did my foot fall on his? Am I walking on his foot prints?


Inaudibly in the atmosphere I was sending my waves of devotion to my Holy Master who with his kindness and unending love decided that I must come to this city. It is my very good fortune that he asked me to go to Banaras. My quiet ways of sending my gentle salutations and tender love to the Holiest of all were my quiet prayers.  God please make this happen. Send my thanks through the sky route and may Shri Babaji accept my devotion. May my unseen wireless communication reach his heart and mind so that he knows that no matter where I may be physically; my life will always be pledged and dedicated to him mentally for the endearing experiences that he plans for me besides my spiritual growth so repeatedly!

My meaningful vision-

With such freshening and serene thoughts I went to sleep. In the wee hours of the morning, just before the uproar of the festival could even  commence around me, I had a holy vision of Lord Shiva in complete subdued atmosphere. A beam of thick pillar of white Light came from the high sky and entered the Earth. On the Earth surface was a small, black primitive stone which was mostly buried inside the Earth. This was exactly what I saw the previous night in Vishwanath temple. The beam of light infiltrated in the holy black stone. In next moment, there was no stone but mist like Light scattering all around my vision. It spread in an area and covered the canopy over the previous standing Shivlinga. Thick rays of Light replaced the black idol and symbol of Shiva. Now there was just the white rays of Light falling from far away.

Out of this mist like Light came the benediction, “God has made this Earth very holy and pious. It was created with blessedness. Some sectors on Earth have been generated during very ancient times like this one where human souls can redeem themselves. Twelve jyotirlingas have been formed with twelve different purposes mainly for human salvation. This one though very small in size, has the immense power to give to humans the power to regenerate if attacked by very powerful outside negative agencies.

In recent times, when a tyrant Mughal king attempted to demolish this holy place, he was unsuccessful because this place has the inherent power to fight vandalism, destruction and violent attacks. Such attacks  are born out of negative and destructive energies.

This is not all. If people who are trapped and cramped in very ancient ignorance carried over uncountable centuries or in thousands of centuries; if they pray here to break their hard steel like crust in their head, they will be granted boons. This is the specialty of this place and hence Babaji has sent you here to experience the greatness of this extra ordinary place.

Please pray for that person. The extremely hard crust of ignorance which was formed when he was an Aborgini is still intact although he is today reborn in modern times. While he took many births in so many centuries, the obsession of not letting go of his ancient ego is still intact.

Pray for your children. Pray for him and all others. If you make such a request, I shall bless you with ever new discoveries into my secretive world.”

Without slipping even a fraction of any minute, I took advantage of the blessed times and prayed to the all-pervading, ever present, most powerful God to empower me enough so that primitive ignorance embedded in ego of that particular person could be cracked and broken very soon with me as the cause and instrument.

Instantly the boon was granted. My well like shaped heart was inundated with seamless mercy and kindness of God and the holiest of holy Shri Mahavatar Babaji for granting me the boon to break the hard shell of somebody who can never be able to advance fast on spiritual growth path with his own efforts in many centuries to come. A gigantic thrust was required to wake up  somebody like him who  has decided to go on sleeping in spiritual slumber for many, many epochs.

I understood that Shri Mahavatar Babaji wishes that I enter the unknown, unexplored territories of the divine world with his supervision but with my own hard efforts. The boons will be granted easily with his blessings and God’s benevolence but he created a situation which was in the beginning very unappealing and tough to achieve but in the end a great intention was fulfilled. The Banaras trip was rough and rugged and very chaotic on the superficial level but the inner gains were immeasurable.

When the sun rays were filtering from the eastern side of the Ganga river as the warm Sun woke up the holy city Varanasi, I visualized and imagined a scene in which I was pouring a stream of silver and golden rays of gratitude and appreciation towards my Param Deva, Param Siddha, Param Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji for letting me take one more big stride and leap in the sacred undisclosed world of sanctity made by the Divine. Eternally thankful, always bowing down in humility for your unending love and compassion, my Param Pujya,  Maha Shreshtha, SadaShiv, Narayan Deva, Babaji!!

Part C

This post must be kept small and precise; such is my belief.  In-depth analysis and reflection is expected from all of us after a few visits.

I have observed that some readers are grappling with bewilderment and confusion. For their sake, let me clarify this-

In this Virtual Open University called Spiritinlife, Shri Mahavatar Babaji is the owner and Co-Founder. Swami Nityananda is the principal and Swami Dayananda Shaligram is the Vice Principal. Planning is done at top most level with God’s will, I only execute the given guidelines and orders during meditation. I only abide and have no will or inclination towards anyone at all.

Just a week back, I wrote to a few blog readers in a group to consolidate the increasing number of readers with the pursuit of saving my time and giving direction to all those who seek my help. In future, more such directions will come and after the response given to me, they will decide how to guide whom and when and in which direction. Though it seems to everybody that they are alone and nobody is above them supervising their progress, they are mistaken. You are requested to stay assured that as per your own strength and weaknesses, your chart and log book will be carved out. You all are under the supervision of those saints and stalwarts who may be invisible to your eyes but they have neither ignored you nor are they partial to anybody. Our own interest and inner capacity to move ahead is mainly what they focus on. The backup of our wealth of karmas or doings is the central deciding factor. Our current thoughts, the power of our thoughts, will impart a force to the given direction and management of all the aspirants

I request you to please know and understand that under no circumstance do I have any wish to discontinue my self- improvement and progress because I have not fixed any bar or limit for myself. With an Enlightened Great Teacher like Shri Mahavatar Babaji, I wish to go on escalating my tapasya in spite of hardships and continuing discomforts. A time slot for my own spiritual practice schedule is being advised to be maintained regularly. Kindly allow me to do my own sadhana and meditation, I need to be consistent and dedicated just like you.

Some of you are prone to self- doubt and or false impression or misconception that they have reached a considerable great height and wish to walk alone. Please beware, till the end establish your tight hold with your mentors and Teachers. Salvation and redemption of our Spirit is an arduous journey so full of unexpected and unexplained twists and turns. Only those reach their destinations who have immense patience, faith and infallible devotion for their chosen Enlightened Masters. The jugglery of pursuing the worldly duties and spiritual duties should be sorted out carefully and then balanced properly. In the end, as a final point God shall reward us with all the joys and happiness of both the worlds. The doors of the secretive domain related to Spirit World shall be slowly opened before your eyes with their benevolence and magnanimity.

Let us pray together that as we walk slowly each day to reach our holy destination, we shall relinquish our ego, we shall become more sweet and humble and that we shall be dedicated and serve the Holy Masters the rest of our lives!

 Om shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Om……