Sankalpa Shakti, the power of our thoughts-II

April 5, 2014


Two posts within less than twenty four hours!? Yes.

Some of you asked me in my absence from the blog when will the next post be out. I had no answer.  I was merely floating as per God’s will and taking things as they came.

Yesterday, I was by some means asked to submit the post before midnight certainly by Swami Dayananda Shaligram. It was expected of me to submit a new post before midnight even if I thought that I needed more time. I never like to forego any directive by my Gurus because I know each word that I receive from them has tremendous power, reason and purpose. I posted Sankalp Shakti, the power of thought-I in the nick of time though I wished to retire last night.  In that assigned job and steadfast endeavour, because of lack of time I could not add Part D.  There was a lot of explanation from my side on many aspects in response to many mails and activities that are taking place between some readers and me. Something was let unexplained I knew. However, when I got a response from one reader from Kerala around 10.30 am today in reference to the post published barely twelve hours ago, I was stunned. I was electrified to see that my thoughts have reached those people who were alert and attuned. I was telling her many things mentally, I was guiding her from inside and she got it!

Without taking prior permission from Rakhie, I am publishing her mail so that she reads her very elaborate answer on the blog with full explanations. By sharing her mail others will also learn. She is very new on the blog, very young in age yet she has been very understanding all this while. Assuming that she must be a student or a young employee somewhere, and she lives very far, I excluded her in my group mail wondering if she should be put on the fast track or not. To my very sweet surprise, she has shown so much maturity in grasping the given messages and therefore I have decided to teach her more in detail in this blog post with all my delight and affection. She deserves it. Her reply will be a blog post because I will get a lot of scope for a long explanation on a subject which has not been taught or revealed before to many of you, rather all of you on this blog.

Some have expressed a desire that I should give a discourse also so that the recordings can be heard again many times for things to seep in. Shahid, is this what you have envisioned for hastening your learning and mentioned to me in your mail? You can record this post in your voice and re-run it several times. I have decided that this post will be in the form of a discourse or speech anyway, something I have not attempted before but looks fascinating. As long as the learners are gaining tremendously, any method is a good method. So we will give a new form to our post for freshness and also adapt ourselves to new learning methods. At the same time, everybody will be addressed in one go and the purpose of mass communication will be served also. There is one more reason for a shift in writing style. It is to make you more attentive, alert and self-reliant.

 Dear Sarika Amma,

I have read your present blog. l was waiting for your new post. l can now feel that you are too busy because of increasing  number of readers and their reply. Last when I wrote so many questions and when I read your reply I came to understand that you are busy. After some days I even felt that there is no body to care for me and my spiritual growth since I am a beginner and I cannot escape from this maya with my own effort because I am not as much strong and there is no body for me. Then I prayed so mind became calm. I am surprised today by reading your blog because some of my thoughts were reflected. l now understand that every devotee is given time for self- analysis they should build their strength by themselves by meditating and praying and also finding solution to their problem from inner guidance and all the great gurus are watching them and when appropriate time comes they will come to each one of us. Amma, thank you for your inspiration and guidance. My love and gratitude to all our gurus who are watching us and my love regards to great guru Mahavtar Babaji .

With lots of love


My dearest Rakhie,

I am so happy to get your mail today and want to reply at my earliest.

First thing is that you are not alone and there is always somebody sent by God to take care of you. You are God’s child. Even if you are a beginner and have come in a class room actually meant for the advanced seekers, you are most welcome! You will be raised to next grade but do not feel disappointed at all. Just relax.

The only problem is that I have still not got an opportunity to explain at length about the organization of this Open University in the virtual world. I am well aware that there are many more like you who are struggling after joining this High Degree Course as they are a bit puzzled! Most of them have not been able to decipher what they should do now and what is their future because there is no structure or organization here. There is no conglomeration or meetings or sabhas, the Guru wears very normal clothes, has no intention of being popular or number one. In fact, she wishes to be a recluse; had it not been for Divine will, I would have never come out in open. And as you are seeing, there are many people who are seeking my attention and after acknowledging this fact, out of your good nature you wrote to me that you will not disturb me.

You are not disturbing me at all my girl! Agreed, there are many people who are asking for my time and attention as well as energies, but in the physical world this is too time-consuming. So what should be done in such a case?

Therefore, a second kind of option will be taken so that we all are connected, learn daily and make improvements, even so live apart anywhere in the globe, save time and yet be always connected!

Now listen to this carefully everyone –

God is the sole Creator, most powerful, Ever Conscious and Ever Awake. God is most pious, most sacred and most fair to each one of us. God is in the centre of everything that we see in this world and the originator of all Forces.

Depending on our own feelings, our good or bad thoughts, our purity, our good or bad intentions, a response is set off by us. With the will or sankalpa of God, a response is initiated from God’s corresponding force simultaneously. This process transforms in a subtle energy and takes the shape of a thought and is directed towards Shri Mahavatar Babaji if we wish.

The inherent power of God will decide thought’s movement or direction depending on our intention in our sankalpa. If we intended that Shri Babaji should listen to your pledges,  prayers and requests, they will reach Babaji’s mind with the will of God.

He in turn, will answer your needs but as you are not yet ready to mentally connect to him on that subtlest level, he sends signals to me. In my meditation, he speaks to me and directs me what to do next.

Sometimes this may take time to reach me or you because the list of requests is terrific out there! So many thought signals, mental energies floating, crisscrossing each other in the atmosphere!

When I get specific information for specific tasks, I review it. I decode it and then ask for help from God and my Gurus to simplify or make it palatable for the users because we have done both, sins and good acts. Sometimes, the given task of redemption is so bitter to undertake, that a lot of patience and tact is required of me to handle the complicated situation. So I sometimes buy time.

With tremendous patience, faith and peace and courage, I take up many cases one by one so that a complete case history like a doctor maintains in a file is made in my mental sheet in the memory box of each seeker if they belong here. Time to time advice is given depending on his/her prarabdh or destiny, capacity to bear, fortitude, patience and complete trust in me.

What exactly happens in this virtual Open University? What exactly Babaji does for us? What is his role and my role in running this University?

In all other Orders and Organizations if you have noticed, there are structured norms, rules, steps and techniques given to be practiced. They all are good but only to purify or start up and or partly for redemption. Most of the other spiritual practices are normally initiating you so that in some life or far off rebirth, you shall be ready for Moksha.

But Babaji does the last and final act- He breaks us free by first telling us to bear and live our destiny. There is no running away from what we have done at some point of time.

If we are capable of doing that, next tray of challenges awaits us- our sanchit karmas or accumulated over lives actions’ results.


Some of the effects are shared and borne by him and other saints and a fraction is shifted or flung at us. We find this much also uneasy to tolerate and undergo!

He allows us to practice whichever technique we are pursuing and along with that, some temporary tools are given by him as per changing times and needs in this blog or personally by me.

What he advocates the most and that which we have not been able to catch is- Always, always do very good deeds. The reason is-it is the power of actions or deeds that will mould all our lives now and in future.

Therefore, doing good actions, meditating and chanting to calm the mischievous mind, and doing all our worldly duties sincerely are vehemently advocated by Shri Mahavatar Babaji. My blog reflects that very evidently. Read all those posts if you have not done so related to karmas and consciousness.

Why does Shri Mahavatar Babaji not give us prescribed general teachings or techniques for masses?

It is because we all have come from absolutely different backgrounds and pasts and releasing the past negative, detrimental impacts of our actions is more important than anything else. Techniques are available from many reliable places also but Babaji asks us to reconstruct our present life to great heights so that our future is very bright and glorious.

He has also given us the inside story of a successful sadhak with this blog and also revealed all hidden sacred facts so that we do not fall prey to fraud people. Instead, we should do all our familial, social and professional duties sincerely and pray and sit in meditation at home to get all the dynamic results. Such a method will save us so much time and escape confusion, bewilderment and doubts. If you are already following some spiritual organizations or spiritual leaders, please do so. There is no reason to stop going there and doing group meditations or listening to lectures.

To summarize everything now-

There are two levels of human-communications.

Firstly- on the gross level as seen in interviews or meetings with people. The communication takes place with our eyes and ears and the people are physically present. Restriction- limited people can be involved.

Second kind of communication is subtle communication. It takes place with our mind via our thoughts. The purer and sacred the consciousness of any person, the faster the speed of transference between minds. Prayers and meditations will help you in fast development of this type of subtle communication.

In this kind of communication, there are no limits, any number of students can be enrolled in this Open University and there is no time bar or cut off marks. Each one walks at his own pace depending on his or her strength and will power.

Babaji is sitting in the Himalayas mentally guiding a huge number of devotees and sadhaks for their welfare on the basis of his great mental powers. He along with his mandali of chelas are working on so many worldly and spiritual projects silently.

We should try to adapt to the subtle mode of learning for faster, reliable and easy mode of communication.

My dear, I am listening to everybody even when I have not replied formally. The subtle work is all the time going on in the invisible world. So stay guaranteed that you will progress. You have to only learn this new method of learning and eventually master it skillfully. Agreed, this method is novel, unique and unheard of. But all Shrutis and Vedas have been written in this fashion when there was no technology to rely on. It is the most reliable source of gaining spiritual knowledge; Shri Mahavatar Babaji has chosen this method for me and has been successful. You can do the same.

My prayers and meditations are your replies. Learn to fetch your answers in silence and in the quiet workings of God. Sit down quietly many times in a day to listen to your Atma. It has stored all the recordings of the mental waves of Babaji, you and me.

The whole Universe is responding to your doubts, queries and inquisitiveness. Learn to look at things differently, with subtle, inner eyes. The inner sacred vision is most trustworthy.

With this now I end my correspondence. Some of the finest knowledge will arrive a bit later. This is enough for you for today.

We shall always be united with God’s soft and tender touch and presence.

Yours very lovingly

Sarika Amma

And lastly dear friends, did you not grasp that when I pray for all of you for what you mention in your mails or sometimes on phone? God listens to them; you must have got your answers within. When you come and tell me all the intricate problems related to life, I dish out very few solutions. This is because I pray quietly for you all instead. After this God decides based on your inner state of consciousness and purity, and after which the real work starts. I am certain that visible changes are taking place in your current life, make a note.

This is in addition to the fact, that in almost every meditation of mine, a substantial time is devoted from the saints more so by Babaji in imparting me guidance for you all. It  is reflected in my mails and posts. Look inside, be more quiet in heart and mind and read the language of your soul, you will Know That.

The transmission, mental transmission is happening all the times between various minds. If you have softened your heart, made the mind pliable and humble then you are now ready to receive the wireless transmission relays coming straight from Babaji. From his source, emerge grand ideas for us if we have great thought or will power. We receive them in our mind and body and implement it if we are attentive.

Babaji’s style of working is unique. He utilizes the powers of his mind to bring about amiable positive changes in our environment and us. He calls it Sankalpa Shakti. Whatever he decides is bound to manifest. But if our minds are scattered, weak, and impure or confused, he cannot decide for us.

The last many posts on Fb are about mind and its powers. I have started writing on Fb so that small and easy lessons can be given to all of you in between the long blog posts. Simpler themes and easy to follow from beginner’s level to advanced levels are published on and off. Please consider both the avenues as equally important as Fb postings are an extension of blog. Especially those devotees who are at the basic or elementary level should read those posts reverentially because they are also always guided by the divine saints from the astral world.

Receptivity, attentiveness, clarity of thought, self-discipline, fortitude and consistency on Fb is as important as you are expected to have on Spiritinlife. They are one; only the exterior is different. Please pay attention to both. Learn from both because regular messages are being relayed from both sites.

Connect to the Holy Masters and your Atma inwardly by first silencing the mind. Unite your thoughts with the power of your sacred Guru and empower your thoughts by daily prayers and deep meditations!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om!