Kriya Shakti- the power in us to do and act-I

July 13, 2014



My dear fellow co-travellers, today is 12th July of 2014; Guru Purnima, a full moon night, an auspicious day most widely celebrated across the world by all the devotees, disciples and seekers and of course, by the admirers of the system of teacher–student’s unconditional relationship. After receiving quite a few messages via sms and mail in the day, I wish to reply to all of you with my new post, hope you receive your message and lesson. It has been quite a long time since a new blog-post appeared here. The reason is obvious-we are revising and recapitulating older articles on FB with the intention of churning and absorbing the hidden as well as obvious facts in the blogposts. Moreover, new, short and systematic posts are being published on Face Book also for those who could not have processed and grasped the very grave articles on the blog pages at the outset. Many of you who have reached the blog via FB hopefully are getting to know about the foundation and the natural flow of theme in which the blog ascends progressively. I have been eagerly awaiting to know from them if they need any clarification or further explanation on those topics; I think many do. Please take your time to introduce yourself and tell me what is it that you are absorbing and what should I do more to enhance your inner sadhana. Sending only friend request won’t be helpful, I am not responding to such vague demand, I am not reciprocating to those invitations. You may please first write something about yourself on, after which a student-teacher relationship can be initiated and help and proper guidance received by you.

Please let me tell you that on Spiritinlife blog, you shall find only ways and methods of doing inner sadhana and the more you are going to stabilize and quieten your mind by performing those certain actions, the more you shall get clarity on the principles of knowing the Truth. With the passing of time you shall get more and more peace and calmness because your ignorance shall be wiped out gradually with the Light of God. Many saints’ blessings are embedded here so remember to tune in your mind with theirs. Be cautious in retaining what you have grasped or else you may lose it. The hurricane-wind of the Maya or the deluding force will uproot your stabilized mind. Those who are doing their Kriya practice, please do not disrupt your discipline. Many of you are not initiated in it, it is alright. Reading the articles of the blog with trust and faith as well as pure devotion will lead your life into a new direction which you had never imagined before. Words of wisdom and new light shall follow after you have imbibed the whole essence. It requires you to put in the effort of many reads in the articles so as to grasp the unabridged quintessence. Later, you may surely ask for my help in case you still feel that you have not been able to touch the lowermost bed of the sea! I am of the view that those of you who have been sincere in their determinations and struggles have managed to come quite far relatively effortlessly…..

So let’s begin our next lesson-

Outer actions and inner actions; both actions are going on all the time in us. Outer actions are those that require a human being to do actions with one or more of the five senses present in the physical body. While inner actions are those that are performed silently or loudly at the level of mind and not visible.

Inner sadhana or tapasya involves the mind, the mana at the advanced level of performing actions for the advanced goal of attaining the knowledge of discovering the Truth or Self within oneself by the willing seeker or aspiring yogi. The external actions become secondary in such a case. They are done sometimes to assist the growth of the Soul. Inner actions are systematically initiated and performed with the aid of proper guidance of a realized Guru also called as Atmagyani Guru, that is a Guru or Teacher who has experienced the immortal, eternal existing power called Atma or Brahma within oneself. Atma is very elusive; it is hidden even from the greatest intellectual or gyani, it deceives the most knowledgeable man, it can delude the most self styled propagandist, missionary or advocator or proponent or a champion of jugglery of words! Yet it is present in all of us and every being!

So what should a true seeker do, how should they begin their journey of Self Realization?

The real work begins with the act of doing subtle actions related to one’s mind.   It is to first calm the mind, then silence it and then fix it wholly on Divine Guru first.  And then with attaining perfection, advance towards bringing one’s mind on concentrating on unalloyed, absolute Brahma. This is also action, also called kriya but they are refined karmas. With meditation and concentration as the breath calms down with daily practice, the prana, the  life force disjoints with mana, mind and the knot of jeeva and Atma separates and with constant hearty blessings of our Guru and our own regular efforts, the Atma begins to dazzle!! It shines as gyan, knowledge, peacefulness, outpourings of joy called Ananda and sometimes as pure silence or void, all the same are attributes of our eternal Self.

Be steadfast, be truthful to yourself and know that these subtle actions or sukshma karmas or kriyas will take you very far in achieving the lost kingdom of God within.

Many people wonder in the world and question why we aren’t doing regular  ceremonial actions as is being preached in our religions or communities instead. The answer is that when wisdom dawns, ignorance flies! The mind does maximum actions, maximum internal actions give maximum corresponding good or bad fruits of our actions in time to follow. Hence, when we stop this predicament, and do some specific actions with awareness after controlling the mindless breaths; or if we put a stop to wasting of breath, then enlightenment and knowing of that Supreme Self is possible when we take charge of those subtle actions that are occurring continuously on the platform of our mind with mastering meditation……..

(To be continued)

Shri Bogarnathji* enlightened me about this in my evening subtle meditation through His Light on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima and asked me to write about it. It is our Guru Purnima Prasad and should be partaken with that attitude by all of us.

My heart is so full of gratitude and love towards all the sacred Masters, who are constantly showering their inner Light on us through their flow of subtle energies and because of that we proceed and move forward little by little and come up higher in our Consciousness. On this special day, I touch their tender, holy feet and ask for their constant guardianship, protection and spiritual comfort and expansion of my consciousness……


(For new comers- Shri Bogarnatharji* was a very highly illumined rishi of ancient India. Shri Mahavatar Babaji was inducted astrally into the great science of breath science called Kriya Yoga to immortalize the body and mind by his great Guru Shri Bogarnatharji)

 Part B

 Effulgent White Light I saw coming towards me engulfing,

I absorbed it with contentment and gratitude and further more gratitude,

My eyes smoothly closed and welcoming it with a loving heart,

I noted that this time, it was different as it would not stop too quickly!


It was gratifying, I applied my will mildly for it not to end coming towards me,

Last night was unique as the bright Divine Light was surging towards me incessantly,

I could see it inside my eyes and saw the faintest colours; beautiful white and softest blue,

More than enough moments passed and it still lurked around me and daintily kept streaming and flowing.


More Light, still more Light surrounded me and I noted that I had no desire to have it stopped,

It filled my vision, my eyes, my calm mind and my every happy pore of the inner being liberally,

Why should it be stopped and why should it not be cascading over my fortunate eyes?

The gentle, soft, endearing, mellow, soft and enchanting Light had arrived as a sign of my benevolent and merciful God!


Unceasing it was, this time it would not stop easily for it came to say that blessings were being sent, said He-

“For all the hardships endured with no complaints or antipathy or sigh or outbreak or pessimism,

You were as if burrowing the Ocean, you knew that unless you have the patience of the magnitude of the giant mountains Himalayas,

You will never be able to see Me as brilliant, as effulgent, as radiant and as ceaseless as today this!


I come to you as per and according to you how you make a vision of Me inside and,

Your devotion, faith and ingenuity and ceaseless yearnings and endless heart wrenching calls!

I am not so easy to attain yet not so hard to please, if you are fiercely determined and are ready,

To submit everything that belongs to you and even your happiness, health, life and death and every breath.


Come to me all, if you are ready to entice me with your unending faith and devotion,

Give me your love, attention, regard, care, vision, heart, splendour and everything that you own,

I will confirm you and welcome you with my most brilliant attributes and gifts of knowledge,

Love, sympathy, compassion, bravery and very brilliant Light of mine that you have ever imagined and have never known!”


(From my encounter of 03.06.14 late night. First came Light and then along with it these words)