Kriya Shakti, the power in us to do and act-III

August 29, 2014

Ever since I have visited the very vibrant, sacred place in Bangalore called the Sapta Rishi Dhyana Kendra Manasa Foundation on 22nd August ‘14 morning, there has not gone a single day when I am not thinking, contemplating about it or receiving very powerful and yet subtle energies from that source. In this way my mind, even when involved in the basic and special tasks and duties of the ongoing day, has not been able to let go of its immense impact on me. In the gaps that are empty of occupation with the essential duties, I quickly go back to that place with the help of my subtle mind and I am meditating there. My physical body at home but my mind to be found in the meditation hall of the White Light,  which is continuously arriving from the sapt rishis, the constellation of seven sages, and many other unnamed divine sources of Light as well. In this way, there have been many considerable gains in my favour from those sources. Besides, this post is in response to those yearning souls who are craving to obtain more food for their thought and Spirit.

Some persons wanted me to enter a post on Ganesh Chaturthi day. I pray to God and Lord Ganesha to fulfill that wish and impart us auspiciousness, intellect, mental prosperity and more insights for every person on this special day with this new publication. With these benevolent offerings and prayers, I narrate my interaction with an unknown, silent sage this afternoon.

In my introverted and meditative times, fresh avenues and doorways have flung open by the grace of a rishi who wishes to stay anonymous but has inspired me to write this post. The reason why he says he wishes to stay veiled from others is that the post contains many aspects of the veiled Maya or delusion about which we are never able to uncover in all our lives put together. We must nevertheless overcome it. However, it is only when a yogi has arrived at specific progressive and trailblazing milestone in his spiritual life,  then God begins to unfold so many mysterious secrets of Maya in which all normal people keep falling again and again blindly and agonize themselves and grieve incessantly after that. He wished to be elusive for the reason that this subject matter which is explained right here is also delusive and he will stay reclusive and hence his point of view will be driven home extremely easily and people will remember today’s lesson well. It is his way of making us understand very well by staying nameless and unspecified. I agreed to his will out of sheer respect and admiration.

The venerated sage in the celestial world explained to me at length that-

“There are many self-help and spiritual organisations all over the world which from outside look genuine but they are shady and dicey. They look attractive and inviting to public. The people who are running it are having asurik or enchanting powers of Maya. Those proclaimed Gurus or saints have vast qualities of attracting a large number of people who get driven to them blindly and confirm themselves in doing actions which are prohibited by God. Such leaders have false individuality and abased ego and are surrounded invisibly by low quality dead entities, which are holding that so called saint at ransom invisibly, thus lowering the energy field of the place and the people who come to them. The pseudo or self-styled Spiritual Gurus are not even in the know sometimes about the energy fields being invaded by the low beings from the bad world. Some do it on purpose consciously thus misleading thousands of men and children. The unscrupulous, spiritual professors and lecturers resort to all types of occult and negative forces of nature for their own advantage and are completely unaware of what they are doing and what wrath they are about to bring upon the innocent visitors and their followers subsequently.

In such states of consciousness, people who have arrived as seekers or worshippers or devotees, set out unknowingly to create a new group or set of karmas and actions which are so detrimental and regressive for them that one cannot ever even imagine.

When those disciples arrive at the door of the realized genuine Spiritual Master by good luck sometime in future, the task of relieving such number of sinking souls is a mammoth task for the genuine Messiah. Only an effusively enlightened Spiritual Guru can regress into very far off lives of such disciples and can help them come out of the mess and disorder that was created in many incarnations back by them or even if generated now in the present life.

Likewise, there are many people who are living around us in our environment and are harming us by their negative vibrations and behaviour and we are tolerant and also accepting this fact because primarily we cannot differentiate between good and evil people as well as we do not know how badly we are getting affected now by them and will also be doing so in future by our obliviousness.”

And so the kind rishi educated me very gently in his own, sublime manner for many more minutes. He continued very gently in murmurs-

 “It is God’s mercy through the mentor Guru or other saintly, godly souls who are always protecting you from the ethereal world and hinting at the proposal of minimizing our contact with such nasty and depreciating people. We do so because we do not want you at any cost to fall back in the dark world again and suffer for so many existences or lives, physically, mentally or emotionally.

The Universe consists of negative and positive energies. The negative forces play a very pivotal role in a soul’s journey towards knowing the presence of God in oneself. They throw upon us a challenge of a force that makes our journey upwards to divinity difficult, rather unmanageable.  And that is the test laid by God for us so that we pass the test of struggle, a fight of overcoming all the opposing forces in nature.”

The venerated, silence loving rishi further explained to me that-

“There is a thin line that divides the good saatvik force and the tamasik negative force which we should differentiate if we wish to enter the realms of pure Spirit. I assert upon you all that we must never cross that line of Maya that divides the saatvik and tamasik force, the good and the evil force. If we do so, we shall fall into the booby trap of agonizing karmic cycles of action and reaction and get traumatize in so many ways in future incarnations.

There are cases of people who have come to learn from Spiritinlife but have left halfway as their own Maya in the guise of ego came in the way of realizing the Truth. If they do not return at present, they will take several incarnations to realize the Truth at that time but with agony and pain and the dawn of Purity and Truth will manifest with utmost grief, frustration and hurdles. Hence to make your journey to Self Realization easier and faster, get rid of the depleting, negative forces in and around you and let go of the false pride and submit humbly. Go deep inside to know your own weaknesses. Those people who have left unfinished and not done and are reading the blog clandestinely and not acknowledging the person who is working hard to write enlightening articles regularly will be reprimanded and penalized  by God. They must remember the story of Eklavya from Mahabharat who sacrificed his thumb for not telling and acknowledging his Master about his source of knowledge. He was cursed and humiliated by his own Guru, Guru Dronacharya while Arjuna was always blessed for having the subdued qualities of submission, love, purity and respect for the teachers.”

A lot of time just passed away in listening to what the humble sage was telling me in the afternoon yet I was not done and I wished that he should summarize my lesson of the day with precepts and guidelines so that I always remember it when I need them. Knowing the innermost of my desires, the sage very perfectly ended my learning session with benign wisdom and a memorable lesson-

He softly and tenderly re-joined, “Whenever we have done less actions of piousness and humility, whenever we have done very little actions of charity, when we have done so little actions of love and peace, the negative forces pounce upon us to consume us. Our own actions are responsible for the compelling Maya to overpower us and blind us. Do actions which will free you from the clutches of obscurity, demeaning ego, greed, wasteful desires and sexual lusts and longings.

Serve your Guru in whatever way you can. Serve the humanity according to your own strengths and power. Love everybody and do not be revengeful and nasty to people. Do not loathe the poor and needy, help them. Do not boast about your earnings and wealth, it is all very temporary. God can give you disease and sickness to show how little and insignificant you are in this world. Death will wipe out everything that you own today and will remove your name permanently from this Earth. Merely people who have done chaste, selfless, generous, loving and pure actions are remembered in history and times and ages to come. The sapt rishis are remembered today for their developmental and self-sacrificing actions for the society and people and their work was offered to God and hence they are venerated even today. Till this day they are continuing to help salvage the humanity in their act of redeeming their souls from wasteful lives and then assisting them to soar higher in spiritual world so that the Earth becomes a loving, peaceful and wonderful place for all living and non-living beings for centuries to come.

Never ignore your spiritual duties even if you have to ignore your everyday duties. Learn meditation with earnestness. Help those poor people who cannot walk alone on the virtuous path of Truth and Knowledge. Give a helping hand to the meek and the courageous alike. Fill your life with divine bliss, peace and pure love. Forgive those who have always hated and troubled you; their minds are contaminated. May God bless all of you with inner courage and strength to make your decision firm in fulfilling God Realization in this life itself. May you all prosper, find peace in all your attempts and may you all serve the Enlightened Masters in whatever you are capable of. Walk alone on the path of God with your head high and heart full of devotion, tranquillity and assure yourself a berth in the celestial world where no moment passes without lingering serenity, peacefulness and deep ecstasy. God is kind, very kind. You move an inch forward and God will hold your hand until you know His true nature so full of compassion, forgiveness, love and quietude.

Live your present life in enduring Peace, Love and Light.”

Kriya Shakti, the power in us to do and act-II

August 25, 2014

Part A

My dear everybody, as you can see this post is coming after a long break.  The last three weeks were hectic and busy with meeting new devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji as well as Swami Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri likewise. They had come from their respective cities to either make a tie of lasting guru shishya relationship or others arrived to take their next lessons. Everyone was on their own platform yet we all bonded so well and a lot of spiritual security, further aspirations and new insights were undertaken by all of us. The last few weeks were kept aside mainly for this purpose and with God’s grace we all felt equally blessed during and after our meetings.

Merely reading the posts would not help anybody; keeping this view in mind some time was allotted for our meetings, exchanges and interfaces. A direct relationship with the mentor and the learner is a must for somebody’s progression and development. So the time was very well used. Hence, my apologies for not responding to your comments and emails on time. Hopefully, the coming weeks will be spent by composing new enriching posts after my vibrant meditations are done without interruptions and a lease of fresh energies are pumped in the blog…..

Part B

I have just arrived from an unplanned, very short trip to Bangalore and as God must have devised a plan for me beforehand, I was to my utmost delight able to meditate so, so deeply that I forgot all my grouses to myself! I got the auspicious opportunity to visit a very holy and pure environment that has been introduced and made by two sages in modern times in one side of Bangalore. I visited Amara Maharishi’s Sapt Rishi Dhyana Kendra, Manasa Foundation where many ageless sages are continuously sending their love and Light to spread peace in the world and to help us to meditate and bring about a new Light age from their spiritual realms in the above world.

Such peace and profound tranquillity spreading over many kilometres and all their work done in pure silence was my observation and lasting impression and experience. I meditated there for quite a long time and absorbed profound divine energies to resume my work waiting ahead of me. A very soft, gentle touch of kindness and compassion was pervading in the entire place. I sat down in just three towers or places of meditations and received so many blessings that I have returned with such renewed energies and I cannot wait to get started once again and finish this post right away.

During my times of deep connection with the sages there, I realized that God is working through many enlightened souls stationed in the higher regions of space to reform this Earth and teach us many things which normally remain beyond the purview of human intellect and understanding. The foremost task of the sages is to spread peace and tranquillity everywhere on the Earth and in people so that we remain as close to God and divinity in us as can be possible. The many sages who are constantly reviving the Earth by their Divine Light and love are also guiding us silently to become more aware of our own thoughts, deeds and feelings and advise us to recourse to correctional methods correspondingly. They are there for a purpose and hence we should perceptibly become aware of their presence as and when we see a very powerful, unique and outstanding thought; a new idea or a new wave of soft and supple energies arriving and sitting in us. The composition of their thought power is soft yet very powerful. They generate a breed of new powerful thoughts and allow us enough room to think after that so that we can act on those new found soft energies.

The ancient sages also teach us to believe and have trust in the subtle or sublime mind. The subtle mind if accessed neatly and deftly in depth with prolonged practice of meditation under the constant guidance of a gifted Guru, is composed of many useful thoughts that can change the course of our future lives to come. It is a seed to our future touch and contact with the ethereal world. These thoughts pertain to our very old nature or character which is pious, compassionate and peaceful and that which we have lived countless lives before today.

In my unplanned morning meditation before midday at home today, I was truly blessed with some magnificent times in presence of Gautam rishi, one of the Sapta Rishis or Seven Rishis. He advised me to follow the path of silence in times of difficulties and problems as one can access to the rays of Divine Light which they keep sending on the Earth for useful purposes from time to time. He spoke to me so gently, “Maintain silence; contemplate on your every action if that action does not give you peace of mind. Meditate after there is a tempest from outside. Think deeply, very deeply. Spread peace wherever you go. Forgive others who do not understand your point of view and deep, sublime and transcendent thoughts. Besides, through you I shall assist many seeking souls who would have otherwise never been able to get access to higher and richer domains of divine existence.

And for the beginners-Wherever you go never forget that God is always waiting for you to become his holy child and perform holy actions. If you fail in your endeavour, try again and change the condition of your mental status and arrive at a higher stage of consciousness. Whenever you perform holy acts, you are truly rewarded in the manner God deems fit. At whatever time you will remember me and are in a dilemma of Dharma that is to say what is right and what is wrong, I shall always send you my waves of consciousness so that you are quickly on the right path of virtue, truth and nobility”………

Part C

In my evening meditation there was another bonus of boon when during deep connection with my divine Consciousness, I was very adoringly made conscious of the silent arrival of Swami Kartikeyan or Murugan Swami, the second son of Lord Shiva. His darshan or arrival is very auspicious and rare and therefore, I became acutely mindful. He gave me very useful acumens about many current demanding issues and also gave solutions to ongoing complex problems that need to be tackled in the coming days for the welfare of many people.

Shri Kartikeyan Swami, “Your actions are very pious and I am very pleased with you. I decided to send you to the forceful and pious divine circumference where the sapt rishis and others are constantly applying their mind force to elevate the consciousness of all people. Those people who are always happy to do actions which bring about happiness, prosperity and spiritual awareness in others are blessed by me. Actions that are performed with devotion and selflessness bring peace and prosperity while those performed with hidden, evil motives are cursed and punished. Many people wander on this land without ever thinking the kind of misery that they have brought upon themselves only by doing unvirtuous actions. They take so much time to teach themselves to go deep within and find their own peaceful paradise by learning to sit in silence and contemplating. They do not perform actions that will give them peace in their hearts and mind. They only wander here and there and when they find no divine peace inside, they revert to superficial actions which give them temporary relief.

This world is an illusion, a wonderful place where all beings get deluded and fall in the trappings and hypnotism of false and impermanent things.

Therefore, alter and amend your lives by leading pious lives by doing pious actions. Accumulate and save boundless good actions which will give you the power to release your ignorance. Learn meditation to clear your mind of the past debris of many incarnations and recreate with your own actions a paradise inside yourself that is filled with the fragrance of simplicity, honesty, peacefulness and divinity.”