Photos of Jyotirlinga-Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar

October 24, 2014

On this trip, I did not wish to take too many pictures and did not take my camera. However, some were taken with mobile phone. A short video at the exit of Mahakaleshwar temple was taken. Sharing them with you.







Mamaleshwar just before Omkareshwar





Cave just below the temple


Humble offerings for Yogeshwar

We return so enriched and fulfilled.

White dome of the temple as seen in our boat as we recede and return home.

Blessings inherent in heritage!

A new entry with a photo album of the rest of the places visited like Sandipani Ashram etc during our pilgrimage to Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar on Face Book.

Maharishi Kashyap-Truth in Light! From Dwarahat to Jyotirlinga  Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar pilgrimage filled with Truth and Light-II.

October 23, 2014

Part A

Spreading Light of God from an energy hub for all sincere aspirants for redemption

Maharishi Kashyap was telling me such sublime matters that I could not dissipate my focus for a moment. I will treasure that meditation forever. For the first time, I had come across him in my subtle meditation. I wanted to know so much from him.  I have deepest respect him for his hard toil as tapasya for which he had become Nitya Jyot, permanent Light and procures such an exalted place for himself in the far most regions of Space. Who would have believed it what we only learnt in school books as history or social or moral science lessons would come alive one day? I had never dreamt of such a thing happening to me, not the least.

My most unexpected visit to Manasa Foundation in Bangalore on 22nd Aug 2014, by sheer good luck charged me up with my new found energies. My coming in touch with Saptrishi mandala refreshed my awareness and receptivity with the great seven Sages of India of ancient times. They were working from the highest skies in the Universe so silently and had made their receiving centre in a remote corner of Bangalore in modern rishis’ modern gurukul. I was so amazed to see historical pyramids made in modern times to channel fresh light energies to striving as well as all lost and wandering souls on Earth. Besides, it was also to sustain the work of God and all the exalted souls to preserve, nourish and sustain us and our planet. This is not all, the very slow procedure of evolution of Spirit of all men has been assigned to these compassionate beings and they all act in unison and agreement so that the gigantic silent work of human emancipation does not stop any time. Such massive work being done so quietly there!  In addition, I also found similar specialty in one more place-Omkareshwar!

About Omkareshwar 

Omkareshwar is a reclusive temple as it is cut off from main cities and is nestled in a serene environment. It is abounding with serenity; it has been designed in such a fashion. Less people come here. It is with the pure intention of separating the people who come in throngs and have very basal qualities; they defile the place. God has something for everybody; no one is left without getting his attention and grace. Being situated on a small mountain with the sacred river flowing besides it, that specialty adds to the overall energy and force. At the same time, the same river and mountain makes it so serene and peaceful!

The Shivalinga has rubbed off by constant touching by devotees over years. A glass cover has been placed to avoid further damaging of the idol. Taking pictures were allowed and we managed to take just two or three from top of the glass shield. Pouring of water and milk is also through copper pipes so that they flow downwards and not on the idol.

Meditating at this place was my prime aim and goal. As soon as we left our car in the parking lot and sat in the boat, we saw the serene atmosphere. We had decided that we will not skip our meditation and on the contrary we will enhance its intensity with the advantage of its exclusive vibrations. It was grace from God and we had come from so far and hence we must not let go of this great opportunity even if we had less time and the temple would close at 12 pm. After a small puja with the priest in the hall, we requested him to wait in the walkway and give us some private time for ourselves.

A dense stream of light was approaching from the upper region and falling on the Shivalinga made of primitive black stone. I saw this when I sat in the hall for more than twenty minutes and fell into a deep absorbed state. The original place had so much light that just a few people could bear to see. As the temple is now being visited by a great number of people unconsciously, we are losing the meaning of its presence and the reasons of its inception; God told me through these streams of Light filtering in the centre of the idol and also enveloping me.

Jyotirlinga on tapa sthal

Whenever some soul tries very hard to gain access into Spiritual depths with acute efforts first time on any part of Earth initially, that part is made sure of not getting defiled as God protects that place. On the same spot, some more aspirants are attracted and directed by God over a period of time and in the process the place becomes highly charged with spiritual energies. On such spots sparkling with pious energies, God someday inspires someone to make a temple of great importance. The 12 Jyotirlingas are such spots. They all are swayambhu or risen itself from the Earth. Thousands of years back, someone made a temple of Shiva and they were found again accidentally and we are worshiping in the same places. And those ancient temples were made on spots that have been charged earlier by many yogis, tapasvis and yoginis and people who were genuinely good, charitable and did good for others.

It takes thousands of years for God to generate a place like that so that sincere seeking souls get quick redemption and results given. When such pure souls come attracted to highly charged places, they leave behind their powerful energies thus keeping the place charged most of the time. Apart from this, the saints and sages who are in Space out of body are given charge of some specific areas on Earth to recharge them with their individual mental and Spiritual Powers so that any curious or aspiring aspirant gets recharged soon and progresses rapidly.

I was initiated into a few new types of Kriyas during this short period. I had prayed to God and Shri Mahavatar Babaji many times in the last many years to initiate me into that but the time had not arrived. A few months ago, I was given an indication that I would receive it in a Shiva temple. I decided to wait patiently for that auspicious day. In meditation I thanked all those particularly Lord Shiva and Shri Mahavatar Babaji for giving me such a pious gift in such a sacred place. I quickly revised the holy act in front of Lord Shiva and took his nod to give his approval if I had picked it up correctly.

After I was told that my job is over, I happily left the place and had my heart so full of gratitude that words are always falling short. I prayed for all of you and your progress and requested God to give everyone His blessings whoever it be.

Part B

There is Truth in Light

To finish my conversation with Maharish Kashyapa, let us know focus on that. He said,

“Kyunki Ishawar ki ichcha hai ki mei tumko kuch bataun sab ke liye jo pahele kabhi kisi ko Ishwar ne nahi bataya, to suno”

“As it is the will of God that I must tell you something for the humanity that has never been told before by Him, so listen to this-

“Mei sada satya mei raheta hoon. Ananda ke baad Satya hai. Satya Prakash mei hai. Prakash tumhare andar hai. Samadhi teen prakar ki hoti. Teen awastha hoti hai-ananda, shanti aur phir satya.

“I always live in Truth. Beyond Ananda, there is Truth. Truth is in Light. Light is in you. Samadhi are of three types. There are three stages-Ananda, Shanti, Satya. First is bliss, then peace and finally Truth.”

Further he said-

“Omkareshwar mandir bahut achcha hai, mujhe bahut pasand hai. Aise mandir jahan bante hai, vahan bahut tapasya ki hoti hai. Wah bahut puratan hai, karib 28,000 hazar varsh purana, sahi batau to 27,782 varsh purana.”

“Omkareshwar temple is very good, I like it very much. Such temples are made on places where great penance has been done. It is very ancient. It is less than 28,000 years old. To be exact it is 27,782 years.”

Rest of the communications I shall conclude in English.

“I meditate continuously and I am in deep Samadhi for many days. I don’t like to be interrupted or disturbed. I send out my energies to the Earth in a few places like Omkareshwar temple and Manasa Foundation. If you wish to communicate with me, then please visualize yourself sitting in the main Tower of Manasa, and convey your thoughts. I shall answer there. The seekers of Bangalore should go to Manasa and meditate there regularly.

How to adopt a floating thought?

Many people correspond with you. Tell those few persons who write lengthy mails to write shorter mails and to talk less. They must practice silence for a day in a week. And for all the other people, tell them this- Wherever there is light, there is Truth. When they write to you they should wait for sometime for your reply. Before that, they should find out if they receive their replies in themselves through space or akash. You are sending your thoughts through your mind even if you do not reply formally. Do they receive them? After a few days, ask them to write back to you with the insight and answer to cross check if that was what you were conveying mentally. In this way, they will be getting an idea and some practice to see how to receive the floating Sankalpa or thoughts arising within an enlightened being. Their own light will be kindled with this procedure.

And for you, I gave you a difficult assignment of writing 10 posts in 5 days and with my help you could achieve that. In December you are going to Pondicherry. Write 4 articles in 4 days continuously. Last year when you went there in December, Sri Aurobindo had told you in advance that you must write at least a sequence of articles in Dec 2014 because the ashram energy will give you the gust to spread those energies far and wide in the world. In this way, our work will be heightened.”

As the Sage was so reluctant to make a lengthy communication and expected us to understand more as we have our own Light to guide us, I have only to ponder about what a fortunate day I had when so many mysteries of metaphysical nature were revealed with the consent and grace of dear God.



Maharishi Kashyap-Truth in Light! From Dwarahat to Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar pilgrimage filled with Truth and Light-I

October 23, 2014

Part A

Pilgrimage to Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar

After coming home from Dwarahat in September, within a gap of fourteen days, I set out to Ujjain in M.P. state to visit two places of light called Jyotirlinga. It was decided within minutes and in two days time we set off. They all are places of worship, atonement and seeking and have Shiva as the main deity in the form of Shivalinga, the symbol of primordial energy. There are 12 Jyotirlingas in India and I was fortunate to have gone to two such powerful places in two days and that too after coming back from Dwarahat which was so splendid. The other one, Omkareshwar is nearly 165 kilometers from Ujjain. We have to cross Indore first and then proceed in the interior, remote villages one after the other and reach a sleepy habitation near a serene river, Narmada. Omkareshwar is on a little height of a small mountain on the banks of Narmada and the now narrow river has to be crossed in a small boat at this point between two sets of mountains on either side. Though the quick trip got a little hectic for us but the gains and rewards are nothing in comparison to what we have received in lieu of that.

Both the places were very dynamic except that most people go to only Mahakaleshwar as it is easily reachable.

Maximum people go there to gain spiritual powers and power of various kinds including occult powers. For later, they are condemned by God and all the divine beings. People also go to ask for prosperity or relieving themselves of their mental or physical sufferings and so on.

I had no idea what was stored for me and I wished to just go and seek blessings so that I could garner more energies to do my seva, service which comes unexpectedly from any quarter when God ordains. No one is capable of serving humanity unless we receive very specific energies from those specific zones which store and bestow us with divine powers. The blog has received very high grade spiritual energies since its inception and it continues to do so regularly. At this juncture, a new thrust of energies have been activated and induced into the current new posts at regular period. As we gear up for the next ascension, some more energies of higher to highest grade will be infused consistently at the behest of God.

About Mahakaleshwar

It is a very old temple and it has a mention in the Puranas, the old holy Hindu scriptures. Earlier it was a very humble small Shivalinga on the bank of river Kshipra in a dense forest. In medieval times, to please their public the kings added some extensions by making it a large structure. Today, the main Shivlinga is to be reached by taking a few steps down in water in the basement which is made of concrete on the bank of the river. This was such a unique experience. The cool water in feet was a pleasant surprise so refreshing to the body and mind.

People are mostly coming for fulfillment of desires and for using negative energies as I discovered in silent moments. Apart from that, I was pleased to know in my meditation in the hall just opposite the main Shivalinga that Lord Buddha came here along with so many holy men including Swami Vivekananda in modern times. After knowing this, I shut my eyes and mind as nothing mattered because I had come to such a blessed place.  I wished to only take my Prasad , blessing and leave with nice memories.

Part B

In spite of hectic touring, I receive grace and encounter exclusive, immortal Astral Being

After I came back from Dwarahat, I had only taken a short lay off of two weeks in Mumbai and I had soon set out again to go to Ujjain for my next whirlwind  journey.

For quite a few days, I was in a state of unbroken peace and bliss after I came home from Dwarahat meditation. It took a few days time to reorient and recondition myself in the chaotic city. On so many occasions, I had a great urge to go back to that cave and experience the divinity once more.

There was a fixed plan of writing five posts on the blog without a break after these trips.  Yesterday night, after publishing seven posts which included two on Fb, I was running short of ideas and energy. I was in vain. I received no inspiration even after meditating and concentrating the whole day. Around 9.45 p.m. desperately I prayed to God to ensure time should not run out. Soon after I had finished expressing my plea, in my meditation, I envisioned something wonderful.

Meeting of Divine beings undertaken in higher regions 

I saw that there was a meeting going on between a cluster of godly heads when I traveled to higher sky. They all were in a serious meeting.

In a frantic hurry, Swami Nityananda and Shaligram Swami of Ganeshpuri were going  somewhere in ether and walking upwards hurriedly. I was hushed and asked to remain absolutely quiet and still and not to disturb the meditating Sage which we all saw in the far off zone. I was asked to wait till they reverted to me. I watched all this quietly and waited in curiosity as well anticipation to know what was about to unfold before me. In a few moments, Swami Shaligram reverted and said- “I and they all have been very busy and are deciding between ourselves and finalizing what should be written in next immediate post. We had lots to do you see.  The Maharishi is still meditating. He is Nitya Jyot. Let us not disturb him at any cost. We will work tomorrow now.”  I understood the gravity of the situation and held back myself and withheld my anxiety.

I  know that we are cursed by God if we disturb somebody who is in meditation and is busy handling mammoth missions of God. I anyway asked for forgiveness from God instantly just in case by mistake or innocence, if I had entered and trespassed someone’s personal space in which he was meditating silently and was blissful in a transcendental state. I  pleaded and apologized sincerely in case I  had offended him.

When the precarious few minutes were over,  I saw Swami again walking downwards and I could not hold myself. I took the liberty and raised a question. I was anxious I would not be able to ever reach with my mind that far off exclusive zone again and find out myself about Nitya Jyot. I instantly allowed my anxiety to diffuse.

Nitya Jyot

“What is Nitya Jyot, I have not heard this before?” I asked slightly after seeing the meditating Sage in a golden halo.

“They are highly illuminated divine beings who work ceaselessly for God as well as people and live very, very far from the terrestrial zone. They have very long lives given by God. They are constantly living in God’s Light and hence given the title Nitya Jyot-Always in light. They live in Satya Lok, the land of Truth,” replied Swami.

I was very relieved to know that all was well.

I was quite drowsy, I closed my eyes. Promptly, my eyelids were filled with soft, mellow, pale yellow coloured light. I felt so warm and good and forgot the state of the physical body. Before long, I heard the auspicious sound of Om arriving immediately and I heard somebody say, “Your body has less oxygen and less space or akash and therefore you must not tire yourself more than this. You are already on the edge of crashing out and now we shall not allow this. Earlier we ignored it. The nerves if broken will take six months to repair. So rest now and I shall tell you what is to be done tomorrow.”

In a little while, I saw a very tall, thick beam of flowing, brilliant  golden light falling over the Earth from very far off. Some answers to personal lingering questions also came along with this Light with exact date and time for futuristic references. I prostrated at him and went to sleep. I thought I must follow their instruction obediently and should sleep as sleep is of utmost importance in order to get started in the morning without delay.

At the daybreak, I woke up very fresh and went to the park at 6.30 am. After a short walk,  I sat on a bench under a tree and open sky and closed my eyes gently. The weather was perfect and I sat relaxed. I began to do long inhalation and exhalation to inhale abundant amount of oxygen inside and immediately felt good in a few minutes. My mind was totally calm and attentive and once more I connected with the same beam of Light that I saw the previous night. I felt balminess in my body. I was side by side also getting a sense of reassurance after the appearing of Light of God filtering in that my work will not be stalled and I will continue  to write uninterruptedly.

After slipping into a deep state of peace, I was able to touch a new height. In my continued long meditation there, I came to know the following new wonderful revelations-

More revelations

After the Earth there are layers of sky like atmosphere, stratosphere etc. Beyond the sky there is empty Space, ether Akash. Some highly enlightened Divine Beings are located in that Space beyond the sky much, much away from the Earth. Those Divine Beings are sages who are meditating there and wish to be excluded from the humdrum of Earthly life. They exclude themselves because they wish to meditate without any hindrance and noise coming from teeming people walking on the Earth. They meditate for years and centuries and are contributing towards man’s final emancipation.

“I am Kashyap Rishi, one of the seven rishis. I am living very far off from the Earth because my desire of Earthly things has banished epochs earlier. I wish to stay away from it because all the people are so attached to Earthly objects. Come, I will show you my vision from the centre of my existence. The Earth looks so small like a small piece of stone, it is that for me.

Tell people that they are wasting their time in just being born and then dying. People only take birth and die, they are born and die, they are born again and again and so many times again. They suffer so much in their reoccurring process of birth and death.

I send out rays of my mental energies as Light on Earth to people who are striving to establish the Truth. You have experienced so much Light in the cave at Dwarahat. Earlier you could see little light and before that rays of light, sometimes even single rays. But you did not know that rays of God’s light have Truth embedded in them. Whenever you experience Light, you must wait and watch to see what message it contains for you. It does not come without a specific reason.”

Maharishi spoke in chaste Hindi, “Satya kya hai? Satya ka tatva kya hai?”

Satya hai ki ishwar hai, wo avinashi hai, wo prakash hai, wo nirakar hai, wo amar hai aur wo sada bana rahega. Us satya ko jano. Aur us Prakash mei Satya hai. Dwarahat mei jo tumne Prakash dekha usme Satya hai, jab bhi  tum Prakash dekhoge usmei Satya bhi milega.”

Translation- What is Truth? What is the substance of Truth?

Truth is that God is, it is immortal, it is light, it is formless it is immortal and will never be destroyed. Know that Truth. And in that light is Truth. The Light that you saw in Dwarahat has Truth in it. Whenever you see Light, in that you shall also find Truth……”

Well, I accepted that I was still very naive as far as the science of enlightenment is concerned. I told him that I consider myself a small baby as far as they all are concerned. They all are my spiritual, sacred fathers. And I am very keen to know a lot from them as I am a new child in their cluster of very enlightened beings and wish to do more sadhana under their guidance.

Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-III

October 21, 2014

On 20th September of 2014 on a beautiful, sunny day in Dwarahat, while I sat meditating peacefully in the holy cave where Shri Mahavatar Babaji spent ample time with his disciple, revered Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji in 1861 extolling their past lives when the latter as Gangadhar had intermittently sank in divine bliss and ecstasy with his celestial Guru Maharaj Babaji, I could have asked for nothing more. That was a landmark page in human history and time because a huge step was being undertaken for the upliftment of humanity for future times and two giants of spiritual stature were together for a great cause on an auspicious day. Both met with the will of God and wished to pursue the mission undertaken with equal agreement.

By recalling each leaf from their past of this momentous event in my mind sitting alone in the cave, I was totally divinized. Reeling under the impact of the winding back of this incident, I was in no time fallen in the deepest profundity and the physical body became stoned. My mind silenced downright and my breath ceased; I was not in a hurry to revive myself because I knew there was somebody else in charge of my whole being at this precarious condition. I was locked in a grip of somebody who had already caught hold of my entire being. Never can I recall a situation where the body was put aside so effortlessly and in doing so breaking its bearing over me so easily. I was in my most comfortable composure and compose of mind. A tunnel was created between my crown and the thick shaft of Light that was approaching from the top of the sky and filtering through the mountain and the interior of the cave and then entering inside it. The shaft of benevolent Light came straight on my crown gently and all over me and I also perceived it scattering everywhere in my circumference. It soon filled most of the calm cave. It was happening most of the time till I meditated for more than an hour or so.

From behind the curtains of Light, as I have earlier mentioned came so many blessings and words of mercy that disclosing them to you becomes a difficult act as words and feelings are trifling endeavours in that sense. Who can record and retell after immersing in the effulgent rays where body and mind were there no more?

An attempt to redo that act will not be possible yet with the help of the Grace, authenticity will be maintained and each word delivered without missing any meaning, exaggeration or making an error. The directly arriving exalted words straight from the dense shafts of Light were-

“As a child, you were born with an irresistible will power, a domineering will. Deeply seated was a silent, seething desire to perform some unique deeds which were never done before by anyone. From the start, unreasonable opposition throughout life was never daunting or stopping you. All reverses were so wonderfully utilized smilingly to enhance your Soul. Your inexhaustible mental powers, your vision so farsighted and never tiring working hands have brought you so far to me in this precious cave to tell you what nobody knows.

Before you took birth this time, you were unrelenting and wished in one life to finish the debts of lives impending four. Your wish was granted with so much remorse as I knew there would be a mountain of difficulties and you will not be able to soar.

Sadly, but for the first time I have been proved wrong and that too by a dainty lady like you. When the time came you rose. You walked up the mountain alone and stood there at the top proclaiming that oh! I want to walk some more. I looked at you and asked, “Are you sure?” You reverted, “If I can walk up till here with your influence, love, guidance and care, then who cares? It does not matter where I stand today. Time is on my side and I wish to still go ahead.” You said this with a humble tone and wholesome certitude and gratitude.

In six years, you did stiff penance of lives twelve which were awaiting and you were to be born in far epochs unknown. From the top of the mountain, you soared higher and higher like the unflinching eagle and with tough hands touched my high Sky.

Who can do this as humans, defying all my laws which are stringent and tying and cannot be pierced by anyone? Your unprecedented will power and actions incessant have brought you to a state of uniqueness and you have great things in store. I will tell the world that I gave her the worst tests, worst miseries, and unfathomable tasks but not for a moment she ever gave up on Me or her lovable Master immortal of white snowy mountains, the one who has never aged and has glistening, long hair of copper and shining gold. For six and more years, in three states of being awake, dream or sleep, not a single breath was coming out or going in which did not have an image, remembrance or imagination of one or us both. When a lovable being like you breaks her body and has injuries and everyday heartburns and does not complain but drinks wrong potion of medicine because I wish to test you many times again to check if my will has become yours or not so? What more can I test or question your devotion for me, undying faith and trust in me and what else is there to check whether you will live and die for me alone?

I will give you so many blessings that you will not be able to hold or store. I will reward you with such wonderful insights and knowledge greatest because your thirst for my home and my creation is undying and unquestionable. I will gift you with unfathomable skills, proficiencies and dexterities that the world will stare but  not dare to bow you down. There will come a time in history when man will say that nobody has lived so well a short life made so precious and regal with faintest resources and meanest behaviour from closest quarters and so much more. A bright lamp was lit in the darkest place and all resources came from her within! Who can deny you, who can buy you?

Ample times in distant past you were born in homes of illustrious sages and wise men. Knowledge, austerity, detachment, service, compassion, and high morality were earned with them. Those good deeds gave you birth in palaces next and high status and you were generous, compassionate, sharing and so full of empathy and truthfulness. You never bartered any virtues for lesser morality. When all these lives are put together and the essence of all deeds is mixed with today’s hard work, patience, persistence, sincerity and faithfulness, nobody can take away your much deserved seat from my heart and divine throne. When did you complain or cry or became grumpy? You knew and had decided that it is you who will always change and not the other person in front of you whatever the situation should be.

When you find no fault in me or my creation, I will quickly make you shine and rise in my beauty, grace, holiness and creativity. Tell the world that I have made this world a ground to check if you have tears in your eyes for the suffering men or do you kill or trample them? Did you love all or you filled your boxes with things which were not yours? I will remind you, I will warn you but you must listen to me and my advice for I do not repeat my words more than twice or in a few cases maximum thrice.

If you ascend, if you rise, if you master the laws which are mine and if you always beautify my world with your good doings then I shall be forever yours and you mine!

Come to me, I will tell you how well to live your life, how you should behave in my paradise and what you should do to please me and win my heart always. If you listen to me and abide by my wish and desire, I will make you my own child of holy land. I will tell you how I have made my beautiful creation with creatures big and small. What will happen if you abide by my tenets or not? I love those children who are not going adrift and I praise those who are forever looking upon me and my constant approvals or wills. Bring your heart to me, bring your breath to me and bring all your sentiments to me. I will colour all of them white. I will clean you; I will cleanse you with my bright Light and lustre so brilliant that you cannot whine, chide or ever die. I love all those men who are always waiting in a queue to win my heart and win me over by all the examinations that I set as benchmarks of excellence, sheen and virtues and all of them so fine and bright. Never fall again in dirty waters which stench or pools of mud in which you are forever stuck. Wake up today for it is never ever so late if you have the will to rise and shine, you shall so much gain.

I have come to you silently hidden in these words and alphabet, trust her fully and find me if you can. I will come to you again and once again if you are willing to die for me. If you are willing to give your whole self to me, I shall lay my whole self at you for we are always together and never apart!”

Dear everybody, this was the concluding post on why we must follow God’s will in our lives. Refinement and subtlety are the jewels which describe a theme like this. I leave you respectfully at this stage where you are left alone to absorb little by little all the finery, beauty and majesty of the one and only- The Divine.

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Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-II

October 20, 2014

Part A


My dear readers, this post is subtle. It is mainly for the evolving seekers and maybe some help would be required to resolve some content for which you are always welcome. We will also have to go in depth on the subject involved.

The blog post is divided into two parts. The first one is to explain this portion of last post- /

Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-I

 “You have been discharged the duty of awakening people far and wide in all parts of the world through your very original and creative writing. It has energy, solutions and a road map to guide all wanderers and to anchor them to this blog. In future, you shall write articles that shall reveal hidden knowledge and concealed information that God has been keeping to itself from time immemorial. It is my will that that sacred, secreted knowledge should be opened up now and given to mankind because in today’s world, all the givers of spiritual knowledge are either running after their own prestige or money or vying with each other in bad competition. They have not surrendered their ego (ahankar) and are still in darkness (Maya).Merely giving good discourses is not enough and useful. Unless true and right knowledge (gyan) dawns on humans, they cannot relieve themselves of the bad karmas and lack of spiritual wisdom (bodh). Pure knowledge (Atma Gyan) should be dispensed through an authentic source so that adulteration and putrefaction is avoided. Nobody can swim across the ocean of delusion (bhram) unless their guide knows to swim very well. Verbal help is of no use, it will not save the drowning victim.”

In the last post, there were some terms which were delicate and elusive and have been picked up again to explain like ahankar, Atma gyan, bhram etc. I have selected some part from one old post- The state of super consciousness-III for  the convenience of the old as well new readers, it is essential at this stage. Please read it well  to get a grip of what will be concluded in the end after reading the referred paragraphs from older posts.

Atman-There is a Universal, all pervading, infinite, immortal Power or Force which is all comprehensive. It is called Atman, Brahma or Ishawara. It is present in the form of light in all beings. It has no definite beginning or end hence is immortal. Atman can only be felt or experienced but cannot be described. Only a sacred soul can realize and know it. Those who do impure and profane acts can never know Atman, cannot even have belief and conviction of its existence. The glory, beauty, and praise of Atman should not be sung before the defiled and desecrated spirits.

Jeeva A fraction of the Universal Force is present in us and it is called jeeva or individual self or human self. The human has mainly two impurities or vikaar and they are desire and ego because of which he gets deluded and forgets and fails to remember God and consequently suffers from troubles, problems, unrest and unhappiness.

Manas or mind In every individual jeeva there is present  manas or loosely called mind. A fragment of the Universal light is present in the individual. Out of this fraction, a little portion of the Universal Force and Light is present in the manas or mind. The mind is shaped in accordance to type of actions performed by the individual. It is the manas that feels and perceives and it has its own light, dim or bright depending on the person. The manas also has its own power depending on how well we behave, think and act. The type of actions performed by us is responsible for the type of force that enters our mind. It entirely depends on the quality and type of actions performed by the individual thus attracting either negative or positive forces.

The power in the mind predetermines a set direction and path and shapes the lives to come. Manas compels us to act in the first place and it is the mind that suffers. After death, the body disintegrates, not the manas. The mind leaves one body and sets on its path and travels according to the karmas performed. According to its desires and performed actions, the mind creates a new body and moves on from the point it has already covered.

The mind is so powerful that it is everything. It possesses the power of sankalp, ichcha shakti – will power and the power to initiate an action. It is only when we have a will that we do something, we change ourselves, we give a definite course of line and direction to our thoughts and life as a whole. It is because of our desire that we are born and we die only when we have a desire to die.

The mind has immense powers. It can travel anywhere (telepathy), it can hear far off sounds (clairvoyance) and if the mind determines and decides to do something, it begins to connect and tap the Universal Energy which is positive and accomplishes impossible feats.

Tendencies of self-doubt, scepticism, lack of faith in God are innate in the mind. It is self-doubt that separates us from our Atman. They should be discarded.

In Yoga, the first step is to control the mind’s flow and curb it with discipline, self-control and obedience. Once the mind is restrained, its restlessness is contained. When we do bhakti or have devotion, the ego begins to fade away slowly and one loses the passion, attachment and longing for worldly desires and ultimately the human discards the ego entirely for the sake of bathing in God’s bliss. His identity mingles with that of the all-pervading power like the iron when melted in very hot fire, melts wholly after becoming red hot and is moulded in the shape which is desired.

The process of complete transformation is done and executed with the kripa of a guru. We must have full faith in ourselves and the Guru who completes the process of divinization for our good. The prana or vital life force is entwined intricately in the mind in a very subtle form and gives force and a concrete push to the mind. Desires give a shape to the mind and the prana give a direction. In the humans, this concept can be explained very well with this comparison and example as explained in the holy scriptures-  A blind man is unable to go forward as he cannot see and so is a lame man. The manas is the lame man and prana is the blind man. The mind is lame if there is no force of prana while the prana have movement, they have no direction. They can however, walk together by helping each other. The mind acts as eyes and the prana as crutches when the duo walk together. Desires are the catalysts.

Meditation makes the force of the prana feeble in its seamless and unrestricted movements. It quietens its senseless roar and curbs its dangerous speed. If one meditates for a very long time, the death of the subtle, hidden desires on its own is absolutely certain. And the countless desires which are unborn yet; however very, very faint they may be; are destroyed by the guru as dreams during the time we sleep by his thought power or sankalp in the last phase.

When all the desires are completely dissolved and finished, Self-Realization or Atma sakshatkar takes place naturally just like the day breaks and simultaneously night recedes. This journey is also of the ascension of the energy chakras beginning from throat chakra to third eye and eventually to crown chakra. In other words we begin from vishuddha chakra to agya and finally to brahmarandra. Vishuddha chakra is the center of mind or manas and is the first phase.  Agya Chakra is the center of breath or prana, the second phase  and finally the Brahmarandra – the center of Atma, our final desired destination.

A human being has three levels or degrees of ego or ahankar– gross, subtle and very subtle. If we translate it in Hindi it is sthool, sukshma and kaaran respectively.  The individual must get rid of the ego completely till its last shred to free itself of maya or prakriti.

Sthool, Gross ego-This is my house, my building, my son….

Sukshma, Subtle ego -I am a gyani, knowledgable, I am sensible, intelligent, I know, I have understood everything. For such people further learning is impossible. People in this category love to hear their praise and find it difficult to handle criticism.

 Kaaran- Ati sukshma ahankarExtremely subtle ego -is entrenched in our breath. It is due to very subtle ego that one believes that he is the doer and  experiencer or karta and bhoktaThe prana or breath have to be purified of this impurity. Doing kriya or attending spiritual discourses only accelerates the purification of the prana  but cannot destroy the very subtle ego completely. Prana can only be totally purified with the blessing of a saintly guru, Atmagyani guru on conditions of our surrendering completely and secondly if we have an intense desire to free ourselves from the suffering of recurring births and deaths. These are two important preconditions if we wish to realize Atma. Please refer Why is Atman difficult to know ? once again to get a good understanding of this thought. By surrendering to the Guru, we cross vishuddha chakra, the throat chakra, the seat of manas or mind. It is the mind which stops one from submitting. When the pranas are completely purified, we cross the third eye centre or Agya Chakra about which explanation is given a little later.

When the Agya Chakra cleans completely, then the crown chakra begins to open gradually and the disciple begins to sense and experience Atman. There is a chief difference between understanding Atma intellectually and perceiving it. Atma cannot be ‘known’ but can be perceived within oneself. It is just a very subtle perception, a sensation of its presence inside, a conviction of its presence and a feeling of its existence beyond the senses and mental bodies. It is to be just felt. Atma can neither be explained to others nor can it be given in alms. It can be attained with the mercy of God; it can be conveyed and transferred from a Atmagyani guru to his disciple out of love. It is the selfless love of the guru which spontaneously flows to the disciple and flows as grace and benevolence. The Guru and the disciple both should be pure and selfless for this exchange.

As the prana become purified, our thoughts become pure and refined. Once the thoughts are purified, our actions become untainted, we become humble. Humility is achieved when the disciple crosses the last step of manas or mind. The pranas can be purified by worshipping the Atma gyani guru and not by maintaining silence or maun. If the disciple contemplates and thinks deeply on the guru for a long duration, his prana is purified completely whereas with pranayam the pranas are purified to a good extent. By purification is meant the eradication of the subtlest ego, the thought of doership and the existence of individual self-‘I”.

There are very subtle desires or vasanas clinging to the prana flowing inside us and those desires cannot be destroyed by one’s own efforts as they cannot be detected. If the disciple has immense admiration and adoration for his guru, if he worships him with his mind, body and soul, if the disciple immerses himself in the divine words of the guru, the seeds of the vasanas and unborn desires are destroyed. The brightness and light of divinity in the guru burns the vasanas of the sansara. The delusion of the jeeva that he is the doer and experiencer of the actions performed, vanishes in the knowledge of Atma given by the paramgyani guru. He offers the results and fruits of all his actions to the guru, in return he gets peace and spiritual joy.

The disciple acquires true humility after this stage of development as he has no unpleasant feelings for anybody and is unbiased and selfless. Once awakened, initially he sees everyone as ignorant and uninformed but at a little later stage, the yogi has compassion and mercy for the people who are in sleep state as he sympathizes with their suffering and wishes to improve their deplorable condition. At this stage maun or silence is actual and proper otherwise in silence is hidden subtle ego which can erupt as a volcano in some circumstances.

Repeat the holy sound of Om, meditate on Om. Om is whole and complete in itself and shall give you wholeness. Om is Light itself.

Shwas+vasana=new birth, Or

Breath+ desires= new birth.

When manas or mind enters a new body as new birth, it carries with itself past vasanas or desires, fruits of all past karmas, sanskaras or tendencies of past karmas etc. This is known as pranadosha or corruption of pranas and because of this the prana of the disciple have to be purified to destroy all the past desires of the physical world experiences of all past lives. The desire to enjoy the physical world, the enjoyment of the pleasures derived out of the senses of material, the desire to relish the effects of the karmas done in the past by the jeeva is strongly embedded and hence the master cauterizes all the seed of the embedded desires to liberate him of unwanted and undesirable future consequences.

After the pranas are purified, they flow at a medium pace and the rhythm is tranquil. During meditation they slow down further and in sleep they are as good as negligent. In the absence of desires, in the absence of excitement created by desires, in the absence of mere thought of desires, the mind automatically flows in a calm rhythm and beat. When the mind and body become so calm, we are able to contemplate on Atma. Meditation on Atma, contemplation on Atma releases us from the clutches of repeated births and deaths and gives us mukti  or salvation. Therefore, the disciple must clear all debts and self- created desires.  To achieve the state of Atma or Super Consciousness, there are a few debts that one has to clear……..

 Part B

Dear readers, by now you must have got an idea that reaching the kingdom or state of God is a very prolonged procedure and it takes many lives’ efforts and will power. To erase all the subtlest desires locked in the life force till the last shred of a human, takes phenomenal working out and classic planning by the Divine Masters in collusion with the Omnipresent God.

To do this act, we begin with the Guru’s physical form and assume that his physical form is always with us watching over us with a keen eye and compassionate nurturing. This is on the level of removing the gross impurities of ego and desires.

On the next level, we are again advised to take each day and each action by contemplating on the will of God in subtler sense and in small decisions included too. Impurities gradually dwindle and wipe out by this method of cleansing.

Lastly, the remotest scrapes of jeevatma in any human being are abolished by the Omnipresent God with or without the physical Guru. The Gurus’ sankalpas or intentions irrespective of whether he possesses a physical body or not, reaches the disciple wherever he or she may be. The Divine Masters always work on the commands of God, who after testing the eligible seeker by tightest and toughest tests remove and release the remaining doership, all desires and sense of self of that seeker by asking him or her to always obey and listen to however the bizarre and inexplicable summons may be. Those wise men that follow all the directives of the Almighty arriving at their doorstep as life circumstances, intuitions, visions or mere feelings and perceptions in the end as the will of God are richly rewarded. Absolutely the impurities are evaporated, the inner core shines and on that reflects pure, brilliant rays, streams and huge halos of God’s presence as Light and much more awakening. God also arrives and reveals to us more cognizance, phenomenal revelations and unprecedented exposures of hidden secrets of its presence and powers as well as magnificence apart from bestowing continued calmness of mind, good health and well-being and prosperity in every sense.

To elaborate and carry on with the remaining conversation between me and God in the cave at Dwarahat, I will first quote something as was narrated in former post to stay connected with the main idea with the just arrived readers.

 “You have come here to me with no selfish motive but out of love for Babaji. Hence he has made you the guiding light for this world on his behalf and for the disciples of many other saints whose children are yet to finish their spiritual journey in this life. Your guiding force will tell them what is Truth and falsehood? What is Guru Bhakti? What is Apara Bhakti(Transcendental devotion)? What is the rin (debt) of shishya towards their Guru? What will happen if you surrender completely and live each day and moment with the wish of God?

There comes a stage in  a sadhak’s (seeker’s) life when the small self or ‘I and I am’ evaporates completely and all the vibrations of the divine world appear without obstruction as there is no corruption in the antahkaran (inner being). When such a divine soul works ceaselessly for the world, God rewards him with unknown, unheard gifts which were secretly hiding in the pouch of God’s womb. Any undertaking or work pursued by such men of God produces extra ordinary results and mankind benefits profusely. Such work is for posterity and should be revered and handled with pure devotion by all. God has plans for humanity for many millenniums into the future. The human mind is too small and constricted to fathom or conceive the gravity of such endeavours and hence makes small or grave mistakes in grasping the fundamental importance of such massive undertakings in which savvy and piercing perceptions of mahayogis (great yogis) act as catalyst in shaping the world that is yet to be designed and carved out of existing present world!”………

(Remaining lines are as follows-)

Now from those shimmery rays of Light, a little after all this poured these following lines towards me which made me reel under much, much amazement and I dazzled in every sense! They were-

“I directed Shri Mahavatar Babaji to start the new wave of Kriya Yoga in the modern world with the help of his previous disciple Shri Lahiri Mahasaya. It was here in 1861, that a seed was sown for that great purpose for world revival. Since the past more than five decades, the world and the Earth have seen rapid decadence, regression and too much immorality. I have called you here in the same cave to restart a new movement by which ancient knowledge can be provided in their homes to all pursuing souls directly without any adulteration, ulterior motive or mixing of obsolete ideas. It will have far-fetched results in time to come. This old cave disperses vibrant spiritual energies till this day. It has been in use since more than nine thousand years by wandering yogis, ascetics and spiritual practitioners. Whichever person meditates at home or anywhere by genuinely visualizing meditating here in this charged cave will be blessed and will receive benediction, grace and mercy. The aim should be for spiritual progress and salvation and not benefits of material advantages. Now go and compose many articles which will have your life turning incidents as episodes in your blog by which not hundreds but millions will be rewarded and enriched in their enduring spiritual pursuits.

God’s work is silent, God’s presence is silent and God is silence. Bathe yourself in the purity of that silence which is within you, you shall be worshiped.

This work is not for today but for centuries to come where mankind can help itself in seeking their lost glory and divinity by diving in the pool of spiritual nectar and releasing itself from its own created miseries, gloom and darkness. Those people are blessed who live each day by believing in the presence of God within and listening to the will of God to enhance their divinity and sovereignty”….

(To be concluded in next post by tomorrow)

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Footnote- Because of lack of time today, this post has been composed in a few hours in the evening. Kindly bear with me as it may require quite a few revisions looking at the length of it. Many thanks.)

Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-I

October 19, 2014

Why I am making so many tours and pilgrimages far and wide in India in succession, many may wonder to themselves though they are not vocal about it formally.

As I have mentioned in my last post that my journey to Dwarahat in the month of September has been very exclusive and special. It was very much awaited and anticipated and it took me a time period of twelve years for God’s will to dispense so that I could know what was the main propelling force pushing me towards this very significant place and why the journey  certainly had to be undertaken somehow.

Was it because it was associated with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his foremost disciple Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji or was it to go to the same place and relive Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji’s experience as though I am able to meet Babaji in person and feel gratified in the process? Or was it something more than this, I was not sure. I had already left everything on God because there was a death of a close relative in the second week of September and the idea of travelling did not look feasible at all. Both the events were too close, rather back to back. But then again God has always been more willful and assertive in my life than me deciding in my personal matters. I was more than happy and reassured that God had asserted Himself since our vision is too narrow and limited and it cannot pierce in time and space that has yet to unfold itself with each moment ticking slowly. The mysterious, unknown events that are yet to unfold in future and are safely kept hiding in the centre of God’s mind is not accessible by any of us. It is always better to allow events to roll out smoothly and we must become mere observers in a very calm state of mind is my mantra. This was a very typical case of God deciding much, much erstwhile in time but revealing its purposes and objectives at the nick of time to me as though watching all the time mutely if my small self and mind gets disarranged and tousled or not?

I am so pleased to share with you that not for a single moment I felt that anxiety has crept in or my mind disturbed because after making umpteen pilgrimages and journeys far and wide in India, I have seen with conviction the force of God working on me at every moment and at every crucial instants because the journeys were devised and arranged in the heart and space of God’s mind. The organizer and planner lay somewhere else, I was only listening to its silent guidelines and executing it with love and devotion.

Dwarahat will always be remembered because of this. I had left it to God to tell me finally why I was to make this journey in spite of so much conflicting force standing in my way stubbornly and why was it so essential to make this happen in spite of looming blockades and physical exertion? Maintaining everlasting patience always pays off and should be constantly held on to with a firm grip, it is the biggest virtue given to man in dealing with all types of emergencies, destinies or difficulties. I follow the same mandate; life becomes so much easier and happier with all right things happening at the right time and joy bursting from all corners and niches that it becomes difficult to stop speaking about it.

The experience I got in the cave of Babaji left me spellbound and completely mesmerized so much so that I felt silent for quite a few days that came later.

“Sarika why are you here? Came the voice from the rays of Light in the cave.

My pilgrimage to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s cave in Dwarahat.

“This cave is very old and you have been called here after many years after complete preparation of your mind and body. Your body will not decay for it will work for the divine always. There is no test left to get approvals from me now as you have mastered the art of living all your moments with the will of God. Babaji called Lahiri Mahasaya here to initiate him a new wave of Kriya shiksha (education). With the Satyug turning towards more positive, new energies have to be unleashed through many centres in India and abroad from which more and more people turn spiritual. As more and more people turn spiritual, the age of Truth or Satyug will appear quicker in time.

You have started a quiet movement of unleashing new energies which are benign and spiritual in all parts of the globe. This is Babajis’s big project where Sanatan Dharma or Eternal laws of righteousness  is being evoked after its lapse in the past many decades all over the world.

Simplicity, truthfulness and purity are the words and tenets that each man should follow now to speed up the process of bringing virtues, truthfulness and piousness back in society and mankind.

You have been discharged the duty of awakening people far and wide in all parts of the world through your very original and creative writing. It has energy, solutions and a road map to guide all wanderers and to anchor them to this blog. In future, you shall write articles that shall reveal hidden knowledge and concealed information that God has been keeping to itself from time immemorial. It is my will that that sacred, secreted knowledge should be opened up now and given to mankind because in today’s world, all the givers of spiritual knowledge are either running after their own prestige or money or vying with each other in bad competition. They have not surrendered their ego (ahankar) and are still in darkness (Maya). Merely giving good discourses is not enough and useful. Unless true and right knowledge (gyan) dawns on humans, they cannot relieve themselves of the bad karmas and lack of spiritual wisdom (bodh). Pure knowledge (Atma Gyan) should be dispensed through an authentic source so that adulteration and putrefaction is avoided. Nobody can swim across the ocean of delusion (bhram) unless their guide knows to swim very well. Verbal help is of no use, it will not save the drowning victim.

Regular periods of purification, prolonged periods of meditation and continuous efforts of cleansing are required of all humans to salvage their souls of their incessant darkness and lack of wisdom and truth.

If you practice each day even with a little effort, your soul can redeem itself so that it can shine with brightness of Satya, Dharma and Shudh Karma-Truth, righteousness and pure actions.

You have come here to me with no selfish motive but out of love for Babaji. Hence, he has made you the guiding light for this world on his behalf and for the disciples of many other saints whose children are yet to finish their spiritual journey in this life. Your guiding force will tell them what is Truth and falsehood? What is Guru Bhakti? What is Apara Bhakti (Transcendental devotion)? What is the rin (debt) of shishya towards their Guru? What will happen if you surrender completely and live each day and moment with the wish of God?

There comes a stage in  a sadhak’s (seeker’s) life when the small self or ‘I and I am’ evaporates completely and all the vibrations of the divine world appear without obstruction as there is no corruption in the antahkaran (inner being). When such a divine soul works ceaselessly for the world, God rewards him with unknown, unheard gifts which were secretly hiding in the pouch of God’s womb. Any undertaking or work pursued by such men of God produces extra ordinary results and mankind benefits profusely. Such work is for posterity and should be revered and handled with pure devotion by all. God has plans for humanity for many millenniums into the future. The human mind is too small and constricted to fathom or conceive the gravity of such endeavours and hence makes small or grave mistakes in grasping the fundamental importance of such massive undertakings in which savvy and piercing perceptions of mahayogis (great yogis) act as catalyst in shaping the world that is yet to be designed and carved out of existing present world!

If you are keen to mould your present destiny, then change your present by changing your narrow consciousness to somewhat wider and bigger state of being and consciousness. Someday you too shall understand why it is necessary to live our life by God’s will……(to be continued tomorrow)

A Note- There was one more yatra which was added on the spot with two days’ time in this year’s list and I made a hurried trip to two Jyotirlingas- Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar in M.P. state between 15th -17th October 2014. There will be five posts continuously every day starting with this one and a link will be made by combining all in its inherent essence. Please keep your mind free of extra, unsolicited thoughts which I suggest should be dropped off to gently absorb these posts’ matter and content. Your continued concentration and focus on the same subject shall be appreciated and helpful for your own understanding. Thank you.

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My pilgrimage to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s cave in Dwarahat.

October 8, 2014

The much, much awaited moment of approaching the holy mountain arrived for us on the auspicious day of 20th Sept 2014. We left the YSS ashram at Dwarahat at sharp 9 am for Dunagiri Mountain with our packed lunch after having a good breakfast. We hired a guide who was attached with the Ashram and also took a jeep on hire so that our journey would be trouble free. It is advised that we should not take our car there because nobody can drive the very narrow, unmetalled roads beyond a point, a place called Kukuchina in a car. Jeeps are suited for this purpose.

Our guide and driver were both very good and as we had arranged them through the Swamiji of YSS ashram, we got some information about the place and stories about Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and their cave and also about a few sadhus and yogis living there presently. We learnt that they are also being helped to grow in their individual path by receiving messages astrally from time to time from Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji and Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I sensed that the work of God  is going on world wide all the time silently.

Let me now please describe a little about our walk upward towards the cave. Doing so will help many others who wish to sometime visit this powerful, peaceful and reclusive cave in times to come. Also these pictures are a testimony of how the yogis have enriched their spiritual lives by doing their individual efforts so passionately over centuries even before we woke up to them……

The place was very serene and quiet atmosphere greeted us. No devotees had arrived so far in the peaceful mountain. Except for the chirping and singing of the small birds, we heard no sounds in the small forest. It was extra ordinarily pious and tranquil as if a few yogis are still meditating in their subtle bodies there, and that the world is oblivion to them and they are disseminating very fine peaceful vibrations all around for our world….

Providentially, the surroundings became free of any untoward climate change except for appearance of some light, grey floating clouds. It was a sunny day after that. Little bit of drizzling had already taken place even before we came to the starting point and we started our trek with complete surrender and expectations none. 



Our jeep took us so precariously on these very thin, narrow kuchcha roads barely 5 meters or maybe less than 15 ft I suppose. Only the locals could have driven in a track like that, on slim edges of mountains. For them it was a daily business and for us a sacred yatra.



Sticks are given by YSS and also shoes to those who came unprepared.This is the starting point from where we begin our climb up. We are at the foot of riven Gagash.


I came to know from my guide that Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji followed this river, Gagash (Guruji has spelt it as  Gogash in Bengali pronunciation in AOY) while he was rambling in the mountains and accidentally reached the place where Babaji called out his name-Gangadhar as described by Guruji in AOY. We are standing where Gagash is flowing and took a picture as our token of gratitude and thanksgiving to Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji even before we ascended.

The trek began from this point.


Our guide with our lunch, thanks to YSS.


The forest was healthy and looked self sustained.






The caretaker who keeps the key of the lock of the cave and his wife working in a field in the morning as seen by us on the heights. His father used to keep the key earlier.

Our guide asked him to pass him the key to open the door of the cave. We were the first visitors that day fortunately and wished to maintain silence throughout.


Their house near their fields on a small mountain top.


We took some short breaks to accommodate ourselves to the new altitude as we were going higher. When we stopped, I enjoyed seeing the new growth in September after the rains in all the trees. The new pines’ leaves were very light in weight and had a hue of beautiful light green. I enjoyed seeing so many trees and always with the same level of joy.This particular tree which my eyes saw, gave me a different perspective. It was so artistic. The curls in the stems of the pine tree resembled like locks and curls of a beautiful girl which were swaying on her young face and she was seeing this very pristine view of valleys and mountains from a height! I certainly felt at this moment that the beautiful views in front of my eyes must be a painter’s most sought views…….everything in nature so beautifully arranged, everything working quietly with so much precision, peacefulness and mutual co-operation and sustenance.


After walking up for about 50 minutes we saw something-

A new structure, a meditation hall has been constructed just a little before the cave by YSS. It is on the same place where Babaji fulfilled Lahiri Mahasayaji’s wish of a golden palace.(Ch 34 AOY- Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas)



We are close to Babaji’s cave.


We finally arrive at it to our greatest satisfaction. I stopped immediately and gazed and gazed at the cave  from outside without any stirring as if my deepest most desire has been fulfilled and I had arrived at last. After all I had waited for 12 years for this auspicious moment!



After our most serene and enriching moments, we walked down completely soaked in fulfillment and satisfaction. We felt highly remunerated and rewarded, the reason being that the circumstances that we were in in the past many weeks, this pilgrimage was just not feasible, we were thinking of not going ahead. It required exceptional yielding and will to agree to God’s wish and fortunately we complied. All the way as we were inching upwards, we were so happy and relieved that we forego and overlooked so many things just to make this trip possible. I had planned to come here in 2002 but the most appropriate time was now I was certain after I undertook my yatra. To come to a place like this one, I had to be prepared very well and with a great purpose in my life ahead. After all it was here that the momentous action of initializing Kriya Yoga in modern times was spearheaded by none other than Shri Mahavatar Babaji………I was totally convinced of my belief that day!


The inside view of the Smriti Bhawan where we rested and took some refreshments after we visited the cave.

This post is reverently dedicated in memory of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji   who in the modern times Kaliyug revived the ancient Kriya Yoga Science at this consecrated and sanctified cave on a holy mountain, Dunagiri and millions are benefiting from this spectacular event……


I have made a short video of this cave for the readers delight and contentment. There may be some who cannot ever go there because of some specific reasons; be it their age, distance or merely home bound duties. They will get a short glimpse of this sacrosanct place.

There have been a few posts on FB which were written from Dwarahat, Rishikesh and after I came home.  They are relevant for all of us. Kindly read those poems many times as they will inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey ahead with a fresh new outlook.

Photo album of our long travel to Dwarahat from Delhi by road and back via Rishikesh.

October 5, 2014

Dear friends, there has been a new post after a long time. Some family issues and a lot of travelling on my part bit into my time considerably. Nonetheless, I have tried to issue a photo gallery as soon as I could have. I believe that this job was not easy to do. Selection of photos and putting them in an orderly manner was important and I spent some time in arranging my ideas. However, I shall revise it once more tomorrow if necessary.

The much awaited trip to Dwarahat eventually took place on 18th Sept 2014. I visited the holy cave of Shir Mahavatar Babaji on 20th Sept . This is part one of the whole trip. A separate section will be made to showcase the short trek to that cave shortly following this post…..

From Delhi to Ramnagar, Kashipur and cutting through Jim Corbett National Park.

After much chaos and traffic starting from Delhi, our car brought us to this lovely scenic place suddenly in the mid day/afternoon with a sudden change in the surroundings. We entered the famous Tiger Reserve, Jim Corbett Park in Ramnagar (U.P.) There were still many streams flowing although monsoon was over and the climate was dry. It was a huge respite and the visuals added so much respite and happiness.

IMG_9657 (2)






We travelled upwards and downwards in the many mountains after this place and reached an altitude of about 3,500 to 4,000 ft above sea level and the topography changed again quite distinctly.








 Sunrise in Ranikhet. Took a night’s halt here.




We left for Dwarahat after breakfast. The air got purer and cooler and number of people also lesser. There was no sign of any fatigue and on the contrary, we were refreshed by God’s wonderful nature and beautiful scenes everywhere.




This place was a few kilometers before we approached Dwarahat. We stopped to inhale the fresh air, see vast expanse of sky and chirping birds.



We also stopped for a short break at this fascinating place although we did not get inside the premises. It was barely half an hour before YSS ashram where we stayed for two days.




YSS Ashram








We took a different route via Nainital while coming back to Delhi and halted at Kainchi Dham for a  long halt where Neeb Karori Baba spent much of his time. His samadhi is in Vrindavan and his ashes are kept in a small temple at this dham.

Photography inside was prohibited. This temple was exceptionally clean and it was a delight to see so much order, hygiene and good administration.

I had to visit this holy place this time because I had to thank Baba and pay my obeisance for his kindness towards me.I spent a good amount of time in the premises and also meditated at the holy spot where he used to sit with his blanket and austere living conditions.


We reached Rishikesh at night and the next evening visited the Memorial of Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji in Haridwar.


The following day we left Rishikesh for Delhi. Before leaving we paid our gratitude and obeisance to Mother Ganga at 5.45 a.m.




Back in Delhi I visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram at IIT Gate, where the holy Banyan Tree called me once again to my good fortune. I was quite amazed to see its new health; it was robust and so healthy. Immediately I acknowledged that his will power to give more prana to the people and serve them has increased…..

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I returned from my very special trip extremely satisfied and gratified.