The much, much awaited moment of approaching the holy mountain arrived for us on the auspicious day of 20th Sept 2014. We left the YSS ashram at Dwarahat at sharp 9 am for Dunagiri Mountain with our packed lunch after having a good breakfast. We hired a guide who was attached with the Ashram and also took a jeep on hire so that our journey would be trouble free. It is advised that we should not take our car there because nobody can drive the very narrow, unmetalled roads beyond a point, a place called Kukuchina in a car. Jeeps are suited for this purpose.

Our guide and driver were both very good and as we had arranged them through the Swamiji of YSS ashram, we got some information about the place and stories about Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and their cave and also about a few sadhus and yogis living there presently. We learnt that they are also being helped to grow in their individual path by receiving messages astrally from time to time from Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji and Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I sensed that the work of God  is going on world wide all the time silently.

Let me now please describe a little about our walk upward towards the cave. Doing so will help many others who wish to sometime visit this powerful, peaceful and reclusive cave in times to come. Also these pictures are a testimony of how the yogis have enriched their spiritual lives by doing their individual efforts so passionately over centuries even before we woke up to them……

The place was very serene and quiet atmosphere greeted us. No devotees had arrived so far in the peaceful mountain. Except for the chirping and singing of the small birds, we heard no sounds in the small forest. It was extra ordinarily pious and tranquil as if a few yogis are still meditating in their subtle bodies there, and that the world is oblivion to them and they are disseminating very fine peaceful vibrations all around for our world….

Providentially, the surroundings became free of any untoward climate change except for appearance of some light, grey floating clouds. It was a sunny day after that. Little bit of drizzling had already taken place even before we came to the starting point and we started our trek with complete surrender and expectations none. 



Our jeep took us so precariously on these very thin, narrow kuchcha roads barely 5 meters or maybe less than 15 ft I suppose. Only the locals could have driven in a track like that, on slim edges of mountains. For them it was a daily business and for us a sacred yatra.



Sticks are given by YSS and also shoes to those who came unprepared.This is the starting point from where we begin our climb up. We are at the foot of riven Gagash.


I came to know from my guide that Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji followed this river, Gagash (Guruji has spelt it as  Gogash in Bengali pronunciation in AOY) while he was rambling in the mountains and accidentally reached the place where Babaji called out his name-Gangadhar as described by Guruji in AOY. We are standing where Gagash is flowing and took a picture as our token of gratitude and thanksgiving to Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji even before we ascended.

The trek began from this point.


Our guide with our lunch, thanks to YSS.


The forest was healthy and looked self sustained.






The caretaker who keeps the key of the lock of the cave and his wife working in a field in the morning as seen by us on the heights. His father used to keep the key earlier.

Our guide asked him to pass him the key to open the door of the cave. We were the first visitors that day fortunately and wished to maintain silence throughout.


Their house near their fields on a small mountain top.


We took some short breaks to accommodate ourselves to the new altitude as we were going higher. When we stopped, I enjoyed seeing the new growth in September after the rains in all the trees. The new pines’ leaves were very light in weight and had a hue of beautiful light green. I enjoyed seeing so many trees and always with the same level of joy.This particular tree which my eyes saw, gave me a different perspective. It was so artistic. The curls in the stems of the pine tree resembled like locks and curls of a beautiful girl which were swaying on her young face and she was seeing this very pristine view of valleys and mountains from a height! I certainly felt at this moment that the beautiful views in front of my eyes must be a painter’s most sought views…….everything in nature so beautifully arranged, everything working quietly with so much precision, peacefulness and mutual co-operation and sustenance.


After walking up for about 50 minutes we saw something-

A new structure, a meditation hall has been constructed just a little before the cave by YSS. It is on the same place where Babaji fulfilled Lahiri Mahasayaji’s wish of a golden palace.(Ch 34 AOY- Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas)



We are close to Babaji’s cave.


We finally arrive at it to our greatest satisfaction. I stopped immediately and gazed and gazed at the cave  from outside without any stirring as if my deepest most desire has been fulfilled and I had arrived at last. After all I had waited for 12 years for this auspicious moment!



After our most serene and enriching moments, we walked down completely soaked in fulfillment and satisfaction. We felt highly remunerated and rewarded, the reason being that the circumstances that we were in in the past many weeks, this pilgrimage was just not feasible, we were thinking of not going ahead. It required exceptional yielding and will to agree to God’s wish and fortunately we complied. All the way as we were inching upwards, we were so happy and relieved that we forego and overlooked so many things just to make this trip possible. I had planned to come here in 2002 but the most appropriate time was now I was certain after I undertook my yatra. To come to a place like this one, I had to be prepared very well and with a great purpose in my life ahead. After all it was here that the momentous action of initializing Kriya Yoga in modern times was spearheaded by none other than Shri Mahavatar Babaji………I was totally convinced of my belief that day!


The inside view of the Smriti Bhawan where we rested and took some refreshments after we visited the cave.

This post is reverently dedicated in memory of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji   who in the modern times Kaliyug revived the ancient Kriya Yoga Science at this consecrated and sanctified cave on a holy mountain, Dunagiri and millions are benefiting from this spectacular event……


I have made a short video of this cave for the readers delight and contentment. There may be some who cannot ever go there because of some specific reasons; be it their age, distance or merely home bound duties. They will get a short glimpse of this sacrosanct place.

There have been a few posts on FB which were written from Dwarahat, Rishikesh and after I came home.  They are relevant for all of us. Kindly read those poems many times as they will inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey ahead with a fresh new outlook.

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