Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-I

October 19, 2014

Why I am making so many tours and pilgrimages far and wide in India in succession, many may wonder to themselves though they are not vocal about it formally.

As I have mentioned in my last post that my journey to Dwarahat in the month of September has been very exclusive and special. It was very much awaited and anticipated and it took me a time period of twelve years for God’s will to dispense so that I could know what was the main propelling force pushing me towards this very significant place and why the journey  certainly had to be undertaken somehow.

Was it because it was associated with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his foremost disciple Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji or was it to go to the same place and relive Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji’s experience as though I am able to meet Babaji in person and feel gratified in the process? Or was it something more than this, I was not sure. I had already left everything on God because there was a death of a close relative in the second week of September and the idea of travelling did not look feasible at all. Both the events were too close, rather back to back. But then again God has always been more willful and assertive in my life than me deciding in my personal matters. I was more than happy and reassured that God had asserted Himself since our vision is too narrow and limited and it cannot pierce in time and space that has yet to unfold itself with each moment ticking slowly. The mysterious, unknown events that are yet to unfold in future and are safely kept hiding in the centre of God’s mind is not accessible by any of us. It is always better to allow events to roll out smoothly and we must become mere observers in a very calm state of mind is my mantra. This was a very typical case of God deciding much, much erstwhile in time but revealing its purposes and objectives at the nick of time to me as though watching all the time mutely if my small self and mind gets disarranged and tousled or not?

I am so pleased to share with you that not for a single moment I felt that anxiety has crept in or my mind disturbed because after making umpteen pilgrimages and journeys far and wide in India, I have seen with conviction the force of God working on me at every moment and at every crucial instants because the journeys were devised and arranged in the heart and space of God’s mind. The organizer and planner lay somewhere else, I was only listening to its silent guidelines and executing it with love and devotion.

Dwarahat will always be remembered because of this. I had left it to God to tell me finally why I was to make this journey in spite of so much conflicting force standing in my way stubbornly and why was it so essential to make this happen in spite of looming blockades and physical exertion? Maintaining everlasting patience always pays off and should be constantly held on to with a firm grip, it is the biggest virtue given to man in dealing with all types of emergencies, destinies or difficulties. I follow the same mandate; life becomes so much easier and happier with all right things happening at the right time and joy bursting from all corners and niches that it becomes difficult to stop speaking about it.

The experience I got in the cave of Babaji left me spellbound and completely mesmerized so much so that I felt silent for quite a few days that came later.

“Sarika why are you here? Came the voice from the rays of Light in the cave.

My pilgrimage to Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s cave in Dwarahat.

“This cave is very old and you have been called here after many years after complete preparation of your mind and body. Your body will not decay for it will work for the divine always. There is no test left to get approvals from me now as you have mastered the art of living all your moments with the will of God. Babaji called Lahiri Mahasaya here to initiate him a new wave of Kriya shiksha (education). With the Satyug turning towards more positive, new energies have to be unleashed through many centres in India and abroad from which more and more people turn spiritual. As more and more people turn spiritual, the age of Truth or Satyug will appear quicker in time.

You have started a quiet movement of unleashing new energies which are benign and spiritual in all parts of the globe. This is Babajis’s big project where Sanatan Dharma or Eternal laws of righteousness  is being evoked after its lapse in the past many decades all over the world.

Simplicity, truthfulness and purity are the words and tenets that each man should follow now to speed up the process of bringing virtues, truthfulness and piousness back in society and mankind.

You have been discharged the duty of awakening people far and wide in all parts of the world through your very original and creative writing. It has energy, solutions and a road map to guide all wanderers and to anchor them to this blog. In future, you shall write articles that shall reveal hidden knowledge and concealed information that God has been keeping to itself from time immemorial. It is my will that that sacred, secreted knowledge should be opened up now and given to mankind because in today’s world, all the givers of spiritual knowledge are either running after their own prestige or money or vying with each other in bad competition. They have not surrendered their ego (ahankar) and are still in darkness (Maya). Merely giving good discourses is not enough and useful. Unless true and right knowledge (gyan) dawns on humans, they cannot relieve themselves of the bad karmas and lack of spiritual wisdom (bodh). Pure knowledge (Atma Gyan) should be dispensed through an authentic source so that adulteration and putrefaction is avoided. Nobody can swim across the ocean of delusion (bhram) unless their guide knows to swim very well. Verbal help is of no use, it will not save the drowning victim.

Regular periods of purification, prolonged periods of meditation and continuous efforts of cleansing are required of all humans to salvage their souls of their incessant darkness and lack of wisdom and truth.

If you practice each day even with a little effort, your soul can redeem itself so that it can shine with brightness of Satya, Dharma and Shudh Karma-Truth, righteousness and pure actions.

You have come here to me with no selfish motive but out of love for Babaji. Hence, he has made you the guiding light for this world on his behalf and for the disciples of many other saints whose children are yet to finish their spiritual journey in this life. Your guiding force will tell them what is Truth and falsehood? What is Guru Bhakti? What is Apara Bhakti (Transcendental devotion)? What is the rin (debt) of shishya towards their Guru? What will happen if you surrender completely and live each day and moment with the wish of God?

There comes a stage in  a sadhak’s (seeker’s) life when the small self or ‘I and I am’ evaporates completely and all the vibrations of the divine world appear without obstruction as there is no corruption in the antahkaran (inner being). When such a divine soul works ceaselessly for the world, God rewards him with unknown, unheard gifts which were secretly hiding in the pouch of God’s womb. Any undertaking or work pursued by such men of God produces extra ordinary results and mankind benefits profusely. Such work is for posterity and should be revered and handled with pure devotion by all. God has plans for humanity for many millenniums into the future. The human mind is too small and constricted to fathom or conceive the gravity of such endeavours and hence makes small or grave mistakes in grasping the fundamental importance of such massive undertakings in which savvy and piercing perceptions of mahayogis (great yogis) act as catalyst in shaping the world that is yet to be designed and carved out of existing present world!

If you are keen to mould your present destiny, then change your present by changing your narrow consciousness to somewhat wider and bigger state of being and consciousness. Someday you too shall understand why it is necessary to live our life by God’s will……(to be continued tomorrow)

A Note- There was one more yatra which was added on the spot with two days’ time in this year’s list and I made a hurried trip to two Jyotirlingas- Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar in M.P. state between 15th -17th October 2014. There will be five posts continuously every day starting with this one and a link will be made by combining all in its inherent essence. Please keep your mind free of extra, unsolicited thoughts which I suggest should be dropped off to gently absorb these posts’ matter and content. Your continued concentration and focus on the same subject shall be appreciated and helpful for your own understanding. Thank you.

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