Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-II

October 20, 2014

Part A


My dear readers, this post is subtle. It is mainly for the evolving seekers and maybe some help would be required to resolve some content for which you are always welcome. We will also have to go in depth on the subject involved.

The blog post is divided into two parts. The first one is to explain this portion of last post- /

Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-I

 “You have been discharged the duty of awakening people far and wide in all parts of the world through your very original and creative writing. It has energy, solutions and a road map to guide all wanderers and to anchor them to this blog. In future, you shall write articles that shall reveal hidden knowledge and concealed information that God has been keeping to itself from time immemorial. It is my will that that sacred, secreted knowledge should be opened up now and given to mankind because in today’s world, all the givers of spiritual knowledge are either running after their own prestige or money or vying with each other in bad competition. They have not surrendered their ego (ahankar) and are still in darkness (Maya).Merely giving good discourses is not enough and useful. Unless true and right knowledge (gyan) dawns on humans, they cannot relieve themselves of the bad karmas and lack of spiritual wisdom (bodh). Pure knowledge (Atma Gyan) should be dispensed through an authentic source so that adulteration and putrefaction is avoided. Nobody can swim across the ocean of delusion (bhram) unless their guide knows to swim very well. Verbal help is of no use, it will not save the drowning victim.”

In the last post, there were some terms which were delicate and elusive and have been picked up again to explain like ahankar, Atma gyan, bhram etc. I have selected some part from one old post- The state of super consciousness-III for  the convenience of the old as well new readers, it is essential at this stage. Please read it well  to get a grip of what will be concluded in the end after reading the referred paragraphs from older posts.

Atman-There is a Universal, all pervading, infinite, immortal Power or Force which is all comprehensive. It is called Atman, Brahma or Ishawara. It is present in the form of light in all beings. It has no definite beginning or end hence is immortal. Atman can only be felt or experienced but cannot be described. Only a sacred soul can realize and know it. Those who do impure and profane acts can never know Atman, cannot even have belief and conviction of its existence. The glory, beauty, and praise of Atman should not be sung before the defiled and desecrated spirits.

Jeeva A fraction of the Universal Force is present in us and it is called jeeva or individual self or human self. The human has mainly two impurities or vikaar and they are desire and ego because of which he gets deluded and forgets and fails to remember God and consequently suffers from troubles, problems, unrest and unhappiness.

Manas or mind In every individual jeeva there is present  manas or loosely called mind. A fragment of the Universal light is present in the individual. Out of this fraction, a little portion of the Universal Force and Light is present in the manas or mind. The mind is shaped in accordance to type of actions performed by the individual. It is the manas that feels and perceives and it has its own light, dim or bright depending on the person. The manas also has its own power depending on how well we behave, think and act. The type of actions performed by us is responsible for the type of force that enters our mind. It entirely depends on the quality and type of actions performed by the individual thus attracting either negative or positive forces.

The power in the mind predetermines a set direction and path and shapes the lives to come. Manas compels us to act in the first place and it is the mind that suffers. After death, the body disintegrates, not the manas. The mind leaves one body and sets on its path and travels according to the karmas performed. According to its desires and performed actions, the mind creates a new body and moves on from the point it has already covered.

The mind is so powerful that it is everything. It possesses the power of sankalp, ichcha shakti – will power and the power to initiate an action. It is only when we have a will that we do something, we change ourselves, we give a definite course of line and direction to our thoughts and life as a whole. It is because of our desire that we are born and we die only when we have a desire to die.

The mind has immense powers. It can travel anywhere (telepathy), it can hear far off sounds (clairvoyance) and if the mind determines and decides to do something, it begins to connect and tap the Universal Energy which is positive and accomplishes impossible feats.

Tendencies of self-doubt, scepticism, lack of faith in God are innate in the mind. It is self-doubt that separates us from our Atman. They should be discarded.

In Yoga, the first step is to control the mind’s flow and curb it with discipline, self-control and obedience. Once the mind is restrained, its restlessness is contained. When we do bhakti or have devotion, the ego begins to fade away slowly and one loses the passion, attachment and longing for worldly desires and ultimately the human discards the ego entirely for the sake of bathing in God’s bliss. His identity mingles with that of the all-pervading power like the iron when melted in very hot fire, melts wholly after becoming red hot and is moulded in the shape which is desired.

The process of complete transformation is done and executed with the kripa of a guru. We must have full faith in ourselves and the Guru who completes the process of divinization for our good. The prana or vital life force is entwined intricately in the mind in a very subtle form and gives force and a concrete push to the mind. Desires give a shape to the mind and the prana give a direction. In the humans, this concept can be explained very well with this comparison and example as explained in the holy scriptures-  A blind man is unable to go forward as he cannot see and so is a lame man. The manas is the lame man and prana is the blind man. The mind is lame if there is no force of prana while the prana have movement, they have no direction. They can however, walk together by helping each other. The mind acts as eyes and the prana as crutches when the duo walk together. Desires are the catalysts.

Meditation makes the force of the prana feeble in its seamless and unrestricted movements. It quietens its senseless roar and curbs its dangerous speed. If one meditates for a very long time, the death of the subtle, hidden desires on its own is absolutely certain. And the countless desires which are unborn yet; however very, very faint they may be; are destroyed by the guru as dreams during the time we sleep by his thought power or sankalp in the last phase.

When all the desires are completely dissolved and finished, Self-Realization or Atma sakshatkar takes place naturally just like the day breaks and simultaneously night recedes. This journey is also of the ascension of the energy chakras beginning from throat chakra to third eye and eventually to crown chakra. In other words we begin from vishuddha chakra to agya and finally to brahmarandra. Vishuddha chakra is the center of mind or manas and is the first phase.  Agya Chakra is the center of breath or prana, the second phase  and finally the Brahmarandra – the center of Atma, our final desired destination.

A human being has three levels or degrees of ego or ahankar– gross, subtle and very subtle. If we translate it in Hindi it is sthool, sukshma and kaaran respectively.  The individual must get rid of the ego completely till its last shred to free itself of maya or prakriti.

Sthool, Gross ego-This is my house, my building, my son….

Sukshma, Subtle ego -I am a gyani, knowledgable, I am sensible, intelligent, I know, I have understood everything. For such people further learning is impossible. People in this category love to hear their praise and find it difficult to handle criticism.

 Kaaran- Ati sukshma ahankarExtremely subtle ego -is entrenched in our breath. It is due to very subtle ego that one believes that he is the doer and  experiencer or karta and bhoktaThe prana or breath have to be purified of this impurity. Doing kriya or attending spiritual discourses only accelerates the purification of the prana  but cannot destroy the very subtle ego completely. Prana can only be totally purified with the blessing of a saintly guru, Atmagyani guru on conditions of our surrendering completely and secondly if we have an intense desire to free ourselves from the suffering of recurring births and deaths. These are two important preconditions if we wish to realize Atma. Please refer Why is Atman difficult to know ? once again to get a good understanding of this thought. By surrendering to the Guru, we cross vishuddha chakra, the throat chakra, the seat of manas or mind. It is the mind which stops one from submitting. When the pranas are completely purified, we cross the third eye centre or Agya Chakra about which explanation is given a little later.

When the Agya Chakra cleans completely, then the crown chakra begins to open gradually and the disciple begins to sense and experience Atman. There is a chief difference between understanding Atma intellectually and perceiving it. Atma cannot be ‘known’ but can be perceived within oneself. It is just a very subtle perception, a sensation of its presence inside, a conviction of its presence and a feeling of its existence beyond the senses and mental bodies. It is to be just felt. Atma can neither be explained to others nor can it be given in alms. It can be attained with the mercy of God; it can be conveyed and transferred from a Atmagyani guru to his disciple out of love. It is the selfless love of the guru which spontaneously flows to the disciple and flows as grace and benevolence. The Guru and the disciple both should be pure and selfless for this exchange.

As the prana become purified, our thoughts become pure and refined. Once the thoughts are purified, our actions become untainted, we become humble. Humility is achieved when the disciple crosses the last step of manas or mind. The pranas can be purified by worshipping the Atma gyani guru and not by maintaining silence or maun. If the disciple contemplates and thinks deeply on the guru for a long duration, his prana is purified completely whereas with pranayam the pranas are purified to a good extent. By purification is meant the eradication of the subtlest ego, the thought of doership and the existence of individual self-‘I”.

There are very subtle desires or vasanas clinging to the prana flowing inside us and those desires cannot be destroyed by one’s own efforts as they cannot be detected. If the disciple has immense admiration and adoration for his guru, if he worships him with his mind, body and soul, if the disciple immerses himself in the divine words of the guru, the seeds of the vasanas and unborn desires are destroyed. The brightness and light of divinity in the guru burns the vasanas of the sansara. The delusion of the jeeva that he is the doer and experiencer of the actions performed, vanishes in the knowledge of Atma given by the paramgyani guru. He offers the results and fruits of all his actions to the guru, in return he gets peace and spiritual joy.

The disciple acquires true humility after this stage of development as he has no unpleasant feelings for anybody and is unbiased and selfless. Once awakened, initially he sees everyone as ignorant and uninformed but at a little later stage, the yogi has compassion and mercy for the people who are in sleep state as he sympathizes with their suffering and wishes to improve their deplorable condition. At this stage maun or silence is actual and proper otherwise in silence is hidden subtle ego which can erupt as a volcano in some circumstances.

Repeat the holy sound of Om, meditate on Om. Om is whole and complete in itself and shall give you wholeness. Om is Light itself.

Shwas+vasana=new birth, Or

Breath+ desires= new birth.

When manas or mind enters a new body as new birth, it carries with itself past vasanas or desires, fruits of all past karmas, sanskaras or tendencies of past karmas etc. This is known as pranadosha or corruption of pranas and because of this the prana of the disciple have to be purified to destroy all the past desires of the physical world experiences of all past lives. The desire to enjoy the physical world, the enjoyment of the pleasures derived out of the senses of material, the desire to relish the effects of the karmas done in the past by the jeeva is strongly embedded and hence the master cauterizes all the seed of the embedded desires to liberate him of unwanted and undesirable future consequences.

After the pranas are purified, they flow at a medium pace and the rhythm is tranquil. During meditation they slow down further and in sleep they are as good as negligent. In the absence of desires, in the absence of excitement created by desires, in the absence of mere thought of desires, the mind automatically flows in a calm rhythm and beat. When the mind and body become so calm, we are able to contemplate on Atma. Meditation on Atma, contemplation on Atma releases us from the clutches of repeated births and deaths and gives us mukti  or salvation. Therefore, the disciple must clear all debts and self- created desires.  To achieve the state of Atma or Super Consciousness, there are a few debts that one has to clear……..

 Part B

Dear readers, by now you must have got an idea that reaching the kingdom or state of God is a very prolonged procedure and it takes many lives’ efforts and will power. To erase all the subtlest desires locked in the life force till the last shred of a human, takes phenomenal working out and classic planning by the Divine Masters in collusion with the Omnipresent God.

To do this act, we begin with the Guru’s physical form and assume that his physical form is always with us watching over us with a keen eye and compassionate nurturing. This is on the level of removing the gross impurities of ego and desires.

On the next level, we are again advised to take each day and each action by contemplating on the will of God in subtler sense and in small decisions included too. Impurities gradually dwindle and wipe out by this method of cleansing.

Lastly, the remotest scrapes of jeevatma in any human being are abolished by the Omnipresent God with or without the physical Guru. The Gurus’ sankalpas or intentions irrespective of whether he possesses a physical body or not, reaches the disciple wherever he or she may be. The Divine Masters always work on the commands of God, who after testing the eligible seeker by tightest and toughest tests remove and release the remaining doership, all desires and sense of self of that seeker by asking him or her to always obey and listen to however the bizarre and inexplicable summons may be. Those wise men that follow all the directives of the Almighty arriving at their doorstep as life circumstances, intuitions, visions or mere feelings and perceptions in the end as the will of God are richly rewarded. Absolutely the impurities are evaporated, the inner core shines and on that reflects pure, brilliant rays, streams and huge halos of God’s presence as Light and much more awakening. God also arrives and reveals to us more cognizance, phenomenal revelations and unprecedented exposures of hidden secrets of its presence and powers as well as magnificence apart from bestowing continued calmness of mind, good health and well-being and prosperity in every sense.

To elaborate and carry on with the remaining conversation between me and God in the cave at Dwarahat, I will first quote something as was narrated in former post to stay connected with the main idea with the just arrived readers.

 “You have come here to me with no selfish motive but out of love for Babaji. Hence he has made you the guiding light for this world on his behalf and for the disciples of many other saints whose children are yet to finish their spiritual journey in this life. Your guiding force will tell them what is Truth and falsehood? What is Guru Bhakti? What is Apara Bhakti(Transcendental devotion)? What is the rin (debt) of shishya towards their Guru? What will happen if you surrender completely and live each day and moment with the wish of God?

There comes a stage in  a sadhak’s (seeker’s) life when the small self or ‘I and I am’ evaporates completely and all the vibrations of the divine world appear without obstruction as there is no corruption in the antahkaran (inner being). When such a divine soul works ceaselessly for the world, God rewards him with unknown, unheard gifts which were secretly hiding in the pouch of God’s womb. Any undertaking or work pursued by such men of God produces extra ordinary results and mankind benefits profusely. Such work is for posterity and should be revered and handled with pure devotion by all. God has plans for humanity for many millenniums into the future. The human mind is too small and constricted to fathom or conceive the gravity of such endeavours and hence makes small or grave mistakes in grasping the fundamental importance of such massive undertakings in which savvy and piercing perceptions of mahayogis (great yogis) act as catalyst in shaping the world that is yet to be designed and carved out of existing present world!”………

(Remaining lines are as follows-)

Now from those shimmery rays of Light, a little after all this poured these following lines towards me which made me reel under much, much amazement and I dazzled in every sense! They were-

“I directed Shri Mahavatar Babaji to start the new wave of Kriya Yoga in the modern world with the help of his previous disciple Shri Lahiri Mahasaya. It was here in 1861, that a seed was sown for that great purpose for world revival. Since the past more than five decades, the world and the Earth have seen rapid decadence, regression and too much immorality. I have called you here in the same cave to restart a new movement by which ancient knowledge can be provided in their homes to all pursuing souls directly without any adulteration, ulterior motive or mixing of obsolete ideas. It will have far-fetched results in time to come. This old cave disperses vibrant spiritual energies till this day. It has been in use since more than nine thousand years by wandering yogis, ascetics and spiritual practitioners. Whichever person meditates at home or anywhere by genuinely visualizing meditating here in this charged cave will be blessed and will receive benediction, grace and mercy. The aim should be for spiritual progress and salvation and not benefits of material advantages. Now go and compose many articles which will have your life turning incidents as episodes in your blog by which not hundreds but millions will be rewarded and enriched in their enduring spiritual pursuits.

God’s work is silent, God’s presence is silent and God is silence. Bathe yourself in the purity of that silence which is within you, you shall be worshiped.

This work is not for today but for centuries to come where mankind can help itself in seeking their lost glory and divinity by diving in the pool of spiritual nectar and releasing itself from its own created miseries, gloom and darkness. Those people are blessed who live each day by believing in the presence of God within and listening to the will of God to enhance their divinity and sovereignty”….

(To be concluded in next post by tomorrow)

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