Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will?-III

October 21, 2014

On 20th September of 2014 on a beautiful, sunny day in Dwarahat, while I sat meditating peacefully in the holy cave where Shri Mahavatar Babaji spent ample time with his disciple, revered Shri Lahiri Mahasayaji in 1861 extolling their past lives when the latter as Gangadhar had intermittently sank in divine bliss and ecstasy with his celestial Guru Maharaj Babaji, I could have asked for nothing more. That was a landmark page in human history and time because a huge step was being undertaken for the upliftment of humanity for future times and two giants of spiritual stature were together for a great cause on an auspicious day. Both met with the will of God and wished to pursue the mission undertaken with equal agreement.

By recalling each leaf from their past of this momentous event in my mind sitting alone in the cave, I was totally divinized. Reeling under the impact of the winding back of this incident, I was in no time fallen in the deepest profundity and the physical body became stoned. My mind silenced downright and my breath ceased; I was not in a hurry to revive myself because I knew there was somebody else in charge of my whole being at this precarious condition. I was locked in a grip of somebody who had already caught hold of my entire being. Never can I recall a situation where the body was put aside so effortlessly and in doing so breaking its bearing over me so easily. I was in my most comfortable composure and compose of mind. A tunnel was created between my crown and the thick shaft of Light that was approaching from the top of the sky and filtering through the mountain and the interior of the cave and then entering inside it. The shaft of benevolent Light came straight on my crown gently and all over me and I also perceived it scattering everywhere in my circumference. It soon filled most of the calm cave. It was happening most of the time till I meditated for more than an hour or so.

From behind the curtains of Light, as I have earlier mentioned came so many blessings and words of mercy that disclosing them to you becomes a difficult act as words and feelings are trifling endeavours in that sense. Who can record and retell after immersing in the effulgent rays where body and mind were there no more?

An attempt to redo that act will not be possible yet with the help of the Grace, authenticity will be maintained and each word delivered without missing any meaning, exaggeration or making an error. The directly arriving exalted words straight from the dense shafts of Light were-

“As a child, you were born with an irresistible will power, a domineering will. Deeply seated was a silent, seething desire to perform some unique deeds which were never done before by anyone. From the start, unreasonable opposition throughout life was never daunting or stopping you. All reverses were so wonderfully utilized smilingly to enhance your Soul. Your inexhaustible mental powers, your vision so farsighted and never tiring working hands have brought you so far to me in this precious cave to tell you what nobody knows.

Before you took birth this time, you were unrelenting and wished in one life to finish the debts of lives impending four. Your wish was granted with so much remorse as I knew there would be a mountain of difficulties and you will not be able to soar.

Sadly, but for the first time I have been proved wrong and that too by a dainty lady like you. When the time came you rose. You walked up the mountain alone and stood there at the top proclaiming that oh! I want to walk some more. I looked at you and asked, “Are you sure?” You reverted, “If I can walk up till here with your influence, love, guidance and care, then who cares? It does not matter where I stand today. Time is on my side and I wish to still go ahead.” You said this with a humble tone and wholesome certitude and gratitude.

In six years, you did stiff penance of lives twelve which were awaiting and you were to be born in far epochs unknown. From the top of the mountain, you soared higher and higher like the unflinching eagle and with tough hands touched my high Sky.

Who can do this as humans, defying all my laws which are stringent and tying and cannot be pierced by anyone? Your unprecedented will power and actions incessant have brought you to a state of uniqueness and you have great things in store. I will tell the world that I gave her the worst tests, worst miseries, and unfathomable tasks but not for a moment she ever gave up on Me or her lovable Master immortal of white snowy mountains, the one who has never aged and has glistening, long hair of copper and shining gold. For six and more years, in three states of being awake, dream or sleep, not a single breath was coming out or going in which did not have an image, remembrance or imagination of one or us both. When a lovable being like you breaks her body and has injuries and everyday heartburns and does not complain but drinks wrong potion of medicine because I wish to test you many times again to check if my will has become yours or not so? What more can I test or question your devotion for me, undying faith and trust in me and what else is there to check whether you will live and die for me alone?

I will give you so many blessings that you will not be able to hold or store. I will reward you with such wonderful insights and knowledge greatest because your thirst for my home and my creation is undying and unquestionable. I will gift you with unfathomable skills, proficiencies and dexterities that the world will stare but  not dare to bow you down. There will come a time in history when man will say that nobody has lived so well a short life made so precious and regal with faintest resources and meanest behaviour from closest quarters and so much more. A bright lamp was lit in the darkest place and all resources came from her within! Who can deny you, who can buy you?

Ample times in distant past you were born in homes of illustrious sages and wise men. Knowledge, austerity, detachment, service, compassion, and high morality were earned with them. Those good deeds gave you birth in palaces next and high status and you were generous, compassionate, sharing and so full of empathy and truthfulness. You never bartered any virtues for lesser morality. When all these lives are put together and the essence of all deeds is mixed with today’s hard work, patience, persistence, sincerity and faithfulness, nobody can take away your much deserved seat from my heart and divine throne. When did you complain or cry or became grumpy? You knew and had decided that it is you who will always change and not the other person in front of you whatever the situation should be.

When you find no fault in me or my creation, I will quickly make you shine and rise in my beauty, grace, holiness and creativity. Tell the world that I have made this world a ground to check if you have tears in your eyes for the suffering men or do you kill or trample them? Did you love all or you filled your boxes with things which were not yours? I will remind you, I will warn you but you must listen to me and my advice for I do not repeat my words more than twice or in a few cases maximum thrice.

If you ascend, if you rise, if you master the laws which are mine and if you always beautify my world with your good doings then I shall be forever yours and you mine!

Come to me, I will tell you how well to live your life, how you should behave in my paradise and what you should do to please me and win my heart always. If you listen to me and abide by my wish and desire, I will make you my own child of holy land. I will tell you how I have made my beautiful creation with creatures big and small. What will happen if you abide by my tenets or not? I love those children who are not going adrift and I praise those who are forever looking upon me and my constant approvals or wills. Bring your heart to me, bring your breath to me and bring all your sentiments to me. I will colour all of them white. I will clean you; I will cleanse you with my bright Light and lustre so brilliant that you cannot whine, chide or ever die. I love all those men who are always waiting in a queue to win my heart and win me over by all the examinations that I set as benchmarks of excellence, sheen and virtues and all of them so fine and bright. Never fall again in dirty waters which stench or pools of mud in which you are forever stuck. Wake up today for it is never ever so late if you have the will to rise and shine, you shall so much gain.

I have come to you silently hidden in these words and alphabet, trust her fully and find me if you can. I will come to you again and once again if you are willing to die for me. If you are willing to give your whole self to me, I shall lay my whole self at you for we are always together and never apart!”

Dear everybody, this was the concluding post on why we must follow God’s will in our lives. Refinement and subtlety are the jewels which describe a theme like this. I leave you respectfully at this stage where you are left alone to absorb little by little all the finery, beauty and majesty of the one and only- The Divine.

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