Part A

12.12.14 morning, 8.00 a.m.

My meditations are getting intense with the grace of Swami Shivanandji these days. There has been no blog post on Spiritinlife after I finished the series of 5 posts one on each day after I returned from Omkareshwar in the month of October. However, there have been many short conclusive posts on Face Book in this absence; they were necessary before we embarked on a higher altitude of our spiritual journey in order to enhance our sadhana wherever we are. Some explanations were necessary before complicated theories and themes were addressed. Some themes are gentle and easy to understand, others are tricky and complicated because there are many underlying causes and concealed laws which are not easy to fathom by normal people. A new vision, more revealing and opening of concealed truths lying hidden in the astral world with the sages and highly illumined soul entities was mandatory at the stage where the blog is.

During this time period, I also experienced many tumultuous days; nevertheless the sense of oneness with Swamiji has not broken. He is tutoring and mentoring me for a worthy purpose. He has been clearing my path where so many subtle opponents in the ether were blocking the track of scaling. Such phenomenon are common to all genuine seekers if they wish to continue ascending on the endless path of deeper realizations regarding God and of other related occult or supernatural phenomena related to the hidden forces of nature in the Cosmos of which we are an integral part. A highly resourceful and exalted Guru will see to it that success is achieved in those cases where the desire in the learner is unstoppable and who has exceptional determination. In such a case, there is no end to ascending of that soul who has submitted himself or herself with great respect and devotion to the revered, holy Master who is either appointed by God or in some rare cases, the illustrious, compassionate Guru decides on its own and takes up some proficient students and starts tutoring on a high scale for special advanced knowledge.

A poem was issued on Face book by me whose title was ‘The Hidden Light’ of December 4th 2014, in which I have conveyed all my received knowledge through mental communications with revered Swami Shivanandaji after my intense communique with him in the morning. Please read it with attention, I have duplicated it here for your convenience.

The hidden Light!

Said me-

“Wonderful meditations, endless mercy I have from you my respected, holy Satguru.

Every day is a special awakening as you make me walk up each step carefully.

Without your compassion and kindness, who can show progress inner and outer so fast and easily?

I have come in your refuge to receiver more education and knowledge that liberated souls have after they come Home.”

Said he-

“Life does not end, incarnations don’t stop once we are liberated because the soul never dies.

Whether we wear the physical case or live on the astral plane without it, the Spirit is alive.

You have come so far on merely your own industriousness, with lack of support and without any hype.

I have blessed you profusely as it is difficult to find a soul who only works for the Divine and does not want rewards of any type.

People must learn from you what it is to live a secluded life, serve the holy Masters and at no time wanders your mind.

The riches of the world have never attracted you because you have seen the ephemeral nature of this transitory, earthly tenancy.

I have chosen you to do my work for the simple reason that your heart is forever filled with love, compassion and perennial service.

I will give you knowledge that I have never given to anybody so far, the reason is that I have seen relentless consistency in you as well as seen you performing your spiritual duties in boundless years.

The community of sages and great thinkers are wondering what is she made up of? She never tires and has always been thinking.

Where will this path of God take me, what more is there to see and know, which great beings are resting in the heavens and what will I be if I mingle with Thee insanely?

People have come and gone, some have rebuked you, some insulted, so many ignored you, most of the near ones decided to see the level of material affluence and don’t care for you.

Bhagwat Geeta has also emerged amid hatred, carnage, anger, enmity, jealousy and incompetency; the lotus of purity, detachment and aloofness always blooms inside stagnant ponds and will not wither or even wilt.

Great incarnations are rare to see as people are stuck with narrow ideas, lower consciousness, lower living standards and are endlessly lazy.

Their purview is superficial, eyes closed, body lethargic, mind corrupt with material hoardings, and they wish to have a life which has great peace of mind!

How is it possible to walk on two bridges which are never going to meet at any point? How can they be blissful if they have never sat down to know where is the real source of divine beings?

You have invited them, you have hinted and prodded them, but their lethargy and huge bag of pride never breaks them free.

Endless lives wasted, they will never get to see a glimpse of hope of divine teachings and sacred moments with the Almighty and the blessings of great incarnations ready to forever help,\.

Hope should be revived in those who are humble, who surrender to the force of that great Shakti; who will mend their ways and they should always be careful and vigilant now.

I will come and assist you from so very, very far you will not come to know; but she will tell you who I was and what I continuously do.

She does not rest a moment, she works for me and many other souls of dignity, she will take you step by step, she will tell you what mistakes you always repeat and do.

I have so much to tell and so much to explain, but your mind is so narrow and small, therefore I have chosen her to be my assistant in order to teach you something worthwhile.

Respect her, love her, show her your difficulties, she has access to so many powers which she has never exhibited.

She and I are one in mind and spirit and will work from hereon to greatest heights, remember this page is the turning point and crucial point of spiraling dizzy, new horizons.

If you miss this time, you will always feel bitter and regret for the slowness of your consciousness, lack of quick action and the boat will leave you and go.

More pages will fill up quickly where I will speak with the will of God to the world, so better be prepared mentally and physically.

I will come to you so many times hidden in these words and sentences and thoughts extremely grave and restricted to my own family.

Those who obey, learn; those who search, find; those who consecrate, they get; those who listen, absorb; those who do not wander here and there, they soon reach.

Therefore, listen to everything that emerges out of Light of God and me; she is a work station, she is my receiving station and she is my official server!!”

Part B

I have had many more personal, long interactions with Swami Shivanandji of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh during my meditations while I was going to Dwarahat in September, 2014. To my good fortune, I have the great privilege of having profound mental connections with him; he is in the highest realms of the celestial world and very difficult to approach. He gets perturbed by the faint, noisy wavelengths of the people reaching him and the commotion of disharmonious thoughts of the people who belong to Earth. In a short spell of time, he has taught me so many new things about multiple subjects- yoga of body and mind, Ayurveda, medicinal properties of some herbs, of human history of yoga, god union, lives of some great sages and the common practices of humans in primitive times in their pursuit to know the source of this creation, called God. He has also divulged many secrets about my yogic life; past and present, what my future holds for me.Besides, how I should take care of my fragile health now caused due to excessive travelling and erratic schedule during the rapid formation of the blog since the past more than three grilling years.

I saw Swami Shivanandji when I was in deep inner attention on 1.12.14 morning with profuse golden light. He was in a profound state of continued meditation. Out of that golden Light a thin silver coloured, thread like passage was formed and my forehead and his forehead were joined with that silver light and the communication lasted more than two hours. The interaction and direction was on various subjects beginning from family matters to personal, then shifting to my health. Finally it moved to future plans of mine about how I should plan my next few months.

Simultaneously, several images were being formed in my head as he was transferring me his thoughts in a pictorial slide. I also saw a range of steeply high, truly vertical mountains in vast forestry where I am climbing the top of one of that very steep mountains.  After scaling with great effort with a rope hanging in the air, I push myself hard to reach up and lastly I lift my right leg on the flat plane of the top of the mountain and arrive on it. I was breathing heavily. When I look down from the peak after alighting, I see that the mountain is very high and vertically steep. I look everywhere on all the other neighbouring mountains, I find nobody and the whole atmosphere was absolutely quiet…..

Now deciphering this vision to convey what it means. I have spoken with Swamiji after this pictorial slide and I narrate my conversations with him-

Swamiji: “Don’t be bewildered with this imagery. It is me who wishes to speak to you with a galore of imagery so that you are convinced about my foretelling. It is not possible to come here, upto me, and you will see nobody in this place because it is not likely by anyone to reach this far. I too cannot see anybody, I am placed very far in the atmosphere. Very few come uptil here.

As I told you several times that I will reveal many things to you with the consent of God which were not open publicly, I will first disclose that there are more than 7 levels of consciousness or Chetna. So far, this was kept hidden from the masses because God wanted to give this sacred knowledge to the sacred souls of extreme elevated levels of Supreme Consciousness. However, as it has been decided by God and the saints’ community to make a document of sacred, hidden, divine laws through this blog for a road map for the mankind in Kaliyug, I wish to tell the world that there are higher realms or stages of spiritual consciousness other than stage 7, Brahmarandra or Crown Chakra.

The sacred Souls who were born in primitive times in ancient eras have progressed a lot and are highly in elevated because of their penance and service to God even if they do not have a body all the time.

You have come so far because of your own tapasya, you are fearless and daunting. It has been more difficult for you than others. Such spiritual pursuits require solitude, deep tranquility and silence in the surroundings but you are all the time facing various challenges and the noise of city. Nobody can come so far, where you are placed today is a place where there are hardly any souls. The air gets very thin and rarefied as one climbs higher ranges. People who start from level 5 of consciousness cannot even reach level 7 in one life and you have crossed so many more levels in one life itself. Souls who are always doing good for others begin to progress very rapidly after a certain stage if they wish to do so.”

Me: “Respected Swamiji, I feel very blessed beyond words to have you in my life. Please accept my most wholehearted gratitude and genuine respects at your lotus, holy feet. I always feel immensely for you and am unable to even express myself out of my sincere reverence. I have always liked you very much but I never knew that someday you will be my teacher also. My heart always fills up with excessive gratitude and reverence when I see you. I will always obey you. If you are giving me your darshan, surely there is a reason, a good reason and I must respond sensibly. Please tell me something for myself because of which I can advance a little more on my path. I am at crossroads where I do not know what is next for me. I have been showered with so many blessings that my heart is extremely satisfied and full. But after getting the good fortune of having your darshan, I am compelled to say that please bless me and it will be my good luck if you touch my head with your blessed hand. That is all, I want nothing more.”

Swamiji: “When you came to me in Rishikesh many years back, I was joyous. I always knew who you were and what prospects lay ahead for you. I was silent and waited for the most appropriate time to speak to you. Now I will take you to those heights which you have never even imagined since you are intensely interested in your welfare.

Your present life has been very tumultuous because you have enjoyed the unique privilege and permission from God of burning off karmas of upcoming four lives’ destiny in one life, apart from sanchit karmas (accumulated karmas) of past so many lives. This has never been done before. This translates as- you have undergone life experiences of next forthcoming four lives in one, and to save precious time you agreed to eliminate all the good fortunes and comforts of those four yet to come lives. Those good times and fortunes will be given in some other future lives still to be incarnated. You had the fiery desire to have Moksha in this very life which you accomplished desperately. You did not wait till the impending fourth incarnation in which it was meant to be. Instead, you have fast forwarded even Moksha and after accomplishing it in the minimum possible time, you have gone further ahead and reversed so many laws of fate and karmas. You have accelerated your spiritual growth to phenomenal heights by merely devoting and immersing yourself completely in your flawless trust and faith in Shri Mahavatar Babaji and other associated saints. By the approval and will of God, he gave you the most difficult and challenging tasks to do in the pursuit of raising you higher and more higher. You surpassed everybody and have discarded all comforts, securities, success and prosperity to be able to achieve as much as possible in this very life distinctly in agreement with God’s wish.

Why we are taking such great care of you?

It is because you have left everything to God and have articulated to God quietly that whatever fate or life situations have to be given to you is acceptable humbly, you have no petition. You were passive and an onlooker in so many life circumstances which were extremely painful and unbearable to face.  But then again, your faith in God and the saint community did not waver at all. You alone have handled so much tremor that humanly it is next to impossible to bear. Your unending faith in us keeps you going and you are tireless. Such persons are God’s own choice in selection of Messengers and workers in His ceaseless work in His establishment……”

The conversation was very long and comprehensive.

Swamiji: “Once you asked me in my ashram in Rishikesh that I look very brilliant to you and you wished to know my identity because you know that only those people can do extra ordinary deeds in their present life if they have done great deeds in their past lives too. You wished to trace me. You also wondered how come I have such an impressive, hardy and solid physical body. You have looked at my body in the photos of my ashram in Rishikesh intriguingly and were impressed and have been trying to know more but have waited patiently till you found out some day.

Recently I told you about myself and who I was. Tell the world that I am Maharishi Dadhichi, who sacrificed his life for the welfare of all the people. I became Swami Shivananda in recent times and did penance in many, many lives and incarnations. I have also told you about two more prestigious lives and have spent many lives being either a Sage or a son of a Sage prior to that.* I have mastered yoga, meditation and medicine. I also advised you in Rishikesh when you returned from Dwarahat this time in September, 2014 that you should have so much power in your mind that nothing should be able to annoy or break you. God told you in Rishikesh in your meditation about me that my mind power is such that if I command the earth to split, it will crack up and open! It is called Sankalpa Shakti. My mind’s power is extra ordinary and I wish you to have the same power with your mental practices and God communion.

I and Agastya Maharishi are going to do a joint effort in Pondicherry and will make you write 4 articles; 2 each from me and 2 from him. Today I want to tell everybody that before long you will meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji personally because of your tapasya and you will also work in co-ordination with him and us. You are creating history because who ever met Shri Mahavatar Babaji earlier was not from your level of understanding. You will understand him far better and you will become his messenger in future as he cannot come in public to address it. You will become the messenger of God and Babaji and will tell the world about so many ancient things and the facts about the all mighty Supreme God……”

(To be continued in next post due shortly from Pondicherry)

Note-Please read the posts on Fb also to get a glimpse of recent publications.

Thank you.

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Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh was born as my son ample times. I was his father also when he was born as Dadhichi Rishi in Haridwar. His forte and specialization is also the same as mine-Vichar or Sankalpa Shakti-thought power. He is also empowered in many fields of Yogic Sciences. It was him who took you up formally for training and developing your thought power in 2014. You have gone to Rishikesh alone many times to be under his tutelage. After that you have not looked back. His Gurus are-me and Swami Kartikeyan, lord Shiva’s son. They both have tutored and mentored you and you have never been indifferent to any of their commands even if they have asked you to wake up in the middle of night. It is for this reason that you are now under my tutelage and you are a shining star because you have obeyed all our instructions with all your devotion, respect and awe.

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