My conversations with Swami Shivanandji on an auspicious day-II

December 15, 2014

Dear readers, as was informed to you two days earlier that the next 4 articles will be from Pondicherry,  this article is composed from this very special place. Pondicherry is so appropriate for a seeker as it provides all the necessary requirements needed to do each one’s own sadhana and yoga.

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My first visit after my arrival at 7.00 pm at Ma’s ashram.

I needed uninterrupted attention and complete focus and I am getting it here and I had a lovely start in the morning where I am putting up.

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The place adds so much energy to the substance of my write ups and I am certain that everyone will be promoting their progress with the special energy that is supplied by places which are abundant with powerful spiritual vibrations.

Moving on, let us now proceed to the important part of the conversation between Swami Shivanandji and me in Pondicherry today.

I was in deep communion with Swamiji between 5 and 6 a.m. today and I reproduce some part of that dialogue by keeping the continuity of my conversations with him for the benefit of all the interested people.


(Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh- Divine Life Society. Picture source and courtesy- Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chicago)


Swamiji: “In olden days, there was a lot of greenery and people were so less in number. It was quiet and peaceful. Some rare Brahmaveta Guru would ensure that the sacred knowledge of God realization that he possesses should be passed on to some one else before he dies. He would therefore make a small hermitage in a secluded place, mostly near a river bed and select a few deserving students. Out of many, he would choose only one or two at the most and over a period of a few years complete the procedure of transferring his accomplishments to the deserving students. All this would happen in a very loving and peaceful atmosphere.

Students came from far and wide and would try their best to become the suitable candidate for achieving the most precious vidya or knowledge called Brahma Vidya. To assist the process, yoga and pranayam were also practised and the students would do anything to please their masters and gurus so that they would qualify and complete their degrees and specialize in their subjects.

However, the situation is a contrast today. There is rapid urbanization and the villages are impoverished. The city life is very hectic and there are no forests or open spaces where people can breath fresh air. And because the population is dense, the air is laden with so many thoughts floating that the minds of people are not calm. There is a sea of thoughts that float in the air and tranquility deprived. Also, the greed and imitation of acquiring worldly wealth is phenomenal in Kaliyug thus preventing them to remain in a peaceful atmosphere. It will take a little more than ten thousand years for the Earth to recover its rapid erosion and the values of Eternal Dharma or Sanatan Dharma to return and bring back peace, harmony and tranquility globally.

In the primitive times, it was easy to practice Pranayam, kriya, sukshma dhyan or meditation on very subtle planes in placid environments. But today all this is not possible for the majority of people who live in cities, only few can avail the prospects of living in clean and quiet environment to attain their spiritual pursuits and undertakings.

Many saints and seers, including me in consultation with Shri Mahavatar Babaji more than ten years ago decided to innovate and we came up with an entirely new school of thought whereby maximum help could be provided to maximum people to hasten the kaal chakra or time wheel from Kaliyug to Satyayug. Seeing the number of wrongdoers posing as saints but who are frauds, profiteers, deceivers and betrayers rising everyday, it was arrived at a consensus after God’s approval to initiate a novel way of transmitting the ancient knowledge in today’s modern world. Technology and electronics would be used to transmit the given sacred knowledge from one person living on Earth who would acquire Brahma Vidya from us from the astral plane and through internet, home lessons would be distributed. Shri Mahavatar Babaji would be the chief associate who would decide what the context and content should be and how long the enterprise or initiative would continue. You were chosen by everybody to stay on the Earth and communicate with Shri Mahavatar Babaji who is living in seclusion in Himalayas and the saint community who is presently in a Spirit state in the various regions of the sky. Your blog is the platform and forum from where various activities are undertaken and an attempt to cover maximum candidates is achieved.”

I was listening to the flow of important messages very attentively and was also waiting to learn something special as I know that Swamiji would have a lot hidden inside him, a treasure of knowledge that he has. Gauging at my interest and aiming at teaching us something new in these days he told me more.

Swamiji: “The next two weeks time is important. Keep vigil on your progress and dedicate this period in rapid learning after which you shall get a rest period. A flood gate has been thrown open by us by which many drowning men can save their lives. They will be intimated and shaken up after which they will begin to reform and upscale their inner lives. You will have to monitor their progress and they will surely show tremendous progress.”

Me: “Definitely Swamiji, I will see to it that we do not be lethargic and must improve our present scale.”

Swamiji: “Now I will fulfill your wish and will tell you something vital.

There are  5 elements in the Universe, 5 elements in the physical body and 5 elements in the subtle body called manas. Dharti, jal, agni, vayu, aakash-Earth, water, fire, air and space.

Dharti, Earth and jal, water are  found before the navel at muladhar chakra as well as around navel, agni at navel and little above navel, vayu at throat seat of manas, the 5th chakra and akash or space at 7th chakra.

Earth and water come from food and water (respiration) from nature. Energy is formed and is fire in the form of calories. Thoughts do not stay in one place and are flowing hence has vayu or air. And to realize God, we require very fine and refined cosmic elements in the form of selfless virtues such freedom, truth, forgiveness, love, compassion, dedication and so many more great qualities. Akash, space is needed for contemplation, meditation and soaking of all thoughts about the form and characteristics of God in us.

(This is a very concise version)

These 5 elements are also in extremely micro levels, in our mind or manas in the form of thoughts. Our quality of thoughts depends on the chemistry of food, habits, austerity, conduct and spiritual practices as tapas and a few more causes.

The 5 elements’ proportion keeps changing according to diet, location or environment, thought process and destiny or karmas. Balancing it is important otherwise the mind spoils its peace. Yoga, rest, meditation and guru bhakti are essential to maintain this balance. From time to time the inner guru will guide you to eat, think and behave righteously.

Nature is very essential, quietude and lack of noise is of paramount importance. Since in today’s time all this is not possible easily, we also made a plan to solve this problem. Doing Kriya or pranayam is not being rigorously stressed by us because of polluted air and noise pollution. To counter this deficiency, we devised a unique charter and plan. From time to time, you should go to places where your life slows down, you have mental peace and rest, you should attain higher progress and also achieve some powerful vibrations from ancient places by undertaking various pilgrimages. There is one place which I advise you and a selected few others to go to-Omkareshwar.

Since it is not very well connected with other places, it still retains its magnitude and spiritual power. The place is serene and quiet and you must also spend some or a few days in a quiet ashram and practice silence and Kriya and meditation. Even if you do it once in 3 years, the advantages would be so many. Many sages have blessed that place and if you can spend some time in that quiet and holy place, the difference will be huge. Maharishi Kashyap’s everlasting presence and spiritual vibrations are very prominent in this temple area. Those who wish to learn more about Truth and Light must make the attempt of visiting this place and get his favours and blessings!

I have given you this exclusive knowledge because you are a worthy disciple. You are now going to embark on a new, higher journey and that is that from today you shall dispense Prabhutva Gyan, extremely blazing knowledge. It requires sukshma buddhi and akash; very fine intellect, and sky or ether is of vital importance. Hence, you must spend some time everyday in  a garden or a park and sit under the sky to bring back the balance of all elements. As you are doing  a lot of mental activities, you burn a lot of your mental calories. Some comes from food and some from the sky or akash.”…..

I finish this post by bowing down humbly and respectfully in the refuge and sacred feet of Maharishi Kashyap and Maharishi Shivanandji. They both are so lofty and humble and I pray to God to give me the strength and humility to fulfill all my duties and roles so that  their mission is accomplished for the salvation of humankind.


View of the river Narmada from the small hill where the temple is located.


The white dome is of Omkareshwar Temple, one of the Jyotirlingas in India.

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