My conversations with Swami Shivanandji on an auspicious day-III

December 16, 2014

Dear readers, I only completed the last useful post at midnight in which the continuous transmission of light and awareness was given to us from none other than a very highly accomplished Seer and saint, Swami Shivanandji. It is lavish with a lot of information for us and it throws ample light on the workings of the many saints in our spiritual lives from behind the scenes. It is with this particular post that we must have discovered in clarity about the formation, method and the aims of this blog cum Open School through internet and its devices. It also shows how much work goes behind our eyes and how innovative one can be if there is a strong will to pursue for a very promising and lofty cause. I was thinking about all this till 1 a.m. in the wee hours and only after much inducement, I decided to end my day.

I woke up from my sleep very fresh around 5.45 a.m. and decided to go for a walk in the big park which is sited very close to my guest house in Pondicherry. Before leaving the room at 7 a.m., I was thinking of carrying my umbrella because it drizzled last evening but I did not do so for I wanted to avoid carrying any weight. After walking, when I chose a tree in the park to meditate under, it suddenly drizzled and then it rained fairly well. I was caught unaware and felt regrettable. While I stood under a copious foliage of a thick canopy of a tree acting as a natural umbrella for some time, I remembered I had avoided and ignored listening to my inner call, my inner gentle voice. I felt tricked as I began getting wet slowly through big drops of rain falling on me which were sliding over the Jack fruit tree’s thick and shiny leaves.

It reinforced my conviction standing in that condition that never can I let go of that humble thought which arises out of its own suddenly without my effort and seems like it has only guidance and wisdom to give me. It never goes wrong ever and sometimes I wonder how it can always know everything so well in advance. I also summed up immediately that my inner voice is very powerful; it can foretell in advance, it travels and arrives at the most suitable time of day or night and it does most propitious works or events for me. In short, the peerless voice within is a constant guide inside that is ever living, ever awake and forever good to me. I should focus on it and give it 100% attention and should not let it go, I promised myself and resolved very strongly this morning in a park in Pondicherry.

I returned and sat to meditate around 8.00 a.m. when a host of revelations thronged in my lap with the mercy of kind God and Swami Shivanandji. You will be required to put all your mental energies continuously in this post till the end so that you are able to get a glimpse and foretaste of the ocean of wisdom that our ancient seers and sages possessed with their extraordinary spiritual endeavours and how blessed we are today to have been able to taste that one drop of sweet water from the infinite ocean of spiritual wisdom!

I will be summing up this last post in the series of 3 with my conversation in this marathon posting in which an avalanche of new knowledge has been bestowed upon us by revered Swamiji today. You will have to break the post into 3 convenient parts for your convenience-A, B and C yourself. Part A was what I just described, the beginning or the outline. The middle part will have Swamiji lecturing us on Sankalkpa Shakti and the last part C will have new techniques of meditation and a method of directing the breath force mentally up and down in the spine to give all the benefits of doing Kriya without having to go in the green zones or any quiet woodland, wilderness, greenery or forest as we have none of these things to our avail today. (This is in reference to last post )


Me: “Swamiji, I am the luckiest and most privileged person today as you have arrived in my life with so much love, kindness, compassion and limitless wisdom and mercy on me. Please accept my earnest and deepest regards as I bow down my whole self, most sincerely for accepting me your disciple. I am truly gratified. You have fulfilled my hidden, deep, longing and craving to be taught by an exalted Guruji of your stature. Whenever I have gone to Rishikesh, I was anguished because I felt that I have missed the grand opportunity of learning yoga and meditation from you in a Gurukul directly because you have finished your tenure of physical confinement in the body. Wherever I have visited- whether Pondicherry, Ganeshpuri, Ranchi or Palani, I have found no living lofty and glorious Spiritual Masters. Nonetheless, it was my own Sankalpa or strong wish not to have a Guru in a physical form to avoid dishonesty, deceit and hence losing my time looking at current state of affairs. I had prayed to God to give me Moksha through a Guru who was not in the body but living presently in the vast cosmic atmosphere after I had myself experienced a fake Guru. Here I would like to state that a fake Guru also served a great purpose in my life, that of making me understand the difference between a fake and a genuine teacher very well.”

Swamiji: “I accepted you as one of my foremost disciples because your vision and clarity is par excellence. Shri Mahavatar Babaji put me on the job for preparing you for a worldwide mission to spread God’s teachings and sacred learning in the various parts of the world. You were chosen because you possess extreme determination, will and have a powerful mind. You have achieved so much in so little time because of your constant focus and will power. You have not deterred even when the environment was so contrary. Such people can withstand all trials and challenges of a project or mission which have very positive repercussions in coming centuries because they can see much, much ahead and have a clear vision and great mission in life. On the other hand, they are never understood by ordinary men and women. Persons who can withstand all types of oppositions are quick to understand that there is mercy of God hidden behind all the wrong doings of bad people who have tormented them. They have harassed you because they want you to become their slaves and please them. You resolved quietly to become the slave of God and the saints because the consequences of the latter are so blissful and pleasing and you wished to be blessed by us profusely instead of them. You chose us in spite of losing so many worldly possessions and accomplishments. People who can understand all this will know that it is possible to achieve impossible feats with the divine powers of God and the appointed Gurus, whether alive or not wherever they are in any state, astral or physical.

Today morning, you did not ignore your intuition of picking up the umbrella; I stopped your thought by intervening with my stronger power of thought to teach you a lot with a very small insignificant event of an ordinary day of yours. I wish to tell you more about intuition also called Sankalpa  broadly in Sanskrit. It was my Sankalpa or thought that had an upper hand and not yours. You have written a few articles on thought power and I expect all of you to read them slowly again to reinforce this lesson which I am giving through you to everybody.


*Direct and Indirect mental transference-There are two ways I can transmit my thoughts to you-directly and indirectly. Direct transference is when I and you both are connected in mind and sitting somewhere focused arousing our mental connections through a travel passage and using that conduit to send and receive messages. Recall the experience of ‘The Hidden Light’ and many more such experiences which you have documented as poems on Fb recently. I have been speaking like this to you for many months now.

There is another very advanced method of transference of knowledge and message. It is called indirect mental transference. You have reached a very advanced state of mental development through my guidance and constant vigilance. Your mind space is full of only useful information and your memory is embedded with only experiences of divine contact. I can without inviting you to connect with me, send information by sending that data through ether and I can save and store my data in your brain like you do on cloud computer. Your mind is my drop box. You can always access that information when you meditate singly whenever you like and have time to do so.

When you were sleeping in the early hours of the morning, I was meditating. I conveyed my thoughts or sankalps to you mentally and wished that you receive each and every thought of mine when you wake up in the morning. So when you sat quietly in silence and brought your mind inwards, you received the thoughts which I had transmitted to you and you heard me speaking to you in meditation through your intuitive powers of the mind. You have developed this special power by removing all the useless and less productive crowds of thoughts long time back and have empowered yourself with great thoughts arriving from very far off superior regions where the highly enlightened souls sustain themselves on mere Cosmic Light and power of intuition.

In the last many years, you have worked extremely hard and learnt unprecedentedly. You have taken your lessons at all odd hours by different Masters whenever they asked you to wake up; be it 2 a.m. 12 a.m. or 4 a.m. or at any time of the day and year. You have continued your writings amid heavy travelling and have written even in chaotic conditions and survived the disorder and havoc of too much disturbance. The body cannot take this erratic schedule any more. So a new plan was given to you in which you have your data of information already arrived and stored in your mind computer through akash or ether. You can access it whenever you wish seeing the available conditions favourable. Hence you need more of tranquility and silence of the environment. By applying this method, you will now enhance your health and physical condition and will save a lot of time for your well-being. You can also apply the same method of indirectly transferring information with God’s will to somebody if the recipient has done so much progress and is so much in tune with you in wavelength.

Since yesterday from 3.30 p.m. onward, you have entered a new time zone and karmic cycle in which you will be able to forego all mundane actions of worldly obligations and will only concentrate on God given duties. Your future holds excessive travelling, good fortune exchanges of ideas and meeting new people and accomplishing great tasks.

And now let me also answer to one of your curiosities. You have recently understood that all the world’s noble, holy, pious, selfless actions in saints, sages and revered Masters are born from the seed-thought in the ether or akash only after they have cleaned and purified thoroughly their inner being or antahkaran  long, long time ago. You have been probing a lot into this phenomenon and I have also given lessons to you regarding it. However, let me give you more insight by penetrating deeper into the cause or source of this peculiar phenomenon. Before the thought even arrives in the ether, the most noble and philanthropic idea or thought is first created in the empty space or void in which God resides (Hiranaygarbh). It is first the Sankalpa or idea of God. In Brahma or shunya erupts a Sankalpa. **

The transferring and movement of the Sankalpa born and coming into akash or ether from Brahma is even faster than one nano second; it is instantaneous. The extreme illuminations of some very highly developed souls of saints make it possible for them in intense meditations, to visualize great ideas which most of the time is born in God in shunya or void which is outside ether, beyond all 5 elements of nature. And God is found in this state when the mind of the saint is as still and quiet as that of God- nil movement or disturbance.

Once the saint is able to receive the God- thought in his mind which always has colossal thoughts, he or she willfully transmits and relays those powerful thoughts by connecting to some other divine soul and a chain is thus formed by transferring one magical, titanic or noble thought from void or Brahma to a very highly illumined saint. And then from that saint to another enlightened being. The Sankalpa of God thus finds its way to manifest in very divine souls. They try to manifest and translate those noble and philanthropic ideas through other similar mediums in order to give help and guidance to others in the physical or astral world. The later are unfamiliar with this type of highly advanced mode of thought transference and mental connectivity.

Such ideas also have other reasons to germinate- to hold the Earth together, to avoid wars and conflicts, to sustain God’s creation, to create and innovate new useful things for people and so on. This method of relaying and sharing information and God’s will is far more reliable and faster than any speed of internet that has been evolved so far. This very subtle operation is achieved with merely acquiring great powers of meditation.

If you connect your mind to the greatest source of energy or Eeshwar, then your thought is unquestionably bound to materialize some day. Its consciousness has infinite force which is able to transform the thought or idea into a physical reality someday even if it takes many years or centuries. All the highly advanced saints and sages are busy accomplishing such enormous ideas and are also transforming lofty, noble ideas into a reality no matter how much time it takes.

This is Prabhutva Gyan (Very blazing knowledge) which I have given you my child because you are worthy of it. Practice silence and never let go any intuition that you receive from some source in the Universe, be it us or the will of God or somebody who is looking upon you and has expectation for deliverance and salvation.”

Me: “Thank you very much most beloved Swamiji. I now understand the valuable use of akash, space in spirituality and advanced meditations and I shall follow all your precious advice and follow a fixed routine every day except when there is a special situation to undo that. I have now become aware of the fact that I have become a Drop box and there will be so much new information and new insights received for which I must keep my mind space free of all floating thoughts from the atmosphere or people. I recall at this moment I had read something like this in Yoga Vashishtha scripture long ago- Atmagyani purush akash mei rehata hai. Woh sada nishchal raheta hai aur maun mei vaas karta hai.

The Self-Realized man lives in sky or space. He is always immobile and he lives in silence….”


Swamiji: “You know that I do not teach disciples who are at junior levels. I start admitting students in my class who are at level 6 at least. I am hinting at 6th chakra or 6th stage of Spiritual Consciousness. But as you have to deal with a variety of students out of whom some are at a junior level, I will take a few disciples who are at 5th level and teach them a new technique of meditation.

  • For level 5Anahat Chakra. Sit in a comfortable position calmly at a convenient time of the day. Visualize a globe of white light and hold that globe of white light with both your hands. Imagine white Light of God coming out of this globe inside your heart and going inside it. Feel them going inside your heart and giving you love and forgiveness. Forgive all the people whom you have not forgiven so far. And ask for forgiveness from all those people who should forgive you for your follies. Fill your heart with utmost love and peace and change yourself honestly.
  • For level 6- Vishudhha ChakraFor those disciples who are at higher stage of 6th level, visualize a white globe of God’s light on top of your crown chakra. Do not hold it with your hands, let it rest on its own. Perceive and feel the rays of golden light falling on your crown and opening it. After a few days of this practice, feel the rays of golden light going inside your crown and opening your brain cells and energizing them. After a prolonged practice, move on to next stage. Feel the golden rays of God’ light going inside your brain cells and activating them.
  • For level 7- Brahmarandra. Most people are not in a situation where they can sit in serene and calm atmosphere of nature and like olden days practice basic or advanced kriya in a green environment or gurukuls. I wish to resolve this problem for urban meditation practitioners by showing you a very advanced form of practicing kriya– by that of doing with your thought or power of sankalpa.

Come in your usual state of meditation comfortably. After finding yourself in a calm and blissful state, visualize a beam of white or yellow light originating from the high skies and touching your head. Let it slowly pass into the opening of your crown chakra and move to the opening of your merudand  or spine in the neck after which slowly it should move deeper inside into the hollow tube and touch the base of muladhar  the coccyx, the tail bone.

In the next step, with your will or thought power, raise that beam of white light from muladhar and move it upward till the base of your neck, and if possible to your crown again. This is one round and will take very little time but will give you full benefits of normal Kriya practice. As it is based on mental action, it will consume less time and will demand your excellent concentration without any breaks. You may do just a few rounds in the beginning and may add up some more rounds if you wish. Just a few rounds will also give you a lot of benefits.

For the last two types of meditating technique, keep your consciousness at the third eye. For the first one, concentrate on your heart and keep your consciousness at that chakra.

  • Om Shivoham chanting will increase your strength- mental and spiritual both apart from dissolving seeds of bad karmas seated inside your spine while doing this kriya.
  • Food intake should be saatvik, rest and calm your mind and exercise normally. Do not have lethargy, stay active and alert and continue your sadhana with vitality and new energy.

Accommodate this action or process in your normal practice of meditation. It will enhance and open up your dormant cells of brain.”………

I was concentrating for quite a long time feeling thrilled about knowing these new techniques. I felt happy for all those who are going to take advantage of these new found wonderful meditation techniques given by Swamiji. After a long pause, I returned to normalcy and wondered in which land was I visiting? The place where I see Swamiji inhabit is so classic, so lovely and so exclusive. All things so wonderful, benign and is filled with crystal purity!

Me: “Revered Swami Shivanandji, I fail to find appropriate words to show my gratitude and contentment at your arrival in my life. How could have I achieve so much precious knowledge which hardly anyone is able to realize? What you are giving me is priceless  possession. It is so very kind of you to choose me for carrying out a part of the gigantic work that you have undertaken along with so many other very pious souls in your league celestially or from the Earth. Your divine grace I am unable to hold, my heart is so full of sincere thanks to you. Your grace has brought so much peace, contentment and a sense of security. My mind is at complete rest as it does not even stir for a few moments. I believe that I am being watched every moment by your watchful eyes and I am safe in your loving hands. Your unconditional generosity and kindness has not only filled my life with excess tranquility and a sense of complete rest, it has also brought so much joy and happiness in hundreds who came in contact with you through my blog. I know you are listening and will bless all of us profusely because we all are your small children. Bless us dear Swamiji so that we may rise, we may shine and we may advance on our spiritual path.

And most of all, you are the most appropriate role model for humanity. As Dadhichi rishi, you once gave up your life for establishing Dharma and Shanti, righteousness and peace on this Earth. You are an epitome of sacrificing one’s self for a great cause on Earth, how can we not follow your noble footprints? Where can we get to hear such exceptional sacrifices of someone for the happiness and welfare of others?

Hence on behalf of everybody, I prostrate in all humility and respect at your blessed feet to receive your graciousness and blessings for all of us who are taking our first few baby steps on a path so long and tedious. We seek your mercy so that we are not tormented by many unforeseen hostilities, opponents and unknown negative elements in nature. You gave your life to kill a demon in the past, may we find refuge in your shelter for your protection, grace and holiness. Bless us all Oh! kind sage, we have come in your refuge to seek the kingdom of God and may those glories, unseen and uncharted land so full of God’s mysteries be revealed to us and may we also serve the children of God with our utmost humbleness, calmness, pure love and gentle conduct. May we be worthy of you, may we be worthy of you oh! holiest of holy! Om Shanti, shanti, shanti Om!”…….



(All pictures of Swami Shivanand procured from Sivanand Yoga Vedanta Centre Chicago)


Revised and updated on 30-06-19


*Direct and Indirect mental transference-There are two ways I can transmit my thoughts to you-directly and indirectly.

There is one more, most advanced method of attaining sacred spiritual knowledge and that is Space or Astral Travel. Quoting a portion from a later post of May 27.5.2018.

Astral Travel-All achievements, performances and feats are easily accomplished in the God’s world if one can learn the art of Space Travel. It is attained after Samadhi is achieved and mastered. In highest Spiritual stature, God permits the use of this swiftest method of communication as time is a deterrent in the physical world. To beat Time, to save and utilize every moment to its maximum potential, Space Voyage to distant parts of the Universe is the most suitable method for achieving extra ordinary missions for welfare of Society.  

Travelling with vehicle of subtlest mind, ati sukshma mana back and forth from Earth to other orbits of Space, the accomplished Yogi is able to bring down the rarest of rare, hidden secrets and knowledge of God and his Creations from the very Enlightened Beings called Rishis or Sages.


** More on definitions of shunya, akash from new post of 2019 on Sage Vishwamitra.

Part B 

The Earth disintegrates slowly but with natural disasters as it had formed, it perishes and all living beings die except one of five natural elements.  

It is also called Pralaya’ or complete destruction, an act of God by which cleansing and submerging of all wrongdoings and actions conducted. 

For a prolonged time, no activity of breeding or recreation takes place, there is no earth, water, fire or air, they return to its inactive or dormant state.  

Only ‘Akash’ or ether stays intact rest retreat, it is the job of akash to take on the role of master supervisor or a manager who now manages. 

Akash becomes active in activating all its nutrients which are embedded in its constitution called anu or atoms, the thoughts or sankalpa are the seeds. 

The dormant seeds of all thoughts of the Universe are looked into and sorting done as rotten, very obnoxious seeds are separated from very good and pious. 

It is then God and nature both take a long sabbatical, rest and restoration work to plan and envision how must the new world be ensued and emerged.  

The creative powers, regenerative and destructive both need restoration periods so that they can self-sustain by itself without additional burden on God. 

This period is called shunya, a long phase when nothing is built, created or a time period of no possibility of germinating seeds of cycles of birth and death.  

What should never be germinated is destroyed permanently, the remaining good virtuous seedlings are stored in a repository, a germ bank readied. 

All this takes place only in ether or vacuum which is merely infinite space, it has humongous power to store, save, germinate as well as culminate.  

It is also sometimes called akash or empty space or sky because its properties are different from other four elements or tatvasair, water, earth, fire.  

God has made it transparent, bouncing, free flowing yet stationary since it absorbs everything that is thrown at it, God has made it resonating, echoing. 

Akash or space never has its own properties, it is property less, it absorbs everything that is sent to it even if it is heavy particle of dense matter or smallest. 

It is like a white sheet pinned on a wall, the projector plays images and the visuals appear in exact form, the white sheet is only a screen, a mirror. 

Similarly, the akash tatva does not move or sway, it plays a crucial role in reproducing what is embedded in it and produces exactly what is given to it.