I resume my present post with first invoking the Supreme God with whose mercy and benevolence I could garner the courage and the strength to write these most intensive articles. At this twilight hour, with my both hands folded in God’s devotion and remembrance, I also invoke all the divine saints with whose inspiration I begin to resume my work. I also invoke all the deities and angels to protect me from all the deterring and contradictory forces so that I am able to finish this post in one continuous flow.

The inspiration and force that ignites my nervous system should be laden with God’s sacred energies. The content of my post should be such that whoever reads it, must believe in God and his beautiful hidden workings in many other unseen and unknown worlds. Atheists must change their view, the lethargic should stir and the reluctant must be encouraged to awaken himself. With these prayers in my loving heart, I implore God to clear my path and hear my pleas so that we are able to get insights in these highly enlightened write-ups directed by the channel of divine insight, intuition and light energy. May there be light and peace for all of us and may there be enlightenment in each home!


Yesterday Agastya Maharishi revealed so much that I did not sleep throughout night. I wished that he should go on telling me more and some more because he is a store house of inundating ancient spiritual knowledge. I have found a treasure in him and I expect that we should be extremely happy to have been able to have him and his kind grace as our great Teacher in our daily sadhana practice. As he had told me that the second post will be done with indirect transference therefore, I was looking forward to be able to put together whatever I have been downloading from the infinite Sky and the Cosmic Light.

Just an hour ago at 6 p.m, I sat quietly and recalled that small circle of golden light and there was a stream of oration and discourse arriving at the threshold of my crown. I was looking for pin drop silence so that I would allow that stream of sermons to trickle inwards with its own beautiful music and harmony. Each sentence was wonderful, every thought full of intensive wisdom and each time they arrived my heart soared with immense joy.

Will I be able to complete the task on time and do full justice, I thought. I recalled that the last 4 posts have been coming on its own strength and accord as and when it was supposed to be unfolded. No force whatsoever contrary could stop God’s work so even this one will reach the recipient without any delay or obstruction; I got convinced. My brain seems to have been saturated with so much new information that opening the place of stored information gets choked sometimes and I become quiet and wait it responds to me. And the next moment I see that the next message drops inside by itself by just falling inside softly. I get my answer.

With whose will and power did these words come in my brain? How do they know where to go and at what time? I get amazed at this flawless, quiet and obstruction-free technique of God which is orchestrated by the saints in order to get their silent work done with no fanfare and noise. And my hearts swings and taps with bliss and joy to have learnt this unique, ancient technique so smoothly with their sheer grace!

Me: “Please accept my humblest offerings oh great sage! I am in awe of you. My mind has not moved away from your thought since yesterday and I have been only thinking about what we will receive more from you. It is my humble request Maharishiji that you please tell me something about yourself.”

Agastya Maharishi: “I am an ancient sage who has worshiped Lord Shiva in many lives. I have spent innumerable lives in research and contemplation. You will find me mostly with a book (pothi) in my hand. I like to write and think. I love peace and silence. Practice and observe silence. There is no end to achieving the level of peace. Get to the deepest range of peace. Try to experience the peace of the Universe- Brahmand ki shanti ka anubhav karo, shanti ka koi ant nahin.

My work is very large in comparison to the work assigned to other seers. I work in co-ordination with all of them. Without their knowledge, I silently give salvation to many people who are dedicated in their goals . I asked Lord Rama to do penance by worshiping Lord Shiva after he killed Ravana in Sri Lanka. I protect important places of spiritual value. I very much protect the place of Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s birthplace in Parangipettai from the sea.”


(Painting on walls of Lord Rama and Seeta in the Rama Seeta temple in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. It is located at Ashok Vatika where Mother Seeta was captured by Ravana and kept in confinement)

Me: “I am happy to know something about you Maharishi. There has been one question which sometimes rises up in my mind but I never found an answer to it. After all, why so many places and pilgrimages I was sent to? Though I followed every instruction and suggestion, this fact still baffles me because I have not seen anybody tour so many pilgrimages? Why did I have the privilege of having the unusual opportunity of going to extra-ordinary number of places? Was it fixed in my destiny? What did I do for that? I cannot count and remember the number of times I have visited Pondicherry in twelve years? Why was I sent to so many holy places by my Gurus in the last more than a decade?”

Agastya Maharishi: “You are different from others my child. You don’t see places, you learn from places. You have a very different perspective altogether. That is what you have written in a few posts on Fb*

Second point to observe is that we held a meeting among us in the upper world. There were more than ten of us-Myself, Bogarnathar, Murugan Swami, Mahavatar Babaji, Swami Shivanand, Atri Muni, Kashyapa Maharishi, Nityananda Swami, Swami Shaligram, Paramhansa Yogananda, Shri Aurobindo and Ma. We all decided and made a complete road map of your sadhana and your web log called Spiritinlife. It was then decided that you should visit personally all these places which are related to your entire soul journey, learn from each one of them, come back and write down your experiences, share with others, document and record all your travel stories. **

By doing so, there will be no room for doubt and skepticism for people to disbelieve your stories and narrations. It was your tapasya to visit all these places where you have lived in the preceding lives and for people to understand and acknowledge how difficult it is to undergo so many hardships for achieving God. If you had only narrated your story by writing and naming these places associated with you, people would have never believed in you. They would have said that it is all fiction.

However, from now onward, you will travel for a different cause, you will distribute your knowledge and teach others whoever is ready for the underlying principles of what you have learnt and written on the blog.

You have made many temples in your previous lives dedicated to Devi, Mother Goddess, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu when you were a queen. In present life, your those karmas propel new good karmas and you have been very fortunate to visit countless number of temples. You have a deep desire and special liking and respect for antiquity because you respect man’s endeavours. Hence, God gave you ample opportunities to visit many ancient temples in India.

Your insights and realizations are also documented along with your travel stories for so many people who will follow your footsteps now. You have carved out a road map for all new entrants who wish to seek God’s sweet home.

Me: “Thank you very much for disclosing all this Maharishiji. On my own, I could never find the right answer and I cannot find a better person than you to satisfy my curiosity.

Now revered sage, give us some lessons please, give us good counsel, oh enlightened Rishi! We shall contemplate on them, we shall follow them and we shall build our new lives on your teachings. We have so much to learn from you.”

Agastya Maharishi: “Yes, I will. I speak less. Please listen attentively now. The worst enemy of man is desire, ichcha. So many rishis also fall in the trap created by deception of one’s mind because of lack of light inside. It is in this sansara or world that man makes mistakes and it is in this world that he returns back again and again to suffer self-created miseries after miseries. Mostly people learn only from making grave mistakes, they do not learn quickly for they are always in a deep slumber.

Imagine an object which has not been given a definite direction. It flies and hits out in right direction, then left, then up or down and then to left or right. It is directionless and random. Men who have worldly desires are like this. They take new forms and births randomly repeatedly. But on the contrary, if someone picks up that object in his hand, sets up a fixed direction to it by applying force in it and throws it forth. Such an object will go straight ahead in a linear direction and won’t deviate.

You always had a direction fixed in your mind and have come home straight without any deviation. You have visited many resting places of saints, Samadhi. Now the question that comes up automatically in this connection is-

Why did you visit so many samadhis on our recommendation?

It is because those enlightened souls wished to speak to you something. They wished to tell you the exact path on which you should travel. By listening to them you have come home straight without any deviation and wasting time. You have also eluded all the miseries that come along when someone lives his or her life randomly without finding out the exact course of one’s long path of salvation.

My advice for all is slow down your life. Drink the immortal divine elixir.

Chant Om Namaha Shivaya mantra, it is a mool mantra”.


(In the same Rama temple in Sri Lanka, year 2013)

I close this post with a great sense of gratitude to God and all my Gurus who were with me throughout when I was making these very demanding and soul searching articles. I treated the whole experience as a saptaha or a week in which I have drowned myself completely to get hold of all the gems and diamonds that were subdued in lower beds of the ocean. It has been a great experience exploring new territories and vast lands where few stroll. It is only when their Grace falls on us that our eyes open and we are able to comprehend.

I am in Pondicherry today compiling all my meditation experiences and sharing with all of you. It is the same place where once Maharishi Agastya had his Gurukul and today there is a very vibrant samadhi of two great spiritual giants- Sri Aurobindo and Ma. I pay my respects to them and have no words to thank them because they are the guiding souls behind all my endeavours in Pondicherry. From tomorrow my Workshop begins for two days and I wish to accomplish what God wishes and has decided for all of us.

Thank you.

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