Part A

Documentation of personal life-

Evening Intense Meditation at 6 p.m. Day- 2nd Jan’ 2015 in which revelations for the first time ever of Shri Bogarnathar’s personal life was disclosed to anyone. It was recorded on 2.1.15 & 3.1.15 and posted today-4th Jan’2015.


My dear friends, in the previous post it was informed to all that the next post will be only a direct conversation and no details or explanations will be added for the reason that the post’s length gets very stretched as well as exhaustive. This will be the concluding post on Bogarnathar. However, in the last many days I have had many meditation spells through which a lot of information was procured and revered Shri Bogarnathar was very generous towards us. On the other hand, it was on 2nd January evening as I sat down to work on my computer, a wave of great peace submerged my being without invocation. It came in waves and was pulling my attention as if to speak to me. I was in two minds since I thought it is twilight, the peace waves must be coming from Mother Earth when the world becomes quiet. Nonetheless, I could not work on the computer because it worked abnormally slow. I understood that the very gentle, silent, peaceful wave is far more forceful than my will. My reflective mind thought that certainly some Great Master is diverting my mind by stopping my work mysteriously.

I gave in. I closed down my laptop in order to garner what was so forcefully coming towards me from beyond. I meditated a lot more than an hour after those waves reached me softly.  At the behest of God, on 2nd January, 2015, Shri Bogarnathar has finally made many things open regarding his life, family, origin and his immense tapasya.

There were no agencies or mediums of modern science and telecommunications through which such useful information could reach the masses prior to our times about these very primitive sages who lived millions of years ago. In primitive times, life was very hard and isolated. People did not move at all or left their villages for minimum times. Unlike our modern times when life is extremely rapid much beyond the scope and capacity of our mind’s endurance and strength to withstand the strain caused by the new speed in our lives. We are dealing with extremely ancient times. We are expected to stretch our mind to great imaginations because we will move so back in time that customarily people don’t push their imaginations to the first few pages of man’s history and civilization.

About the time he lived on Earth-

Shri Bogarnathar: “In oldest, long forgotten times, there were very few people living on the Earth. They lived very close to nature and were great believers of God and were called Rishis or Light of God. They abided by God’s all laws and were busy mainly with thinking and contemplating-chintan, manan. Their job was to primarily enable themselves to be equipped with enough God’s presence and Light in them so that they could return to God’s kingdom in the quickest time. Many people practiced meditation in that era. The environment was extremely peaceful and calm and there was no evil done by men because they feared the wrath of God through nature. Greed was unknown and ample stress was laid on righteous living. The trees outnumbered the people in great proportions.

Remember this– In each and every human being, whoever they are and in every incarnation that they are born into, God appears before them at least once in their lives in a direct form. This is God’s gift in His own way to every creation that he has produced and calling them home. He appears to them so that the living being sees and believes in the existence of God. Unfortunately, we are not equipped and ready enough to know this and don’t recognize God at that time.

In prehistoric times, people contemplated liberally. On the other hand, now we have to do more actions, karmas because the Earth is moving towards the Age of Light or Satyayug. We have to change the present scenario by generating peace all around us very abundantly. Spread peace far and wide.

People lived in natural light. When they woke up they waited till light from Sun arrived. They therefore, meditated on God in the morning. When they received light from Sun as the day progressed, they performed actions appropriately and slept after dusk.”

Me: “When there was something important to be done, how was that done?”

Bogarnathar: “Through bonfires sometimes. We collected the waste twigs, made light and gathered around it to perform those unavoidable jobs. That was rarely. The minds of people were to a great extent very calm and they lived lives with their minds introverted in majority of cases. Human beings were more frequently living in nature than groups of men. They spent a lot of time of their lives in quiet nature among forests, trees and birds and animals. Their body clock was in sync with the changes in day and night and seasons as the Earth moved along its axis yearly.”

Me: “Pujya Swami Bogarnatharji, I am obsessed with your divine personality. I have a great desire to know about your ancestors.  Who were they, where did you come from and who were you? How did you reach the mountain of Palani, where your samadhi is made? Nothing is known about you and there is no source from where I can know about your back ground. I am very interested in you because you were my Param Guru’s Guru. Your stature evidently is extremely revered and highly sacred. I am unable to know anything from anywhere. Please have mercy on me and unveil yourself so that the world comes to know about your existence. My desire to know a little bit about Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Swami, Shaligram Swami and Swami Nityananda have been to a great extent satisfied by the grace of God. I would be extremely indebted to you if you also tell us something about yourself so that you are known to the world for your greatness. In this way, the masses will come to know about you and will be inspired by your great penance and humility in Kaliyug. We need to have greater role models as we ascend on our spiritual journey where you and the Sages’ community are already helping us to grow and progress every day. With my both hands folded in your devotion, my head surrendered at your feet, I plead to you to tell us who you were. I take a vow never to leave the path of God and I surrender and offer all my recognition and distinction at the holy feet of Lord Shiva, Shri Mahavatar Babaji, you and God so that I am entitled to hear what the people in this world must hear and know. I pronounce myself as a non-entity, non-existent and naught but only a servant of God. I promise to the sacred God at this instant to allow me to be the medium through which factual information about you is channeled and distributed to the earnest seekers and mumukshu, to Moksha seekers in this Kaliyug so that the fake and frauds are separated from the real saints and sages. You are my epitome of humility.

I have known nobody so far in the spiritual world who has done exceptional and rare penance and have hidden from public eye view since more than 1,78, 599 years; you attained God realization that far ago! It is beyond our human comprehension and imagination. It is my most earnest plea to God to let the world know about you because according to me, you are the foremost luminary as far as humility is concerned. Since you achieved God oneness, you have removed yourself from the world completely and have taken a prestigious seat in the skies so that you can work incessantly from there for our welfare. What more can I say now? Have mercy on us and please reveal to us who you were. ”

Bogarnathar: “My dearest child, I have allowed nobody so close to my person and aura. But you are a special case. First of all, it is God’s wish that in Kaliyug the most sincere and prominent sages and saints of primordial times of India, who with great difficulties achieved God in their lives and then decided to go into hidings, be now be brought forward in the public eyes for the first time ever. By doing whatever God has willed is my tapasya today because we are slowly, very slowly changing the course of time and face of the Earth by that command. You are the only person on Earth among all the sadhaks or seekers and devotees of Babaji who wished to know so much about Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Even to the extent of knowing his teachers or Gurus from whom he took initiation of very special yogic sciences after you read just one book about him a little more than a decade ago. Your mind is very penetrating and wishes to go to any length to get to the truth of everything. This is a very good trait of a very highly evolved sadhak. You shall gain profusely by this nature.

Secondly you are my priya, yogya patra you are dear to me because you are worthy and I like these three qualities in you-

  • Tu vishesh, Satyavadi stree hai-You are extraordinary and truthful. There is no woman that I know of who is as truthful as you are. There is none other than you.
  • Tumne kabhi bhi kisi jeeva ko ek baar bhi dukh nahi diya hai, mana mei bhi nahi aya. You have not once in your life harmed or hurt any person or any living being. Such a  thought was never born ever.
  • Tu bahut dayalu hai, hridaya mei bahut karuna aur prem bhara hai. You are very kind-hearted. Your heart is full of compassion and love for all.

I am about to tell the world all about myself for the first time with the mercy and consent of all pervading God at the most appropriate and auspicious time of the day and year. It is 1.20 pm of 4.1.15 year and I relay and convey to you, my most holy and sacred soul to tell the following things about me to the people. The evil people who try to take advantage of you, even if they belong to the spiritual world, or from the general domain of people will be harshly punished by God and cursed by me if they usurp your credibility. If they falsely tell others in future and claim that they procured details about me from their own sources and intuition, they will not be spared. You have earned this golden opportunity from God for all your most compassionate and loving deeds towards other children of God and therefore, the world must always take your name before mine so that they know it was a very daunting woman who renounced this world to serve the saints who were hiding behind the clouds in anonymity since eons. It is your own hard work and penance that has brought you in public light for their welfare and improvements.

Who can carry so much weight of others after one’s own baggage has been offloaded and wishes to work for their welfare even if the health does not permit? You are doing all this because you feel you are indebted to all the sweet saints who shower their grace and love on you uninterruptedly. No, this is not true.

You do this because you have mercy and compassion for all the weak and degenerating people as you know they have to suffer so much agony and miseries in future. You can foresee that in many people. Your prayers are always for the people who must be noble, kind, selfless and caring towards society so that we create a world where everyone lives in hope, peace and kindness and love. Unfortunately, people take so much time to open their eyes; they harass you for your noble nature. They will not be spared by God and in coming times, they will cry for God to forgive them for their ugly deeds.

Your own noble and pious actions will generate so much positivity in coming centuries that the house where you live today will have a big temple in the same place.  It was already a highly charged spiritual hub once upon a time. In current times of Kaliyug, the greedy politicians and public are making it more defiled by their acts.

This very city will be submerged in sea water after a few hundred years and a fresh new town will be erected in Satyayug where people will again become pious and holy. * They will be kind, helpful and sincere in their attitudes. Wherever and whenever there are uncountable sins and if they outnumber the holy acts of the people, God sinks that place under water so that a new beginning can be made. The sea washes the effects of evil and wickedness of the mischief makers.

You are a gentle and peace loving human being. Your thoughts have so much power that you can change people but you have left everything to God. God has decided to re-launch many hubs of ancient spiritual centres which were either submerged or were eaten away by the wrath of angels, deities through nature because of their overwhelming wickedness after they progressed and saw their peak times. *

I bless you now that you always work and live in dignity. You have a glorious past and equally glorious future waiting for you. You must teach the world by your behaviour, devotion and good deeds to change their tainted and foul minds. When they will die, they will bless you from their hearts because they know the truth in their consciousness. Soon after, you will be reborn in so much Light and Peace of God that you will not be able to live in the present dark world. You will wish to come to us and start living in the gravest peace and quietude of the astral space where we have booked and reserved ourselves out of our own choice earned with our penance, devotion and love towards God. You will come to me in meditation whenever you wish to, I will not get irritated or disturbed. You always think many times before remembering me to be very careful and never even wish to disturb me slightly.

I am aware of tiniest occurrence in your surroundings because you are my special devotee. I have made this special concession because the city in which you are living is full of inconsiderate, unhelpful, unrepentant and restless people. There is unbearable noise the whole day and you are always perturbed with high decibel sounds which hurt your soft nerves in nervous system. In spite of these deterring living conditions, you are forever eager to ask for directions from us at night and day and wait anxiously for response from us so that you comply with our convenience in making your articles and delivering on right time to the readers and beneficiaries.

Go tell the world that it is God’s wish that I be known in every home on the Earth and they shall be blessed copiously if they lead pious, humble, holy and unselfish lives. I will guide all of you if you follow all the tenets and teachings that we so willfully dispense from our astral homes so that you are released of your own created misgivings done out of your lack of efforts to evolve yourselves in your past.”

 Part B

My past-

Bogarnathar: “My real name was Gorakh which means one who keeps cows- Go rakh.  It was changed to Bogarnathar at the last stage as I moved southwards in India. I belonged to Allahabad and I was born in a family of cattle raisers after a time approximately 11,500 years after Kartik Swami left the world. I had heard a lot from people where I lived that there was once a great tapasvi called Kartik and I was very impressed with him. I was a celibate and was a disciple of Swami Kartikeyan, or Kartik the elder son of Lord Shiva. Like him I worshiped Lord Shiva.


Life at that time more than one lakh and a half years back was very basic.  We had small villages which were self-sustained. It was an agricultural society with cattle as our primary wealth. We had barter system as coins were not devised by then. We worshiped rain, fire, wind and spirits in nature. Which girls were considered good? Girls who helped their mothers in household work and cooking and looked after their siblings well, who were obedient towards their father. Such girls were searched and considered best as right brides.

My penance-

When I was small I also went to Badrinath at the age of sixteen, one of the four great destinations of Himalayan pilgrimages. It took me three months to reach that place on foot or sometimes in bullock carts. I and others lived in caves there and did a lot of japa and dhyana. To survive the harsh cold, we used to eat sattu (dried gram pulse powder) and dried bananas. I used dried twigs and burnt them to warm water and food was buried in the ice to store it for next use.

One day in my hut made of hay, early in the morning, I woke to up Brahmand ka Prakash, a Universe of Light. I saw an old fatherly figure with a white beard in it who said- “Dakshin Bharat aao. Come to South of India. I took a year to start off after this oracle. I bartered my cows in exchange and set off towards my destination. Sun and stars were my sole navigation devices.

I arrive at Palani, Tamil Nadu on foot thousands of miles-

I left my village with some wandering monks till Tiruchirappalli in today’s Tamil Nadu. From Tiruchirappalli I reached Madurai and then I walked up to Palani. I began at the age of 27 from home and reached Palani when I became 30. On my way, I became a sadhu, ascetic and people gave me alms and food. At the moment when  I reached the foot hills of Palani, I saw the same light on the mountain top which I had seen in the morning in my hut three years back- Brahmand ka Prakash, Cosmic Light. I decided to go up on the mountain. I lived in a cave there for many years and died at the age of 60. I came from North India in search of very long, sustained, uninterrupted, unbreakable peace and quietude. Silence was so pleasing because of uninterrupted God- contact.

The present day temple at Palani-

The present day temple  that you see of mine was formerly my cave in Palani. Swami Kartikeyan’s temple which is standing now was the place for which I had come thousands of miles on foot. I saw the same great Light at that place. It was the place of penance tapasthal of Swami Kartikeyan.  I was attracted towards it. I decided to live there and made it my base. I worshiped him every day and was guided by him in my intense sadhana and later tapasya. The idols of the revered deities or teachers in those times were made of wheat flour, turmeric and colours of flowers. People who lived below the mountain looked after me.

After my life as Bogarnathar, I never returned back to Earth because I wish to do seva from the sky and a lot of time is wasted if I come back on Earth as a human being. Since then I have been giving my thought vibrations or sankalpas to this world for various missions.

5 things mainly I do-

  • To maintain peace on Earth, my work is to destroy weapons if they reach dangerous proportions.
  • To destroy the lives of many invisible, very negative people called ghosts, who are now without a body. They hamper the good work of saints, seers, prophets and other highly evolved chiranjeev or forever alive called Nitya Jyot.
  • Protection of environment- Man is greedy and hence destructive. I suggest and plant ideas in people’s minds to plant trees. I guard the lives of the trees more so in desert areas by making rains there.
  • To aid all seriously aspiring devotees and sadhaks wherever they are in the world in their meditation and other daily spiritual practices.
  • I give special strength to women practitioners because they sacrifice so much and are still not treated properly. I improve their memory and physical stamina to fulfill all their worldly and spiritual duties.

5 things that I teach you today-

  • Mana ko andar modo, Turn your mind inwards.
  • adhik samay chintan manan aur dhyan karne mei lagao na ki bhog vilas mei. Spend most of your time in contemplation and reflection and not in indulgence.
  • Maun karo, kum bolo. Remain silent, talk less.
  • Satya ko jaano. Know the Truth
  • Satya ke liye sangharsh karo. Struggle for Truth.


 Me: “Did you reincarnate as Lao, tell me please?”

Bogarnathar: “No, with my Yoga Maya or powers of my yoga or God Union, I gave a part of my consciousness to a very advanced Chinese Lama so that he can do my work. He became Lao. I will never want to be born in a country where there was so much exploitation and domination for centuries. And the Lama that you saw in the taxi while going towards Chennai airport is the same Lama on 18th Level and was Lao. You saw the Spirit of Lao who spread so much peace in your environment. He came to tell you that I was about to come to you and I did appear before you as soon as you reached your home.”

Me: “And what about the meditating Lama in my crystal?”

Bogarnathar unfolded the very puzzling mystery-

Him: “He was a mystic from Oriental China. In the upper North of China towards Mongolia in a village, a saint lived some 800 years ago. He was a farmer and he carried both types of duties flawlessly, material and spiritual duties. The world only saw him as a farmer because he kept quiet and only learnt from others continuously and never spoke about his great earnings on the Spirit level. He rose to great heights and also reached at level 18 of consciousness. He still communicates with us and helps us in our giant missions.

He was buried in the ground when he died and near that place in a mountainous area, there were crystals forming inside the cave like structures. His presence was so prominent there that his aura and impression was recreated in the Earth and found in the clear crystal which is silica. You got that crystal by your good luck. It was seen by others in the family too.

I asked him to go to you as a proof and evidence for future that there are a few unknown divine souls who never wish to come out in the crowds and are all the time helping the society in improving their lives both worldly and spiritual. They still spread peace and calmness in whichever form they are.

Part C

Tips helpful for practicing sadhaks

Bogarnathar: Oldest types of food which are very helpful for God seeking practitioners

  • Rasam, oldest type of food.
  • Banana oldest fruit. Lemon, ginger, tamarind, coconut, groundnuts, almonds, Sunflower Oil, buttermilk, milk, curd and jaggery.
  • No sugar and maida, fine white flour in diet. They are very harmful. Take minimum amounts.
  • 5 bananas in a week at least. They provide best minerals and are good for yogis.
  • Seeds of Creepers- Pumpkins, Cucumber, Bottle guard, Musk melon.
  • Coconut Oil is best.
  • Sunshine everyday for Vitamin D.
  • Ghee 3 tablespoon in a day.
  • Ayurveda is best for treatment.

Tapasaya gives rewards of various kinds. In primitive times, people lived in peaceful environment and worshiped God. They did research on so many things like agriculture, they studied time, Ayurveda etc.

They wrote on leaves of trees which got lost because they were not preserved well and was not even passed on to next generations.

In times of new technology, do not waste your time in frivolous activities. In today’s times, ancient knowledge can be preserved well for forever. Preserving ancient, lost knowledge is being revived in Kaliyug.

Signs of Kaliyug

  • Steep degradation of environment, very few trees.
  • There will be corruption in holy temples and places.
  • Maya, Money and wealth will be worshiped and not wise and virtuous people.
  • Fake saints will gain fame and become celebrities.
  • Low morals of people
  • Women will degrade their dignity and moral values.”………

With blossoms of my devotion dipped in very deep peace and gratitude, I offer them to the Omnipresent God who with his benevolence allowed me to remove the shroud over peacefully sleeping anonymous saint on a mountain whom the world is yet to wake up to! How can words convey when my heart is speechless? Who can reach such sterling Souls who never wish to be known and are still doing penance since millions of years? Our world is far more peaceful than it would have been otherwise, had it not have been for such divine souls. Who will not pay loving homage to them who have finished their identities and do not even wished to be remembered?

It is time the world woke up to such mighty beings who sacrificed their everything in search of Truth and Light! They are the torch bearers who show Light to the world but are lost in antiquity! May we wake up to them and seek their loving blessings so that we become god loving, earnest and receive their benedictions in our efforts in knowing God. May we salute to their indomitable spirits and unconquerable pursuits and abide by the laws laid by God and make our world more loving, peaceful and green.

I prostrate myself in the silence of my heart to you, my revered Maharishi with greatest reverence and full subjugation of my soul. Bless us so that we may follow your footsteps and are able to make your dreams realized. May this Earth become lush green, may there be rainfall for everybody, may there be more God aspirants in millions and billions and may we all live for each other and prosper and become rich in our Spirits!!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om!!!


 (With this concluding post, I wish to inform you that hence forth there will be fewer posts but with regular intervals, most likely just three with Swami Kartikeyan. Once they are over, we shall revise the older segments by April. After revision I shall take a break. These posts are very grave and need our complete absorption.

Below the white flowers is a sari which I bought in Madurai from a shop next to the temple. On it are woven the domes of the Meenakshi Amman temple)



Revised updated on 30-06-19


* Acts of humans have extremely far reaching effects in nature, so much so that the scenery of external world can transform from wonderful to poor.  

Lush green forests can change slowly into deserts, water pools and rivers can shrink and disappear, mountains can crumble to vanish out of our sight.  

One race can become extinct, a new race can become prosperous and mighty, new civilizations may emerge and rule the world while previous cease.  

Great discoveries are made during such time when one race and civilization maintains its morality and chastity by obeying God’s many benign, spiritual laws.  

Previous turmoil in civilization of people or turmoil in the minds of people begins to recede and ebb if the laws of God laid in scriptures and learned men.  

Are meticulously followed, acts of sins if reduced and actions of virtues escalated, the world around us will slowly change into loving, resplendent and pious.




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