In Divine moments with Swami Kartikeyan-II

February 17, 2015

Dear readers, taking forward the last post- and submitting this wonderful article to Lord Shiva, the greatest mystic and Mahayogi with utmost reverence and gratitude on this auspicious day of Shivaratri-17.02.15.

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Part A

Today, I begin with citing a paragraph from my last post on FB as a recap and a gentle reminder to those who may have lost touch with the ongoing subject and theme that is resulting in this blog post. We are continuing from the last post in which the most revered His Holiness, Swami Kartikeyan, the illuminator disciple and also the second son of Lord Shiva in very primitive ages, the extremely illumined sage of ancient times and the one who would not like to give up his long lasting silence and peace at any cost; he has been explaining to us the meaning of words of wisdom that God has given to me in my meditations. The benedictions as pearls of eternal wisdom were noted down in a poetic form in ‘Who am I?’ We need to touch base again to recall some of those prominent lines mentally in our minds at this moment and catch up from where we left last time. The rest of it we must try to grasp over a period of time since we are embarking on a high mountain where a few wish to march when they are on their spiritual journey.

The messages from God were grave and so are their explanations. Only the most ardent aspirants would prefer to take up this mission for the reason that the atmosphere is filled with very rare wisdom now and grasping of that comes with ‘tapasya’, penance. Some of us would still not mind doing that for the sake of knowing the Truth, others may have other objectives in life and many men have not yet arrived at this critical stage where knowing the Truth is their aim in life. Whatever it is, as directed by God, I am sharing with you some of my most enriched meditations and golden moments so that the Truth of God can be unfolded and God can be understood, practiced and lived by as many people as possible today. Some are very keen on this path; some are lukewarm in their pursuits while many others are still making up their minds. Everyone is most welcome to take refuge in God’s lap; someday we all must rest in it even if we have delayed our start. We shall all turn one by one towards our most beloved God to return to where we really belong. This ‘prasad’  nonetheless is for every individual residing in God’s world!

 So here is the quote from FB-

From ‘Who am I?’ post yesterday, a series of continued theme and posts are coming up on my wall just after my intense meditations when a direct conversation and prolonged communications with the Divine within ensues. You will identify with these posts well as they are very simple, purposeful and meaningful. There is a lesson on each level and for every individual. The message must spread far and wide today and for days which are yet to arrive. My each meditation is a gift of God which I chiefly share with all his children via my posts. They are my emails to you and also my sms. Your messages are hidden in them. For some who have not come on my blog so far, their messages are already in print, they only have to receive them at some point of time in close or far future. These posts are predictive in nature….

Very remarkably, I had noted down the following messages of Swami Kartikeyan in the first week of January itself. On 7.1.15, I had noted my stellar meditations’ wisdom in a diary without knowing their fate. Most of this article was already prepared many weeks earlier. After that came the two posts of FB- Who am I? & What do I think of your world today? There were and are many foretelling already in these two poems apart from the messages of God through Swami Kartikeyan . Hence I say that we are going up on the mountain and we all must be aware that we are at the moment in connection with the very holy, very ancient sages of ancient India and we must try to understand the consequences of such a phenomenal event in our lives. Rest of my opinion you should be able to grasp and follow after you have read this post thoroughly and why I am saying this to you at this point of time. I have been getting awe-struck in so many ways myself since I am beginning to understand a little bit about God’s massive plan for all of us whether we are aware of it or not at this moment. I am certain that just like me, you shall also absorb gradually the increasing and proliferating great force that has descended upon us in the last many months, more so after I visited Babaji’s cave in Dwarhat in the Himalayas in September ’14.  Soon we shall be able to fathom how auspicious we are and how careful we should be to accept and confirm the great opportunity we have been bestowed upon by the merciful God in helping us take His refuge and then liberate our bonded Soul finally with the mercy of these very enlightened primitive sages working nonstop, diligently in this process since countless centuries.

07.01.15 morning meditation.

Swami Kartikeyan: “Silence and peace, more silence, more peace you shall get if you let go of your past grips or anchors and merge yourself completely in the silence of your Atma. When you come in touch with your Atma, you are in complete restfulness and calmness.

Om Namah Shivaya is the Mahamantra, profound mantra; is Moksha dayai, gives liberation, that which can give man freedom from the slavery of actions’ results when they are obligatory and detrimental. Shiva was the first human being on this Earth who got God realization fully, prior to him, some had partial realizations. How was this possible? He practiced very long continued tapasya of maun and shanti, penance of silence and peace. He had no Guru to help him seek, there were no formal gurukuls, hermitages, people were all the time occupied with farming and looking after home and hearth. Life was uncomfortable and hardships were too many. Rains were punitive, the Sun was harsh and man was too dependent on Nature to procure food, shelter and clothing. Forests gave peace of mind because the trees give solace to our body and mind. Shiva went into deeper forests for days on to have continuing uninterrupted silence and peace. It was during such long periods of isolation and persistent quietude that the world of God within began to unfold in its full form. His mind never wavered once in his aspirations and all his realizations were passed on to me later on God’s behest so that a chain could be formed and the race of man does not lose this unprecedented legacy.

As his mind was very strongly influenced and affected by the severe circumstances of raw, untamed nature, he decided to conquer his mind in order to remove all the things on which he was dependent. He mastered all that and made his mind so impeccable that nothing mattered at last. At that stage, God was pleased and came forward to reveal Himself in His various glories and wonders….”

So many moments just passed by when I got lost in the depth-less peace and silence that the great sage bestowed upon me to experience what he was trying to teach me from above. With his exceptional blessings, my mind could reach his time period when he had incarnated. I compared myself and wondered if I was on the right track. I had to ask him this following important question which concerned me directly.

Me: “My revered Lord, I have never been advised to do hard practices of spiritual penance by any of my Gurus yet I have made a significant advancement as far as knowing oneself is considered. Many other aspirants are making great improvements now but not under any harsh circumstances. I beg you my Holy Master, kindly once and for all satisfy my doubt as this thought has cropped up many times in my mind earlier. Please put them to rest forever.”

My long standing probe and lingering curiosity was satisfied by none other than a very high positioned, acutely realized Soul when he spoke to me in chaste Hindi. I shall first articulate in Hindi after which you shall find its translation in English for everyone’s convenience.

Swami Kartikeyan: “Babaji ke time tak Kriya zaroori thi aaj nahi. Jo Lahiri Mahasayji ne kiya who bhi theek hai kyunki adi yug ki bahut sari atmaye us yug mei  paida hui thee aur unko Kriya se hi Atma saakshatkar mila. Tum sab ke liye aaj ke navin yug mei yeh avashyak nahi hai. Tum kar bhi nahi paaoge kyunki tumhara shareer aur mana dono  kharab ho chuke hai. Tumko Atma saakshatkar aasani se ho jayega agar tum apna mana apne aap jaldi se saaf kar lo. Baki ka kaam hamara hai. Tum kewal dhyana karo, mana mei Eeshwar ke liye prem jagao and Guruo ki sharan lo.

Is yug mei chor adhik sadhu kum hai. Yeh granth jiski hum rachna kar rahe hai, vah bahut amulya hai. Is mei vishwa ke sabse puratan Purusho ke bare mei likha hai jinhone Eeshar pa liya tha kathin paristhitio mei. Ve aaj samay ki dhool mei bhula diye gaye hai kyunki paapiyo ki sankhya Satpurusho se kahi adhik hai. Ve apne ko pujate hai nar ho kar, Purushottam ko to kadachit nahi jana. Aisi parishthithi mei Eeshwar ne ek nayi rachna ki hai jisme sachche vidyarthio ke liye aisa Gurukul taiiyar kiya gaya hai jisme kisi kism ki milawat nahi hai aur kuch paise bhi nahi lagenge. 

Satya kya hai? Usey kaise jaana jaye? Satya ko pane ke liye prerna milne ke liye humne apni ek adarshi, satyavadi, bhakti se poorna, sarva guno se sampann aur Guru bhakti mei avval stree ko chuna hai jisse sare vishwa mei phir se ujala ho raha hai. Usko kisisi se bhi apeksha nahi hai, kewal sab se prem hai, usey Eeshwar se bahut adhik prem hai.

Aise sthan par aakar tum nishchint ho jao, tumko dheere, dheere sab kuch mil jayega. Jo log mana ke saaf nahi hai, ve yahan tik nahi payenge. Unke jeevan mei bhatakna hi likha hai kyunki vey prayashchit kabhi nahi karte hai aur narak mei jhulaste hai. Vey apna durbhagya swayam nirman kar rahe hai.Kuch janmo baad jab unko sanmati aa jayegi vey, sahi raaste par swayam aana shuru kar denge. Tum log yahan prem aur shraddha se aao and usi mei raho. Tumhara kalyan ho jayega. Jo sharafat se yahan aakar apne mana ko jhuka dega, woh swarag ko payega. Tum apna naya bhagya apne swachch karmo dwara banao, tumhe shanti aur Eeshwar ki prapti hogi. Yah mera ashirwad hai tum sabko. Tumhari shraddha rang layegi aur tum bahut jaldl apne sarva paap bandhono se mukt ho jaoge.

Bahut jaldi tumko Babaji ke bhi darshan honge isi madhyam dwara. Veh mere atipriya hai. Unhone lakhon janomo ki tapasya ka fal is sansara ko de rakha hai jisse is vishwa mei bahut jaldi Satyug aane wala hai. Ve nirantar prayas karte rahete hai ki yah shrishti nirantar haribhari aur shaanti se chalti rahe. Vey jahan bhi jaate hai, wahan kewal Prakash ho jata hai. Tum unse Ichcha ka vardaan maango, vey tumko denge. Unki Ichcha Shakti bahut prabal hai jiske adhar par unhone apne mana ke bal par apne sharir ko amar kar rakha hai kyunki vey chahte hai ki Kaliyug jald se jald samapt ho jaye jisse logon ki peedayae samapt ho jaye. Mei tumko aage chalkar aisi aisi baaten bataonga jisse sunkar tum chaunk jayoge.

Mujhe kabhi bhi prithvi par vapas aane ki ichcha nahi hai kyunki yahan bahut adhik shor hai. Mujhe shanti aur maun sabse adhik pasand hai. Vahi meri tapasaya ka adhar hai aur vahi mei tumko agya deta hun. Tum bhi ab se dhyan karo, usse mana shaant ho jaata hai. Mana mei prabhu ka vaas karke Guruo ka avahan karo, vey tumko apni shaktiyan denge jisse tum upar uthane ke yogya ho jaoge.

Dhyan mei sabse pahele Om Namah Shivaya ka thoda jaap karo, vah kalyankari hai. Shwas lambi chodo aur lambi lo. Apne priya Guruo ka avahan karo aur unsey apne liye raksha kavach maango. Veh tumko rakshasi aur asuri jeevo se door rakhenge, uske baad dhire dhire dhyan mei utar jao. Jitne der mana lage utna baitho. Apne andar shanti lao, Satya ka Prakash bharo aur jab mana mei tarange aae, unhe bahar phenk do. Din mei bahut sara samay maun mei raho, shanti swamyam mil jayegi. Apne swasthya ka poora dhayan rakho jisse yog mei koi rukavat nahi aaye.

Raat ko sone se pahele ek baar phir dhyan mei chale jao and neend mei Om Namaha Shivaya jaap karne ki ichcha rakho. Jo din mei bahut jaap karega, uski neend mei jaap swayam hi chalega.”

Now the English version-

Swami Kartikeyan: “Until the time of Babaji, Kriya was necessary but not today. Whatever Lahiri Mahasayaji did, even that was alright because some primitive souls were born during that time and they got God realizations with Kriya only. For you in the New Age, this is not required. And you will not be even able to do it because your body and mind both have deteriorated. You will easily get God realization if you clean and purify your mind quickly. Rest of the work is ours. You only meditate, invoke love for God in your heart and take refuge in the Gurus.

In this era, there are few saints and more bluff masters. This manuscript that we are creating is very priceless. It is about the world’s  most ancient persons who achieved God in arduous circumstances. They have been forgotten in the dust of time because today the number of sinners is far higher than the God realized saints. They are allowing themselves to be worshiped even when they have not realized Almighty at all. Under such circumstances, God has made a new creation which is a Gurukul, a hermitage, a school which is for the sincere and genuine seekers where there is no adulteration of any kind as well as no money is taken from anybody.

What is Truth? How to know that Truth? To inspire you to know the Truth, we have chosen our one ideal woman, who is truthful, full of devotion, comprising of all qualities, surpassing others in devotion because of whom light is spreading again in this world. She expects nothing from any of you; she only has love for all of you and she has immense love for God.

After coming to such a place, become worry-free. Gradually, you shall achieve everything. Those who are not pure in mind will not be able to sustain themselves here. They are bound to drift as this is their fate since they do not redeem themselves and are quaking in hell. They are making their own hell. After a few lives when wisdom dawns on them, they are going to come on the right path on their own. You must come here with love and devotion and be in that. You will be blessed. Persons who will reverentially turn their minds with their own will get paradise. Make your destiny with your taint-free actions; you will attain peace and God. This is my blessing for all of you. Your devotion will bear fruit and you will very soon become free from the bondage of your sins.

Very soon you will come face to face with Babaji on this medium. He is my very beloved. He has dedicated the outcome of his good deeds of a million years to this world because of which the arrival of the era of Truth is about to come. He is continuously making efforts so that this world goes on thriving with green plantation and peace everywhere. Wherever he goes, there is only light. Ask for a boon, a benediction, he will grant you. His will power is exceptional on which account he has made his body immortal since he wants the era of darkness to end soon so that the agony of people should end. At a later point of time, I will disclose those things which will astonish you.

I never have any desire to return on the earth for the reason that there is too much noise. I love peace and silence the most out of everything. These two attributes are the pillars of my penance and I am directing you also to do the same thing. From now onward, you also meditate, your mind shall become peaceful. Install God inside and invoke the Gurus, they will transmit their powers to you and that will enable you to be worthy to ascend yourself upwards.

In your meditation, do some chanting of Om Namah Shivaya, it is very beneficial. Exhale deeply and inhale deeply. Invoke your beloved Guru and ask for a shield of protection. They will protect you from the evil and destructive forces after which slip slowly into deeper levels of meditation. Sit as long as you like. Bring about peace in yourself, fill yourself with the light of Truth and when the waves of agitation come, throw them out.

Spend a lot of your time in silence, you will automatically attain peace. Take good care of your health so that your union, yoga with God does not snap away by those obstacles.

Before going to sleep at night, go into meditation again and have a desire of chanting Om Namaha Shivaya in sleep also. If some of you do a lot of chanting in the day, they shall chant in their sleep also as a  consequence…..”

I was listening attentively with rapt attention and did not believe myself when I heard the following things later and was gratified-

Swami Kartkeyan Swami: “Meri priya beti, tumko puruskar milna chahiye aur woh hai ki tum bahut jald Shri Mahavatar Babaji se milogi. Vey tumhara intazar kar rahe hai. Vishwa mei anek aisi baten hai jo unko dobara sanchalit karni hai. Jis prakar ek kamal ka phool kade keechad mei paida hota hai parantu apne aapko dheere dheere viksit karne ke paschat, keechad se oopar aur oopar uthta jata hai, usi prakar hi har jeetvatama ko apne aas paas jo aswachchta hai, usey door hokar apni Atma mei oopar aur oopar uthte jaana chahiye. Jis prakar samudra prati din pratha kaal jitni bhi anaavashyaka vastuye hai, unhe kooda kadkat alag karte huye apne aap ko hardum swachch rakhta hai.

Manushya ko bhi sada apne mana aur Atma ko nirantar swchcha rakhna chhiye. Jis din manushya yeh samjh jata hai ki yeh samsara Eeshwar ki chabi hai, ek kreeda angan hai, uska mana apne aap Eeshwar ko adhik prem karna shuru kar dega. Tum bhi yeh chamatkar dekhoge jab tum apne mana ko samet loge.

Mana Eeshawar ki hi den hai, usmei Eeshwar swayam vaas karta hai parantu tumne usmei durgandh aane wali vastuei jama kar rakhi hai. Usmei se sab se bhayanak vastu hai ahankar, ichcha aur unme se utpan hota hai dwesh aur krodh yadi vey sampurna roop se purak na ho. Yeh bhranti jald hi manushya ko Eeswar se bahut door le jati hai jahan se aane mei kai sadiyan lag jati hai.

Parantu tum kripa karke aisa kadachit mat karo. Tum is Satya ko prat karne ke liye bharsak yatna aur purushartha karo, kabhi thako mat. Apne aap par bharosa karo aur Brahmveta Guruo ka avahan karke apne kaam jald se jald poora karo jisse tum sada vishram aur ati indriya anand ka prasad prapt karo. Jo manushya apna sarvasva Eeshwar ko maanne aur jaanne mei arpit kar dete hai, we jeeteji apne andar swarg prapt kar jate hai, unhe kahi jaane ki aavshyakta bhi nahi hai. Tum sab milkar is vishwa ko phir se Satya ko manne wale aur Satya ko paane mei tatpar manushya ki ganna mei aa jao jisse is vishwa ka kalyan ho. Parmatma tum sab ko Satbuddhi de, Satkarma karo and Satya mei nivas karo.”

In English now-

Swami Kartikeyan: “My sweet child, you should get a reward and that reward is that you will soon meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji. He is waiting for you. There are many such things in this world which he wishes to re-organize. A lotus flower is born in muddy, murky pond but it slowly, slowly raises itself above that dirty pond and picks itself up. Similarly, each soul must overlook the unclean environment prevailing around him and should rise up and up in Atma. And like the Ocean which every day in the morning returns and throws all the undesirable things on its shore and thus remains clean. You should become like that.

Human being should also constantly remain clean in mind and Atma. The day the man understands that this world is a reflection of God, a playground; he will begin to love God more. You shall also see this miracle if you consolidate your mind.

God has given us our mind, God himself lives in it but you have gathered all those things which have a bad odour. And out of that the most frightening things are ego and desires, and out of this emerge abhorrence and anger if you cannot fulfil those desires and egos. This delusion takes away man from God so far away that returning back home to God takes millions of years.

For God’s sake, you should not do this. You should try very hard and make all efforts to know the Truth; never get tired in pursuing it. Trust in yourself and after invoking the God realized Gurus, complete your work fast so that you can finally rest forever and attain bliss as benediction which is beyond the senses. The persons who dedicate themselves wholly in believing and knowing God, they procure a paradise within themselves while they are alive and they do not have to go anywhere else. You all should together make this world a believer in Truth and come in the counting of those people because of whom this world’s welfare is achieved. May God give you Truth in your intellect, may you do truthful actions and may you live in Truth.”

Om shanti shanti, shanti Om…….


In Divine moments with Swami Kartikeyan-I

February 15, 2015

Part A

Saturday 14.02.15.

There have been very few posts in this year of 2015. The valid reason is that the last many posts in a series on the blog have been very expanding and nurturing and have made a considerable impact on people at large and on the world besides that. The age old hidden laws of God were slowly and systematically revealed by the great unknown sages of ancient India through these articles one by one. Those articles are revolutionary in nature and should be accepted in that light since we are at a point of man’s history when remarkable and evident changes are taking place exteriorly and more so interiorly. By interiorly is meant that the minds of people are being impressed by these very enlightening facts for the reason that there is so much power and forces embedded in each and every article since they all have come with the will of God and directly.

The revelatory thoughts were first born in the womb of God in void after which they were instantly transferred in the mind-vessel of the highly illuminated saints and sages in the skies and then they descended down to us through thought transference on our territory when we accessed them.

For any of us it should be a leap of faith and a huge stride if we have understood what kind of impact these forceful articles are making on our minds. The minds have begun to modify, align and have reconnected with our very own personal God inside. We have all seen a dramatic positive shift in our inner character and we are about to embark on a new journey.

All of this happened because we allowed ourselves to be impacted by these varieties of forces to act upon us with our own willingness and desire. We can continue to do so if we wish to go on expanding our current consciousness and make it wider and larger by incorporating these forceful new rays of light coming straight from the space of extremely high source of divine energies.

One of the rare gems of Indian spiritual Science is Swami Kartikeyan, the second son of Lord Shiva who has been residing in the upper most planes of divine consciousness since times so far back that our minds will be stressed hard if we try to reach those times and his attained monumental consciousness. His approach towards the current spiritual states of minds of the masses down is such that we need to work really hard on ourselves to reach him and catch up with his extremely expanded consciousness in which thrive such phenomenal God revelations that we cannot even fathom and comprehend. However, with God’s consent and extreme compassion, we have been given an opportunity for which we should forever prostrate inwardly with immense gratefulness and thanksgiving towards God and him.

In my constant endeavour to enhance my spiritual state, I have been blessed profusely to have received his benedictions during my communion with him during intense meditation in the day. As Swami Kartikeyan likes to keep away from the unwise and lethargic worldly people, it is best that I only convey his messages through this meaningful blog and not usurp much of his time since he likes to keep himself in God silence since a very long period of time.

You will be happy to know that he has explained to us what God spoke to me in the preceding days. I narrated my those communiqué with God in two FB posts one each on yesterday and a day prior to that- 13.02.15 and 12.02.15 respectively. God’s message is cryptic. It would be a great help to us if a highly advanced enlightened mahayogi could elaborate on those cryptic words. My today’s meditation was exactly that.  God’s arrival again today and asking Swami Kartikeyan to explain to me and all of us what He spoke to me on two days was just too compassionate. If you have read those posts on FB, you will understand. For those who have not, I reproduce them here.

Who am I?

In which place will you find me?
Where am I hidden?
What is my presence?
What do you think I love to do?

Never will I speak to you if,
You are not attentive,
If you are chaotic,
And are always churning your head.

I hide myself since I find you so far away from me,
In your mind you have gone so far away that you can’t reach me.
In you I find all the unwanted specks that don’t belong to me,
Specks are my own dregs which are made of apprehensions and delusions.

I hide because I wish to remain in my calmest regions and spheres,
In prolonged calmness and sublime, deepest oceans of tranquillity,
In soundless zones of pin drop silence of vacuum serenity,
In colourless space of grave peace and profound virility.

You will find me mingled in love, resting in your farthest layers of chambers,
I hide there so that the noise of external does not come and touch me,
I hide because I love myself and cannot like something that is tainted and artificial,
All is beautiful inside and so clean and pure that even a speck of outside dust troubles me.

You will find me hiding in the innermost core of space, resting and quiet,
I am waiting for you to seek me until you are as pure and white as me,
I will call you many times, so look at me and hear me intently inside,
When I call you must know that it is me and none other who beckons you deep inside.

I love those who recognize my subtle most hints and gestures and are willing to oblige,
I heed to those who are willing to make me first in everything day and night,
I love those who are always there waiting for my next call and hurriedly comply,
Such intentions make me so very glad for I become you and you become I.

Such loving relations are hard to find because I am not to be seen,
With eyes, or can be touched with hands, or heard with two ears,
When the heart yearns cravingly only then I come in soundless steps,
Without knocking or noise and without any intimations and you may call it my pride.

It is not my vanity but my impatience to meet you, to touch you and feel you inside,
Through my tender touch of love, care or peace or only with my loving kindness or sympathy,
I wish to approach you with all my stability, tenderness, gravity and sincerity,
I will come so many times at your threshold and home if you do not refuse me entry.

I will come and open the door of your heart and spread so much love and light,
That your heart will beam with profuse insights, assurance, lightness and bright sunlight,
All your worries will evaporate, tomorrows will brighten and your strength will multiply,
If you allow me to come inside with an open mind, happy conformation and pure devotion.

Each day will bring more happiness, solidity, faith, service, love, humility and enhancements,
You will become richer in your heart, mind and every action and will grow in height and take strides,
You will take charge of your life and action; you will weave new patterns of life designs,
You will never refuse any duty or responsibility and will always love to serve all and like every enterprise.

You will mellow down your last life and renew your new life full of devotion, love, faith, simplicity and humility,
You will change your attitude and prostrate yourself at every minute at my remembrance and will be so thankful.
You will abide by my every wish and liking and will not follow anything that belongs to the Unreal,
You will never go back to the dark world so full of sorrow, mindlessness, idleness and lack of direction.

You will become I and I will become you and we will live together where there is no night or day.
Or season, or year or any climate, or rain or sunshine or any spring or winter,
In perennial oneness, in constant peace and never ending love and fruitful togetherness,
That will never make us two or set apart or leave or depart from our own loving, sweet home.

I am the one who will bring real joy in your life, unbroken peace of mind and every victory,
Success, liberation, freedom, enhancement, improvement, unending and tireless endurance,
Fortitude, might, intuitiveness, abundance, will power, courage and so many great attributes,
Never once will I say that it is me inside them and I who help you develop these rare aspects in you.

I will still hide from you and never let you know that it is I who speak to you in so many forms,
I give you noble and gigantic ideas, vastness and space in which you can imagine the most unimaginable,
I will never speak about my noteworthy contributions in forms of so many powers and prowess that I so easily gifted you,
I will hide myself and won’t let you know that I come in dreams and draw your visions and images so that you can know me somewhat and little bit.

This Universe is so small, like a tiny bubble in front of me, so many galaxies I can create and rubbish,
Time and Space I have created, sound came and began after me, void I created, and nothing was there before me,
With my wish I can destroy anything and with my intention I can make or create something impossible,
It is my wish that will prevail and not yours, it is my power in my wish that I can transfer to build or break anything anywhere in this Cosmos.

I have been living ever since immortality,
I have been sustaining everything since you can imagine,
I am flourishing and extending since time immemorial,
I am always continuing to subsist all others from time endlessly.

I am unchangeable, I am unalterable, I am immovable and I am constant,
I am always changing my forms and faces and can delude even the cleverest,
I have the powers to blur the real from false, to give eyes to some to know the false from real,
I can change the destinies of those who have surrendered to my classic powers and forceful existence.

You will only see me when you have mastered your mind and controlled your senses,
And cleared the debris that you so happily collected and my given precious life wasted.
You will come closer to me if you have chosen a life beyond the garb and glitter and willing to find me hidden deep within,
I will choose you with my stain free affection, pristine wisdom, one pointed devotion and all-embracing submission.

I can wait till eternity to see you return to me, I can prolong my impatience and helplessness to see you radiant and clean,
I have the ingenuity to make you gold from garbage if you persist and can love me ceaselessly,
I will make you my most precious if you renounce the most precious of your belongings and possessions,
I will make you my very own and give a very special place in my heart made of precious gems from where you will never go……

And the second post on 13.02.15 was-

What I think of your world today?

I have been watching, I have been waiting and I have been locking my lips with grave tolerance in solitude.

I have been waiting patiently tenderly with all my love, care, affection and abundant empathy.
I have been sobbing, weeping and moaning when I have seen the destruction of moral values and eternal principles wiped out in frenzy mobs of devastating thoughts and wilderness.
My timeless doctrines burnt alive in just a few moments which have been etched for every living being, by handfuls who think that I don’t exist!

In silence and peace I built my world, very slowly with utmost care and sympathy and rare ingenuity.
I masterminded each particle, every atom and every little creature and filled it up with my own consciousness and cognizance.
I also brought in my own reflections in them as kindness, sympathy, compassion and love everywhere.
I saw to it that my world never diminishes; it shall only prosper and grow with abundance, merriment and rejoicing.

First atom was built with only peace with my wizardry, peace and more peace ruled everywhere since it was peace that came first in everything.
Simplicity I love since I am very simple and I never complicate my world or my things.
Simplicity I like to see everywhere even now as it reflects my own work and just me.
Grace is laden in simplicity which the pure eyes and heart will be able to see.

Simple and uncomplicated Spirits over millions of decades degenerated and became conscious of their greatness.
They saw their greatness and forgot me and could not see me in their temporary greatness.
Their deluded minds saw themselves in their greatness but not me standing in those qualities and prestige.
They built castles and castles around them in which they began to meander but did not remember in time to exit.

Such fools do not know that this world is like sand dunes, they will be formed in one place and in another day they shall disappear,
The appearance and disappearance is my power and I can delude anybody for the man is cunning and never redeeming.
They will be brought to their senses only after they lose everything which they have gained with my powers and grace.
Justice will be done to those who are innocent and are waiting for my justice and calling, and they will never interfere with my diktat.

I wish to transfer myself as rays of golden light through peace, simplicity and compassion in you and all over the world.
A remarkable change you will see everywhere and I shall transform those who wish to change the world and themselves.
You must comply, abide and obey all my laid tenets and commandments of golden rules in which I have prescribed to love all.
A silent revolution you should see budding into a reality out of which millions will gain and the bereft shall prosper and smile.

Bring order in my world, bring happiness for all in this globe, teach my ancient wisdom with simplicity and clean your inner core.
Teach humility, oneness, and awareness and never compromise your values for gains so flimsy and unfair.
I have chosen my men, my soldiers, my servants and my workers who will try to do anything to bring back sunshine and joy on every face.
I have given them my powers to shift the world to ancient values and they will hand over the baton to their progeny until the Truth dawns on so many.

If compassion for weak brothers and sisters is eroded in so many men, this world will never be a place of living congenially and safely.
I live in you as compassion and mercy and wish to see every human being flooded with compassion and mercy for every little thing.
Sins are made because compassion is compromised for so little and that which does not last more than days, say thirteen.
If compassion is nowhere to be found in you, I shall die a sad death in you and bury myself alive in.

My new world order is that simplicity must return but before that vast peace engulfing this world.
First comes peace, then simplicity and so must come mercy and compassion on other fellow men.
For decades some have trampled over others and made fortunes which they did not deserve.
The underprivileged and downtrodden were repressed and their voice muffled until they lost their voice.

Here comes a New Age where I bring about simplicity, tenets, principles and virtues dominating.
Above everything and they should be made to influence others and the numbers must grow.
Avarice, ego, greed, jealousy, hatred, faithlessness are some hidden black spots which man cannot see or reach himself.
These habits I abhor because all are my children and fairness, love, justice, right judgement I love to distribute.

When my world is under a dark cloud I choose some of my children who are destined to be believers and work for the service of God and his children.
I bring back order, harmony, sanctity, penance, hard work, simplicity, frugality and many age old virtues of blessedness.
These virtues are the base on which the egalitarian society should be formed in order to distribute happiness, ease, all essentials and so much more.
Day by day, the wheel of time turns around as I change the destinies of teeming people who have miserably been thrown in one corner.

Do not think I cannot see, or hear or judge but I must wait till the time is right and the world is ready to speak.
It should be ready to welcome all my virtues ancient and precepts on which I built my world for you to live.
Never before was man so very greedy, nor so ruthless and indulgent or extremely selfish and blind to the laws of God.
I must intervene in order to show that it is my own world, I permanent but you are a temporary citizen.

Rebuild this world by being gentle, calm, pious, warm, generous, understanding and more giving and gifting your own self to Thee.
Learn to be tolerant, just, kind, co-operating, malleable, simple, unassuming and fair in all your deals.
Give more and take less, think more and talk less, heal more and harm less, observe more and judge less and love more hate none.
In coming times, your neighbourhood shall be so prosperous, joyful, serene, comfortable and life will become very easy.

My Nature and all five elements will co-operate in such endeavours of all, it will bless you for making this earth peaceful and spreading love.
You will get more rains, green harvests, good luck, worthy world citizens and healthy and robust green environment.
Prosperity will kiss your toes, cooling winds of congeniality will brush your shoulders tenderly and genteel, mild musk perfume of divinity will embrace you.
If you obey my commandments and refuse acts of sins, work hard each day, relinquish bad actions and badmouthing.

I wish to bless all of you with my huge heart of gold waiting to deluge this world with inundated blessings,
I wish to fill all rivers with sweet water for all of you and plant delicious fruits on every branch that you will grow for your sisters and brothers.
I want to desperately clean the air so that you are not choking and coughing, little children must run and play in clean environment.
Education must be for all in order to share the technology of modern days which was allowed to grow for everybody’s good destiny.

Ask for any boon I shall give; ask for any redemption I shall forgive, demand your birth rights and I shall grant.
But you must work for a common goal which will make your neighbourhood and the whole world a wonderful place to live and enjoy.
Sleep without worries, live without fears, work with cooperation, work hard effortlessly, endure till the end until you have reached your destinations.
Die with peace and purposefulness which you shall attain in the end because each day you should have lived with love and devotion.

I am blessing each one of you for being my sweet, sincere child, my most beloved and my most lovable offspring.
Bring me forth let me shine, let me rise up and ascend the world through all of you, I wish to see you blissful, merry and always peaceful.
Let me appear in all my creations, in all my offspring and loving children, in small or big, mighty or weak, lean or wise.
Let my appearance not be overshadowed by your disgraceful pride or hunger for temporary belongings or any other such thing snide.

If you permit me to come forth, I shall promise never to let you go hungry or weak and shall rehabilitate you in every sense.
I shall make you flower and blossom and make a garden of never dying blooms and you shall always live in a cool shade of mine.
I shall protect you from every wild and tormenting harsh beat of brazen currents and unleashing tirades of sons sinful.
I will make you sleep in my lap of comforting lullabies and never make you short of any conveniences.

Rise and shine, shine and rise every day, bring back my lost glory, radiance, sparkle and vivacity in simplicity.
Teach and spread, spread and teach my never dulling lessons of inculcating peace in every human being.
Love and be loved, this can happen only if you have compassion for every living creature and all my made things.
You do not have to go far anywhere to find and know me, I am already hiding in everybody as peace, simplicity and mercy!

Part B

 Above are compact paraphrasing but immense revelations. Since we are not in a position to fully understand its diversity and effect, His Holiness Swami Kartikeyan very kindly explained to me in detail so that nothing is lost in receiving the predictions and messages from God directly.


Swami Kartikeyan-“God is formless, constant and all knower. He decides to manifest as and when He pleases. When there was nothing at all, only God existed. God is timeless since its presence has been since the beginning of reality. It cannot be negated and removed from anywhere. It may appear as and when it wishes in some form of appearance, metaphysical or vivid. It may manifest in humans as an intuition, advice, guidance, feeling or a hunch. It will never be seen with your eyes if they are covered with a film of deception and self-doubt. But for once the deception removed, it will never hide itself from your perception and cognition.

Submission of all worldly desires and removal of all egos in an individual is the stage from where God allows itself to be recognized and emerge. These two delusive states of mind do not allow God to emerge since they erect a wall of opposition between the devotee and God himself. Any want that relates to the delusive and temporary world changes, the state of mind of the seeker of almighty God, since pursuing those desires and substantiating the false self-image in the form of ahankar or ego pulls him out towards the pursuance of those objectives. In this pursuit, the mind goes away from the point where God is realized and understood- and that point is within.

This kind of phenomenon takes any number of years and centuries since the jeevatma does not remember to go back inside himself or herself to search for God within. Those who begin their journeys within a certain period of time, they reach deep inside their antaratma or core being where the presence of God is most significant and substantial. To know God extremely well, one must prepare himself properly and well by going against those forces which block the presence of God inside. And those forces are hidden deep inside the individual being and act as thieves because of which humans are completely unaware of the mighty presence of God inside.

Millenniums ago, when man was simple and his life was very simple, God was easily found in a short period of time because there were fewer distractions and time was thus saved and man returned to God with ease. However, with growing times and rapid development in the exterior world, man became more and then more greedy and allowed his vasanas, which are the very old lodged desires created in heaps of lives to blossom indiscriminately hence creating the wedge between himself and the presence of God wider and wider day by day life after life. Indiscriminating judgement leads to indescribable suffering in humans. Blind egos and prides of such men, when unleashed unethically impel humans to dig a well of uncountable sorrows and unwell being because of the law of actions and reactions. If humans understood by themselves by looking deep inside that whatever happens outside themselves, first happens inside them.

Our manifested lives are a direct shadow of our own created sankalpas or thoughts. Whatever we do with our senses and mind in the physical world as actions are first of all created mentally in an unconscious or conscious state of mind. Conscious state of mind is the one which is aware of God’s presence within and actions are done with that presence. On the contrary, unconscious state of mind is that consciousness of a human being who has made a wall between him and the presence of God in its being with his ego and desires. When all of a sudden the man realizes that his stature is of no significance and God’s all powerful presence is the thing that should not be ignored, the meltdown begins. The ice thaws and starts to melt until a stage when all the ice melts and there stands no wall or door that blocks the startling presence of God in oneself. We all must come at least up to this state of consciousness to avoid the bickering of one’s mind, to escape the milling and beating of the jeevatma’s incessant incarnations as there is no escape.

Direct contact and touch with God’s presence is a must for those who wish to concur and agree in all forms with the Sankalpa or wish of almighty God. God’s wish has so much force, power and energy in it that it is in every sense irrepressible. How can one escape the will of God if one’s own desire has no life of its own? When the vacuum, which is created by the absence of all desires and the deterrent ego falls and crumbles, all the space that is left inside is filled up with just one thing-God’s personal space. Such a space within oneself has the command and directives of the powers of only God and nothing else. From within arise benevolent ideas and noble objectives, which flourish and nourish in masses and have very remarkable consequences on the Earth.

God’s motive is always all pervasive, it trickles down at the lowest level starting from the highest place-the initiator who benefits the most and downwards till the last beneficiary. All must become holy, spiritual and must be flourishing and nourishing for each being and living creature as God has mercy on every little creature of his. God’s plan is such that nobody is deprived whoever it is and wherever they are. It begins with a thought, a germ, a seed and spreads so vastly that nobody is deprived of its welfares and benefits.

Whoever wishes to generate such a kind of positive force in oneself must remove all the dark shades of the vasanas, even the last thinnest film of ego so that this world becomes beneficiary and not handfuls of living creatures. When a human being becomes so enlarged in her or his consciousness, God uses such human beings to their maximum capacity since their performance will be exemplary. Even a handful such wise devouts can change the entire image of this planet with their highest ideology. As more and more people understand this fundamental of God’s working in this Universe, larger and larger individuals will benefit and the planet shall be regenerated at a very fast speed.”

(Will be continuing these paraphrases in next post on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri which falls day after tomorrow on 17.02.15)