04.04.15. A big shift during Lunar Eclipse and the consequent positive effects on us and forth coming events as SpiritinlifeWorkshops

April 4, 2015

The Lunar Eclipse caused today will bring about very positive growth in Spiritual advancement for those who are receptive and wish to sincerely uplift their Souls. Keeping this development in sight and taking full advantage of those vibrant positive energies on the Earth beginning to unleash and spread from today onwards for six months, it is decided that we shall continue our regular endeavours headed for our Spiritual Growth and enhancement through various methods.

 News on our Workshops

Workshops are being held on a regular basis since three years or so. Information about such Workshop was given on Face Book for the first time in November 2014. For the reason that these Workshops are now well organized and are proving to be very productive, it has been decided that we shall have them frequently in various places in small groups when possible and convenient to the participants.

Freshly, a Workshop was held at Mumbai at my residence on 14th & 15th February 2015. Three people from Ahmedabad and three from Bangalore attended this short but very pulsating and intensive programme. People from both these cities met each other for the first time. A few more Workshops were held earlier some of whose account was given on Face Book only but not on WordPress blog.

Out of so many readers, maximum visitors on the blog seem to be from Mumbai as per Cluster Maps but surprisingly so far except for one blog follower who met me recently, no one has had a direct interaction with me. I understand that Mumbai city has its own commuting problems and life is very hectic here. The blog has been moving to higher elevations since September 2014 from the post of Dwarahat. The in-depth understanding cannot be achieved without proper guidance and I am quite unconvinced if merely reading the blog can take somebody to great heights. So kindly pay heed and invest some time in your valuable training and education which will fetch very rewarding results in your future spiritual projections.

In order to have a direct interaction and to provide many explanations of the capsuled posts, I suggest that the blog followers of Mumbai and nearby Mumbai areas should meet.

People who are reading this blog and are from Mumbai or nearby places and who wish to attend a Workshop in Malad in Mumbai, Western side of the city may kindly inform me for confirmation on spiritinlife@gmail.com after a brief introduction. Two devotees from Kolkatta are also going to attend the Workshop as they will be in our town during those days.


Date- 18th April 2015, Saturday

Time- 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

 A Note– This notice is being posted on both the places- WordPress as well as FaceBook. Those people who have just started reading the blog may also join the group if they wish to. The beginners as well as the advanced readers are all welcome to participate.