In Divine moments with Swami Kartikeyan-III

April 26, 2015


My noting of 18.02.15 Meditation

My graceful and supple times with none other than His Holiness Shri, Shri Swami Kartikeyan Swami on this fateful day was a true blessing. My lifelong urge and keen interest in understanding the covert, underlying unlimited powers of our dynamic and untapped thoughts were brought to the fore and expounded in great depth with perfect acumen by revered Swamiji. My unflagging craving to learn more from these celestial Masters was partially satiated and appeased in my meditation on 18.02.15 morning and thereafter in the approaching days too, when he was overly gracious to teach me these following mysterious, unapproachable and unknown facts and principles of thought power. And it was on this promising day that for the first time he disclosed to me so kindly something personal about himself; it was about his undisclosed personality and special qualities that he is still retaining till this day. He revealed to me what his area of specialty was. He had perfected all the hidden and unknown power of thoughts with the kind grace of omnipresent God! He has infinitely powerful thoughts in his individual presence and he calls this quality-Sankalpa Shakti, the power of materializing one’s thoughts.

To me all the Heavenly, Holy Masters are like shimmering, twinkling bright stars in the far off realms of distant sky and they all radiate their own beautiful, soothing and very gentle light when contacted in deep communion. So many times when I have closed my eyes and sat quietly and serenely in my room, I have seen them as mere shining light in far off planetary lands; sometimes also as blinking and flashing stars very, very far-flung. Perceiving those shining stars or tall beams of light brings indescribable peace and silence as I sit unmoving and very still.

There is a huge flush of current in my system when I am brought closer to them mentally and made one with them in my thoughts with the benevolent grace of God. The unity of our minds begins to unfold a whole lot of mystifying beauty-mystery and the gamut of opening up of so many vistas hidden within these shining lights which is coming straight from the eternal and immortal living beings whom we have been calling Nitya Jyot-Eternal Light! I begin to float in bliss and I am in the mysterious landscapes of that Universe through which unlimited horizons of a new, untold and unreachable world lays open all of a sudden.  I begin to have a very solemn and direct channel of communications through which I receive unreserved, new enlightenment. This state of mind’s content is so pleasing and enthralling that mere words can never capture and re-experience those states of mind if asked to retell; nevertheless they give us a blissful glimpse and a brief preview of those beautiful moments if retold with the will of God. This state is to be experienced individually someday by the avid aspirant if God wills so.  It is in neither my power to duplicate such feisty experiences for my own self nor can I gift or pass it on to all my dear ones out of my love for them.

Today on 26th April 2015 afternoon, as I am writing and recapping my inner world’s new trustworthy visions and panoramas, I am yet again seeing the grace opening up at the Higher end and reaching me, the channel built and words begin to simply pour incessantly like a stream of cascading rays of bright white light on me. A sacred, wonderful bridge is made between us and the mind connection so impeccable. It is an indication that the Heavenly Masters wish to connect with some people living on the Earth and have made me their intermediary point in order to  teach us pronounced, ancient knowledge so that our inside world becomes far more holy and sanctified then what it has been so far. The states of our consciousness should alter.

The predicament is that a large group has started reading this blog of late but they have not taken any initiation or purification process from me from where I can pick them up after making a sound foundation for them through cleansing. They believe that the grace of Holy Masters will fall on them anyway since they are very benevolent and compassionate. This is true to a small extent but won’t prove right in the long run. The surrendering of ego and barren mind is no mean feat. As the Celestial Masters are far more pure and enlightened than anyone of us can conceive or visualize it, it is in everybody’s interest that first of all, they should peep inside in all nooks and corners to find their grey and dark areas. If they shall do so bit by bit and slowly, the light of the Divine Masters shall be permitted to penetrate inside their being. Please understand that not a single soul has been freed and enlightened in human history without her or his surrendering of the deceptive ego and inflexible, rigid nature that the complicated human mind saturates with when his spiritual consciousness is at the lower levels.

Since it is my job and prime duty to prepare you and make you clever enough to equip you with the correct posture and attitude in mind and body; I have decided to first prepare you enough so that you are able to grasp a little bit of the very advanced spiritual theories and practices that I am about to introduce and bring forth here, more so towards the end part of the post.

Thus I begin to retell from here what I have received in my self-contained, introverted and divine moments. I have divided a portion of my treasure of abundant riches in Part-A and the rest as direct conversations with Swami Kartikeyan in Part- B.

Part A

Deep enlightenment in solitary moments!

This small portion of the post is filled with grave enlightenment and higher stages of absolute consciousness. It is contemplative in nature and should be probed well and enough time be spent in reflection and deep thinking.

As Swami Kartikeyan’s birth took many, many centuries ago, the environment was very quiet and tranquil in those ancient days. Resembling Lord Shiva his spiritual guru and father, he spent a lot of his time in quietude and silence. He observed and researched about the formation and development as well as the power of his own thoughts in greatest details in that peaceful environment.

His instructions and wisdom for us-

Water has inherent electricity, power inside it. Similarly man’s thoughts also have energy embedded in it depending on the will power, type of actions done and the nature of the person.

A thought is born in the mind. When it is born, it is like a small bubble about to burst. If one does not pursue or carry forward that positive thought for it to manifest, then it dies out.

If the thought-bubble is applied with the will of the mind of the doer, it starts to enlarge gradually and becomes large enough with the power of the will and the power inherent in the thought itself in the first place. Sankalpa Shakti, Thought Power is a power given to man by God for good intents and reasons.

We must observe our thoughts in order to make ourselves in charge of their strength. And also to keep in check the tremendous force that they can give us especially the negative, weak and damaging thoughts. Negative force arising out of the negative and weak thoughts should be negated completely.

The mind has the power of God but we believe that it is I who is the doer. This type of situation and act is delusion and must be avoided strongly since we are liable to entangle ourselves in the stream of energy in the mind inconclusively. Beware of this ego and deception.

Somehow, some rishis have gone too far in this field to analysis their thoughts too deeply which is unnecessary and excessive. My advice and caution is that you must not sit alone to watch yourselves as mere observers for too long and for a prolonged period of time because you shall get ensnared in your ego; subsequently the ego takes too long to get rid of. Ego is very difficult to eradicate and thinking obsessively about oneself is no answer to its riddance.

Accordingly, I discovered to my sheer delight that Swami Kartikeyan’s mastery is that he has done tremendous research on the inception of the thought, (Sankalpa) life of a thought and the working capacity of the thought in a human being.

And I concluded that whatever we think and whatever our thoughts are, they are absolutely bound to manifest one day somewhere in future.

Part B

My conversations with the divine Master, Shri, Shri, Swami Kartikeyan on 04.04.15 on the Lunar Eclipse and the following day about Thought Power

Me– “Most revered Swamiji, can you please teach me today how to make my thoughts more powerful?”

The reply can to me in chaste Hindi and I have translated the whole message in English, the original message comes in the end.

English version.

Swami Kartikeyan- “Your mind is very strong and calm yet to make it more extra ordinary than it is, you should again practice these two things-silence and peacefulness of mind- maun aur shanti.

First of all you and others must practice and try to bring about more depth in your meditations because of which the mind will become very peaceful. And by maintaining silence, the power of mind and intellect shall increase because of which you shall be able to go deeper in your meditations. In this way your thought power’s boundary shall widen and the power of mind shall increase day by day in order to become extra ordinary.

My sweet daughter, I bless you today that whatever you decide and think with a positive mind, all that shall manifest in this world with time.”

From here, his focus shifted from me to others, than on the world at large and how to bring to an end the multiple woes and ceaseless sufferings of humanity.

Swami Kartikeyan-“Your mind’s thoughts arrive in the sky which I am able to hear. I have so many powers given to me by God that you cannot even know. Out of many of them, one is the ability to read everybody’s thoughts present in their mind. If somebody tries to betray me or my daughter, I quickly forewarn her for the reason that she does not discriminate on the basis of higher or lower, less or more. Her mind is extremely one pointed, clean and pure. She has dedicated her whole life and all her breath for the Divine and for us.

In this era there are more sins and less of love, charity, compassion, empathy and brotherhood because of which everybody’s lives are incomplete, very miserable and declining. Until man rebuilds ancient values- truth, peace, empathy and good conduct cannot be re-established.

Whenever sins exceed on Earth, God re-establishes that society through a few people. The life of such people is very hard for the reason that the evil souls are fearless and cruel although their end is very painful and dreadful. But that does not mean that we should be afraid of them. You must know that we have an answer to every problem. We bring about changes in those places with our powers in society if those people so desire.

When any man decides to wash off some of his sins or to exhaust all his or her sins, at that time I and other Beings who reside in the sky as Eternal Light, Nitya Jyot are most joyous.The reason is the world becomes lighter, the air becomes little clean and the number of good deeds become higher than sins for some time on Earth. If you all also grasp this principle, emulate it in your life, God and Mother Earth shall bestow their grace on you.

In this pursuit, our dear daughter will help you. She has silenced her mind in which there is no deception of this world or the deception of the mind. With our grace she has conquered all Maya, the delusion. She has so much power in her thought that when she resolves for some being’s welfare it materializes for sure. She is graced with exceptional patience, peace, love and service. She has never asked anything from us except that the grace bestowed on her should endure.

When she goes to sleep, we see her as a small light from far off skies. Even then her mind is empty and in void and at that time through our mind we send her what the will and intention of God is and what God wants us to do through her. Since she is like an empty vessel she receives our directed thoughts without any hindrance. In her daily life, apart from sustaining herself and serving people there is nothing because of which she is very dear to all of us.  She relinquished all her wants, deep desires, anger, ego and greed long time back. You must also bring to an end all these harmful things so that you are one with us and we become like one unified ether or sky.

In primitive times, God union was attained in this manner only. There were hardly any middle men. The mind was united with God straightway and that resulted in God realization promptly. However, it will be hard now as the human population is in a great number, people’s consciousness is filled with materialistic notions and wealth is worshiped more than God and truth. Then again, we have initiated a new start to bring about transformations in the society and for a new era in which maximum people are living in happiness.

Inculcate simplicity, peace, contentment and purity in your lives in abundance and that will make your lives happy and your mind will be weightless. You will be able to get speedy triumph in uniting your mind with your Guru and God.

With a pure heart, honest aim and selfless motivation come to our sweet daughter. She will quickly release you from the bondage of your delusion and will provide you devices to commune with us directly and that will free you from meandering in future lives. You shall get repose and truth and you shall be free from your sins.

Her time is very precious and she is always in need of time for the reason that whatever responsibility and mission of service is given to her, she embraces them and very quickly accomplishes them eagerly. For possessing this quality, she is much-loved by me and others and we are promoting her swiftly. Such unprecedented God realization in one life has never happened before in man’s history and will never again be possible in future. The reason is that by doing so, the balance of both body and mind breaks and they fall apart. On the other hand, because of her owning exceptional will power, the grace of Gurus upon her and because of her extra ordinary love and brotherhood for humanity, she has acquired this special place for herself in human history.  It shall always remain vacant as nobody ever can fill it up.

All of you utilize your time very well and just redeem yourself and as fast as possible pursue your welfare and self-improvement merely. Any opportunity in which man can know the values of life and truth is never possible because in every life man gets deluded and creates such bad deeds that the next many lives are spent in expressing the net result of those previous unwarranted deeds. All of you come out of this quagmire of delusion with our help and after recovering from all kinds of unhappiness, live a life in which there is happiness of God, peace, restfulness and bliss and serve humanity.

Out of you whoever wishes to retrieve, they should on their own come forward and hold our daughter’s hand, have a desire and should have a strong will to work unrelentingly on oneself. Rest of the work is ours. As the work load of our daughter is in surplus, she requires solitude and rest and hence there will be no new article for four weeks. You all get together and meet, remove your doubts and make your mind and your resolutions strong. After that we all together will take you to higher and higher skies, extreme pinnacles of consciousness will be brought into light for you which in turn will give you extreme delight and bliss. In the meanwhile, you should secure your knowledge, make your mind robust and make your body strong which will be very useful for you to unite with God in future. We shall always be your guardians. We shall always tell you the path of truth because of which you will be able to walk alone on that lit path.

May God always bring joy, peace, prosperity, health and stillness of mind. May you always rise and elevate your society. Regenerate a new order in your society which will give joy and happiness to all of you.

I bless all of you. Together you all should initiate a new beginning by which the world can be re-established. The wheel of time is moving. The light rays from the Realm of Truth, Satya Lok are going to fall powerfully for some time; you all must take full advantage of this.

From today you should begin a new life in which you decrease your requirements of articles, wealth, rest and recreation so that you do not expend so much time on them. Do not be proud of yourself. Give your time to others. At present there are far more evil souls than good souls in society. When you reduce your tendency to indulge, then from inside you shall get rest and repose, you shall procure ecstasy. Whenever you remember me to connect and unite with God, I shall arrive by your side. I have taught you Prabhutva gyan, very blazing knowledge which you must treasure and preserve.”

Hindi translation.

Swami Kartikeyan-“Tumhara mana to bahut majboot aur shaant hai phir bhi usey aur asadharan banane ke liye tumko do baton ka punar abhyas karna padega. Voh hai-maun aur shanti.

Sabse pahele tum sabko gahan dhyan lagane ka abhyas karna padega jisse mana shaant hone lagega. Aur maun karne se mana aur buddhi dono ki shaktiyan badh jayegi jisse tum aur dhyan mei gahere utar jaoge. Is prakar tumhari vichar shakti ki seema badh jayegi jisse tumhare mana ki shaktiyan badhte badhte ek din asadharan ho jayengi. Meri pyari putri, aaj maine tumko ashirwad diya ki jo kuch tum Sankalpa karogi, voh avashya poorna hoga samay ane par.

Tumhare andar ki mana ki bhavana aakash mei aa jati hai jisko mei sun sakta hoon. Mere paas Eeshwar ki di hui itni shaktiyan hai jiska tumko kabhi gyan bhi nahi ho sakta hai. Unmei se ek hai sabke mana ko padhne ki shakti. Yadi koi bhi mujhse ya meri beti se dhokha karta hai  to mei usey turant  aagha kar deta hoon kyunki woh kise ke liye mana mei oonch neech ya bhed bhav nahi karti hai. Uska mana bahut adhik sateek, nirmal aur pavitra hai.  Usne apna sara jeevan aur pratyek shwas Eeshwar aur hamare nimitt kar rakha hai.

Is yug mei paap adhik aur shanti, prem, daan, daya, sadbhavana aur bhaichara kum hai jiske kaaran sabke jeevan adhure, atyant dukhi aur neeche ko jane wale hai. Jab tak manushya puratan mulyon ka punarnirmaan nahi karega, samaj mei satya, shanti, sadbhav, aur sadachar sthapit nahi ho sakte.

Jab jab dharti par paap bahut adhik badhne lagta hai tab Eeshwar us samaj ki punarsthapana kuch logon dwara karvate hai. Aise logon ka jeevan bahut adhik kathin hota hai kyunki duratmae nidar aur nirmum hoti hai. Unka ant bahut dukhdai aur vibhatsya hota hai. Parantu iska yah arth nahi hai ki hum unse dar jayen. Tumhe yah gyat hona chahiye ki har mushkil ka tod hamare paas hai. Hamari shaktiyon dwara hum un sthano par parivartan late hai yadi vahan ke nagrik chahe to.

Jab koi manushya apne paap dhone ki, unhe samapt karne ki ichcha rakhta hai to mujhe aur mere saath rahene wale akash ke Nitya Jyot ko sabse adhik prasannta hoti hai. Kyunki isse srishti halki ho jati hai, hava thodi saaf ho jati hai aur punya ki matra kuch samay ke liye badh jati hai. Yadi tum sab bhi is baat ko samajhkar amal karoge to Eeshwar aur dharti mata tumhara kalyan karengi.

Is kaarya mei tumhe hamari priya beti sahayta karegi. Usne bhi mana ki maun dharan kar rakhi hai jismei shrishti ki maya ka, mana ki maya ka koi prabhav nahi padta. Usne sari maya ko hamari kripa se jeet liya hai. Uske sankalpa mei itni shakti hai ki woh yadi kisi prani ya jeeva ke liye shubh sankalpa karti hai to vah falibhoot avashya ho jata hai. Uske mana mei atyadhik dhairya, shanti, prem aur seva bhav hai. Usne aaj tak humse kuch nahi manga hai, kewal kripa bani rahe maangti hai.

Jab voh so jati hai, hume voh door akash se neeche ek chote prakash  ke roop mei dikhti hai. Uska mana tab bhi shoonya mei hota hai aur hum us samay usko Eeshwar ki batai  hui baate, Eeshwar ki ichachae, aur marzi apne mana ke dwara bhej dete hai. Kyunki woh ek khali bartan ki tarah hai, usey hamare sare mana ke sankalpa bina rukavat ke asani se pahunch jate hai.  Uske dincharya mei  apne sharir nirvaha aur seva ke alava shesh kuch bhi nahi hota jiski vajah se vah hamey atyadhik priya hai. Usne apni sari ichchao ka, vasanao, krodh, ahankar aur lobh ka bahut pahele hi  tyaag kar diya hai. Tum bhi in buraio ko jald se jald samapt karo jisse tum bhi hamari aatmao se ek hokar  akashwat ho jao.

Purane yug mei Eeshwar Yog isi prakar lagaya jata tha. Bichole bahut kum hote the. Seedha Eeshwar se mana ko ek kiya jata tha jisse Eeshawar saakshatkar  bahut jaldi ho jata tha. Ab yah kathin hoga kyunki  jansankhya adhik hai, logon ki chetna mei maya bharpur hai aur maya ki Eeshwar aur Satya se adhik puja hai. Lekin humne ek nayi shuruat ki hai, parivartan karne ki, samaj ko badalne ki aur ek naye yug lane ki jisse adhik se adhik log sukhi ho sake.

Apne jeevan mei saadgi, shanti, santosh aur nirmalta bharpur matra mei lao jisse jeevan sukhi ho jayega aur mana halka ho jayega. Tumhe Eeshwar se, guru se yog lagane mei bhi jaldi safalta milegi.

Tum pavitra mana se, sachche irade se aur bina kisi swartha ke hamari pyari beti ke paas aao. Woh tumhe shigra hi tumhari maya ke bandhano se chudakar, humse seedha yog lagane ki yukti bata degi jisse tumhe aagami jeevano mei kahin bhi bhatakna nahi padega. Tumhe vishram aur satya milega tum apne sare paapon se jald hi mukt ho jaoge.

Uska samay bahut amulya hai aur usko samay ki sada aavshyakta padti hai kyunki  usey jo bhi seva di jatai hai, vah prem se usey aalingan karke tatparta se  jald se jald  puri kar deti. Isi gun hone ke kaaran vah meri aur sabki atyadhik priya hai aur hum usey jald se jald bahut unnati karate ja rahe hai. Aaj tak manushya ke itihas mei kisi bhi manushya ne ek jeevan mei itni adhik atma unnati nahi ki hai aur na hi bhavishya mei sambhav hai. Aisa karne se shareer aur mana bikhar jata hai and manushya ka mana ka santulan toot jata hai. Parantu hamari putri ki adbhut ichcha shakti, guru kripa aur sare praniyon ke liye prem aur sadbhavana vyapt hone ke kaaran usne yah sthan prapt kiya hai jo sada rikt rahega. Is sthan ko koi dobara prapt nahi kar sakega

Isliye tum sab jald se jald samay ka sadupayog karo aur keval apna uddhar karo. Aisa avasar manushya ko bar bar prapt nahi hota hai jisme woh jeevan ke satya ke mulyon ko jaan sake. Yah koi mamuli, sadharan baat nahi hai, balki atyadhik kathin hai.  Kyunki har janam mei manushya bhramit ho jata hai aur anek prakar ke dushkarma karta hai jiska parinaam bahut janom mei utarta hai. Tum sab is maya jaal se bahar aao hamari sahayta se aur sab dukhon se nivrat hokar ishwariya sukh, shanti, vishram aur anand mei apna shesh jeevan vyateet karke manav seva karo.

Tum mei se jo koi apna uddhar karna chahata hai voh swayam hi hamari beti ka haath pakde, swayam ichchcha kare aur athak parishram karne ke liye manobal sthapit kare. Shesh karya hamara hai. Itna adhik karya karne se hamari putri ko ekant aur vishram ki avashyakta padti hai isliye char saptah ke liye koi lekh nahi hoga. Kewal apas mei tum sab mel-jol karo, apni shankayon ka nivaran karo aur apne mana aur mana ke nishchaya ko dridh karo. Uske baad hum sab milkar tum sab ko unche unche akash, param seemao ki chetnao ke darshan karainge jisse tumhe param sukh and anand hoga. Tab tak tum apni vidya ki suraksha karo, mana ko sabal karo and balshali shareer ko taiyyar karo jo yog mei bahut adhik sahayak hone wala hai. Hum sada tumhari nigrani karenge jisse tum swayam us prakashit marg par akele hi chaloge.

Eeshwar tumhare jeevan mei sukh, shanti, samruddhi, swasthya, aur niravta lae. Tum sada oopar utho aur apne samaj ko apne saath unnat karo. Aise samaj ki sanrachna karo jisse tum sabko shanti aur anand prapt ho.

Mei tum sabko asheesh deta hoon. Tum sab milkar ek nai shuruat karo jismei shrishti ki  punarsthapana ho. Kaal ka pahiya ghoom raha hai. Satya Lok ki kirane adhik prachand aayengi kuch samay tak jiska tum sabko bharpoor laabh uthana chahiye

Aaj se tum apne jeevan ki nayi shuruat karo jismei vastuo ki, dhan ki,aaram ki aur apne upar itna na samay aur aaram lagane ki aavashkta pade. Ghamand kum karo. Doosro ke liye adhik samay do jisse yeh shrishti devtaon ki ban jaye. Vartmaan mei asur adhik hai aur sur bahut kum. Jab tum apne andar se bhog vilas ki pravarti ghataoge, to tumhare andar se aaram aur vishram hoga, anand utpanna hoga. Jab jab tum mujhe yaad karoge Eeshwar Yoga lagane ke liye, mei tumhare paas prakat ho jaoonga. Maine tumko Prabhutva gyan diya hai jo bahut kimti hai jise tum usko sambhalkar rakho.”……

As per the direction of Swami Kartikeyan, I am publishing this post on the eve of the Samadhi day of Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri. It falls on 27th April every year and a ceremony and bhandara, mass feeding is held in Ganeshpuri where his Samadhi temple is made.

Please Note-There will be a four weeks’ pause and therefore no new post on the blog till end of May. The objective is to meet and interact with many people through meetings and correspondence during this time period.

After a month or so, 3 articles will be issued on conversations with Shri Mahavatar Babaji in the ongoing series.  Just after that, I will go on a long leave of many weeks for some family commitment.

Once I am back, a fresh segment will start with very blazing knowledge, Prabhutva Gyan. For this reason, there are these Workshops, interactions, revisions and induction of new devotees since February 2015 in order to prepare everybody in the best possible manner. Until I return, in the meantime kindly revise and revisit those useful blog posts and practice and follow everything that is benevolent and sacred for you. Some people are in constant touch with me and are undergoing difficult life situations.  Please adapt a new outlook from today that everything has come in your life to teach you those things which you have not mastered so far, so do not be morose. You shall overcome all of that if you persist and wish to start a new life which is very peaceful, quiet and full of divine blessings. Take the help of the wisdom of the Divine Masters who never tire in salvaging us and are sending us assistance day in and day out. Their grace through these blog posts are the lamp posts and as you begin walking, that light shall illumine your path.