My dear revered readers and blog followers. As is apparent to you, the number of posts on WordPress are decreasing and the number of posts on Fb are regularly published since many weeks now.
Also from July 27th, just after the post of Guru Poornima day, there are frequent and serial posts of selected abstract, devotional songs of Kabir, Guru Gorakhnath and a few others apart from Shabad (shabd or words) of Guru Nanak on Fb. Many of you may be aware while the new readers may not be conscious about the development. So please spare some time to find out about them because all posts are interconnected, be they on Fb or WP. My suggestion is that you read them in a sequence. Once done, on a relaxed day read all of them one by one in order to know the inter connection and things shall fall in place for you. You will in this way make some resolutions also. (Kindly refer to my reply to Pulkit in the comment box too)

Since Guru Poornima Day on 19.07.16 I have not posted anything on Spiriitnlife blog. The reasons are two-more posts on Fb and some important jobs to accomplish on domestic front. Nonetheless, teaching from my side is going on irrespective of what the current scenario is.

Dear Rajeev, Farha and Midhun as well as so many of you. I feel totally compelled to speak to you on this occasion not through the comment box but via a complete post. Thank you so much for taking out time for yourself and staying in touch with me irrespective of whether I replied to you or not.

Before I write more, let me address one issue.  It has come to my notice that the readership of this blog has spiked like never before. I would like to believe that there are many new readers mainly from India and that too from New Delhi, U.P and Haryana and as expected some time ago, the ripple effect has started. There could be some other reason also for the rapid increase in the stats of the blog,some commercial site must be using the blog for some reason.This new development will be thwarted and tackled soon. It was anticipated some months back and there is no element of surprise.

However, as the readers get more in number, I would like to inform you that no where will you find such exquisite spiritual matter to study and read and follow it in your life with so much ease. So it is my humble request that you may please inform me about yourself so that I can monitor your progress and development. Even Fb posts are very important as both the platforms are interlinked, be it WordPress or Fb. All the posts are guiding by the sacred Gurus and Avatars, nothing is mine.

You need to focus more on your own self and seek help and guidance. Merely reading the posts won’t take you too far. You may write to me on and get started to complete your goal in quickest time.

There has been a surge of readers and visitors since I returned from Sri Lanka pilgrimage in March this year and more so after the first two audios were implanted to furnish information about the workings of behind this blog. In Part B of post-


you shall find the audios about my talk in Katargama and Pune Workshop respectively. New readers may take help from these audios and get connected with me through mail and also with the rest of us through Workshops at a later stage.

The increased traffic on the blog has brought many followers and devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji on the surface. A few persons informed me but have not been consistent after that. However, kindly note that a lot of personal attention, familiarity and grooming is required by the Master for you to advance further without which you shall not be able to go into depths of your mind. Many unknown, hidden secrets are to be cracked before you really master yourself completely. Firstly, subjugating the mind and then harnessing it thoroughly is a prerequisite to know the Self and getting over the impact of innumerable prior actions of uncountable lives. This is no mean task.

The message of the Holy Gurus at this juncture is-Raise your consciousness, Raise your consciousness, Raise your consciousness!

What is my method of imparting spiritual knowledge and how will you become a worthy recipient or receiver under my tutelage?

First of all, you must have sufficient allowance or balance of very good or good deeds accumulated over many lives with you.
Distance does not matter. In this Universe, there are three powerful powers or shaktis that humans are endowed with and are not aware of unfortunately. My blog speaks of that in great deal and it will constantly resonate about them even now. They are Ichcha Shakti,
Sankalpa Shakti and Kriya Shakti- the power to will, think and act. I am resorting to these unseen yet tangible powers and not using the physical domain or physical world by meeting, talking or seeing you.

How is this possible and what should you do?

I have received all my spiritual knowledge and enlightenment without ever meeting my revered Gurus. I only put my whole mind into getting inside the higher realms by connecting my mind with theirs in acute silence and receiving their directed or beaming mental thoughts in the ether with full consciousness. There are many posts on thought power on WP as well as Fb. One example-Part A of same post-

Kindly go back to them. Swami Kartikeyan and Swami  Shivanandji are paramount powers and experts on this subject, please acknowledge their presence in your life to get initiated.

In a quiet mental state of mine, I can visualize you and through mind power, it is possible to know, read and decipher your floating vibrations. This is Sankalpa Shakti. The power of your thoughts will determine how fast you will progress so learn and practice calmness and meditate more and get into deeper realms of your own being as well as the world of the Divine where we all are connected and are one.
Many devices may be connected to one router; similarly, many seekers can connect to the Universal Mind of the Holy Masters. I receive Light and Energy constantly from God and my Holy Masters. There is no dearth of the all pervading, all powerful Energy prevalent all the time any where. You may also join this inter and intra-connection and networking if you are to quieten your mind and try being very still even for a short while whenever possible.

The seeker or aspirant’s own will power and ichcha shakti is most essential. If your mind is connected to mine or the other Gurus, you shall constantly be nourished and you will find a tangible progress in your spiritual domain and your consciousness will rise. In earlier days in the midst of a serene, quiet atmosphere in nature., the Guru and shishya were able to connect consistently via this method and not through mere direct interaction  It is possible in modern, urban setting also if you may be able to be more and more peaceful and become powerful by using your own hidden powers of mind.

Moreover, if you have understood this method and wish to apply it in your life, then the power to act and pursue will be enacted upon. That is Kriya Shakti or the power to act or perform or sustain yourself till you reach your goal. Kriya Shakti can be mental also- thinking, absorbing, analyzing, reasoning, determining and concluding and resolving are all mental powers. A good seeker will obviously enhance them and then also act accordingly to achieve the perfect goals to become Perfect. The power is enhanced with the grace of the Gurus if the seeker is a genuine one……

Please Note- Today there is a simultaneous post on Fb also along with this one-How to connect your mind while doing your daily duties with the Universal Mind of your Holy Master? They both are inter connected and you must deal with it as if it is a continuing post although mediums are different. Thanks.

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