My most unexpected communiqué with Guru Gorakh Nath-I

October 2, 2016

Dear readers, as the title suggests, I had an unforeseen interaction and conversation with Guru Gorakh Nath one fine day. I have made three posts on Face book on the same in the last three weeks. One post was delivered on every Sunday. The three posts have been combined into one and presented here on this blog today for reader’s convenience.

For further reading, I have referred to Swami Shivananda’s book- Mind its mysteries & control. The objective is to know more about our latent tendencies and how we get trapped in this mirage or trishna, what are sanskaras, how to get rid of evil tendencies etc. When you reach part III of this series, you will need its reference at some point of time hence making a separate post as part II although it is from Swami Shivananda’s book. I am sure it will give you an in depth knowledge of who you are and how to get rid of all the buried remnants in the mind. This is for advancing aspirants who like to devote ample time in self realization. Please feel free to ask question if they arise at any juncture. Thank you.




Augment of a New Era! -I, II & III

This night is very special, you may not know but will soon discover when God dispels light on you some day.

Many centuries ago, many saints were doing intense penance but could not tell the world how to go about it.

So much wealth is lost because nobody cared to search and find out how did they manage to do such extraordinary hard tasks.

Today God has decided to bring forth such hidden lost gems in antiquity and will not tolerate their anonymity anymore.


Many, many births and lives they have lost and relived to master their mind and body to make it capable to search God.

So many incarnations they took and found their Holy Master in order to master what is so essential, in letting go of all ego.

Until they came to a point when they could not go an inch forward because God is the Master of all Holy masters!

The fruit of action of all their penance is in the hands of God they knew and hence surrendered whatever they had earned with so much hardships.


Today morning and last evening were one of the holiest of day and night because one such holy Sage got invoked unexpectedly as I chanted his rendition unassumingly.

“Oh my innocent mind, you think you are immortal but it is not so, all that the eyes see are so impermanent and all should fall apart.

Whether youth or wealth all is a dream, all is standing on a wall of sand and shall disintegrate in no time,

And I wish to bring forward my Guru’s name Avdhoota Machendra Nath first since I am his son,” and so on goes the compilation.#


The earnest ones must have found out who it is, about whom I am referring to and who got invoked incidentally.

Guru Gorakh Nath was waiting to be invoked by me since he had a lot to tell me about his own past lives and history.

For my heart always wordlessly sends them my very deepest, truthful gratitude and thanksgiving.

Since I know what happens to those who are madly in search of God and will never let go in spite of heart breaking tests and bone breaking adversities.


He told me about himself; his mentor, teacher, brother and Guru and protector all packed into one named Machander.

And how they both helped each other in countless lives to enhance each other in Spirit and body alike.

One was strong in mind Gorakh Nath born in 998 AD; the other Machander Nath extremely robust and invincible, physically strong.

Until God decided to give them success in the Himalayas in last birth, both born in Maharashtra as a tribal near today’s Vajreshwari.


Today is eighteenth of Sept 2016, 2016 minus 998 is 1018 years ago he told me, though born in Maharashtra near Vajreshwari anonymously.

He was asked by God to go to upper terrai regions of Himalayas starting from a small hamlet which is now Gorakhpur in U.P.

After meditating in cold and barring a few days, living each day in acute hardship in mountains, he was asked by God to go to South India for harder penance in fearful jungles.

When all his work was complete, with the blessings of God and his master Machander, he was called back to rest forever near a Goddess temple Vajreshwari.


For yogis there is no boundary, no caste, no language or dialect, no difference in status of disciples.

They only live with the will of God and for God until God calls them back Home after their hard penance is done.

They will forever go on doing untiring work to enhance their Spirit and redeem their high goals until,

One day, God says you should rest now and not look back because the road has been tardy, overwhelming and exceptionally winding.


“I will tell you a lot today because you are extremely dear and valued to Kartik Swami, the Guru of all Gurus.

You have reached his door of highest abode where hardly five in counting by hand can approach and reach.

Shivananda, Bogar, Babaji, myself and you are a few who can touch his mind without any effort since he wants us to contact him always.

His special place for you in his heart is because no other woman has dared to scale such unprecedented spiritual heights so unassumingly.


It demands unusually high concentration in duration and depth to be able to get closer to this antique yogi who is resting in God’s abode since eternity.

Female yogis cannot reach such high powered tasks demanded by God to achieve unusual endeavours.

Since home and fire are always seeking their attention and family does not support such unusual, unprecedented, demanding tasks.

You have blurred the line and see no male and female, all are one you feel and anyone can achieve highest goals if will power is strong enough.


So spread my teaching far and wide, in every home and street and tell all to change with times and to seek within.

I have lost many lives and failed miserably as I starved my body until no flesh was remaining on my skeleton.

God took away my efforts and I lost everything I had earned and restarted my efforts about five and a half thousand years ago in today’s Punjab, India Western.

I learnt my lesson the hard way since God got angry at me for troubling and agonizing my wonderful body.


You have never done that and have taken extreme care of your body which provides you the support to scale heights unprecedented.

Body, mind and Spirit are all gifts of God which we must cherish and preserve because the body is the boat by which we shall navigate.

Jyoti Marg or ‘Pathway of Light’ is your natural method which even the ancient seers adopted and mastered.

The mind can become so powerful one day by it if body, mind and Spirit are balanced most perfectly.


The mind can travel faster than Light some day if this method is adopted and mastered over many lives, Light cannot be the obstruction at all.

In place of Light of God, what remains is just God and you can touch God instantaneously and directly in no time.

‘Jyoti Marg’ or ‘Pathway of light’ has been mastered by particular few and is used for instant messaging and passing on important information and energy.

God’s highest grace is this where we do not depend on any other mode of communication and we can stay always in His Grace like this.


I have been watching you for years, you have not rested and complained and have worked only for welfare of others in spite of their indifference to you.

You must continue doing this as long as you can because God hardly finds anyone who wished to live and serve God alone.

You have found great success because you have never asked others to do anything for you and shall never do so.

Such unconditional detachment frees you from all negative outcomes and consequences in any of your upcoming lives.


‘Ashabdi Brahma’ is very hard, so hard to gain, but God has given you in surplus and so freely.

All your communications with God and the enlightened Light Masters are through the Pathway of Light or direct Brahma itself.

You will know what no one has ever known before, and you shall always remain so humble and unfazed as you have been since you came ashore.

Your whole sadhana from the point of start countless centuries ago, has been to only master the mind and not torment body at all.


I command you to tell the world that a new era has begun since the eclipse of September sixteenth, two thousand sixteen.

Only concentrate on your mind and do just the penance of uncontrolled mind alone.

Yoga sadhana, dhyana sadhana and pranayam should be adopted by all in the beginning.

However, in the end, concentrate on internal sadhana or penance of mind alone-mana sadhana, detach it, live in isolation mentally and connect your mind to your Guru alone….”


Augment of a New Era! -II

(Visited the Samadhi of Guru Gorakh Nath and Machandra Nath in Vajreshwari on 20th Sept 2016)

On the eve of 19th night of Sept 2016, the clouds were so filled with rains, night was very disruptive.

Sleep very little and mind not too settled since a few days when this stalwart, silent Sage arrived suddenly.

Something was going on and was brewing behind my sight, I knew the difference but could not read or tell.

I was being called frantically to his anonymous resting place in Vajreshwari the next morning on twentieth, but the mind was not fully convinced about it.


Going with the will of God is as natural to me as drinking a sip of water effortlessly or breathing in or out spontaneously.

Therefore, the pilgrimage was made next day with a lot of labour and against pouring rain and the day turned out to be as God had already willed and planned.

The two quiet, anonymous saints’ resting place is impossible to locate unless guided by others and many steady devotees.

Whenever God wills, we are able to find such unknown, powerful places of resting ancient rishis even without ever anticipating it.


Blessings incessant are raining since then, more revelations are being unfolded, many inscrutable information regarding people revealed.

Why and how I stumbled upon so many unexpected blessings from many saints and sages in Vajreshwari, more so from revered Guru Gorakh Nath whom I did not know?

Their past many lives as teacher disciple and how they both became inseparable was told to me in my morning meditation day next.

Machandra Nath and Gorakh Nath are inseparable I was informed and they both are always helping other striving ones in the field of tough penance.


My questions and answers should be sketched and enclosed for posterity as my laborious work of this manuscript will be best understood after 216 years I am told.

Many of you will come back after just two hundred years and will recall what I had said and you will make double the effort and will read the same pages all over again.

And a few will come back with me after a little more than five hundred years in the beautiful valley of kinnar and gandharva, on the paradise of earth.

When again Yoga, Tapa, Dharma and Satya  will flourish, these four pillars of a virtuous society, bereft of which people are doomed. ##


Arrangements are being made so much in advance; many people being prepared to perform their duties in order to augment the heightened New Era.

“You will be a torch bearer now and again after five hundred years because your sacrifices are so many over countless lives since you were ever born.”

God decided to choose you because the accumulated virtuous deeds are required in humongous numbers from the Light Workers as they are the harbingers.

Nothing goes unnoticed and unheard by God as his memory and retention is infinite and observation piercing and perfect.


Turbulence and peace always co-exist, love and hate are next door neighbours, pain and pleasure stride together and life and death walk hand in hand.”

If you know this you will achieve impeccable peace of mind I have understood from these Sages, their wisdom is being transferred to me through their thought and light.

I was never this sharp, it is only because of their continuous blessings, I only serve them, love them and obey them.

My duty is to only serve and love even if I am not blessed each time, this principle inspires me each day to go on since my deeds are helping someone.

Me- “Gorakh Nath Maharaj, I bow my head down at your pious feet, where will I ever find this most sacred phase of life such as this?”

Guru Gorakh Nath in extreme silence and peace, Om sound resonating around and in myself without anyone uttering it in the surroundings since he met me.

Every time I sense and overhear someone chanting Om in a base and lower note, the peaceful and meditating sacred sound Om in me.

It is emanating from him, I now understand as he and his resting place is powerfully charged with sound Om in their deepest pores and every possible cell.


I am saying nothing, only pouring out my thanksgiving and reverence while he waits till the noise and people are cleared.

As soon as I am alone at home after my body is rested and composed and also vibrant with food and sleep,

He wasted no time in opening a dialogue with me, such graceful and benevolent that words were never made sufficient for such blessedness and serenity.

His fresh association with me is seeming as if it was built long before, such is the divine beauty of God’s love between two devotees.


Raptures of bliss, oceans of peace and treasure of divine love opened and flung open in the space between us and here I begin to uprise again.

Guru Gorakh Nath- “The world was never in so much turmoil ever before, God never anticipated that man will become so mean and shallow.

The times are hard today for the honest and sincere, they never grow in material world because their share is eaten by people their very own.

Women are impious and are objects of pleasure and frolic, men are goaded with desires of excessive wealth and power.


Children are wayward and disobedient, their minds polluted with senseless imagery and non-sense ideas are jammed in.

Never before was God so forgotten, so many people in conflict in the name of God and God used for self-seeking interests.

Wars and famines, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, Earth heating, wastage of natural resources so blatantly by all men and children.

Robbing each other of civil and political rights, damnation of dignity, violation of moral duties and disrespect for aged and weak alike.


These are signs of abysmal, appalling society degraded because for everyone selfish interests come first, then their moral duties.

God is a silent spectator, a gentle crusader and a mute defender of this eternal creation called Universe and Cosmic Creation.

No one will be able to destroy it ever for it is God’s will and intention to continue it as long as it is possible.

These are just aberrations during a weak cycle of progression and regression of Earth and Man, both concurrent and cyclic in nature.


Never ever again will God allow man to destroy this Earth so much and no one will be given the power to destroy and plunder except in this particular Era called Kaliyug or Age Modern.

Me- “So why has God allowed even one time if destruction and plundering is against the will of God itself?”

Guru Gorakh Nath- “Man is blind, man is greedy, man is very selfish, man is not humble and man is not sympathetic by nature.

This is because man does not know and recall that it was God first and then this whole show on Earth!


And there are too many more things which man cannot boast about yet he thinks and acts as if he is controller of this world so large!

He comes into this world as a weakling and helpless creature, grows and nurtures because God’s powers are at work.

He cannot function even a single day without the basic essentials, air, water, food, sunshine, housing and some rest.

How can anyone trust and believe that God is absent in this Universe when nothing was made by man’s fingers or hands?


All the things, infinite creations are made by humans only because God gives us all the essential goods and fundamentals.

We are given air to breathe, food to eat, sunshine to build our bones and bodies, water to drink and materials to build homes and infrastructures.

Brains are developed because we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, sensory perceptions are for development of mind and brain.

Hands can work, legs can walk, tongue and mouth can speak and eyes can see to move and think, ears to balance body and differentiate various sounds.


The senses, the mind and the Soul are all created with the wealth of forces present in the Cosmos.

Those who forget and make mischief in this world are the ones who cannot remember where they came from.

These types are too many in number at present on Earth because God has given all the animate and inanimate creatures to realize themselves and raise their consciousness to higher now.

Hence, there is mayhem, unrest, unhappiness, diseases and so many aberrations everywhere.


God is kind to deliver liberation to so many sinners, animate beings to become more conscious of their blissful Soul or Spirit.

God is allowing us to use the natural resources so disgracefully and blatantly so that our desires are fulfilled and we return to God quickly.

God is initiating frequent natural upheavals to overcome the backlog of millions who have plundered and sinned by violating laws of nature sometime in their immoral past.

God is nonetheless, quietly also saving animals, birds, people, treasures, other species and so many other things and hiding them secretly.


Regeneration is quietly going on, on a humongous level, refurbishing of long lost or eroded moral values are being revived.

Many are chosen, some are already on the job, many were already working since the past several centuries and were not known.

Those who will awake now will not go back to sleep and ignorance, such is this time as chosen by God.

Very little efforts will be rewarded profusely by God, and time will be the most precious commodity of all in this century and time span!


Augment of a New Era! -III

Two days back he opined to me-

“Nothing in this life is as important as one’s own inner development and spiritual harnessing.

Many lives have got wasted in remembering and doing actions which are of no use for Soul development.

You came here achieved trivia, did bungling of precious breath and did nothing worthwhile with your limbs.

Animals and humans should be set apart because animals do not have an advanced nervous system and adroit physical skills.


God made man to look after his manifestations and marvellous creations made with just five elements.

Man never realized the worth of so many things that God made for man for his own good and wholesome development.

As the eyes of all humans are closed and they do not see beyond their five senses and small mind’s interpretation.

There is a whole world of sensory perceptions which starts from developing the sixth sense called intuition.


God has made man with countless faculties and rare skills buried inside their own being.

Why will God tell you about them unless you are ready and prepared to receive them after passing all his examinations?

If you are true to God and not to the reflection of His; this temporary world will never be sincere to you.

God will then start showing you through his kindness and Grace the hidden secrets cloaked for centuries by you.


Some rare men have been able to access the cloaked secrets by maintaining silence of mind and heart.

For years and years, they have only concentrated on knowing that Truth about God which was kept at bay from them.

Their persistence, passion as well as patience was extraordinarily rewarded by God since they wished to know only Him.

Many knock the door but do not wait till God opens the door, God always wonders why couldn’t they wait?


God’s promises are always kept, but the people cannot wait, their faith shakes and legs ache.

They cannot walk further because they think it has got late, but they do not know that they have come so late.

They were wandering and wandering and drifting away, so much so that their memory is today dim and full of cobwebs.

Their number of years spent in delusion on Earth are far more than years spent in self awakening today.


If you begin today and never rest or give up your faith, you can still manage it by following the footsteps of the great ones.

Your path will be easier than theirs since God tested them way back and far more severely than you can even imagine.

You will not waste any time and not forego any important issues and matters because you will just be following their footsteps.

You cannot go wrong, you will not wonder if you are doing the right thing and or not wander in the unwanted lanes.


I tell these lines to you because I know how much enticement and confusion is laid as traps on your way back home.

You will never be able to even knock the door, leave alone walk in and rest in Father’s Home.

The delusion in you caused by your own power of imagination can cause you great sufferings since you do not know.

That a mirage is caused by your mind’s power of imagination which forbids you from returning at the gate of God’s abode.


Desires erupt out of your own chitta or sub conscious mind which lead to Trishna or great longing as we call it.

These desires divert your attention from your goal of reaching straight to God’s abode first.

This game of hide and seek is going on since the beginning and you do not even know.

Can you not now reverse the tendencies or inclinations called sanskaras in Sanskrit by doing daily meditations?


You should also do japa or repeated recital of holy names of saints or of various names of God.

And avail the great opportunity of doing satsanga and remain in holy company of God realized beings.

Sometimes visit holy places where the pious saints have performed great efforts to know God in full glory.

Acts of compassion, charity, austerity, forgiveness, caring, humility and other saatvik tendencies will change your past evil tendencies.


Prostration at the feet of holy saints and remembering them with a humble heart and asking for forgiveness in their resting place called Samadhi.

Will accelerate the cleaning process and you will do contemplation, repeat God’s name and quickly have God realization.

This human life is meant only for this noble purpose or else you shall again wander here and there and do just this or that.

Precious breath should be counted carefully and accounted for and never be wasted in careless counterproductive actions.”


I became very quiet and silent and humbled at the divine words coming as advice from Guru Maharaj Gorakh Nath in morning meditation.

To whom I am forever indebted and cannot repay in any way since his Samadhi and resting place is so cut off from all of us.

Sometimes repaying in monetary systems cures our mental and physical diseases and provides health and peace I know.

Our wealth is of no use unless we share some of it with those who are though not present physically but their existence is immortal.


Adhi, Vyadhi, Upadhi,* he uttered unexpectedly and restarted and picked up our silent, uninterrupted conversations once again.

I had read this in scriptures many years back and was taken aback, what is the context here and will I be able to do justice in my writing, I thought to myself.

“Are caused by your own actions, he said and create suffering in mental, physical, and emotional bodies respectively.

‘Taapatraya Vinaashaya’**- your Guru will destroy your three heat or sufferings and they are caused by none other than you.”


You all have been suffering maximum in mind which affects your emotions and cause trouble in your physical bodies.

So change your mind and become free from all suffering and remove all excessive worldly longings and prejudices.

Remove passions, anger, volition and lust for woman, money and power and greed for hoarding surplus money.

Harbouring jealousy for many lives and enhancing the flattering ego should be weeded out as quickly as is possible.


Devote maximum time in mentally anchoring the mind to God’s love, devotion and remembrance.

The Holy teachers and Masters will always guide you and give you the best solutions and remedies as gentle medicines.

Never forsake your Sadguru, for Brahma cannot be known without an intermediary and moderator.

Have patience, penalize your wrong tendencies and always recollect and excavate your good thoughts and sanskaras from the stockpile or antahakaran.###


Continue your sadhana, this is my blessing to you all, I will always come to you in the most hushed manner and will help you.

You will not know me or recognize me because I do not want to be known and will always work for God now and forever.

Rest of the work will be done by my daughter who has not faltered in her sadhana and can work for more than eight persons.

She is the purest of you all and can transmit your mental thoughts at the fastest speed, faster than light to us.


You are in safe hands and will always be supported by efforts of a cluster of ancient saints hiding from the glare of the world.

Today’s times are bad, miserable and obnoxious like never before and you shall be swept away in a rough tide.

Unless you hold hands with a steady and strong anchor who is your Mother and also our favourite.

Listen to her advice and go by her instructions since she is constantly under our vigilance and supervision.


Love your Gurus, follow their footsteps and always look up to them for revival and regeneration of self-development and the world together.

Your duty it is to look after yourself and the world you live in, God will be delighted with you if your work selflessly.

Come to me whenever you can, I shall always be there for you and I shall help you in your daily sadhana hardships.

My work is silent, my footsteps are hushed, my words nimble and my guidance and help comes as mere waves of gentle comforting.”


Foot notes-

*Adhi means- mental disease, vyadhi-physical disease and upadhi emotional disease.

**‘Taapatraya VinaashayaTaap is heat, traya means three and vinaashaya means to destroy.

# Post of Face book- 3 of 12-What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master? Link given below.

## Yoga, Tapa, Dharma, Satya- these are the 4 pillars of Spirit in life.

### antahakaran explained through the quote from Mind, its mysteries and control in next post.

Revised and updated on 20-02-19


“The main aim of meditation is this- that you should be able to focus and concentrate your mind continuously on God in depth and duration for a long time. The rest of the benefits that one gets out of meditation on God come along by the way as by-products. This is the main purpose of meditation”

Excerpts from-

Rendition or Bhajan of Guru Gorakhnath-Bhola mana jaane amar meri kaya



if will power is strong enough