Your questions from post-The shining stars in the galaxy

December 16, 2016

Quoting from the previous post-The shining stars in the galaxy-

These sages are out of the ordinary, they are endowed with some rare mental earnings and calibre by which they can penetrate in the minds of other people who are located at extremely far-off places on the planet or even Universe in very subtle form.

By knowing their minds and the distortions, they apply their own mental powers to enhance the thoughts for changing the existing to more powerful ones or they plant new, very innovative ideas on the lowest layer of their subconscious mind.

I have received this extra ordinary knowledge, never known before to the world publicly on account of my very good deeds and devotion towards my very humble and holiest of all great exalted Masters residing in the infinite sky ever since millennium.

I shall beam these sparkling rays of enlightening holy information to every part of the world by which many areas in the world and many people scattered in the globe shall manifest their dormant Spirit and neglected divinity.

The specified, assigned job to me by my sweet loving divine Father and our beloved God is to revive this planet and Universe with very powerful spiritual rays by merely spreading awareness about the long forgotten very humble ancient sages.

And to help those who wish to come forward on their own to redeem their aggrieved souls and to care for them so that they do not lose hope or lose their path which they must never leave and must always walk on………

Dear all, this post was published on 22.12.15 and to ensure that it has been read well and understood thoroughly, it has been decided that there will be an audio of your questions and my answers on this post. The audio recording on the same should come in the first week of January 2017. With it we begin a new segment.

Therefore, please read this post about three times, put your questions in the comment box of the same post below and I shall clarify and explain through an audio for your convenience. Please send your questions before 24th Dec, 2016.

Thank you.


Vichar Shakti or Thought Power

December 11, 2016

As the name of the post suggests, this post is an extension of earlier posts.

Since I last visited Rishikesh in December of 2015, there have been a few posts as well as a few discussions on the same topic from the book of Swami Shivananda-Thought Power.

This subject is grave and needs to be studied well.

On 27th Nov’16, there was a small gathering where we again read and discussed a few portions of the book. An audio is available for the same. As it was not planned and was an audio for the attendees’ personal use, there many be some aberrations. Henceforth, audios of a few posts along with my commentary will be made available for your study and learning.

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Some photos, synopses and a short video is on Fb on the first Spiritinlife Annual Meet in Rishikesh.

With this post, this segment-Truth in Light gets over. We shall be starting with a new post on New Year.

1st Spiritinlife Annual Meet-10th to 12th November 2016, Rishikesh

December 5, 2016

Today is 5th December, the day Sri Aurobindo left his body. This post is dedicated in his memory, in remembrance of his hard toil and sacrifices made for the whole humanity to raise their Consciousness. Incidentally, my few years 2002 to 2006 were spent in Pondicherry and my meditations became very intense as I sat for long hours in his samadhi. A small prayer from me today to him and God- May my today’s message of God through this blog post reach every nook and corner of this planet and raise the vibration of each being and may I continue to work and toil till the last day in pursuit of this wonderful endeavour to make this planet more loving and peaceful!

The first Annual Meet and Workshop of Spiritinlife was held in Rishikesh between 10th to 12th November 2016. There were 23 participant from different places. Synopsis and a few pictures shall be uploaded on Fb soon. The following are the audios of the first videos as well as the videos of the conducted Workshop. The post-‘Augment of a New Era-I,II & III was taken up in a few sessions. You are requested to take help of these posts to be able to understand the posts in depth.

Besides, on Home Page, we have inserted three more Tabs-History of past heritage, places and pilgrimages & Workshops conducted. The first being the synopsis of my complete soul journey, the second about all the places and pilgrimages I have made since my childhood and lastly the Workshops held so far. I did not record the number of Workshops  earlier, these are the ones that could be recalled or were announced on Fb. Posts on Fb were started primarily from mid 2013. However, recently there have been so many posts which are connected to my soul journey and are very important to visualize how we transcend slowly. They too have been incorporated in the index although they are in Fb. As you will see in ‘Blog at a glance’, this blog has now been divided into 4 parts-It starts after the stage of Moksha, then moves towards blazing knowledge, very blazing knowledge, intensely blazing knowledge and finally infinity. Infinity or Anant post is from that juncture – Besides, the new posts although on Fb are from very high stages, even infinity and hence got included here on WP. So kindly avail these posts in one glance. Also, adding these new Tabs will give you an entire picture about how our soul travels towards perfection and infinity and how crucial each life becomes for us to attain that state. You will now understand all the posts on this blog far better is my conviction.

There will be one more Tab in the end for Index 2. Index 2 will have the list of all the audios and videos. Henceforth, there will be videos of important Workshops when important posts will be explained in depth and that recording will be added in the posts as well as in Index 2. In this way, all the Works undertaken by me at a glance as well as my complete spiritual journey has been compiled and document for posterity sake. The Holy Masters have opened the floodgates of divine nectar of lost ancient spiritual wisdom, whoever wishes to take a dip in this sacred river is welcome to do so!

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  • 11th morning session
  • 11th midday session
  • 11th afternoon session
  • 12th morning session