Today is 5th December, the day Sri Aurobindo left his body. This post is dedicated in his memory, in remembrance of his hard toil and sacrifices made for the whole humanity to raise their Consciousness. Incidentally, my few years 2002 to 2006 were spent in Pondicherry and my meditations became very intense as I sat for long hours in his samadhi. A small prayer from me today to him and God- May my today’s message of God through this blog post reach every nook and corner of this planet and raise the vibration of each being and may I continue to work and toil till the last day in pursuit of this wonderful endeavour to make this planet more loving and peaceful!

The first Annual Meet and Workshop of Spiritinlife was held in Rishikesh between 10th to 12th November 2016. There were 23 participant from different places. Synopsis and a few pictures shall be uploaded on Fb soon. The following are the audios of the first videos as well as the videos of the conducted Workshop. The post-‘Augment of a New Era-I,II & III was taken up in a few sessions. You are requested to take help of these posts to be able to understand the posts in depth.

Besides, on Home Page, we have inserted three more Tabs-History of past heritage, places and pilgrimages & Workshops conducted. The first being the synopsis of my complete soul journey, the second about all the places and pilgrimages I have made since my childhood and lastly the Workshops held so far. I did not record the number of Workshops  earlier, these are the ones that could be recalled or were announced on Fb. Posts on Fb were started primarily from mid 2013. However, recently there have been so many posts which are connected to my soul journey and are very important to visualize how we transcend slowly. They too have been incorporated in the index although they are in Fb. As you will see in ‘Blog at a glance’, this blog has now been divided into 4 parts-It starts after the stage of Moksha, then moves towards blazing knowledge, very blazing knowledge, intensely blazing knowledge and finally infinity. Infinity or Anant post is from that juncture – Besides, the new posts although on Fb are from very high stages, even infinity and hence got included here on WP. So kindly avail these posts in one glance. Also, adding these new Tabs will give you an entire picture about how our soul travels towards perfection and infinity and how crucial each life becomes for us to attain that state. You will now understand all the posts on this blog far better is my conviction.

There will be one more Tab in the end for Index 2. Index 2 will have the list of all the audios and videos. Henceforth, there will be videos of important Workshops when important posts will be explained in depth and that recording will be added in the posts as well as in Index 2. In this way, all the Works undertaken by me at a glance as well as my complete spiritual journey has been compiled and document for posterity sake. The Holy Masters have opened the floodgates of divine nectar of lost ancient spiritual wisdom, whoever wishes to take a dip in this sacred river is welcome to do so!

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  • 11th morning session
  • 11th midday session
  • 11th afternoon session
  • 12th morning session
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  1. Resham
    Resham says:

    Jai Satguru Dear Ma. I have watched your workshop videos and have been re-watching them to imbibe and remember your holy lessons. It was so kind of you and others to work so painstakingly on them for us who could not attend. Congratulations to everyone for putting together the whole show. :)The last month has been catalytic for me too. You know Ma, your teachings and things you told me earlier, make more sense to me now! I have started understanding the hidden/deeper meaning behind what you said earlier to me and have been saying. Ma, thank you for everything. My life is a lot sorted now. 🙂 and the credit goes to beloved God and all of you my holy Masters. A question arose in my mind while watching the second video – I remember you said once that only rarest of rare yogis can reach the state of Prabhutva gyan. If this is the case, then how can we say that the road to God if infinite and everyone can tread the path of infinity – because (as you say in the video), we can reach infinity only after crossing the state of Prabhutva gyan. I hope I presented my question clearly. Kindly remove my doubts, dear Ma. Please accept my humble Pranams at your lotus feet.

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Resham, your curiosity is obvious, instead of answering solely your question I have decided to quote a link from an old post. All your answers are lying there. In fact, others should also go through it so that their understanding grows. Merely seeing these videos won’t give them the strength to grasp the complete vision that is quietly lying inside me and also speaking to you softly through my words. Hence, I request you all to go through this post. I should be reviewing these holistic, foretelling messages from God to all of us and I should be explaining to you all after you have read this post again at least three times since it is too lengthy, It is- Yes regarding the videos and other new Tabs on the Home Page, it is the hardwork of Midhun, Ragu and Nishith. tehy asked for some service and they got it in abundance! With love and blessings Yours Ma

  2. Resham
    Resham says:

    Dear Ma. So kind of you to post the above reply:) Please give me some time. This week and weekend is very hectic for me as far as office work is concerned. But, I will read the post “Shining stars in the sky’ again and again and then come back to you. Pranam Ma.

  3. doodlescribble
    doodlescribble says:

    Dear Ma’am, I don’t know if you would remember me. I am Deepanjan and have come back to my blog after a long time. Something woke me up in the middle of last night, I have been getting these dreams very often that something is incomplete in my life’s journey. Probably I am not satisfied and happy with the situations.
    I visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi every Sunday and spend few hours for voluntary work. Sometimes it gives me immense joy, sometimes I don’t. Irrespective of this dichotomy I enjoy the few hours in Ashram.
    I am happy that you have been writing persistently and have ascended in your journey towards your spiritual goal. I wish you the best.
    For me things have been really tough in personal and professional life for past one year and half. I blame myself for the situation and I want to amend a lot of things about me and one of them is time management – apart from controlling my emotions.
    I realised I must start writing again. And as I logged in I saw your articles in my inbox. I am glad the connection has not been snapped.
    Keep writing and may God bless you with success in your endeavours.

  4. spiritinlife
    spiritinlife says:

    Dear Deepanjan, I surely remember you, you were with Mandira in her class in MIS. I had a premonition that you will get distracted in your path. If the lessons done in previous lives are not learnt well, we begin to drift. Outside distractions were many for you. Whatever distracted you, was not going to last too long anyway, such is this Maya.
    I have been coming to Delhi many times since you left. I visited Auro Ashram ample times. I always thought before and after you got married, will he return? Does he not want to meet me?
    The Mother has been looking after you, have no doubt. She does that to many of you after you come to me, when you all falter. One child like you wrote to me just three days back. She had a dream in which she saw The Mother and then me. She wondered if all this was her imagination. I clarified and assured her that I held her tight the first time and since her mind was shallow and weak, she could not carry on much. Much to my sweet surprise The Mother, sweet Mother as we all address her, has been silently holding her hand and sent her back to me. I am relieved that this child did not go away after I thought she won’t be able to pull on. Now her faith must have got more firm and strong, I am certain. There must be some things that The Mother must be saying to you. There was a post on 5th Dec, Aurobindoji’s samadhi day on my blog.

    I do call some people in Ashram so that I can meditate and also meet them when I come there. Feel contented that you still have some threads left on which you can retrieve yourself. Your past Guru is also tending to you.

    Hope this much is good enough for today. Go back to your writing and remain calm and quiet. Whatever has happened has been caused by you, your own thoughts and decisions. Go within and weed out those detrimental thought formations and return to me when you need my help. I will always guide you but now without wasting any time.

    Humans have a tendency to return to a state of ‘sleep’ or lack of awareness. Open your eyes, become aware and take charge of your life. Start first with staying calm and speaking as little as you can.
    Learn from your mistakes and quickly catch up.


    • doodlescribble
      doodlescribble says:

      Dear Ma’am,
      You are so correct. I got too distracted, I took one small wrong step and I am paying a heavy price. I can’t write about everything here but will surely want to meet you. I had this doubt in my own-self. Yet in this journey I found few good people who took care of me – all related to Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
      Yes I will stay calm and talk less. Whenever you are in Delhi, please let me know. I will surely meet you.
      My most reverent regards,

  5. Farha
    Farha says:

    Dearest Ma, watched all the videos again with lot of attention and concentration. I felt I was there with the group in front of you and taking the lessons. The 23 people who were handpicked to attend the first ever workshop in Rishikesh planned by our Holy Masters are very lucky indeed. I pray that I too become part of the core group and accelerate my learning.

    Your line about how the grace of the holy masters works has touched me deeply. “Their presence in your life itself is Divinity. Your remembrance itself will remove the specks of ignorance. The blog has so much power and blessings of these Nitya Jyots, that if you just read few lines, it will start working on you.” How true!!

    It is so overwhelming to know that Iccha Shakti is the highest shakti, God has created and we humans have that shakti in us. Nothing is bigger than this. Ma, you mentioned, your awe inspiring life and attainment of blazing spiritual heights is because of your strong Iccha Shakti. May I ignite this dormant shakti in me and propel it to become a true sadhika. 🙏🏻


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