Audio of discourse on-How to raise the level of your consciousness?-I, Navi Mumbai 19.3.17

March 28, 2017

Dear readers, I take pleasure in informing you that a new Segment H has just started. It has a title ‘Inner Sacred Life of Infinity’. These are of Infinity or Anant level.

It began with the last post of discourse on raising the level of our Consciousness in a Workshop held in Pune on 14.1.17.

The following three audios are from my talk given in a Workshop held in Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 19.03.17. The first short audio is of introductory level, the following two are from passages of the above mentioned post.

The next Workshop of discourse is in Pune on 09.04.17 on -

In this year there will be many Workshops to explain the hidden facts about these posts so enriched with wisdom of ancient Rishis and Maharishis. The new segment will comprise of only audios and sometimes videos. Whoever is interested in attending these classes or Workshops may please write to me on Synopses of previous Workshop is available on

Thank you.


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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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