Podcast, an advantage for seekers for listening to all Spiritinlife Audios

Dear all, we got an inspiration from our Divine Gurus to simplify the process of accessing Spirit in Life discourses in our mobile devices effortlessly – “Podcast”

  • A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes/posts are automatically downloaded to the user’s own local computer, mobile application or portable media player. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • We took this concept and created a podcast of our Workshops called “Spirit in Life Discourses”
  • Any WordPress reader can now subscribe to this podcast and have access to all audio files from our blog as soon as we publish new posts.
  • Downloading new audio files to phone is as simple as just hitting refresh button on the app. You can then listen to the audio offline without internet at your leisure.
  • Steps to get this setup in your android phone
  1. Please download an android app called “Podcast and Radio Addict”
  2. Once the app has been installed on your android phone, click on link below to subscribe to the podcast channel we described above
  3. Clicking the aforesaid link should automatically bring up a suggestion to open it in the “Podcast and Radio Addict” app you just installed. Please choose that app to open link and then click on “Add” button

  1. Click on the top-left breadcrumb menu icon
  1. Then click on “Podcasts” menu item to take you back to home screen of app

  1. Your phone screen should now look like this. Now, click on the podcast channel titled “Spirit in Life discourses” to view its contents.

  1. Please click on refresh button a few times until images get updated so that it looks like screen in Step 8.

  1. Now you may click on any of the posts to access the post audio (and post content). As of 20th May 9:00 am there are 8 posts in the blog with audio content, so we see 8 episodes in the screenshot below. More episodes will automatically get added as new posts with audio content get published in the blog.

  1. You can click the download button on title bar (as highlighted in screenshot below) to download the audio file from Spirit in Life WordPress blog to this app for offline playback. Alternatively, you can click on the play button at the bottom to play the audio file over internet.
  2. Clicking on title of any podcast episode will open the actual post in Spirit in Life blog.


4 Responses to Podcast, an advantage for seekers for listening to all Spiritinlife Audios

  1. spiritinlife says:

    My dear Raguram, thank you very much for coming up with the idea of Podcast. It is wonderful. As per the steps given, I have downloaded the App on my phone and it is working very well. I have refreshed it and it has 11 episodes. It will be good if you could check and see that there are 11 episodes only or have I missed out something? Thanks again.

    • Ragu says:

      Dearest Maa,

      I am so delighted that the Podcast idea worked out! My deepest gratitude to you and all our Gurus for the inspiration and guidance for implementation at the right time – 9th blog anniversary. I verified that we have only 11 episodes as of today.

      Jai Satguru

  2. Kanchana Iyer says:

    Dearest Ma,
    Jai Satguru !

    Storing the audios as podcasts is indeed a brilliant idea and it is working very well ! We already have 11 episodes in just about a year’s time! That’s great !!
    Thanks Ragu for working on this and making this possible!

    Humble pranams,

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Supriya and Kanchana, the podcast should prove to be a boon for all working people who are always on the move. I am pleased to know that you all are using it whenever it is convenient to you. Please utilize this opportunity and make your notes whenever necessary. In noting down, the imprints will be more well stored in your minds too. Jai Satguru
      Yours Ma

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