Swami Shivananda

Commentary– A long in-house training and rehabilitation Workshop cum Discourse was held in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand on above mentioned three days when a very descriptive and narrative post titled After effects of meditation with all three parts was undertaken.  

Indepth analysis and finer points of the formation, behaviour and reformation of mind and lastly its respite and salvation were disclosed and solutions given on how to bring back the mind to its original state of super consciousness. 

In this post, Swami Shivananda imparted stellar knowledge to me through mind transfer or telepathy during dynamic meditation and revealed its many secrets. That same post was interpreted with an audience in Rishikesh in March of 2018.

Objective and highlights of this Discourse-So far there have been three long in-house discourses in Rishikesh starting from 10th November, 2016 to 25th March, 2018. In this order, three posts were taken up-that of Guru Gorakh Nath, Bogarnathar and Swami Shivananda. And titles correspondingly were-Augment of a New Era, How can you find God in this life? and After effects of meditation. 

In my speech, I highlighted the common thread embedded in all these posts. The three sages have stressed upon – 

-The method of Self Realization and enlightenment adopted in Spiritinlife Open University is Jyoti Marg 


-The nature of mind; how to regain the control of mind and bring it back under our own control to manifest Light of God within. 

-How humans are trapped in the quagmire of Maya and why and how they should retrieve themselves by many methods from this predicament with the grace and kindness of a realized Guru.

Examples. Quoting from Augment of a New Era – 

‘Jyoti Marg or ‘Pathway of Light’ is your natural method which even the ancient seers adopted and mastered. 

The mind can become so powerful one day by it if body, mind and Spirit are balanced most perfectly. 

The mind can travel faster than Light someday if this method is adopted and mastered over many lives, Light cannot be the obstruction at all. 

In place of Light of God, what remains is just God and you can touch God instantaneously and directly in no time. 

‘Jyoti Marg’ or ‘Pathway of light’ has been mastered by particular few and is used for instant messaging and passing on important information and energy. 

God’s highest grace is this where we do not depend on any other mode of communication and we can stay always in His Grace like this. 


Guru Gorakh Nath- “Man is blind, man is greedy, man is very selfish, man is not humble and man is not sympathetic by nature.

This is because man does not know and recall that it was God first and then this whole show on Earth!

The temporariness of this ever changing world is very difficult to catch, the delusive powers of God are very astute.

The mirage not possible to overcome, the will of God impossible to tell and the mind of man incredible to win and keep in place.

Time is impossible to sense and predict, past of long human history cannot be peeped into and tapped at all.

Nature cannot be controlled at man’s wish and command, life span of humans cannot be determined at all.

And from After effects of meditation- 

Why did you take this birth? Did you ask yourself ever once?

What is the purpose of your stay here, did you find out until now?

Where will you go from here, do you have any idea about this matter?

What will become of you once you die and live in the upper limits of sky?


Calmness of breath and stillness of mind is the secret to avoid all wrongdoings and bungling. 

Years after years and lives after lives, the mind has not been kept in control and rein. 

No time was given to read the mind, speak to one’s own conscience and wait till it speaks to you in return.  


So, we must meditate more to store only useful, compassionate, constructive, useful and beneficial thoughts and ideals. 

If we meditate more, the body receives more energy from the Cosmic Consciousness which can be stored in the cells of the entire body. 

The brain cells can grow at an unanticipated fashion and rate if we segregate and organize the useful and useless knowledge and information. 

New benign cells are needed and we must make them grow in our upper brain to receive the light and rays of Cosmic Consciousness. 


Quotes from -How can you find God in this life? 

If you finish the last streak of resistance of the mind when it refuses to bend, you will arrive at a final stage when all cells are sparking. 

The matter becomes Spirit and Spirit is life, consciousness, awareness and illumination that never ends. 

The cells bubble with warmth, energy, effervescence, knowledge and massive life force and current. 

Each cell and compartment begin to emit the light of God through carrying out each action as only God’s will! 

 This is also called ‘Chetna’ or ‘Prakash’ and it is achieved with many lives’ penance and devotion. 

It never dwindles or reduces, on the contrary it increases as the recipient stays in God communion continually. 

The cells are always sparking as God’s rays are continuously alighting to every nook and corner of the being. 


However, this state of awareness is not for all as no one has practiced God union for a very prolonged period in countless incarnations. 

Their focus keeps shifting from one topic to another and the mind is forever dwelling in subjects related to all that is impermanent. 

The mind or mana keeps rotating in its three worlds or states; very rarely peaceful and mum. 

The being revolves in gross, subtle or causal bodies-sthoolsukshma and kaaran shareer. 


If you do not know what is mana, how it is formed, how it behaves, how can it become more intangible and communicative towards the Unseen? 

You will always be roaming like a senseless being in three spheres or shareer with your present states of mind. 

The pliable three states of the ever-changing 

How is the mind formed? How should we look after our precious and impressionable mind? 

How not to age or degenerate? How to preserve the longevity of the well-structured and advanced mind? 

How to organize the mind to avoid losing its memory and functionality? 

How to avoid the disturbing or destructive forces which reduce your power? 


 The pliable mind is very hard to stop and needs years of steady practice and inner silent revolution. 

The mind or mana becomes placid or faint when it pertains to only peerless Spirit which sometimes is called Parmeshwar or Atma 


The mana can be in three stages- the state of being in the physical world called sthool or physical. 

It can next go a bit inside and enter sukshma or feeling, perceiving state and lastly it can go to its foundation- the kaaran or ego state-the ‘I am’ state. 

Beyond these three states is shunya or emptiness or void where one meets God in light, peace and knowledge. 

Since this topic is very hard to grasp for all, let me now elaborate for you further although speaking for so long is a tedious job! 


Top is termed as conscious mind or mana, middle sub conscious and lower is the unconscious. 

Everything that we think, wonder, do, act or observe is captured as a movie and printed in the various levels of mana. 

Together it is a single unit and the printing on the surface is happening every moment to micro minute or second. 


How is the mind formed? How should we look after our precious and impressionable mind? 

How not to age or degenerate? How to preserve the longevity of the well-structured and advanced mind? 

How to organize the mind to avoid losing its memory and functionality? 

How to avoid the disturbing or destructive forces which reduce your power? 


You must lead a very disciplined and austere life and finish all your social obligations to create time and space in your brain. 

You will never again do any unsophisticated action and will always practice God union and communication. 

You must use your senses only as doors or windows to receive outside information and never to indulge! 


 Summaries of a few participants: 1. Paripurna Pandey 2. Neeta Agarwal 3. Midhun PK

1. Paripurna Pandey

 Om namo bhagavate sivananda

After effects of Meditation I, II, and III – Swami Sivananda. 

Sadhana: We are following the path of Jyoti marg i.e. Pathway to light.  At later stage Sadhana transcend to stage beyond light.  Beyond light only Braham exist.

We are being prepared for Satyug.  Our Great Masters communicates through thought power.  The method could be either instant thought transference mind to mind connect over chord made of astral light or drop box approach where message can come at time including during sleep but can be assessed when desired. Both these modes of communication are possible only with having higher state of mind and Guru’s grace.

Our Sadhana is “Antarman ki Sadhana” which don’t involve external Sadhana. This is ancient method of Sadhana. We come with heavy baggage of past life karma. Our real test is to trust and follow whatever our Guru’s says wholeheartedly without questioning or doubting it.

Importance of Spiritual places -Going to spiritually charged place accelerates our spiritual growth and cleanse our mind.  Our Masters are helping us to go to these highly vibrant places to absorb spiritual energies which not only lightens our baggage but also put us in accelerated path of self-realization. Period till March-2019 is very auspicious and we should utilize it to max.

What is Mind– Our Mind or Manas (not physical mind) can be divided into three layers. Each level can be further sub-divided into three levels or layers. We are diverse group of people where everyone is unique and are at different state of Consciousness level.  Those who went to Katargama had undergone deep cleansing at upper Sub-consciousness layer and now are going through middle or lower level of Sub-consciousness mind layer cleansing.


Swami Ji was compassionate being, a great Karma yogi and one who had dedicated his entire life for benefit of Mankind and to the service of beloved lord. He gave this knowledge to Ma through mental thought transference. Please know that all knowledge comes from God.  Swami has given this knowledge with great humility to Ma and now Ma has pass this knowledge to us again with great humility. We need to be humble and accept this knowledge with reverence and humility.

-We are living with restless Mind and engaged with unending desires. Meditation helps us calming the mind.  Real process of purification starts when one’s mind is in rest/Maun/calm.  This sacred Knowledge given by Swami ji, once absorbed will act by its own and purify us.

-Fear or worry is Tamas. It means you have forgotten that there is God. Give your best efforts but learn to Trust your destiny.  Be quiet, calm and contended. Please understand that your external world /environment is projection of your inner world or environment.

 – We can create new Pathway, re-wire our brain. We must contemplate, do maun and remove deep patterns or latent tendencies engraved in our mind.

– By putting efforts, one can change his/her destiny. Please do Darun (extreme) efforts. Mukti is not easy. One has to put everything on stake.

– Negative vibrations:  One needs to observant. If it is coming internally stop it. If it is coming from externally, protect yourself. God has given you wisdom. Use it and protect you self. Don’t be Tamsik, saying it is God’s will. Give your best efforts.

 -Our Mind has God’s light. God’s light is covered by dense particle of our bad deeds done in numerous past life.  Whenever we do wrong actions, we get dark mark.  over time the dark cloud of bad deeds hides the light of God.  All this takes out our ability to discriminate between right and wrong actions. One needs to do pious actions as directed by Guru. Once layer of darkness gets removed one by one then that space will starts getting filled by light of the god and slowly, we start intuiting. Intuition comes from power of Atma.

-Whatever activity we do, we should do it with full concentration but our actions shouldn’t be born out of our ego.  Source of our ego is delusion. Know that in a minute body can perish. It is not worth to waste our life in Trivia.  We should positivize ourselves and shouldn’t harbor negative thoughts. Cultivate good and positive thoughts. Know that Thoughts never dies, and they get recoded in Akashik records. Be observant, whatever comes at surface, see it objectively.  On negative thoughts, start doing opposite of negative thoughts to overcome them.

-Our Prana and Mana are inter-related. If our Mind is still, our breath automatically become calm and vice versa.  With agitated mind we are prone to make errors. We need to keep our mind calm. At our current state of mind, meditation is an action. Meditation makes us calm. Only in calmness we can know the right action. Please know that only a healthy body and healthy mind can perceive God. Once our Mind is restful our body starts to cooperates and both body and Mind gets in perfect harmonization.

-A great yogi’s mind is very neatly arranged. We have to arrange our mind like properly kept items in a cupboard. Meditation and right actions helps in developing that.  Please take decisions only in calm state. Postpone your decision’s if you have restless mind.

-Out Atma is part of God.  Nothing is lighter than Atma. Atma is perfect. Knowing Atma is being perfection. A Yogi will do all tasks with excellence. We should always learn new skills, build perfection, put your best efforts to achieve excellence. Work harder than world and achieve. Life is an opportunity, world is a stage for soul to manifest excellence. Don’t be mediocre. Raise your bar. Don’t worry about not being appreciated by the world. Be happy and motivated. If you are not happy, you can’t be creative. Be like dancing peacock who dance anywhere without worrying about world’s appreciation. Know that the biggest Joy is in satisfying our creative urges. Have highest aspirations. All our beloved great masters are saying same thing. We just to read all the posts and contemplate to connect the dots.

 I bow down to my Guru Ma, Swami Sivananda and all our beloved divine masters for their kind blessing and grace without which nothing could have been possible.  Gratitude.

                                                  II   Om Tat Sat   II

2. Neeta Agarwal

My pranaams to you Ma,

I have just penned down a few of my learnings from the Rishikesh discourse

Ma  took us to Rishikesh on a remarkable  journey inwards with the post “After effects of Meditation I II III” by Swami Shivanandji.

Ma revealed to us that we are following the JYOTI MARG which the ancient seers also followed . This practice involves more of inner sadhana than outer. (Mann ki sadhana). It means direct contact with God through light.
This particular post is a direct transference by Swamiji to Ma.

Swami Shivanandji has explained the characteristics of our mind in detail.

Q).What are the characteristics of our mind?
Answer: 1) All creation made by God including our mind has the tendency of expansion. Apart from expansion, the mind also has a tendency to flow downwards and outwards.

2) Our mind is like a jungle because it has not been cultivated. All kinds of thoughts infest it.

3) Bad actions cause marks on our soul and over many lifetimes become dense like a dark cloud. God’s light remains covered beneath these dark layers.

4) An agitated mind is prone to making errors. Then grooves are formed and we repeat patterns.

Q)How to control the mind?

A) 1. We should start by doing good deeds. Even if we don’t like, we must do good on purpose.

2) We must meditate, do naam japa and contemplate on God.

3) Do rigorous efforts ( Darunya Prayatna) for upliftment. We need to use our power of will.

4) Keep maun for few hours daily. Be adaptable n accommodating and have very high aspirations. Efforts or Purusharth can change destinies.

Q 2. What will happen when we control our mind?

A) 1) When the mind is kept in check, it gets lot of power.

2) Slowly when the chattering stops, we start having better health.

3) When we become lighter, we start intuiting. We intuit because the dense layers are removed, a space is created and Rays of God’s light come in.

4) Mind, body and soul all align together and there is complete harmony.

5) In this harmonious state when we live with the will of God, we connect with universal consciousness.

6) We can divinize each and every cell of our body at a very advanced stage.

Ma also gave us many practical tips to be used for our upliftment.

Like, we should never take important decisions in an agitated state of mind. Only when the mind is calm, we can choose the best for us.
Many times our efforts are not noticed or appreciated, still we should not feel dejected. Just like a peacock dances for its own happiness, without a care in the world, similarly we should rejoice in our own self after doing our best.

Personal advice:
There is great freedom in self-control and discipline. When you are no longer influenced or affected by people and are not insecure or attached, you become free (emotionally and mentally) and it makes you lighter and then you can soar higher.

This was my third visit to Rishikesh with Ma and never have I felt the presence of Swami Shivanandji so strongly as this time. His persona was overwhelming!!!

I prostate myself to the stalwart sage and to you my most loving Guru Ma for uplifting me and teaching me so much.

In deep gratitude always


3. Midhun PK

Dear Ma,

Please find my summary of Rishikesh Discourse. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

  1. Spiritinlife path is Jyoti marg.
  2. The characteristic of mind is to flow downwards naturally; Constant and continues effort needed to bring it back and silence it. Meditation is the way to achieve it.
  3. Scattering of the mind cause all the troubles, it shows only unreal; Calmness of breath and stillness of mind is the secret to avoid all wrong doings. One should bring mind to one pointedness and prostrate more inside to realize his self.
  4. We can only get glimpses of god when the mind is motionless. Only in silence, we can think or investigate deeply. Meditation is one way to keep the mind calm.
  5. Our actions should notcome out of our ego. Never create Karma out of our ego. We should not even think that I am a good devotee or a disciple. Or I am doing this, I gave this etc. all this thoughts are product of ones Ego. One should always remember that everything happens only by the will and grace of God. Even the efforts in spirituality we are making just because of his Grace. Always remember that Humility and humbleness is the first requirement of a disciple.
  6. Any instruction is given by the gurus should be taken in humility and respect. Because we are not the owner of knowledge. God is the giver. We should take it with full of gratitude, it is only by the Gurus grace one receive knowledge of Atman.
  7. Knowing Atman is nothing but perfection in everything. We have to try always for perfection without bringing our ego. A karam yogi will do all works in excellence.
  8. Atma is the most subtle thing; Even the mind is heavier than Atman and Mind is also a part of Atman, it never dies.
  9. Do not preach about spirituality or experience to friends or others. Others should be curious about you. Do not let the world know that you are striving hard for God. Have joy in striving.
  10. Never limit your mind by saying I cannot do this. Our brain and Manas have many capabilities. Keep trying and learning until the last date. There is always possibility of expanding our self to infinite.




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