Early 60’s Mavoor, Kerala.



Early 70’s Pilani, Rajasthan.


1978 Delhi

Mid 90’s Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


 Pilani, Rajasthan 

2002, Mumbai

2006, Badrinath

2009 Colombo, Sri Lanka

2010, Kailash Mansarovar

2018, Rishikesh Uttarakhand.



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Synopsis of chapters of-My arduous Soul Journey; My Autobiography-I


1.CONFLICT chapter is about my encounter with destiny, an endeavour to untangle prefabricated, distressing, protracted fate. To break the fetters or chains of compulsions caused by one’s own actions created back in the past unintentionally.

2.PEACE An emphatic desire to become free from bondage of subjugation and desperation to get lasting peace in life and relief from enduring conflict. 

3. DEEP STRUGGLE OF CONFLICT AND PEACE When I sought lasting peace, there was opposition from nature. The two types of forces positive and negative do not converge. When the positive powers ascend, there is always a contradiction as they are incompatible. The negative powers overwhelm the positive powers in the beginning and try to replace them as a rule as they wish to remain dominant in nature.  

4. TURMOIL It is caused because the seeker of peace and truth does not respond or relent to falsehood and lies. He or she becomes a battle field where there is an army of two forces-Dharmakeshetra, and Kurukshetra alternately, meaning negative forces and positive forces. 

5.EBBING OF TURMOIL As this war is not possible to win or conclude, Krishna possessing the supreme Consciousness is asked to drive the chariot of life. In my case, Shri Mahavatar Babaji intervened and drove my life-chariot. By having a Guide in life, receiving answers for internal strife the turmoil begins to retreat as narrated in this chapter. 

6. DAWN OF LIGHT Where there is Truth, there is Light. The negative forces are sure to recede and die out after which the dark night dispels and the day breaks. Dawn is enlightenment, light from enduring, inner darkness. Shri Mahavatar Babaji brought immense light in my life. 

 7. BEAMING LIGHT Enlightenment comes to humans when they execute certain actions and expedite them. The nature and intensity of illumination received by the receiver depends on the earnestness and actions of the doer. We beam that light in many ways in our life, example our thoughts, deeds and everyday life. 

8. EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The Consciousness of God can be expanded by applying three hidden forces in a man-power of will, thought and action; ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti respectively. I was sent to very extra ordinary Spiritual Masters by Shri Mahavatar Babaji though astrally in meditation, this was my tapas for further progress as organized by the wish of God. They were his own gurus-Swami Kartik, Bogarnathar and Agastya. 

9. EMISSION OF LIGHT RAYS-In order to emit the received Light Rays from the Sages like Kartik Swami, Bogar and Agastya to the world, I was in addition delegated to three more great Sages to further my working amplitude and scope. They were Guru Gorakhnath, Bogarnath and Swami Shivananda. 

10. MORE RAYS OF LIGHT ON EARTH-To bring more light rays and stored spiritual knowledge in the skies where the ancient Rishis reside since time immemorial.  I was sent to Maharishi-Amara, Krishnananda, Markandeya, Kashyapa, Adi Shankarachary, Vishwamitra and a few more. To save time, I was initiated into the Yogic science of Astral Travel, write at a rapid speed and bring about positive changes in society.  

11. AWAKENING OF HUMANITY- To awaken humanity at an accelerated speed, pralaya or natural catastrophe constantly take place.  They settle the balance of good and bad deeds in the world and thus save it from further deteriorating to abysmal. To aid in dissemination of original, ancient spiritual values and redeem the world, the lost science of Self Realization is being spread in the world through modern technology through this blog, my discourses and activities of the Foundation. (Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation, NJJF) 

12. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION- Total transformation in humans is only possible when the last layers or unconscious mind become purified. It is called chitta. Meditation is the tool or method by which humans can bring about complete transformation in them by changing the lower consciousness to advanced. It requires repeated practice and the guidelines of the spiritual Gurus. The layers are tricky to remove as accumulated seeds of actions and reactions are obscured here.  

13. ETERNAL ABODE- Our Spirit or Atman is our true friend and guide. The real purpose of spirituality is to unfold the presence of this hidden Spirit in us. It is in our Spirit that we procure the final rest and peace and freedom. The purpose of human life is only to remember that we are not mortal bodies but Consciousness or Chetna, the eternal Knower which never dies or changes its attributes with time. And that this world is not made for us to indulge, it is made only to crack the puzzle and pass various examinations to qualify to know that ever present Spirit within. 




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About my autobiography

On this very auspicious day of Guru Poornima of the year 2018, I offer my Anjuli* of tears and gratitude to God and all my most revered Holy Spiritual Masters, saints, rishis and Maharishis of yore to have given me this opportunity to write a few paragraphs about my own Soul Journey withstood over many incarnations.

This Autobiography is different. It is not written by me intentionally. I have no desire to write about myself or about something which is not possible to do without the unconditional, divine love of the Holy Masters and God’s will first. Every word that I have written is guided by some holy being and meant for now and posterity for all the children who wish to know God some day. It is a colossal work of many enlightened beings who sat in the astral world working many days on the draft and blue print. It was made ready under the supervision by none other than Maharishi Markandey, the author of Markandey Purana, Durga Sapta Shati and Mahamritunjaya mantra and a lot more.

My next post is dedicated to him. It will be published on 13th Aug, 2018. After that I shall post a few articles on Vishwamitra Maharishi and Amara.

However, God wants someone to tell about them and has chosen me to tell the world to recognize them, revere them, prostrate at their holy feet for the penance they did. We should work towards our own Self Realization with their blessings and immense kindness. They are very forgiving and in no time will they will cleanse our chitta or inner parts of mind if we submit.

This Autobiography is unconventional in all ways. Except for referring to myself, God and the Holy Masters, you will find names of nobody. There are 13 chapters, each chapter having 13 lines. Number 13 has been auspicious for me. I have been under the direct tutelage of all the greatest 13 Maharishis* for 13 years since 2005 after I returned from Badrinath.

Quoting Adi Shankaracharya and referring to my previous post-https://spiritinlife.blog/2018/05/27/my-unforeseen-unbelievable-communication-with-adi-shankaracharya-on-a-fateful-day-iii/

“In 2005, Shri Mahavatar Babaji invited you to Shri Badrinath.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji blessed you by giving you four pillars-Yoga, Tapa, Dharma, Satya-God union, penance, righteousness and Truth.  

Your blog is also based on these four pillars.” ………

There is no story to tell except show you Light through my Autobiography. It is most succinct and condensed and laden with words of intense wisdom and enlightenment.

Regarding my special adoration and veneration for my Holy Teachers and Maharishis-

They have told me very revealing facts about Creation, God and this world. Example, this is the 13th time that our planet Earth has been rebuilt. 12 times it evolved and perished. Vishwamitra Maharishi got enlightenment of God when Earth was just formed for the first time and therefore he holds the supreme place in the annals of human evolution and enlightenment. Next was Maharishi Markandey and then Adi Shankaracharya and Swami Shivananda in third and fourth time of slow evolution of Earth subsequently.

We need to re-calibrate our concept about time, creation, ego and God eventually.

How was I able to achieve the unusual feat of getting the opportunity of being a part of this colossal and very special project of God by knowing the primitive Rishis?

By reserving my mental energies in many life opportunities over several incarnations and realizing that time is the most powerful element or thing made by God. It can reward and punish us depending on our outlook towards it. To value time, sacrifice trifle joys and impermanent things and possessions. If we conquer time, we conquer the biggest challenge of our existence.

My invocations on this pious day-I pray to God this moment that the penance and hard work of all the Enlightened Beings involved in this intense work of conceptualizing, envisioning, drafting and transferring greatest spiritual knowledge should be made easily accessible and should reach remote parts of the world to deserving people. The many known and unknown enlightened beings of ancient world that I have been blessed by should be worshiped and given their due place in human evolution and history today and in times yet to come. My Autobiography is a document and testimony of their immortal existence and eternal presence like God in our lives. I dedicate my story of Soul Journey to all the sacred Masters of the world, all unseen sacred beings who have in some way or the other discreetly helped me finish this manuscript in time.

Jai Satguru!

Anjuli*-a cup made by joining two palms

SL whie purple photo

My prayer 

 Dear God, may there be peace, peace and more peace in this Universe.  

           Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om!!!  

My pages of Soul Travel-  

  2. PEACE


27.3.18 Early morning 4 am darshan.  

Maharishi Vishwamitra asked me to write my autobiography.  I began to write on 13.05.18

14-07-18. It concludes today with my prostration to him and all the revered Rishis.  

God is in centre.  

This poem is my brief autobiography.  An Autobiography of only my Soul development.  

It has 13 khanda or segments.  13 segments have 13 lines each. 

This poem is applicable to many things-persons, people and civilizations. It also reveals many unknown laws of God applicable to us, society or the world. Laws of action or karmas are also included to this list.   

Conflict, Peace Deep struggle of conflict and peace. It begins with a specific episode of one main incarnation in segments-1, 2 and 3. They are titled Conflict, Peace and Deep struggle of conflict and peace. The whole process is described when a Soul is entangled in a conflict, it longs for peace but peace is not easily attainable. The Soul has to go through a deep struggle to free itself from the opposite forces in nature. This is a principle of Soul evolution. Every Soul has to redeem itself to become free of anti-God forces which are in the way of the Soul to bloom. The Soul has to go through the struggle with fortitude and determination and take truth and virtues as its weapons to conquer evil.  

“Peace and conflict always reside side by side, they get entangled when the truthful and righteous wish to decide who shall flourish and survive.” 

Turmoil When I started my sadhana with Shri Mahavatar Babaji formally from 2001, my actual rapid evolution was initiated. That is described in segment-4. 

Ebbing of turmoil segment-5. I was in turmoil and looking for answers and the purpose of my living when unmistakably Shri Mahavatar Babaji arrived in my life. With his grace, I was settled, the turmoil ebbed. That is when I started writing this blog in 2008 once I calmed down after witnessing acute crises and distress in my life. Ebbing of turmoil will speak of itself in detail, but taking into consideration even races, civilization and people as same law is applicable to all levels.  

Dawn of Light Segment 6 is that chapter of my life when I experienced Light of God in my daily life in my meditations under the direct supervision of Shri Babaji. He awakened me and brought profuse light and enlightenment in my life. I prayed vehemently to God to remove my darkness lurking inside and Shri Mahavatar Babaji cleaned my mind of accumulated karmas of all my previous lives.   

“Dawn arrives to greet those who have wished to relinquish their inner darkness, the humans or civilizations experience a new thrust in their Spirits.”

Beaming Light segment 7. This narration is also about this life, the complete story of my journey through many stages of Soul’s evolution. 

This poem is also your story of Soul unfolding. It applies to all, but to me it applies on three levels-my entire journey of Soul, the journey in this life and when enlightenment came, it came as very bright Light. All the knowledge has been documented in this blog. The summary or synopsis of this blog is written in this long poem. It gives an overview of the complete blog so far. 

Expansion of Consciousness, Segment 8 describes my journey with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and about the sacred knowledge that he imparted to me to know the presence of God inside. I for the first time, got to know what is Chetna Shakti or Consciousness.   

“The three hidden forces made by God but kept a secret so far are termed as power of will, thought and action-ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti.

Emission of Light Rays Segment 9. To expand my consciousness further and to strive for it, Shri Mahavatar Babaji sent me to His own Gurus. 

“Power to do, or power to act called Kriya shakti was bestowed on me by Guru GorakhnathBogarnathar and The Mother besides Swami Shivananda.”

More rays of Light on Earth, Segment 10 is about my further advancing on spiritual path by going to a few more very advanced Holy Masters to initiate into a new field-Astral travel.   

“They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.”

Awakening of Humanity Segment 11. Today my life is dedicated for the welfare of everyone in the world.  

I am a very small part of an ongoing chain of devout workers or helpers who work indefatigably day and night to bring about a new world order.”  

Total transformation is discussed in Segment 12 in this poem. Meditation first taught to me by Shri Mahavatar Babaji changed my world.  

“Meditation is the most pious action a human being can perform; it makes the practitioner innocent, pure, humble, compassionate, loving and forgiving.”

 Eternal Abode My autobiography ends in segment 13. It narrates my present life.   

“It is in our eternal Abode called Spirit that we will finally get the rest we have been waiting for, the peace and tranquility that we have been dreaming for.”



If there is something that is more essential than anything else in this forever changing world, it is peace, peace and only peace; God is Peace.  

Many wars were fought won and lost, over a woman, pride, honour, power, expansion of territories or progeny or simply for their fake valour.  

Earth is a witness of many such heinous human crimes as some did not know that peace is most precious; there wouldn’t be progress minus that.  

The outcome of warring brothers is regression, deprivation, melancholy, depression, barrenness, loss of creativity and mere futility.  

Despite so many wars, people do not realize that when we will not live who will see our extended territories, cattle, gold, army or many children?  

Wars close reasoning about our real predicaments, seal the boundaries of possible truce and settlements, shut eyes of empathy and kindness.   

The surface is studied not the interior most chambers, burning issues like sharing of wealth, parentage, kingdoms and cattle never fully understood.   

The fire of lust and greed, hunger of avarice and insane wishes, the craze of gold and splendour, unending appetite of money never extinguishes.  

What will happen to us after relinquishing this mortal body is a mystery, region of residency is unexplored, travel to another world unprepared.  

The reappearance to Earth is unplanned, at what stage we will learn the basic eternal Truths unknown and who will Guide us incomprehensible.  

In such hazy circumstances, the idea of God, Peace, world prosperity, oneness of human race, universality of same Truths and oneness of Spirit.  

Is impossible to fetch and find because humans have a natural inclination to fight for basic needs, ego, desire and cannot fathom the Spirit at all.  

If attention is paid to know what is paining inside, where it comes from, how much do I really need and how much I should share, the problem dies.  


Peace on the other hand is the source of approaching God, reaching God, it is exact opposite of turbulence, conflict or methods of oppression.  

Peace is nature of our Spirit, it is touched when all debris of mud in the mind is removed and mind-matter distilled till mind evaporates fully.  

Peace comes in mind when the conflict of interest subsides, when the grey clouds of apprehension of survival recedes and mind submits.  

Peace is within us but was forgotten because there were many uncountable desires waiting to loom over us snatching our Soul’s serenity.   

Peace does not come to us if we do not have control over our mind, peace is far from us if the mind wanders, fidgets or has endless desires.  

Peace becomes priceless if vices are mushrooming, if they are controlling our minds or if we have become slaves to the five senses of ours.  

Peace is not cheap to achieve, it takes courage and hard work to relinquish all morbid habits and diseased parts of the brain and do re-wiring.  

Peace is attained by those persons who cultivate love, compassion, empathy, service, kindness, equality, oneness of all countries and Spirits.  

Profound peace is earned when the mind is absolved entirely, complete surrender to God’s will and purpose as penance is pursued daily.  

Peace sanitizes the environment of the practitioner as well as of those who are receptive and receive the light peace waves in their meditations.  

It fumigates nearby minds, burns the diseased parts of the brain cells which are inflamed, soothes inner wounds of the practitioner and receiver.    

It fills the core of the brain and body cells and inside of plasma and other soft tissues with higher frequency of vibrations and raises Consciousness.  

Peace is directly related to higher Consciousness, Awareness, subtle objectiveness, direct perception, sharpness and is sure victory over delusion.  


Inside the womb of God also called Hiranyagarbha, lies the acute power of manifestation called Sankalpa Shakti or Thought Power.  

We are born with similar powers as we are made of the same power; same manifestation prowess embedded at the time of our inception.  

Thought power has both types of forces, they are constructive and destructive both and no human can imagine what miracles it can produce.  

Our thought vibrates in this Universe until manifested, it creates ripples in our lives depending on the quality, frequency and potency of it.   

When negative and positive thoughts clash in the atmosphere, a battle ground is prepared, lines are drawn and conch shell is blown in air.  

Both worlds witness the same strategy, warfare or regimentation, whether we have a war between our own thoughts inside or if war is outside.  

Truth and falsehood, positive and negative thought energies are afloat in the atmosphere as well inside our own minds since our conception.  

It is an unwritten, hidden law of God, when negative thoughts in sum and totality outnumber positive thoughts, land witnesses deep conflict.  

There are always two assemblages facing each other, each certain of winning the conflict and each using its best wit, might, army and possessions.  

No party wishes death, no side desires to be crushed; on the contrary their will power is as strong as a torrent of rain or storming, raging cyclone.  

Peace is forgotten and put aside, avarice of triumph rules both sides, tempest of victory and ruling in the inner and outer kingdoms prevails till end.   

God witnesses this event silently and guides the righteous side, the power of delusion is auto filled in the unrighteous ones; they inflate their pride.  

Peace and conflict always reside side by side, they get entangled when the truthful and righteous wish to decide who shall flourish and survive.  


Where there is truth, there is peace and love; where there is greed, lust, anger, desires unhealthy, self-centeredness, there is self-annihilation.  

When positive and negative forces entangle in some place, inside or outside of you, turmoil is inevitable as they both are opposite and contrast.  

They both are forces in nature one clockwise second anti clockwise, one constructive second destructive, one benign other malignant.  

Their jobs are contrary, one force is creative other force disastrous, one gives life other stifles, they don’t co-exist as both cannot see eye to eye.  

They attack each other to exert its positive or negative influence, to mitigate other’s impact and in the centre is intermingling of two forces.  

The turmoil is caused because of clashing of inharmonious nature, adversity of nature, two very diverse properties and their basic nature.  

When conflict ends, turmoil begins, turmoil lasts only till the Soul wishes to stop degenerating further and weaken its strength and vigour.  

Turmoil is a sign of goodness, blessedness since it will create some discomfort but at last, it will separate what is desirable and undesirable.  

Turmoil in universe is created to bring about significant changes in the planet, world, geography or surface or inside brains of human beings.  

To separate two opposite forces in the Cosmos, it should be intermixed, forces of current opposed until one dies which lacks the will of God.  

God’s purpose of creating turmoil is for the betterment of planet, society or cultures or environment and even humans who refuse to awake.  

Unless there is opposition in any species or persons or cultures, races, countries or even social tribes and groups of various regions, places.  

They do not apply all their inner resources, potential, hidden powers, strengths to fulfill their role of being a wholesome and complete Self.   


When God observes that much wrong has been carried out and it should be now stopped since the Truth has been hidden in one place for too long.  

The anti-God forces begin to recede, they slowly become powerless, fail in their missions as no help is received from nature or any force on planet.  

God decides who should be victorious at what point of time in history, forces of all sorts align and re-align continuously in nature by God’s consent.  

Acts of humans have extremely far reaching effects in nature, so much so that the scenery of external world can transform from wonderful to poor.  

Lush green forests can change slowly into deserts, water pools and rivers can shrink and disappear, mountains can crumble to vanish out of our sight.  

One race can become extinct, a new race can become prosperous and mighty, new civilizations may emerge and rule the world while previous cease.  

Great discoveries are made during such time when one race and civilization maintains its morality and chastity by obeying God’s many benign, spiritual laws.  

Previous turmoil in civilization of people or turmoil in the minds of people begins to recede and ebb if the laws of God laid in scriptures and learned men.  

Are meticulously followed, acts of sins if reduced and actions of virtues escalated, the world around us will slowly change into loving, resplendent and pious.   

Times will change, inner transformation brings about outer transformation, remedy is simple if we apply our conscience and allow God’s will to enter.   

Into our homes, minds, actions, thoughts and everything that we wish to execute carry out in all dealings and relationships as God is always a witness.  

Turmoil vanishes, goodness and well being, prosperity and progress, longevity and health, flourishing of architecture, literature, arts, science and all things.  

Are inevitable to occur if we obey the laid regulations and rules of God and practice them in daily life and live for family, society, country and mankind.  


Dawn arrives to greet those who have wished to relinquish their inner darkness, the humans or civilizations experience a new thrust in their Spirits.  

Dawn brings with it revitalizing energies, a new life is thrust in every leaf or tree; body undergoes a throbbing current of warm circulating blood in veins.  

New born civilization finds men of great talent, arts, brains, muscles, ideas, philosophy, science, spirituality, education; massive renewal projects begin.  

All this happens because the seed of God’s thought was already embedded in the akash, atmosphere; the power of that sankalpa awakens everybody.   

The director of this new manifestation on Earth is invisible while the actors are visible and seen on the platform, the strings are behind the curtains!  

God’s power is so much that nobody can deny or thwart it; miserable revitalize their souls, dominated upsurge their hidden prowess, exploited rise!  

From dust rises the phoenix to soar in the clouds and highest skies, it ventures into arenas which were thought to be really impossible to clamber.   

Dawn is for only those who open their inner eyes and let the warm rays of the Sun enter through windows of readiness, fortitude and concentration.  

Light rays penetrate inside the several layers of mind, charging the dormant ignorance as they cut through the deep, thin flakes like film of deposits.  

As they cut through the film, a new vision side by side develops in the mind and brain of the recipient because new brain cells with new data is printed.  

The tired brain recharges with new currents, electrifying new circuits and pathways in nervous system as light rays catalyst the recharging process.  

There is enlightenment in the mind or manas, heart or hridayapast tendencies or sanskaras and even in the mastiksha or brain in humans.    

True dawn is when we relinquish our dormant sleep, recover from mental, physical lethargy and rise from the sleep-walk of many incarnations.   


Conscience or Spirit is same; it is presence of God in us as a ray or glitter or a beam depending on how much we have buried or revealed it.  

We exhibit copiously or radiate moderately or stop glistening absolutely those rays of God’s Light in our inner vaults if we wish or not desire.  

Our own actions will make it happen, our mind type and nature of mind will decide if we were active or anti towards dissipation of God’s Light.  

There are three main hidden, unknown secretive powers of God embedded inside us, unknown to all but most essential to empower Soul.  

It took me immense patience, endless turmoil, pain, incessant hardships, innumerable tests to qualify to tell these secrets now to the world.  

It was first of all Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the greatest Himalayan Yogi, who gave me shelter and love in times of greatest distress and ambiguity.  

He instilled in me a desire to kindle not only my deceased life but also my extinguished Soul because of lingering grief and stabbing agony pangs.  

He promised me he will show me Light at the end of this darkest tunnel that I was stranded into since decades after which I shall never cry!  

Like camphor, my remaining sins were burnt in days and months, they lasted just a few years while I got frantically busy making excellent ones.   

My most intense desire to rise and awaken was ignited and I was burning my candle at  both ends, but in my heart I knew I was a phoenix.  

I wanted to rise from the ashes and tell the world that you may succeed temporarily to stifle a woman’s voice but you cannot kill her Spirit of Life!  

I cancelled every speck of my past and replaced it with most beautiful, pious and spiritual thoughts or vichar and reconstructed my radiant future.  

The three hidden forces made by God but kept a secret so far are termed as power of will, thought and action-ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti 


I used them all thoroughly, all the three hidden powers beginning with my power of will to extend and stretch the size and boundary of my existing Self.   

I distended my horizon to its maximum by doing further penance and gaining momentum and challenging my physical, emotional, mental limits.   

Shri Mahavatar Babaji ignited the dormant ichcha shakti or power of will inside and seeing my ignited passion to go beyond horizons, he did not deny.   

To learn from his own Holy Masters named Swami Kartik or Murugan, Bogar and Agastya, he commissioned me to be their disciple on urgent basis.  

Vichar Shakti or thought power is very important in expanding our consciousness; they are stalwarts in their fields, they could easily spot a spark in me.  

My very precious and buried dynamic thoughts which would have been erased with time in future were instantly ignited by Holy Masters three.  

In no time my old Consciousness became very luminous because of their Grace on me, they care so much for those who wish to recall their Souls.  

With their Grace, I entered those kingdoms of Spiritual wealth and profoundness to which access is denied to people; they let me know of their ‘tapas’.  

‘Tapas’ or penance which they have earned and done with so much pain and hardships gave me strength to rise high further; they were eagerly waiting.  

They were waiting patiently for many thousands of years for me to come to them so that they could pass on their pious, prime knowledge to the world.  

They made sure I became the strongest in the feminine world in thought power, and helped everybody particularly women and emancipated them.  

Some of their unknown, hidden powers were passed on to me to carry on their sacred mission and that reflects in my writings, talks and discourses.  

Consciousness in our Soul is Omnipresent and Eternal; it is with our own desire and will power we can awaken, expand our life with Soul’s awareness.  


When the matter in the soul completely dissolves and Spirit takes its place, there is radiance in thoughts, deeds and every step undertaken.  

Light through thoughts, actions and vibrant role model is emitted in the world and there are unsurpassed activities in the material and Spiritual worlds.  

Power to do, or power to act called Kriya shakti was bestowed on me by Guru Gorakhnath, Bogarnathar and The Mother besides Swami Shivananda.  

The trio in particular-Gorakh, Bogar and Shivananda blessed me copiously many times when I was in training under their tutelage and made me athak’.  

Athak literally means one who never tires of anything and one who never gives up on anything which implies I must always keep trying incessantly.  

The power to work, the power to struggle and power of never say die is given to me by these Holy Masters in order to make efforts until success is achieved.  

They blessed me ample times and said that I must spread their teachings far and wide in the globe as ancient knowledge achieved and stored by bygone Sages.  

Must be emitted in the world through modern means and gentle discourses and simple words to reach householders, students, children, the aged and old.  

In their mental rays are hidden various powers to dissolve our ego, countless desires and passions, a sight for our blindness to see what is obviously existing.   

They have made me their special receptor, a unique receiver, a rare server through which I receive a flood of special spiritual knowledge for dissemination.  

Through me, many highly advanced enlightened beings called Light workers or Rishis channel special spiritual knowledge which I bring down through meditations.  

For years from primitive times, they have saved and stored their knowledge to disseminate in today’s modern world or Kali Yugthey were waiting till I graduated.  

These Light rays which are embedded in their subtle minds can have extremely far fetched positive effects on the citizens of the world and the Universe.    


My inexhaustible desire to learn, my ease to disconnect the mind with the burden of work and my love to serve my Holy Masters endlessly has got me here.  

Their Grace, God’s consent brought more blessings of more Sages whom the world can’t remember or ever know as they arrived earlier than others.  

Maharishi Amara, Krishnananda, Markandey, Kashyap, Bhardwaj, Adi Shankaracharya are all immortal and guiding my penance on daily basis.  

Out of them, the most advanced is Sage Vishwamitra who heads all world projects; nothing escapes his eyes, not even the sound of a falling needle.  

They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.   

In this way, more rays of Light can be brought into this materialistic world and slowly the world will transform and turn back to the Age of Truth and Purity.  

This process is hard and yet needs to be attended to as the world has reached its peak in deteriorating its moral values and life-giving green environment.  

I was elevated to higher ranks in spiritual kingdom because of God’s directive as it was observed that I have been serving others unselfishly and unreservedly.  

Impeccable peace was granted by the Lord so that I could meet Him with ease at any time and place or condition of health or when I wished to only thank Him.  

In pristine, unmovable state of my being is God received and met, mutual love exchanged, a deep sense of connection between us established and rooted.  

All Sages and God are constantly working as a very trusted, reliant team to bring peace, order, harmony, brotherhood and co-operation in the ever-changing world.  

Karmas of world, countries, families and individuals are broadly looked into and accordingly mental waves thrown at them as justice deliverance.  

More Rays of Light are systematically emitted by God and the Sages through their periods of silence and meditation; forgiveness granted for the pious ones.  


In this way, awakening of humanity is going on; this world is constantly changing as it shifts from one era or epoch to another through natural calamities.   

Natural calamities or ‘pralaya’ are essential in the world as they are levellers or stabilizers of mass human karmas done on Earth; they create destinies.  

The Holy Sages are gifted beings, they are blessed with knowledge of psychic and Holy Sciences which are best put to use to help humanity rid their sins.  

I am a very small part of an ongoing chain of devout workers or helpers who work indefatigably day and night to bring about a New World Order.  

I earned this honour because the materialistic life had no place in my innermost heart; it is my choice of living, I love it so much, I revere as it is gifted by God.  

My work goes on incessantly through my writings, giving out positive mental vibrations and intentions to those who remember or ask for help or favour.  

My actions in daily life are oriented only for the welfare of the world, any person can call on me and seek spiritual, reformation help or get spiritual education.       

My writings are for posterity, for today’s world community, for people in distress, loss and agony; for those who must mend their delinquent living.  

My Discourses are for those who wish to change the stream and flow of their present way of living, to rise above their ordinary life and soar high in sky.  

My precious time is for those who value my sincerity, truthfulness and simplicity; who appreciate the hard labour gone in my grinding and sculpting.   

Love for God and love for the Divine Gurus must be your qualification by which you will be admitted in my Open School where there is no caste or religion.  

You must awaken your Spirit and do your daily meditation, serve your brothers without any hidden interest and you must be a part of this ongoing chain.  

In this way, humanity will awaken to a great extent, the proportion of good people versus evil will become higher and you will one day find God in your life.  


Total transformation is possible in humanity if selfish interests are laid to rest, if we keep Mother Earth, our planet and our Universe in mind first.  

In humans, it is the inner-most mind or chitta that should be thoroughly cleansed because all evils are done unconsciously from that level.  

The mind or manas is a part of God, it has light of God ingrained ; it is very complex and weighs down people if its powers are unknown and unbridled.  

With altruistic power of meditation or dhyanahumans are capable of cultivating, harnessing and unfolding all hidden powers of magnanimous mind.  

Meditation is the most pious action a human being can perform; it makes the practitioner innocent, pure, humble, compassionate, loving, forgiving.  

I learnt this art formally late in life but my past and present good karmas catapulted me to great heights since I learned only to find a purpose in  my life.  

It transformed my life absolutely, I have never looked back since then when Shri Mahavatar Babaji initiated me in this ancient science of Sages.  

I can swear by it, I can testify its generosity and blessedness wholly and I am convinced that whoever wishes to purify his heart, mind, Soul must practice it.  

Meditation can bring down wholesome serenity in your homes, it can change your perception old and establish truth and reality in your inner sense.  

It gives wisdom, knowledge of finest Self, it connects through intuition to never heard before spiritual realms; it can ripen and season your wisdom.   

It can show you all your important incarnations on your long, arduous Soul Journey, it can make you re-live many of your sweet, bitter, sour memories.  

Through these revived memories, you can learn all important life lessons and find a place for yourself in this world and you will respect your inner Self.  

Memories are good, they are good teachers in disguise, they can transform you, make you healthy again and very wise; your life lessons will prove worthy.  


It is in our eternal Abode called Spirit that we will finally get the rest we have been waiting for, the peace and tranquillity that we have been dreaming of.  

Our Soul Journey is a canvas of our deeds, thoughts and will power, we can overcome all difficulties presently only if we take charge of our current destiny.  

The world of God is absent of sins and worries, of death and decay, of disease and distress, it is laden with gleam, quietude and no sound or rumbling.  

It is complete, abundant and never decreasing; it fills naturally with heightened joy and ecstasy, it is interspersed with intense feeling of mutual love.  

It will leave behind your old Self, it will make you do wondrous actions and dream big; it will allow you room to grow as much as you wish to enlarge your Self.  

It will show you many new vistas, panoramas, holistic orbits of existence in far off lands or skies, dimensions and ideas which are rare to experience or find.   

Each day will be a New Dawn, a New Life, New Light; you will witness far off horizons where none have walked through, you will be a beacon of Light!  

Explanation is not possible to do by mere words, it is in experience of the owner that will authenticate and validate the importance of our Eternal Abode.  

You must follow the advice as preached and being spread by the Ancient Seers and Sages of our holy planet, they are spread in many places far and wide.  

They are universal, above caste, religion or demarcation, they only see your inner Light; the Sages are waiting for you to say you need their help and advice.  

It is us, only us who are responsible for every life that we have lived, it was our own thought power that made us what we are and we will become what we will.  

We must be receptive to needs of our Atman, it is waiting to flourish, we must give an atmosphere to nurture, it is our Atman which is our real friend and Guide.  


 सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे ्तु िरामयाः 
सर्वे ्राणि श्यन्तु
मा ्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् 
 शान्तिः न्तिः न्तिः ॥  

May we all become happy.  

May we all become disease-free.  

May all see auspiciousness everywhere.  

May none feel sorrowful.  

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om!  





Revised and updated on 21-07-19


A short commentary on the Greatest 13 Maharishis*

13 Exclusive Rishis of 13 Earths

These 13 Maharishis were first in receiving direct knowledge of God without any support
from others and they procured knowledge beyond Prabhutva gyan or very blazing spiritual knowledge.

1. Vishwamitra
2. Markandey
3. Adi Shankaracharya
4. Swami Shivananda
5. Amara
6. Krishnananda
7. Agastya
8. Mahavatar Babaji
9. Kashyap
10. Bhrigu
11. Kartik
12. Bogarnath
13. Gorakhnath

Only in 13th time, there are 2 recipients.

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