It was in the year 2014 in the month of September that by mere co-incidence I got a golden opportunity to visit the Manasa Foundation, Bangalore. 

A relative suggested this idea spontaneously, the plan was accomplished in a few hours.  It was an aspiration that came true for a devotee like  me. However, I had no idea what one should expect out of that low key, low profile meditation centre. I visited the place and returned home unassumingly without knowing its consequences thereafter.  

After I visited Manasa Foundation, I immediately visited the cave of *Mahavatar Babaji in Dwarahat in September and **Omkareshwar, Ujjain, a jyotirlinga in October in 2014. After that valuable visit to Manasa, there has been no looking back as far as my upscaling on spiritual journey is concerned.  

It is only now that I am able to comprehend the significance of these unexpected blessings. They have resulted in rapid and unremitting developments in my spiritual life.

In Manasa, the Sapt Rishis quietly work day and night to make this centre extremely powerful from where we can withdraw as much spiritual and divine energies as possible for our good. It is also a place where spiritual energies are stored safely in different parts of the Centre. Meditating there offers the good prospect of receiving enlightening rays from those stored energies or from the special energies coming from the astral skies constantly from time to time of the several Light Masters residing in different ethereal skies and galaxies. 

Besides, now many unusual spiritual experiences on daily basis occur. There have been many prophecies, future guidelines for upcoming plans and for my own internal growth without any interruptions. In the last four years, I have come in direct contact with a number of Light Masters or Rishis and they are Guruji Krishnananda, Maharishis- Amara, Agastya, Kashyap, Markandey, Bhrigu, Dhanwantari, Patanjali, Vishwamitra and a few more whose name I could not remember as I have not heard their names before but they exist. They came one by one on specific occasions to teach me something or reveal unknown facts about them, their lives or their fortes to broaden my frontiers. They have been gifted rare spiritual knowledge and I feel I must preserve them safely on my blog. 

I had conducted a two-day Discourse in Bangalore on 15th and 16th Sept 2017. After concluding the event, I went to Manasa the following day for the second time after 2014. By visiting Manasa, my psychic abilities and paranormal faculties further escalated. I began to see a Sage regularly in white clothes and copious white light surrounding him. He was very tall, walked majestically and was always on the move on an urgent job. I was always patient and calm to let things unfold as and when they were meant to be. I waited until I was made familiarized with his identity with God’s wish. 

My exclusive dhyana. He invited me to his cave under water

One day, I saw a view which stood out from other such recurring features. In my dhyana, or meditation in the morning at home, I had travelled at a frightening speed with this Sage inside an ocean. I was able to observe that in an instant, I had left the physical body and I had started journeying upwards casting away the physical connection. I was on a fast track and in a very short while I came under waters along with him.  

The Sage came closer and invited me with a gesture.  I took his hand and we both instantly reached a bed of a very, very quiet, rather soundless ocean. In the water bubbles were erupting from below the many big rocks and boulders. Inside the water, I saw an opening which resembled the mouth of a cave. Indeed, it was a cave and the next moment I saw this Sage sitting in deep Samadhi unaware of anything around him. His eyes were closed and his contour was made of pure, white Light and his countenance was radiating unseen peacefulness. I went on looking at the towering figure first then his very serene face and found his presence extremely captivating. 

I was quick to understand that it was an encounter with an advanced Sage but beyond that my capacity to understand lapsed. 

He only told me, “I come here to meditate, this is a cave under an ocean.”  

I was mystified in entirety.  

I only bowed to him with immense gratitude and thanked him abundantly to have shown me a very rare, celestial vision in this life. 

Recently, one more time I experienced a similar thing. On 20th May, 2018, I meditated in Cosmic Tower in Manasa in the morning on the occasion of my 10th blogging anniversary. In my meditation, I was given a beautiful experience as a reward for my efforts for maintaining Spiritinlife Blog. I saw a towering Sage emerging right in front of me and in full glory and power as soon as I sat down to meditate. The white figure was as if touching the sky. He was standing on the Earth, the ground where I sat in the meditating tower up to the highest sky. It was a ‘Virat Swaroop’, the immense and prodigious form of the enlightened and wise Sage. I comprehended the immensity of this exceptional experience and figured out that I must concentrate deeply as something astonishing was about to occur. It was then that the Sage in white that was reappearing in my meditations on a few previous occasions came out fully in open and thus spoke to me,  

“Mei Markandey hoon. Mei tumse bahut prasanna hoon. Tum mana mei vichar leke aai thi, ki ab tumko thakaan ho gayi hai aur tum aage likhna bhi nahi chhati ho. Tum sochti ho kya bacha ha likhne ke liye. Par aisa mei hone nahi doonga. Mei tumko is avasar par ashirwad deta hoon. Tum aakhri din tak likhogi aur sara jeevan yahi kaam karogi.”

“I am Markandey. I am very pleased with you. You came with a thought in your mind that you will request us that you may be relieved of the task of maintaining this blog as it has been ten years now. You are also fatigued. You feel there is nothing more to write also. On this occasion, I bless you, till your last day you will be writing and all your life will be dedicated to this undertaking.”

(To be continued)

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