Markandey Maharishi

Part A 

On 11th of Nov, 2018 I slept very peacefully after completing my writing work at night. I woke up so fresh next morning, very light in both my bodies, physical and mental. I had no physical discomfort which I experienced on previous two days. From some place unanticipated, destructive forces struck me when I was about to dispatch the post thus hindering my pace. On 12th, I recognized the incoming spiritual vibrations early in the morning from the higher Orbits. They came from Maharishi Markandey.  I turned my mind inward to centre myself fully. I meditated for some time to bring down those discharged, coded messages as well as to ingest positive healing vibrations for my quick recuperation and well-being. After less than an hour, I grasped that I am already healthy and vibrant, full of mental stamina to resume my writing.  

My conversation with the Great Wise Sage resumed telepathically in the abstract world at a stretch over a substantial length of time over four consequent days. 

Maharishi Markandey- “From where did the evil forces come to attack you and why?” 

Me- “Revered Maharishi, you know everything. What can I say? I feel I am progressing at a dizzying speed because of the Grace of you, Amara Maharishi and Swami Shivananda now a days. In the last many days, you great ones have been adorning all my meditations and I am able to comprehend at unprecedented velocity. The tenacity and buoyancy in my thought power has never been of this quality and rare calibre. In the past, whenever I was about to leap forward by multiple steps for transformation, I have encountered opposition from the dark world at all my milestones. They spring up from nowhere all at once. Your protection is holding me together. I am unfazed and unstoppable. The dark forces are obsessed with narcissism and unless they are contained by the spiritual energies of God embedded in the Enlightened Beings like you and other Rishis, they do not wane in my case. Such people are acutely self-obsessed and full of greed, ego and lust for power and money. I am not afraid of any one of them because the righteous and pious Rishis have always won in the end when there has been a conflict of good and evil, holy and profane, fair and unfair since inception of the benevolent Earth. 

I will continue to work and accomplish my assigned responsibilities for your blessings are the cause of my fearlessness. I will organize my day in such a manner that my physical energies do not deplete and I am able to remit this write up at the earliest. It will happen even if there are other multiple important tasks cropping up in between my writing job. You have taught me to balance my thoughts extremely well as in a financial balance sheet. I will take care of every arising thought from within me and will not waste a fraction of mental energy by allowing people’s incoming thoughts forcibly entering my mind. I can hear, read and sometimes see those thoughts, their origin, their weight and strength, colour, intensity and frequency with your and other Sages’ grace and generosity. 

It was Swami Shivananda, then Swami Kartikeyan, Amara Maharishi and now you who are teaching me and revealing the concealed secrecy of the hidden secrets of thought power in mental world. I am eternally grateful to you and others for accepting me as your disciple in the first place and making my mind robust, graceful and substantial. It has grown exponentially in elasticity, intensity, texture, chemistry, width, height, depth and volume.  

It started more than thirteen years ago in July 2005, when I had lost some memory suddenly due to a major surgical procedure. I was unable to recall what I did a few hours ago. Certainly, I was devastated and worried. It was the kindness and mercy of Paramhansa Yogananda who first of all came in my meditation in the house in his astral appearance to counsel me. I had been practicing meditation regularly and asked Guruji to help and guide my meditations at that time. He began my journey and first of all, compared the brain to a walnut and asked me to do a few mental and physical exercises. I followed sincerely for more than two months. I became alright following the prescription but I knew I was vulnerable. Since then, I have been working on myself diligently without a single day’s break and have restructured my brain and memory to current unprecedented, miraculous heights! 

My mind is very plastic now and filled with extreme spiritual information given by the cluster of Divine Masters over the past many years. Your constant focus on me in the last two years in particular is the cause of my exceptional spiritual development lately. It accentuated after I visited Kanya Kumari in 2012 and heightened after I visited Rameshwaram temple in November of 2017. I owe everything to God’s mercy and your circuit of ancient, Spiritual Masters. The trust and reliability that you all have bestowed on me is the ignition of my endless energy and hence I am able to pursue manifold time-bound, extremely hard divine plans and missions.” 

The stimulating conversation propelled and the Maharishi activated a long stream of shrouded facts and revelations which are related to our plentiful, mattering much, previous important lifetimes and incarnations. This kind act of his invoked muted serenity and bliss never ever experienced before! 

Constant reformation and restructuring of mind are mandatory for human transformation and evolution.

Part B 

Maharishi Markandey- “You are an exceptional human being. The whole world is groping in the dark, the multitude of population is only scratching the surface or drowning in the ocean. Ever since you were born first time just a little more than one lakh years ago in Rishikesh near today’s ashram of Shivananda, you have never wasted any life. Ninety-five lives total you have spent exclusively for God Realization since your first birth. You started your first attempt in fifth birth consciously. From fifth incarnation until this day, you have never enjoyed food for taste, never slept in ignorance and you have deprived yourself of leisure, fun, entertainment and slumber. * 

You have practiced Yogic Science ever since and are shrewd to save your time only for added progress and unfolding your Atma. Your concentration and focus are impeccable and gets better with us each day. Your never-tiring attitude towards perfection stems from your realization and wisdom that every life is very precious because human life is limited and bound by two ends-birth and death. Whatever we must do, we must do it in the time available between two dots-life and death. You have gone further on this trajectory and have been following a parallel metaphor-the two dots-night and day. Whatever we must achieve we must do it without wasting precious time between morning and night.  

You hold on to time like it was the most precious thing in this whole Universe. Indeed, it is. You will never allow anyone at this point of your life to rob you even a few minutes because with your intense Yoga Sadhana you have been able to conquer time. You are achieving big goals by collecting handful minutes several times in the day. In this way, you add up to the pool of saved minutes. In those few available minutes, you choose only crucial tasks as your top priority. Therefore, you are an extra ordinary achiever. What people do in a year, you do it in three months and hence you are ahead of everyone.  

I will give you extra ordinary, challenging tasks to do which no one has done before. You have the blessings of many deities specially Devi Durga and hence you shall be victorious in all your endeavours. 

Many Goddesses, Devis have blessed you secretly and you are using their gifted divine creative powers to do good for masses daily. Your intense compassion for all the people makes you endearing to all of us. You forget your sleep, food and rest to extend help to people to mitigate their sorrows. We are ever watching you from the skies at night when you sleep and we pray for your goodness, health and longevity. A few wicked people have tormented you, insulted you and even decided to finish your spiritual powers but all in vain. Their stupidity and wickedness have on the contrary opened the doors of hell which propagates depression, illness and misery for those cruel people. In spite of acute sickness, you have made efforts to write and complete this project on time. You are the best example, a role model for the public to emulate because you are most unassuming, unselfish and unpretentious person on the earth in spite of your unprecedented spiritual attainments. You are following our footsteps and guidelines and wish to stay solitary, incognito and hermetic even now. It is on our behest that you have decided to make your life public so that people can approach you any time and help can be given without any delay. 

You have been a devotee of Goddess Durga in many lives and earned her countless blessings. You gain your extra ordinary stamina to work day and night from her blessing. She gave you her shakti in that form in return to your selfless devotion. You have also built three Durga temples in your previous births when you were born in royal families. You will continue to worship her silently in all lives in her subtle form as you have been given extra ordinary humanitarian tasks to do in all your upcoming lives by God. 

I have written the immortal Durga Saptashati Mahatma because God wanted to help women in distress. Courage, hope and energy can be derived from the sutrasor verses of this holy book. You are doing the same by empowering women and uplifting their lives. 

You are an extremely humble being with vibrant dreams for children and young generation. You love them with all your heart. Only you have been chosen by God to proceed with this mission through Spirit in life because you wanted to make their future bright. Therefore, Spirit in life and Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation were carved out by us since you wanted to do something exceptional in life and pleaded for a lofty purpose in this life-time. 

For this lofty aim, you were mentored by so many of us since you dreamt of making your life really large. All the three hidden powers inside humans were kindled and ignited inside you. They are-the power to will, act and think. 

Mahavatar Babaji ignited your will power or ichcha shakti, the power to perform or act called kriya shakti was intensified by Bogarnathar, Gorakhnath and Shivananda and to expand your consciousness by expanding your thought power or vichar shakti further you were sent to be trained under the expertise of Shivananda, Kartik, Adi Shankaracharya and now to me and Amara.”  

Time is the most important wealth for a yogi.

 Part C 

Our continued conversation was flowing like a stream of cool, fresh water in the mountains of the Himalayas over more than three days and nights. While in this flow, I remembered with contentment that I had visited a temple located inside a big Durga temple in 2009 in Uttarkashi which was dedicated to Maharishi Markandey when we returned from Yamnotri temple. I was told by the priest that it was here that Markandey Purana was written by the immortal Sage. Devi Mahatm is a section of Markandey Purana and the oldest text of Shakti Swaroopini Durga.

I see the chain of incidences which are interlinked and how God has been unfolding my complete chronicle of spiritual evolution as and when the layers of my mind were unfolding systematically on annals of life’s timeline.

Me- “Please tell me more about yourself Maharishiiji,” I pleaded in my meditation on 13th Nov. “Since you are such an ancient Sage, you are a treasure house of chronological events of man’s transformation evolution since eternity. I would like to know more about you as you have been associating with me so frequently ever since I went to Kanya Kumari.” 

Maharishi Markandey- “I am the author of Mahamritunjaya mantraMarkandey Purana and Shiva Purana. I wrote them when I became Markandey. People do not know this. Shiva Purana was later summarized, chronicled and documented by Sage Ved Vyas approximately 5,679 years ago.  

I have reincarnated many times as anonymous and unknown man but was extremely wise and observant. I was always looking out for someone who could implement and execute my mental powers in him after my demise. Many Rishis were my prodigious sons several times and I, their brilliant father. In this way, I have transferred my mental legacy and shared with them so that the wisdom spreads and is saved in a few places in the Universe as in ‘Safe.’ It is for the first time that a woman has become a recipient of my mental wealth to this large extent. You are my ‘External Drive’, a store house of modern day where I can store my wealth safely and transfer it in the world for their welfare sake! 

Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh was born as my son ample times. I was his father also when he was born as Dadhichi Rishi in Haridwar. His forte and specialization is also the same as mine-Vichar or Sankalpa Shakti-thought power. He is also empowered in many fields of Yogic Sciences. It was him who took you up formally for training and developing your thought power in 2014. You have gone to Rishikesh alone many times to be under his tutelage. After that you have not looked back. His Gurus are-me and Swami Kartikeyan, lord Shiva’s son. They both have tutored and mentored you and you have never been indifferent to any of their commands even if they have asked you to wake up in the middle of night. It is for this reason that you are now under my tutelage and you are a shining star because you have obeyed all our instructions with all your devotion, respect and awe. 

I gave my son the best place to rest in the world after he gave every breath to the mankind for their redemption and salvation. His samadhi today rests on my existing samadhi!!! 95,372 years ago, Rishikesh was a very dense jungle and the mountains were much larger in size. The river Ganga was much wider and denser than today. Wild animals roamed freely and people were very few. I did great spiritual penance of mind and body in present Rishikesh at that time. Whoever wished to know God would come to Ganga river and make a hut with woods and live by the river side and lead a very austere life of a hermit.  

I called Shivananda from Malaya and asked him to settle in Rishikesh so that he could take help of my previous penance and mind power and be able to do immense service in future. You are doing the same. You were born for the first time in Rishikesh near our samadhis in the ashram and lived in one more incarnation close to present samadhi. Our fates intertwine and our destinies are interlinked! 

When the Earth was made for the first time, Sage Vishwamitra was the first human being to have got enlightenment. Shivananda who was earlier Dadhichi Rishi and several other unknown incarnations, got enlightenment in the 4th cycle of Earth formation and you have got it in 13th cycle. In spite of such a vast gap in our time period, you have caught up with us so fast and are aligned with the ancient Seers.” **** 

Great inter connections and importance of Rishikesh in my life. 

Part D  

Maharishi Markandey- “Almost 85,000 years ago, God transferred knowledge and hymns of Shiva to me mentally by only thought transference in my meditations. I stored it in my mind well and died. They were the verses of Shiva Purana yet to be materialized in physical form. When I became Sage Markandey  approximately 65,000 years ago, I revived it and recited loudly every day to embed the atmosphere with the verses as sound waves in order to save and document those holy verses once uttered and pronounced by God to me as mere thought vibrations!! I printed and reprinted in the mental world and reinforced it in the Akash, and engraved all the verses permanently in the records in the sky once again by my outstanding mental powers. This act is also mind power and an extreme case of thought power and thought transference. It is preservation of vibrations emanating from God directly for world’s welfare for posterity sake. ** 

Thoughts like electricity, have atom like particles and have embedded charge in them. They ignite when we apply our will.  

More than 8,500 years ago, some Rishis who could meditate very intensely in the dense forests in its serenity, heard these mental recordings vibrating and wrote them down in the oldest script and coded them. These verses came to them in their meditations first as thoughts and then as sound in the form of words. That script was modified later by next generation Rishis and the scriptures were remodelled and revised as Rig Veda at this time.   

Maharishi Ved Vyas was the most prolific writer and the most handsome and robust in powers of mind. He has extra ordinary memory because of tapasya of 2,50,000 years! Thus, as time passed God chose him to redefine, restructure and divide the many verses of Shiv Purana and organize them for maintaining the records and documentation and to present freshly to people. God’s work never stops and as far as hard work and fortitude of the sages is concerned, they are untiring and relentless. So much work has already been lost but God anyway has many ways to preserve wisdom in books and scriptures to help mankind to realize God.  

Your blog will also serve a similar purpose but through internet and technology of today. Nevertheless, all the crystals of your acquired spiritual knowledge now as memory will be transferred in your manas, mind for future lives as a gift and blessing of God and you will be enlightened in all your next lives. Therefore, we must meditate and practice it and perfect it to supreme heights. The benefits of mind’s powers and meditation are untold and yet to be researched by spiritual scientists, they must be explored by human beings to touch extra ordinary heights of their evolution. 

God intended for you a great enterprise about one lakh years ago when you began your individual journey. It was a response to your own thought or vicharAt that time, women were not given an opportunity to study and learn in gurukuls. They were not allowed to study scriptures. However, you wanted the preeminent Sages to mentor you and you had harboured this desire until this day. *** 

God decided so long ago and that is in Kaliyug, the Modern Age of today, He will initiate the effort of a spiritual programme and Open University called Spirit in life with you in the centre. You did not ever waver in your resolution and grit determination to advance your spiritual evolution and unfolding the germinated seed of a very deeply buried resolution in unconscious mind made 96,000 years ago. Your wish to learn from the paramount Maharishis as your teachers is true today. You have now achieved that Sankalpa or wish through your hard penance, sacrifice and unwavering devotion towards the unparalleled Greatest Rishis ever!!!  

Sankalpa or thoughts never die. They are stored in the akash as records. Meditate  intensely and receive God’s will. The sankalpa or wish of God is immortal, God’s will is final! 

( In bold are the four major lessons I learnt after I composed this memorable write-up. Concluded. )




 ** EMISSION OF LIGHT RAYS Through me, many highly advanced enlightened beings called Light workers or Rishis channel special spiritual knowledge which I bring down through meditations.   

For years from primitive times, they have saved and stored their knowledge to disseminate in today’s modern world or Kali Yugthey were waiting till I graduated.   

These Light rays which are embedded in their subtle minds can have extremely far fetched positive effects on the citizens of the world and the Universe.    


Shri Mahavatar Babaji ignited the dormant ichcha shakti or power of will inside and seeing my ignited passion to go beyond horizons, he did not deny.    

To learn from his own Holy Masters named Swami Kartik or Murugan, Bogar and Agastya, he commissioned me to be their disciple on urgent basis.   

Vichar Shakti or thought power is very important in expanding our consciousness; they are stalwarts in their fields, they could easily spot a spark in me.   

My very precious and buried dynamic thoughts which would have been erased with time in future were instantly ignited by Holy Masters three.   

****“Regarding my special adoration and veneration for my Holy Teachers and Maharishis- 

They have told me very revealing facts about Creation, God and this world. Example, this is the 13th time that our planet Earth has been rebuilt. 12 times it evolved and perished. Vishwamitra Maharishi got enlightenment of God when Earth was just formed for the first time and therefore, he holds the supreme place in the annals of human evolution and enlightenment. Next was Maharishi Markandey and then Swami Kartik in second and third time of slow evolution of Earth subsequently. We need to re-calibrate our concept about time, creation, ego and God eventually.” 

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