My most cherished, enlightening interaction with Amara Maharishi-I 

December 9, 2018

In my most profound and holy times, I have had a direct communion and interaction with Amara Maharishi in the wee hours of 9th December, 2018 at 4.00 am called the Brahma muhurat. It has arrived a few days before I set out to Bangalore to conduct an extensive and intensive discourse on ‘Thought Power’.

I have been in regular communion with him for inflowing guidance and teaching, but to write a chain of posts on him is a different task altogether. I have waited with so much childlike curiosity to know what the content will be since it was decided months ago that in this segment there will be posts dedicated to him  along with Sage Vishwamitra. Amara Maharishi is also a Great Spiritual Master. I have held him in high esteem and awe since I knew about his prodigious childhood spiritual level. 

I am aware that sometimes the greatest human beings are those who spend all their lives amid the general public and barely anyone can find out about their inner spiritual resourcefulness and achievements. A whole life time is spent in indulging in worldly pursuits by the associates who live with them or near them. Yet these most humble Seers never wish that they should be known for who they are and what their mission on Earth is. Nonetheless, they pursue all their goals in the world for the masses by being extremely contented, withdrawn and detached by the ongoing world’s crazy affairs. Their goals are time oriented and hence they work as per the dictates and commands of God. Their vision is so large that the common population can never perceive and interpret and hence discussion and revelations are not made by such peerless enlightened Masters. In spite of non-cooperation from the society, they continue to realize their lofty goals since they are equipped with countless spiritual powers to bring the goals set by God to reality in society which transform the people slowly and gently without their feeling of reprieve or guilt.  

I have always been strongly drawn to and enchanted with these types of enlightened Souls more than any other type. To me this is real depth. The test is to be able to recognize their spiritual greatness in the chaotic world during those day to day routine days when they look like any other person but never speak of their proximity to the realized eternal Truth or God. I was firmly convinced from the start that the task and challenge is always mine.  To be capable and wise enough to get closer to such marvellous, highly enlightened Souls smoothly and slowly through my conduct and pious thoughts and not through outward ritualistic, traditional practice of appeasement and pleadings. If I was good enough and passed the initial test, automatically they will embrace and accept me since my devotion for a Pure Soul is outstanding. The light of God and peace within are the virtues or attainments that I was always looking for in the evolved Spirits and was impressed by these types even though there was nothing visibly ornate about them nor any or visible signs of ceremonial, religious conventions in them.  

He belonged to this category without any doubt. Nothing in this world could convince me that Amara Maharishi was not a highly evolved Soul since the day I meditated in Manasa Foundation meditation Centre. Such profound peace and calmness are rare to get anywhere. Lingering peace, depthless peace and divine peace I experienced when I first sat silently there knowing nothing about him since I had not heard about him before. It felt as though all the elements that were burdening me and creating a wall between me and direct interaction with God were removed instantly at that moment. A huge stream of white Light stood over my head coming from top and then percolated gently inside my crown when I sat in the small samadhi room of Amara Maharishi first time in Bangalore.  

Such simplicity and modesty, reclusiveness and chastity in today’s world is not to be found and far still not at all appreciated in times of today’s modern, artificial, blatant and glittering world!

Amara Maharishi

Amara Maharishi

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(To be continued in next post due next Sunday 16th Dec, 2018)