Part 1

17th Sept, 2018 afternoon

Regular periods of purification, prolonged periods of meditation and continuous efforts of cleansing are required of all humans to salvage their souls of their incessant darkness and lack of wisdom and truth.

If you practice each day even with a little effort, your soul can redeem itself so that it can shine with brightness of Satya, Dharma and Shudh Karma-Truth, righteousness and pure actions.

Part 2

19th September, 2018 Morning

Manas or mind- In every individual jeeva there is present  manas or loosely called mind. A fragment of the Universal light is present in the individual. Out of this fraction, a little portion of the Universal Force and Light is present in the manas or mind. The mind is shaped in accordance to type of actions performed by the individual. It is the manas that feels and perceives and it has its own light, dim or bright depending on the person. The manas also has its own power depending on how well we behave, think and act. The type of actions performed by us is responsible for the type of force that enters our mind. It entirely depends on the quality and type of actions performed by the individual thus attracting either negative or positive forces.


Corrections: At juncture of 32.48 mins, instead of unconscious mind the right word is conscious mind. There are 3 levels in our mind conscious (gross), sub conscious (subtle) and unconscious (very subtle). Correspondingly-sthool, sukhshma, kaaran in Hindi.

Part 3

19th September, 2018 evening

“I will give you so many blessings that you will not be able to hold or store. I will reward you with such wonderful insights and knowledge greatest because your thirst for my home and my creation is undying and unquestionable. I will gift you with unfathomable skills, proficiency and dexterity that the world will stare but  not dare to bow you down. There will come a time in history when man will say that nobody has lived so well a short life made so precious and regal with faintest resources and meanest behaviour from closest quarters and so much more. A bright lamp was lit in the darkest place and all resources came from her within! Who can deny you, who can buy you?”


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Foot notes-

There are 3 types of karmas:-

1) Undesirable karmas or ashubh karmas

2) Meritorious karmas or shubh karmas

3) Highly meritorious karmas or ati shubh karmas.

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