Sankalpa Shakti –This word is also used for determination many a times. Sankalpa here means the rise of a thought, the power of thoughts. Every thought that is born is like a wave in an ocean, and has its magnetic power. It draws to itself positive or negative circumstances. The more positive our thoughts, the more power we possess and vice versa. Attention should be paid by us every time we think and to our quality of thoughts. We should discard the evil, bad and weak thoughts. In their place cultivate and nurture positive, constructive, creative and healthy thoughts.

Sankalpa or thoughts never die. They are stored in the akash as records. Meditate  intensely and receive God’s will. The sankalpa or wish of God is immortal, God’s will is final!!


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Your own thoughts cause you excessive miseries, your own understanding makes you perform low or high grades of performances and acts.

The thoughts or sankalpa as we may address, should be governed by you and nobody else.
You are the master and have the key to determine whether you wish to sow poisonous weeds or sow a tree.
Germinate if you pious seeds you shall finally open that holy door.

Once you open the door of Omnipresent,

All the secrets will be revealed to you.

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Shri Kartikeyan Swami enlightened me by adding something more to my assemblage of spiritual knowledge. Before his advent, I saw bright Light in my inner view. It was very dense and conformed to the fact that indeed his stature is phenomenal.

“A soul suffers in every life because of its own shortcomings. It is born hundreds of times because of vasanas or desires or ahankar or ego.

A good yogi will remove these two great barriers automatically with his or her own desire.

Those who do not listen to their conscience, take endless re-births and prolong their sufferings, mental and spiritual both and do not even know how to bring an end to their own untold misery.

You have taken the shortest time to evolve and blossom and therefore are in bliss and continuous joy.

Those who are now awaking and have woken up after such endless incarnations are still in agony because their awakening is also painful. They will take much longer time to rise up and flourish in the realm of the Spirit. It is because human beings have poor quality of thoughts. It is our Sankalpa or power of thought which will catapult us to doing extraordinary actions in spite of all hurdles or obstacles in Nature in all lives.

It is because of the power of our thoughts that we shall be able to perform those actions which are conducive in realizing our Self.


Accordingly, I discovered to my sheer delight that Swami Kartikeyan’s mastery is that he has done tremendous research on the inception of the thought (Sankalpa), life of a thought and the working capacity of the thought in a human being.

And I concluded that whatever we think and whatever our thoughts are, they are absolutely bound to manifest one day somewhere in future.

And some from old posts-

Very strong and positive mind will create a new ‘shrishti,’ a new world for you. If more and more people do pious and generous actions, the collective thought power of the world will increase many times. The mission of all the saints is to increase the collective thought power of masses in all nations and it begins at individual level.


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