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  1. So what is will? Will is the initiative power existing in us. The power to initiate, to start, to pursue and sustain and to accomplish something is called sankalp or will. Without the presence of will, we will not live well enough and will become lifeless, inert, lazy or ill defined in our direction. People who lack the power of will, do not perform well in carrying out their responsibilities and given roles. Our will is the deciding factor in humans which decides whether we wish to continue living or not.
  2. If the humans did not have a strong will nestling in them, this planet would not have witnessed resurrection of spirit, revival, reinvention, reconstruction and creativity in every possible form in spite of so much destruction, zonal wars, drastic climatic changes and natural calamities. The same will in man is resorted to when he decides to resurrect his lost divinity and glory. 

  1. In Yoga, the first step is to control the mind’s flow and curb it with discipline, self control and obedience. Once the mind is restrained, its restlessness is contained. When we do bhakti or have devotion, the ego begins to fade away slowly and one loses the passion, attachment and longing for worldly desires and ultimately the human discards the ego entirely for the sake of  bathing in God’s bliss. His identity mingles with that of the all pervading power like the iron when melted in very  hot fire, melts  wholly after becoming red hot and is moulded in the shape which is desired.
  2. Meditation makes the force of the prana feeble in its seamless and unrestricted movements. It quietens its senseless roar and curbs its dangerous speed. If one meditates for a very long time, the death of the subtle, hidden desires on its own is absolutely certain. And the countless desires which are unborn yet; however very, very faint they may be; are destroyed by the guru as dreams during the time we sleep by his thought power or sankalp in the last phase.

    When all the desires are completely dissolved and finished, Self Realization or Atma sakshatkar takes place naturally just like the day breaks and simultaneously night recedes. This journey is also of the ascension of the energy chakras beginning from throat chakra to third eye and eventually to crown chakra. In other words we begin from vishuddhachakra to agya and finally to brahmarandra. Vishuddha chakra is the center of mind or manas and is the first phase.  Agya Chakra is the center of breath or prana, the second phase  and finally the Brahmarandra – the center of Atma, our final desired destination.

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  1. How to read these blog posts?
  2. One needs undying determination and power of will to free oneself from the bond or chain of consequences of karmas of previous many life incarnations.
  3. This post is unique as it has a *Rudraksha tree as a protagonist, the only one in all blog posts hence this post stands out……


More on sacred trees with whom I am connected-


In gratitude towards Shri Mahavatar Babaji, his Gurus Agastya Maharishi and Kartik Swami.

*We (Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation) grew 3 Rudraksha saplings in Parangipettai, the birth place of Shri Mahavatar Babaji just after our visit to Pondicherry in the month of February, 2019.

Below are the pictures of that auspicious day and a post which contains the excerpts of the post on Shri Mahavatar Babaji.

 3. I have also planted a Banyan Tree with the help of the trustee of Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s temple of penance in Katargama, Sri Lanka in the first week of April 2013. This was done with the hope that the tree under which Shri Mahavatar Babaji sat and did intense penance in Katargama and was later cut by the heartless woodcutter family, must be regrown. Finally, it did after many attempts by the trustee. Below is the post documenting my heartfelt gratitude to God, all my Gurus, all divine beings in this Universe for lifting the curse of that place and growing a new Banyan tree as an immortal memory of Babaji’s selfless penance on that ground at a tender age of just fourteen!.

4. There is another very sacred Peepal tree in the compound of  holy place of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and its adjacent temple of Murugan or Kartik Swami in Katargama, Sri Lanka. It first spoke to me in my meditation and called me for the first time to Sri Lanka in March of 2009 by mentally guiding me to its sanctified and peaceful abode. My meditations became more profound after sitting under that holy tree.

There is a post which speaks of this sacred Peepal tree in which a great Rishi resides and helps us to cultivate both-ichcha shakti and sanklapa shakti.

Quoting from-

“Recall the gigantic Peepal  Tree that you saw in Murugan temple in Katargama in Sri Lanka. It has both- Ichha Shakti and Sankalpa Shakti. So it is very, very big and is also spiritual and holy. And my child, that tree can hear also! Therefore, whoever comes to worship it, say their prayers there, they have wishes fulfilled. Those who come to quietly meditate under it, gain a lot of power to overcome their hurdles on the spiritual path and consequently make quick and hasty progress.”



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