Part A

Reminiscing about my last decade’s synopsis of inner spiritual yatra , I saw that when I was adamantly searching, I was essentially in search of peace. I wished to have a unyielding peace of mind. I had asked God to grant me that in great abundance. After the turmoil and mayhem inside, born out of my own fate I wished to seek something that would give rest to my mind. I was very tired, really tired of the whole thing.

Everything looked worthless except having peace of mind during that crucial life phase. It seemed as mandatory to my life as my need of oxygen. It became as imperative as water is to each one of us; water is our lifeline. It became as pressing as one’s daily night sleep is for our well-being.

I wanted peace of mind like never before because it seemed to me that whether good or low times, peace was never sought by me earlier and that it had to be accomplished somehow. It was really vital for my life. Besides that, if I did not lead a peaceful and pious life, eventually it did not matter what I possessed or achieved in worldly gains, they were inconsequential. My saatvik tendencies were bursting to the fore with full force as if there was no other aim to be achieved in life other than this one. It was a matter of life and death kind of a situation when I look back to review my life now. By looking back, I also get a sense of awareness as I can gauge very well how much, how much my Masters have worked on me day and night painstakingly without any halt. It was because I could once and for all achieve the ultimate goal of salvaging my soul and free my chains of slavery from the innumerable karmas that I have sowed in countless lives. After that only could I live truly peacefully.

When peace arrived with the arrival of so many visions of His Holiness Swami Nityananda and Swami Shaligram of Ganeshpuri during my sleep, I turned inward effortlessly. I touched a chord with them instantaneously and with their each arrival came a gush of peace. It was a new beginning in my life with such mystic encounters that look unbelievable to most people, particularly to the profane. In the middle of black clouds, a gentle revolution within was taking place in silence. Every vision of Swami Nityananda and every soothing, assuring word of the Swami of a few words, Dayananda Shaligram were moving me into God’s world that was so promising; it was laden with divine peace and sustained calmness.

As more and more calmness infiltrated into life, my mind automatically lost the grip of the thoughts that were associated with several people, things and even events of previous life phases. I got a hold of things as they were in reality, in genuineness as well as with a sense of intense calmness and my views were dispassionate as though those events were someone else’s story and not mine. This was in spite of the fact that I gained a true picture of people’s false, crooked and hypocritical nature and I saw them in correct light with the Grace of the benevolent saints. Grace was cascading over me ceaselessly because I asked for redemption and was ready to do any kind of penance to pay the price of my biggest wealth- my armoured, peaceful mind.

The biggest virtue that I received from Swami Shaligram was that peace is everything. There was a solution to every problem of mine which he said he would give me but I should hold on to my peace and not let it slip away. If I had peace in my mind and would not be ruffled, then one day I could also see God because peace follows more peace, and when we have abundant peace and do penance correspondingly, God appears to us. I was convinced of this logic because my life was surely changing as I calmed down my mind each day and saw the pronounced results. I began to intuit more, I began to communicate with my Swamis more often than before and I was turning inward more and more and my health began to improve drastically. I now had a reason to re-align my life once again.

When I embarked on my voyage, I was doing everything for peace and wanted to know the Truth from God directly in that state of mind. Who knew at that time as things were so out of tune, that one day I would be sharing my intimate spiritual experiences with people and that they would be useful for all of them in some way or the other. They would in future also open new avenues for them on their path of God realization. My experiences would help them in their growth and progress and my words would be a reflection of God’s own words for others to follow and circumnavigate……life is so pleasantly surprising, really!!!

My learning at that time

The most important aim of our meditation is to achieve deep tranquility and peace of mind. Our Spirit will only manifest itself if the inner environment is peace laden.

There is no peace without a prior tempest; there is no lasting peace of mind without a long duration of penance or tapasya.

Some of you who make an intent quietly in your heart, God will grant that slowly until the time when the clouds of outside storm gathered around you are disintegrated by God and peace would return in its place.

This is the blessing that we should ask God to bestow on us so that God as intense peace shines forth as the Sun amidst the grey clouds that were gathered in the mind.

Part B

On 2nd Feb 2014 evening, as I was working in the kitchen, all of a sudden I heard a very unique, overwhelming and heavenly sound similar to Om. In an instant, my eyes became enlarged like never before, my diaphragm expanded and extended extraordinarily and I felt a huge spiral current across my spine which made me totally energetic and robust.

I was stretching myself further and further outwardly till my breath stopped fully. I could feel that there was no beating of the heart and I was not uncomfortable in any way because of this. I straightaway stopped my hands working on the counter of the kitchen and stood still without a breath to know what was happening so unusual. I was observing myself objectively.

Just right then my eyes were opened but at a standstill, I could see the arrival of the appearance of Shri Mahavatar Babaji with a laptop, and reading something in a far off mountainous area with someone young  leaning towards the screen of the computer. He was smiling softly, and I heard him saying, “Oh so she has published such a wonderful post on the internet. People have liked it and also the simile of the Bird of Paradise. This means that she receives flawlessly what I want her to take from my mind. She is gathering my thoughts in the most precise manner, the way I want her to receive!”

Suddenly at this moment, something unprecedented happened. A relay of thoughts originating from the mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji were transferring and reaching my mind.

It was very evident; I could sense and see it, both. Like Sanjay of Mahabharata character I could see the whole scene being enacted in a distant place while standing in my house and with eyes open. I could for a while see unmistakably Shri Mahavatar Babaji sitting with someone in a house made of stones in a hilly area and he was seeing the Home Page of my blog and reading the subject matter and finally rolling his eyes from top to bottom on the screen of my blog.  He was delighted with what he saw and his face projected ecstasy. I could understand that he wished I must surely know in some way that he keeps track of my blog and he reads it from time to time.

On hearing this information which was clear and audible like normal conversations, I was convinced that somewhere in a nook and corner of the Himalayas, Shri Mahavatar Babaji must have asked someone to give him a laptop and he was browsing my blog and had reached the new post published on 31.1.14. regarding my visit to Dakshineshwar. As a blessing and a kind gesture, he messaged me telepathically to inform me that I am being watched and protected by my Divine Father.

Now regarding that unique sound- my mind shifted to my right ear where the sharp sound was lingering which was similar to Om but it was not what I had heard ever before. I was slightly puzzled and very desperately curious to know after all what that was and why it had appeared in the first place. Was this sound an indicator and a tip off that the mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji was about to relay something to me or was it an auspicious sign of something else?

After a few seconds of wonderment, I got to experience another moment of stupefaction when I began to hear this sacred information from Him,

“The unique sound that you just heard is a sound which is higher than the wavelength of Om. It will give you profound and very deep peace. The uninterrupted peace will last for three continuous days.”

I thought for a moment that so far Babaji never told me that there was any sound whose wave length was far higher and sharper than Om. I wondered if anybody else knew apart from very advanced yogis. I was later told that only one or two very highly evolved classical singers are familiar with this sound. Knowing this, my mind came to rest finally.

I stayed in that state for three days, totally meditative and in unbreakable peace. I have been hearing this special sound intermittently and at irregular junctures which puts me in a very peaceful state of mind all of a sudden, a state which is indescribable. I dive deep inside the waters of a calm river whose water is so cool and restful that it is very hard to break that silence and open my eyes again to see visuals that my eyes hold of outside world.

Is it a reward that Babaji gave me as my Guru for his work that I do?

Maybe, yes.

If so, then it was a divine blessing.  I write all my posts only when there is an advent of inspiration from the world of the saints who again act as and when they are in inspiration from God. Their mutual co-ordination and co-operation through intuition becomes one divine world and all have the same sankalpa or common thought for the welfare of everybody. With continuous gratitude and prostration in my heart throughout the day, I thank them. That is all I can do for the kindness that has been bestowed on me for  abundant peace and the unique divine sound which is so rare.

No matter how much a devotee pays respect or shows gratitude for such huge benign acts of the sacred Masters, it will always be less and insufficient because we cannot reciprocate accordingly for the kind gestures that they do for us by taking us to God’s world where such good omens and auspiciousness awaits us.


Part A

29.1.14 Morning meditation.

“My dearest God, my sweet Lord,” I began to invoke God in order to start a new post. I was about to utter the next lines when my attention was shifted from invocation to hearing a soft sentence that arose near my heart; I caressed it fondly after hearing it quite distinctly. The sentence was-

“Can I please……?” I was pleasantly surprised at an instant response to my invocation to my Lord within. For a moment, I wondered and waited to know if it was a response from the world of the saints and thinking so, my breath stopped. I smiled to myself because such unexpected mystic encounters first of all bring immense joy in the devotee’s heart as the outer world that we live in is completely gone.

“I am residing deep inside your heart. I am Spirit, I am God. I am Love.

Do you realize how vulnerable you are these days as you have become the ‘Bird of Paradise’ ?”

For a moment, I was intrigued at the advent of this unanticipated phrase called the ‘Bird of Paradise’ and that too addressed to me. I wondered what could be the reason for this reference at this point of time today. Then I co-related and recalled that just as I had sat down in my meditation at 6.30 am today, a flow of delightful conversation took place with the Almighty and me. I was bathing in divine bliss after which I was apprised that from now onwards and in coming future I will be a ‘Bird of Paradise.’ I interpreted it as that maybe my heart always dances like a peacock in very blissful periods when I am sometimes these days totally connected with God. Hence God is using a similarity, a metaphor between a beautiful, delightful bird and ananda, my state of raptures of intermittent joy which could be compared to a dancing peacock or an exotic bird in a far off rain forest.

“You should now exhibit your inner grace, versatility, stability, calmness and wonderful workings of your beautiful, subtle mind because this is God’s wish that you serve many people and touch their lives henceforth through the two mediums that are now your domains of expression.” I comprehended that the two mediums were my blog Spirit I n Life and Facebook understandably.

I quickly connected everything about this phrase ‘Bird of Paradise’ and realized that whenever I saw those exotic birds dancing or exhibiting their spectacular colours, plumes and feathers in thick, secluded rain forests, I have been completely mesmerized and wonderstruck. I have gazed intently at their extraordinary beauty, grace and impressive colours when I saw videos or television shows. Whenever I have gazed at their extraordinary exotic beauty, consequently I have been in awe of the marvellous power called Creation or God who has the innate ability to create something so exotic, pretty and awe inspiring from the unseen subtle forces that are lying dormant and elusive from our eyes in the Universe. I silently bend down mentally out of sheer reverence for the magnificent powers that God has. We know so very, very little; I would say that we know nil about the greatness, glory and power of the Creator in the Creation that we live in!

We as humans, spend each life of ours embroiled only in ego clashes or ego based actions or pride that first of all eats up only us; it is that detrimental. Or we have unending desires, we are so bewildered with or drunk for material achievements, our gain or loss in life when we compare ourselves with others that we never once free our mind from all this. On the contrary we never allow it to plunge inwards and ponder on subtler and refined ideas that exist in upper domains of consciousness. This is my observation.  I sometimes feel very helpless as I feel like reaching out to those who have no clue about the magnificent, beautiful and sophisticated world that exists hidden just below our physical mind! How I wish they knew how blissful it is out there!

God- “Providence provides us all the tools and agents to get us acquainted with the Forces of Creation. Creation similarly called ‘Ishwara’ in Sanskrit or God as we may usually address it. On the other hand, the jeevatama  or single Self’s attention is persistently occupied with seeking something else for the reason that the outside world is alluring and consists of changeable elements unfortunately.

If by the power of your will or great desire, you come to the deduction that there is another unknown world existing right inside you which is far better, pure, beautiful, blissful and peace-giving, then you will give up all the vices, evil deeds and the lure and greed for worldly, monetary and material advantages and even jealousy, insecurity and all other negative trends.

Those who have ventured quite deep inside themselves know that an infinite extension of paranormal, psychic and divine world in this order exists. Whenever any persisting devotee or seeker advances ahead without caring for gaining the paranormal and psychic powers, ultimately the purest territory of pure ether and space and ultimate peaceful silence is touched. This is our final destination and resting place. Except leaving out a very few, all the other seekers get trapped on their journey towards God with the small dividends which are the psychic powers. They are dense vibrations and also consist of negative forces.

In short, they are God’s created other type of forces in the same Universe which are in opposition and are anti-God in nature because they work against the positive, gentle, regenerative and healing vibes which was created by God for our well-being, happiness and health. As these disparaging or ‘tamasic’ forces are very attractive, almost everyone including many Gurus-Teachers and disciples- devotees resort to it freely for merely personal gains, competition, material advancement, ego satisfaction. Maximum people depend on the dark forces to gain some kind of victory over others, to become wealthy, to sustain their wealth and power, to increase their own psychic powers and gain success in all types of worldly pursuits.”

Pondering about the incoming vast information, my mind now became focussed and I, after understanding the consequences of such acts of others around me became serious and put forth this question.

“How am I vulnerable?”

God-“Because there are many people out there who out of mere jealousy at your spiritual achievements are constantly sending you jibes or pinches and tweaks which sometimes attack your vitality and health and also affect your writing pace. They do not know that you have left behind everything voluntarily including psychic and occult powers because you consider them derogatory and think that such belittling powers are like someone’s leftover food which should never be eaten and obviously only be discarded and thrown in the dustbin. You realized long time before that God is the ‘Kohinoor diamond’ or the biggest, unique solitaire diamond and all siddhis or occult powers are pebbles on the footpath and therefore you never used any of these powers for personal gains.

You have compassion for others and wish to help others as many as possible in eradication of their ignorance because you know that extreme suffering and bad life awaits for those who do not live in harmony, service and love for others. You help all the people who wish to align their lives and proceed towards a life full of Grace, blessings, peacefulness and harmony. Those spiritual Gurus who are hideously practising the prohibited occult practices to hold on to their stronghold, disciples, power and money, shall be punished by God severely in future or currently. They will be deprived of superior divine realizations and purity of mind and thought. Because of this they will never experience the perfect balance and harmony inside outside. They will be unable to silence their mind completely and even if they invoke God excessively in future sometime, God will not respond.

When invoked by pure devotion of a devotee, God becomes helpless and appears instantly because God is attracted to purity, simplicity, honesty and unassuming devotees. Create a sacred space inside your heart from where you can invoke God frequently and where God has His own space to manifest.

A heart full of compassion, unselfish love and brotherhood is the most sought after ground for God to manifest.

Invoke God after you have spoken kind words even to a rude person.

Invoke God even when jealous minds have jibed and attacked you and pray for their immediate improvement and transformation.

Invoke God after benevolent, wise words full of love and empathy reach you through unknown sources in the Universe.

Thank God every minute for listening to your prayers.

Thank God for His mercy, love and wisdom; those are showered upon you from various people and life-situations.

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti Om……..

Part B

My dear everybody, I returned from YSS Dakshineshwar Ashram on 25.01.14 and since then I was thinking that there was nothing to blog because my stay in ashram was more of reviewing my own spiritual yatra than anything else. I went there with my daughter in 2006 last after her exams got over, but it was different then.

In the last eight years, there have been phenomenal upscaling in my personal and spiritual life and except for gratitude and thanksgiving, I could not do much. These are my frank confessions because each place, every corner and thing in the ashram was reminding me of my own thoughts and realizations that I had in 2006. I was all the time thanking all my Gurus, particularly Shri Mahavatar Babaji for sending me to such nice places which provide so much inner strength and power to push myself further ahead in my yatra. I was also remembering Guruji Paramhansa Yogananda for his kindness, unconditional love and empathy towards me. I was remembering my past and how I was initiated by him in so many yogic disciplines specially meditation.

As usual, God is very unpredictable. Just when I  decided that there was nothing to blog, I had a wonderful meditation on 29.1.14 in which I was asked to write one post on Dakshineshwar. All I can do now is to thank and thank more to God for always arriving to sort out my mind, to give timely guidance and most of all, always giving us such useful prescriptions and advice which we all seekers need from time to time. This post is a part of my meditation which I have shared with all of you. I pray that you get blessed in many ways by the words that have arrived as a post and that each one has something for him or her. May God give us the inner power and will to execute this and transform our lives which will provide us divine bliss and unending peace of mind.

Some pictures for you to see of the YSS ashram. Photography had been minimized because the inner browsing was on. So just a few for you, hope they will give you an idea of the serenity of the place where I spent my lovely six days……

#Bird of Paradise       #Kohinoor Diamond     #Tamasic forces





I walked up these steps of this small meditation room to take pictures of river Ganga and sunset.




It was Spring time.






Sunrise at Pondicherry



Sunrise2 (1)


(There is one more detailed photo gallery of Pondicherry published on 5.1.13)

Palani, the centre of great spiritual powers. The shrine of Murugan Swami and also the samadhi place of His Holiness Shri Bogarnatharji, the Guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. (Cameras were not allowed inside. Just a few pictures were taken from the middle of the mountain where there is a small city near the river side below.)


The gate with three domes below is the place to enter and begin the climb up the mountain. We started from here.

Palani3 (1)

The small pilgrimage city around the shrine on the mountain


Resting places in between to rest and recharge.





This year there was very strict security and no cameras were allowed inside the temple, so there were just a few pictures that we could take. However, those who have not seen the older pictures can see them now which was published on 8.2.13.

Madurai, the temple city of Meenakshi Amman

Parangipettai, the birth place of Shri Mahavatar Babaji




Chidambaram, the temple of Nataraja, Shiva in a dancing pose in Cosmic Consciousness and Bliss




Except for Parangipettai, all the pictures are contributed by Nishith Patel. As mention in God Within-III, our focus this time on our trip was not on photography and hence the picture gallery is very basic and modest. Last year there was an elaborate picture gallery of Pondicherry and Madurai. Readers who wish to take tips or just like to go through it will find the links above.


Part A


Those readers who are reading the blog for the first time today please note that we are moving with an elaborate thought ‘God Within’ which has been covered over four weeks starting from 14.12.13. In them, there have been two sections A and B. Part A is my conversations with God during a meditation and part B is about my visit to some holy sites in South India toured lately. My recommendation to all readers is that once this post concludes, please read Part A of all three posts God Within I, II and III together so that you have a complete visualization of my inner vision and experience and you know all the conversations that took place at a propitious time. As the matter was very weighty, I broke my experience into three parts so that its constituent is absorbed meticulously and entirely bit by bit by all.

Similarly, read all the three parts of Part B one by one when you are done with reading this whole post and connect the complete story and apprehend all the layers and parts of the knowledge that I have received in a very little time as it came too fast through cosmological rays.

The Divine souls who are not living in body at this moment and communicate only through intuition from the astral skies, are communicating at a very fast speed because the style of their communication is refined and clear of any gross material particles.

Our mind has to be trained and developed through meditation and concentration to be able to absorb such high speed revelations coming straight from another world so full of Divine Light and Purity. Some of the souls are highly developed and hence their tank of knowledge is far larger than any other saint or holy soul that we have known. Our mind has to be very light and free like ether.  In addition also extremely concentrated to enable us to communicate with them. In this way, we accept all the insights they are relaying through their mind power while we are on Earth.

Henceforth, the posts are going to go back far, far in time; millions or thousands of millions of years before in time!!! You will have to orient and re-position your mind as far as time is concerned. Probably, all of us must have never thought of events that occurred so far back in time. Thus, there are two things which you must keep in mind- First is that many saintly, divine souls who are not living currently in a physical form on the Earth are still active in the upper skies and are vigorously involved in social welfare and human race’s evolution. Secondly, their way of working is entirely different from ours. They work in silence and through intuition only and hence their functioning is very rapid and subtle. Therefore, we must attune our minds very finely with theirs so that we are able to communicate with them.

Part B is a description of my own exclusive experience with one such exalted Maharishi of ancient times and it becomes quite a task explaining such a mystic and extraordinary experience by writing each word now as I recall my special moments with none other than Shri Bogarnatharji, the Guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Weaving two different time zones as narrated in Part A and B respectively has been an intricate job. The ability to narrate such superfine mystic revelations is something I have very much enjoyed doing and it never appeared to me as a trial. It is my service to those revered Spiritual Teachers and the Almighty God from whom I have received the skill and deftness to do this task. Hence, even before we begin to read on what follows soon, I want to recite this shloka as a mark of respect and infinite devotion for the Holy Teachers.

 Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gururdevo Maheshwara  I

Guru Saakshat ParaBrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha II

I prostrate before my Master, my Teacher who is a Trinity of Lords. He is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He is the Ultimate Truth, I bow humbly to such an auspicious Master……

Before the chronicle begins, please allow me to share some of my imaginings and ideas which I have been carrying with me and they are lying at the bottom most layers of my mind since a lot of years. It has a co-relation with the conversation with God as I am about to retell in Part A.

From the time I came to know about Shri Mahavatar Babaji officially in 2001, I have had this silent desire of writing a biography of him because his personality is so very intriguing and compelling on my subtle psyche. It is as though I found the mission of my life and the purpose of living on Earth. Since 2004 and that makes full ten years, I have been visiting many sites frequently which are associated with Babaji’s life. I have made several failed attempts of meeting him personally in the Himalayas and each visit grew gruesome and hard to get the looked-for results. But this flame of my aspiration that got kindled on seeing the image of Shri Mahavatar Babaji in my friend’s house accidentally in 1998 does not get extinguished with time. It is still kindling like the inextinguishable flame of desire. It is a desire which I will not let extinguish.

There is also one more thing that was my desire. I have been telling God residing within ever since to please give me at least the basic insight and some spiritual accomplishment that will make me entitled to see in person the towering figure, almost Godlike personality that Shri Mahavatar Babaji is. Whenever I am able to meet him in future with your consent, my meeting should not go in vain. I am aware that there have been saints and some laymen and people who have met Babaji personally because of their good fortune but I remain calm inside because I have a very different reason to meet him. In my opinion, I wish to see a human soul who over millions of years has been improving each state of God Realization of that human life to next still greater Spiritual Achievement!!!The comparison between him and me when done is too stark so I had decided that I will go on improving my own state of Consciousness to higher and higher state by doing intensive tapas or penance so that I can someday meet him at a point where  I can do justice to his stature, accomplishments and persona. If he has done unprecedented tapas by bearing all the hardships, then I should at least purify myself enough to meet him midway somewhere. And then do justice to his Purity and Divinity that has been bestowed on him by God as he has done countless good deeds since zillions of years!!! So whenever I am destined with the wish of God to meet Babaji, I should have done the minimum required atonement, amendments and good deeds so that I can write about him for the world to listen and see such an exalted soul that has taken birth on this Earth!!

Therefore, my subconscious mind is still alive with these thoughts even though my daily life is full of activity and life keeps throwing its challenges at me. After many years, recently God did reply to my hidden, subdued question which was pestering me in the past. However, it was not Shri Babaji who answered my question, he is an epitome of pretentiousness and humbleness. When I became ready to have direct conversations with God with the help of many saints including Shri Mahavatar Babaji himself, so much information has been revealed about his inner sacred life. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to become a recipient of this sanctified knowledge.  I am optimistic that the day when I am totally ready to fulfill the purpose of my life to write the biography of Shri Babaji with face to face dialogues, it shall be done. I am waiting for God to decide how and when.

Nevertheless God, Babaji himself, many saints and other sacred souls like a few very old Banyan Trees have told me a lot about him in my visions, dreams and meditations through telepathy. With God’s Grace I have been able to write about all of it on my blog which in turn does reflect a portion of Babaji’s inner views on Dharma, Karma, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Purity, Meditation, Salvation and so many other pious topics which are rare to find in one place. I consider myself very blessed these days when it sinks in that merciful God chose me to carry out His mission and documenting a very small part of Babaji’s life history and teachings through my blog…….Thank you God!

Now keeping this overview in mind, please see the next question that came up spontaneously in my mind which I put up to God in my meditation many weeks back.

Me- “How Babaji became Mahavatar from Avatar? What takes any soul to reach those dizzying, unprecedented heights?”

God- “Only because of his unmatched Ichcha Shakti or will power. He has done unparalleled tapas.

Me- “What is the difference between Ichcha Shakti and Sankalpa Shakti?”

God-“The birth of an idea, a thought or an impulse or sensation is sankalpa. Once the idea is born, it begins to have a shape, a complete picture then takes place in the mind of the jeevatama or soul. The re-occurrence of the following ideas and the desire to participate in completion of its formation is Ichcha Shakti or will power.

Actions performed to accomplish those ideas, the power to act and complete those desires is termed as Kriya Shakti.

God- “Tere par kripa kyun hui? Why did you get the Grace of God? Because you had the undying will or Ichcha Shakti to remove your remaining embedded ignorance of countless human incarnations in one life time. You drew power from Shri Mahavatar Babaji and were relentless in pursuing your targeted spiritual goals. Whoever has never-ending desire to overcome the hidden Maya or the deluding power of God can easily do so with their graceful deeds of devotion and tapas of mind, body and Spirit.”

 Part B

13.01.14. It is 6 a.m.

Likewise my dear friends, in the past when I came to know through some sources that Shri Bogarnatharji was Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s Guru and he gave him Kriya Deeksha in the dense forests, I became intrigued and restless. I wondered if I could ever get to communicate with him in this life time, if so I should feel grateful. It would be so wonderful to get in touch with a soul which was so early in existence. It was not happening in a very defining manner although two or three short messages did come as a grace sometime in 2004 or later than that.. Nonetheless my fascination to get in touch with such antique and graceful souls remained intact, I was still wishing very quietly. I used to ponder how did Babaji take Kriya Deeksha from Bogarnatharji who was not even alive at that time. The pictures shown in books present in such a way that it appears that they both were in a physical form. How did Agastya Maharishi initiate Shri Mahavatar Babaji when he is not living? How did they communicate?

My desire to converse with Shri Boganatharji and receive some knowledge was fulfilled most unexpectedly, it happened in Madurai recently. I was elated!

He appeared to me in a transcendental state in the hotel after a exhausting day in Madurai. It happened most unexpectedly when I was wondering what I would receive this time in Palani, the resting place or resting abode of Shri Bogarnatharji. The next day we were to go to Palani. I had a very strong yearning to hear something from him since I came to know that he initiated Babaji in Kriya Yoga in Katargama which I had visited twice.

The most surreal conversation began as I hit the pillow around 5 or 6 pm when we arrived from Pondicherry and wanted to take a short nap or at least some rest since we had set out  so early that day.

He told me about himself- “Yes it is true that I took Kriya Deeksha from Kartikeya, the second son of Lord Shiva. I was third in line. Shiva initiated Kartik in this sacred Yoga who in turn taught me the sacred science. Mahavatar Babaji took Deeksha from me in Katargama. This is the lineage of Babaji. It ends at Lord Shiva. Shiva lived thousands of million years ago.

All the factual and accurate Science of Yoga and God Realization are received by intuition in meditative state of mind in a Trans. I gave Babaji Kriya Deeksha and advance teachings only through intuition in a Super Conscious state and not by direct body contact.

Whatever you have also received, which is accurate and genuine, has been acquired by telepathic conversation and in future also you will know the secrets of God’s creation and hidden powers in mental communications only. True realizations and getting to peep into God’s world and its creation is achieved only through the astral path and Cosmological rays. This is the only mode of imparting insight by the Almighty to us. The other normally accepted methods of acquiring God Realizations are not fool proof and are prone to wither.

At my time the Earth was full of greenery and there was so much peace and tranquility. The Earth was very peaceful because there were very few people and the atmosphere had very less thoughts floating in the atmosphere.”

He gave me clarity to my haziness about the Yugas or the four Eras on which time of Earth has been divided. On what basis do we divide the time apart from deciding on the increasing or decreasing of Dharma on Earth? I have been wondering since quite a long time. They say it is Kaliyuga because there is decadence and decreasing of Dharma. Apart from this what are the deciding factors on which we call a certain Yuga a certain name? I have thought to myself many times. Knowing my inner natural inquisitiveness and thirst of knowledge, he told me-

“Today the Earth is deprived of trees and plantation in the ecology system as never before. Era or Yuga is based on the number of trees and the condition of the environment. At present, the Earth has minimum trees that it has ever witnessed and based on the present poor condition of the environment, we are in Kaliyuga. There is too much noise and peace is deprived to people. The population is booming unlike before and the atmosphere is congested with human thoughts floating and disturbing the tranquility in the atmosphere.”

About himself he said, “If you wish to know how much I know about God as I am an ancient soul, I will tell you this also. Imagine a small boy sitting at the window which has horizontal bars as grills looking out in the blue sky. How much can the boy see? He can see very little sky. The boy is me and God is the unlimited sky. I know so little, I have achieved so very little.”

At this delicate moment I very rapidly pleaded to God to rub out all the ego that I have now and to please, please bless me so that I never have any dash or drop of ego in any forthcoming lives that I may live again. I sought a boon from God in presence of His Holiness Shri Bogarnatharji that I should never be proud of my knowledge and achievements because I know nothing really!!! I am too, too small always. Imagine how big God is and we so small yet the ego, our biggest ignorance is too big to handle. I felt very ashamed of my limitations and decided to never allow any thought or wave of pride to come near me leave alone touch me. I mentally surrendered once more all my personality, my knowledge, my faith, my abilities and my divine perceptions at the humblest feet of Shri Bogarnatharji. I felt light and good by my act of submission after it.

Morning Illumination date not noted but happened since I returned from Madurai. It must have happened on 29th Dec’13 I suppose.

After my sincere submission to Shri Bogarnatharji in Madurai on 24th Dec evening, to my ultimate astonishment Shri Kalingartharji, the  other Guru of Shri Boganatharji taught me something briefly when I came back home. He along with Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Shri Bogarnatharji, Maharishi Agastya and a few others are considered the deathless Gurus and are Siddhas of South India. They are worshiped very reverentially in villages as well as in cities even today. I have even seen their pictures in state transport and local buses plying between various cities and villages also.

He taught me in morning meditation that two things are required for knowing your Self or to know God Within- Mind Control and Breath Control.

Since I have come home from South India tour, I am more regular with doing my Kriya and meditations. I do them whenever I get time if I miss my morning sessions. Two meditations in a day are vital. I understand that Shri Bogarnatharji has blessed me when I went up to him in the shrine on the mountain in Palani. I consider Shri Kalingarnatharji’s blessed arrival as an auspicious omen and he must have come because Shri Bogarnatharji was pleased with me. Or could it be because I am doing the seva of Shri Mahavatar Babaji? I don’t know. All I know is that my desire of serving Shri Mahavatar Babaji remains aflame. The desire within will not die out and I pray to God that the flame of aspiration, the fire of soaring higher and higher should be kept alive so that the horizons of Spiritual Kingdom can be faintly touched………..May God and all our Gurus bless us.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

Part C

On this trip to Pondicherry and other places, the focus was on learning and doing just meditations. We took very little photographs but instead I took a video of Parangipettai for those devotees and seekers who cannot visit the sacred spot. There may be so many devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji living across the world who cannot come to India to see these places. As a small gesture of my service, I humbly offer these three videos to God who is within and who resides in all of us.

As a group of four, our tour was very successful. Three other devotees of Shri Babaji accompanied me and there were classes or workshops every day. We meditated at all the important places and there were long sessions of explanations through question answers. With Babaji’s blessing, this tour was very successful as far as open classroom is concerned. We also had our sessions in Pondicherry under trees in large parks resembling Shanti Niketan which added so much life force in our system. Learning under open sky and sunshine is such a boon, looking forward to more such group learning.

Two videos are of Katargama shrine. Please read How to manifest our soul-I where the  history of Babaji’s penance in youth is printed.

Parangipettai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXC0emcufVo

Katargama Devalaya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFao-8S_JsE

Temple at a spot where Babaji did intense penance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEA5AbGoaaM

Dear friends, I am now active on FB since New Year eve as Sarika Nagrath. Daily short messages on Spiritual teachings are delivered with the kind grace of many saints like Shri Paramhansa Yogananda, Mother of Pondicherry, Swami Shri Nityananda and Swami Dayananda Shaligram of Ganeshpuri and last but not the least Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Sometimes other saints also whisper their messages for their disciples as well which I am pleased to receive and I deliver. I am revising my lessons as well as honing the sharpness of my brain by doing so. Quick delivery of these astral messages coming any time of the day or night are delivered even at odd hours on Fb because their children should be attended to and their messages should be delivered at the nick of time. The Divine souls are working silently in unison for our welfare and corrections. Many of their ex-disciples are today misled by the delusion of Maya and the use of electronic media is certainly a very good idea to find them and bring them home again! May we all prosper and grow in strength in every way by helping each other in our spiritual progress.

In very busy days, there could be intervals on Fb and I will keep the language very simple but matter will be grave as is seen on the blog too so that many people can adopt these teachings and benefit more and more.

My request to all of you-please do not mix up these two mediums. Please do not write topics of blog on Fb if you want to join it. Write only on the blog and I shall reply there. Fb is for those who cannot follow the blog’s present topics as it has become very elaborate and topics are hard to comprehend as beginners. They may even get confused and lose interest. Some of the future devotees are being prepared on the other medium so that one day they can read Spiritinlife. Thank you!


Sunrise in Pondicherry

Part A

Dear fellow travelers, as a fresh new year has arrived at our door with new visions, new promises and new aspirations of all kinds, let us all begin this day and year with a powerful learning which should be embedded in our minds forever. Out of so many blog-posts, some should be etched indelibly. Hope this one plays that role for you today and you imbibe and pick up at least as many as five points for yourself and live up to those in your everyday life. With this pure intention in my heart, I begin my new year by publishing a new post on 1st January’ 14. I wish to share some of my spiritual experiences so that even if you could not travel to those parts of India, you can sitting at home, revitalize yourselves with some ancient knowledge as revealed to me during my own meditations.

This post has two parts. Part A is the remaining conversation from previous post ‘God Within’-I.

Part B as indicated in the last post is about my recent travel to South India in mid-December’13 to Pondicherry, Madurai and Palani.

Quoting from ‘God Within-I’.

This question was sparked off unplanned and incidentally because I see all men sleeping in a very deep slumber. Wherever I go, I see them in some kind of delusion and charmed sleep. In spite of so much exterior material progress which is any way made by just a few great men in the world, I have realized that apart from a few enlightened people, all of us are either in a dreaming state of mind or people are sleeping in some kind of darkness and they have no sense of awakening in them at all even if best and appropriate environments are given time to time. They are so, so so……. far from the realization that God exists within and that they should listen to the whispers of God residing inside and then carry out their actions. Living in spiritual darkness is far more regressive and hard if compared with all the hardships put together that a human suffers for achieving spiritual enlightenment! But God’s deluding power is so overwhelming that everyone is suffering in that delusion.

God’s reply which came instantaneously to me was, “Out of millions of people barring a handful who are alive, they do not know and recognize that there are three hidden powers of God in them that are governing their spiritual evolution and progress. God has created these three powers in this Cosmos. This information is not stored in any scripture or holy books either but is concealed in the Soul of human beings.

They are Sankalpa Shakti, Ichcha Shakti and Kriya Shakti– The powers of thought, will and action respectively. These powers are hidden inside the core being of any human like Kundalini Shakti and are only activated by the illumined Master if and when God desires as sheer Grace. The previous sections of the blog were written highlighting the essence of these subtle primordial energies in a compact form. More knowledge shall be discussed in the new segment aptly titled ‘God Within’ by you in forthcoming posts”…………


Continuing from the last post………..

I asked God what kind of ichcha shakti are we talking about because surely this kind of will should be different from normal worldly will power. Please explain to me.”

I was directed to this post which I had written in the past. It is ‘Why is Atman so difficult to know?’

I was reminded of its content. And the content is- “We unknowingly roam and wander everywhere in the world in search of happiness, comfort, contentment and peace. We search for it in objects, material gain, success, relationships, sensual pleasures, temptations, vices and so many other deceiving aims. But sadly we are never ever satisfied with anything for long as everything in this sansara or world is short lived and has ‘anshik sukh’ partial happiness.

Once we get entangled in this sansara, the place of birth and death due to our karmic cycle, we get trapped in the chakravyuhu, the webmire and unconquerable maze like Abhimanyu in Mahabharat war. It is almost impossible to come out of this maze and puzzle of this sansara. We too, like Abhimanyu know how to enter the world-maze but do not know the secret of escaping because of our slumber and lack of right knowledge. To be able to wake up from the sleep of ignorance, we may take a few eras and millennium!! Now this is a sad situation. Hence it is advised by the sages and the learned that we must make special efforts or darun prayatna to liberate ourselves. The sadguru will surely help us but we must also make tremendous efforts from our side to liberate ourselves or else we shall again get lost in the maze and lose the opportunity of liberating ourselves by shutting the door of salvation with our own hands. To avoid this fragile situation, so many types of spiritual practices are created for us to use as anchors and tools to thwart drifting.

Gradually, the ordinary intellect must be made sharper and refined by discrimination and spiritual wisdom as Atman is extremely subtle.”

God to me, “Daarun prayatna or very special efforts arise out of your own will power. This exceptional will power to eradicate one’s ignorance of Truth and relieving oneself from it and mitigating all the sufferings and miseries that arise out of taking wrong actions or actions done with dim understanding, carelessness or one’s vices is hidden inside you. Awaken that will. Arouse that latent will power. It is God given, man is ignorant about it. The dormant will to see the Truth, the Light of God within, to live in that ever prevalent Light, Truth and Peace are forgotten by you.”……..(to be continued in next post)

 Part B

This part of the post is regarding my visit to the South of India to Palani, the Samadhi place of Shri Bogarnatharji, the guru maharaj of Shri Mahavatar Babaji from whom he took Kriya deeksha in his youth. This visit was so different from the previous one-unprecedented public, completely different system of darshan and getting into the main premises impossible. And to top it all absolutely long queues demanding minimum 4 to 5 hours to get into the main temple which was at the top of a medium sized mountain. All seemed difficult and unmanageable. I waited for a while quietly and patiently looked up to God within to deliver me some solution to my problem. How do I enter the main premises on the  mountain where there are two shrines out of which one is the cave where Guru Bogarnatharji meditated thousands of millions years ago?

God always has some special plan and design for us and that plan is invariably hidden from us. It is revealed only when God deems fit. Due to a lingering unspecific knee grievance, I was abstaining from climbing steps as advised by the physician. However, after reviewing the whole scenario, we took a spontaneous decision to climb the mountain by stairs and not car pulleys to save time and reach the mountain in the shortest time so that we could get few minutes of meditation at that ancient holy shrine for our spiritual progress. To my amazement, my knee complaint disappeared somehow after this decision was taken on the spot and I was able to make it to the top thus succeeding in our mission. We got some time to even meditate outside the cave of Shri Bogarnatharji. The meditation though short, was very intense and powerful in spite of very little time that was allotted to us. It was because there were a gigantic number of people in the premises and managing that number was an issue. But we were very satisfied and pleased with whatever God had decided to give us and we all were humbled at the Grace that was showered at us in terms of enrichment and fulfillment of our spiritual goals.

As a divine gift from the holy souls, my next meditations were very strong in power and content and I was extremely gratified by their blessings.

For the sake of convenience of new as well as the old readers, let me specify here that there should be a lineage of Gurus if you are seeking Self Realization. Certainly, Self-Realization only comes from one Master or Teacher to other recipient which we call ‘Shruti’ in Vedas. It is passed from one donor to the receiver. If you do not know your lineage or the Teacher does not have the specified lineage, you may get in touch with hoax Gurus who promise you great things but cannot deliver that. Their intentions will be self-centred, your knowledge will be ill cooked or half- baked and you may be in delusion that you have attained Self Realization. In such a case, your life will be of senseless wanderings and worthless pursuits so kindly beware.

If you do not pay homage to all the line of genuine Gurus and show your respects during your course of long spiritual voyage, your journey is incomplete and unsafe. With God’s great compassion I have been able to find the lineage of all the Gurus thus knowing for sure that indeed I am on the right path and picking up my lessons correctly.

I went to Palani with this realization to thank Shri Bogarnatharji, who gave Kriya initiation to my revered Guru His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji in Katargama.  Shri Mahavatar Babaji got his Kriya in his meditations astrally under the Banyan Tree in the dense forest almost two thousand years ago. Katargama was Kartikgrama at that time. It means the village of Kartikeya, the second son of Shiva. It is today called Katargama after distortions and is in the southern part of Sri Lanka. I have visited twice this sacred spot of penance where Babaji hid himself in the forests and did Kriya and deep meditations for a few years before with God’s will he left for Badrinath in the Himalayas.

These are Bogarnatharji wise words told to me in Palani meditation on 25th Dec’ 2013 at his cave, just a few days ago, “Remember that God has made man in his own image. You have the full power to know yourself if you do tapasya or penance and bear some hardships for your own Spirit enhancement and improvement of your mortal human nature. All the immortal saints in the astral world are aligned as one and constantly send you all some power to remove the rooted ignorance without you ever knowing about it. They are all one and they have an unceasing desire to help humanity overcome their suffering caused by their own actions. Their power lies in their knowledge of the fact that no human being will be ever completely happy and satisfied unless he knows God. Hence, they constantly send divine healing vibrations towards the Earth with their thoughts proceeding towards us and we gather them from time to time.

If we are able to attune our mortal, earthly thoughts with them, they are erased slowly in meditation and japa done with reverence towards them. Their work is to constantly heal, revive and rejuvenate the human masses in small and big degree even if it takes them a lot of time and effort and results extremely slowly to show. They will sometimes bombard your mind with extremely powerful thoughts which will break your age old solidified redundant thoughts and ideas. They will refresh your mind with a fresh lease of new regenerating ideas of Self renewal and enhancement towards Self Realization. You will slowly begin to know your true Self and all old bad, debauched ideas will thaw and melt away slowly thus.

Whenever you pray, tell God that you are hungry for Him. You want to become one with Him.  You love Him dearly more than anything in this constantly changing world. And that you will always be obedient towards your Spiritual Masters who are the guiding lights on this Earth and in the skies and are protecting the race from various types of corrupting elements. They are constantly reviving the Earth and helping humans to peep inside them so that they are able to know what is good for them and what they should eliminate out of their lives.”… …...(to be continued)



Part A

Updates-Welcome back my revered readers, sorry to have been away for so long. I completely agree that a new post is very much overdue. The blog was organized in many separate sections like posts of sermons, teachings and verses from Bhagwad Geeta, photos, videos, poems and so on in September before I took a long break for the sake of convenience of every reader. I hope everyone benefited from it as much as it was intended to be.

The reason for extended non-appearance from the blog-world is that I was comprehensively involved with my daughter’s marriage that took place in the last week of November in Delhi. I have tried to resolve everything as fast as I could and am very much settled in my usual routine. Meditations are back, calmness restored and the mind totally infused with God’s benign touch and what’s more- I feel like composing a significant post before I go to Pondicherry to rest as well as learn intensively!

God Within

This will be the name of our blog’s next segment F. So far the last five segments A, B, C, D and E got over and they started quickly in the past with a trifling gap of some repose but this time the gap has been too wide but for a good reason. Let’s begin with my sharing something very distinctive with you which I experienced in one of my meditations randomly while I was not writing in those days.

I pleaded God to speak to me directly in deep contact and in mind’s total silence. I told God,”Kindly tell me something very unusual, unknown and hidden, something which is like a secret from humanity’s knowledge ever since God made man! What is it that this world does not know and God knows since eternity? Which knowledge is precarious and not written in books and only God knows and that will enlighten man far more than any other superior knowledge known to humanity so far? Like the treasures in the womb of the Earth, surely my Heavenly Father you are holding this secretive knowledge to which our eyes have been closed forever. What is it? Please bless me and reveal Thyself in your illuminating words and break the enclosures in which I have tied myself in eternal incarnations. Free me with your sacred words and empower me with that sacred knowledge which will help my Spirit to soar in moments of my consecrated silence! Tell me something unique that all humans do not know. Convey me that sacred knowledge which will lift my Spirit to the highest heavenly skies and soundless ether where I can meet you in pure silence!!”

This question was sparked off unplanned and incidentally because I see all men sleeping in a very deep slumber. Wherever I go, I see them in some kind of delusion and charmed sleep. In spite of so much exterior material progress which is any way made by just a few great men in the world, I have realized that apart from a few enlightened people, all of us are either in a dreaming state of mind or people are sleeping in some kind of darkness and they have no sense of awakening in them at all even if best and appropriate environments are given time to time. They are so, so so far from the realization that God exists within and that they should listen to the whispers of God residing inside and then carry out their actions. Living in spiritual darkness is far more regressive and hard if compared with all the hardships put together that a human suffers for achieving spiritual enlightenment! But God’s deluding power is so overwhelming that everyone is suffering in that delusion.

God’s reply which came instantaneously to me was, “Out of millions of people barring a handful who are alive, they do not know and recognize that there are three hidden powers of God in them that are governing their spiritual evolution and progress. God has created these three powers in this Cosmos. This information is not stored in any scripture or holy books either but is concealed in the Soul of beings.

They are Sankalpa Shakti, Ichcha Shakti and Kriya Shakti- The powers of thought, will and action respectively. These powers are hidden inside the core being of any human like Kundalini Shakti and are only activated by the illumined Master if and when God desires as sheer Grace. The previous sections of the blog were written highlighting the essence of these subtle primordial energies in a compact form. More knowledge shall be discussed in the new segment aptly titled ‘God Within’ by you in forthcoming posts”………(to be continued)

This post is only the introduction of the new segment and more will follow soon. As it is evening and we have lit our evening lamps and are saying our prayers, I leave this page with one beautiful evening mantra which I just heard a while back.

Shubham Karoti Kalyanam Arogya dhansampadam I

Shatrubuddhi Vinashaya Sandhyadeepam Namosutute II

May the light of the lamp bring us auspiciousness, good health and prosperity. Let it destroy the evil mind of the enemies. I bow and salute to the evening lamp.


Part B

Dear readers, it is travel time again.

Apart from blogging, more touring of holy sites are pending in the next coming months of the new year because of which the posts will be delivered intermittently.  As a result, the usual dates of 10th, 20th and 30th cannot be followed. Posts will be sporadic without any fixed time and date.

To start with, at the moment I shall go to South India. Pondicherry is the first destination. Parangipettai is very close by to Pondicherry and it is obvious and obligatory to be visiting Babaji’s holy birth site. Madurai is on the cards after Pondicherry in the last week of Dec. From Madurai, I shall go to Palani, the samadhi place of Shri Boganatharji, the great guru of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. I can’t wait to meditate and resume Kriya fervently at this significant holy place. There have been many breaks in doing Kriya and hopefully there would be no serious lapses henceforth. This is  the blessing that I seek from Shri Boganatharji at his resting place.

A few days are going to be spent in isolation in Pondicherry while the rest in teaching and imparting further instructions to some disciples of our sweet Guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji at his behest.

In January, I shall go to YSS Dakshineshwar hermitage in Kolkatta for a week. It is in the Eastern Part of India. There will be some free time for me apart from regular intensive meditations and Kriya in the quiet hermitage.

In February I shall be touring the Western most part of India- Somnath, Dwarka followed by Nathdwara and ending with Mt. Abu again with some deserving disciples. This trip will be my first ever step in Western direction where going to do sadhana in holy sites is concerned.

March is reserved for Varanasi, Sarnath and Bodh Gaya, it falls in upper regions of India and is quite central in position. Shri Lahiri Mahashayaji lived most part of his life in Kashi or Varanasi. I will be visiting this holy site for the first time. It has been my silent desire for many years to visit the house in which Shri Lahiri Mahasaya lived all his life frugally and did high grade  tapasya at the directives of his most revered guru Shri Mahavatar Babaji by being a house holder, meeting his disciples and spreading the obscure and long lost Kriya far and wide through them. My long cherished request has been answered by God at last and I surely look forward to it with great zeal.

Rest of the programme of touring of the year 2014 is yet to be finalized. The blog will surely reflect the same as the time comes as you shall either see the pictures or the posts will convey something about them. These pilgrimages are meant for my own solitude and reflection apart from imparting lessons personally to some chosen devotees.

One drastic shift in ideology and belief of mine has taken place recently. I was always undetermined and cautious and wished to keep a low profile in the internet world of social networking for a lot of reasons. But then finally I have accepted and agreed to go public with my blog with Shri Mahavatar Babaji’s proposal. His wish has to be mine; they cannot be varying and different at any point of time.

As is well known Spiritinlife blog has never been used to express personal views or revealing individual matters for that matter. It has certainly not been used for social networking either. Its aims have been just to disseminate spiritual ideas and lessons far and wide in the world as is evident to you, and it has been a resourceful medium to spread the teachings of Shri Mahavatar Babaji particularly to his old and new disciples spreading across the globe. It is indeed a new source of spiritual wisdom which is easily obtainable sitting at home and at any convenient time for the genuine people. For some reason Shri Mahavatar Babaji now wants me to showcase or have a display cabinet by which some more people can be connected through Facebook to Spiritinlife blog.

My ‘The life-journey so far’……will be in Facebook pages very soon and I wish and pray for those disciples and devotees of Babaji to get connected with him through one more medium other than this blog. The groundwork for this work is on and will take a few weeks. I am already envisioning how well I can do this given job by my great Teacher so that the virtuous aims of dear God and him are fulfilled proportionately. Surely, there are many crying souls who are looking out for some spiritual assistance, guidance and strength to go on in life or fulfilling their spiritual dreams of Self Realization. May they all meet their Gurus here through these two sources of inter-connectivity  and may they all get to see God within themselves one day……….

P.S. Would like to bring to your notice that on this auspicious day, this is the 200th post that has got published today. I sincerely thank God and all my gurus and the saints for giving me the courage to speak my inner mind and the strength to go on writing in spite of many obstacles.

I humbly thank every reader who is reading the blog-posts, they are invoking the creative energy in me by being diligent and regular and responding systematically at regular intervals.

A big thank you to those readers who invest their time piercing the nooks and corners of the blog and thus doing justice to the intensive work done here. If the same zeal is shown throughout, I wonder what all shall God and Shri Mahavatar Babaji and others saints reveal to us……May we always show our dedication, reverence and devotion at every step of our evolution. May we all love God and the holy saints in our every breath in this and all our lives to come……..

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om…...


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