In blessed moments with a great Sage, Agastya Maharishi-I

December 17, 2014

The last three posts which were related to my conversations with Swami Shivanandji just got over and one more post has arrived immediately. It has been a continuous stream of very interesting and enlightening period of learning; I would call it intensive period of rapid learning for everybody, more so for those who wish to work a little extra hard and are ready to concentrate for a longer period of time. They are the ones who will take advantage of this rigorous period of advanced learning. From this post onward, please note that these lessons are for the very advancing disciples and others will find it difficult to handle so it is requested that if you cannot cope up here, please revert to older posts and pick up your lessons and please ask questions wherever you need to. And those of you who just arrived here, please note that there are many references and definitions which were explained in last three posts and they will be reminded again here in this post.

I am extremely gratified to recall several times in the day and reassure myself that we have been chosen by these great Masters who are watching over us from very distant spaces in the Universe. I wrapped up around midnight satisfactorily after I published the previous post. I wished to sleep after that so that I would have enough sparkle and vivacity for the next post lined up straightaway. As soon as I lay my head on my pillow at midnight, I saw first a very small circle of golden light located very far away in the Space.

It was like a shining star in a galaxy. Within a flash, I saw an image of a Maharishi- Maharishi Agastya. I immediately understood that as soon as I have finished my present post, I should be on my job of moving on to next instantly. I deciphered that I have been under their watchful eyes and therefore, they have just arrived at the precise moment. I was certainly very happy and showed my agreement and willingness and said perceptually that I was ready for our next move.

Instantaneously, I saw one more small circle of golden light very far away after which I saw a very serene, gentle face of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. Agastya Maharishi began to speak to me soon after-

Agastya Maharishi- “You have just learnt two methods of thought transference from Swami Shivanand recently. What is your wish, in which method should I communicate with you, direct or indirect method?”

Me: “I have no wish of my own; I am in your safe hands. I will go with whatever you have to say. I am comfortable with any one of them Maharishi ji.”

Agastya Maharishi: “Alright then, in first article I will work with direct method and in second posting with indirect method of transference- One article in one type of mental communication.”

I was very pleased with his marvelous proposal and overjoyed to see the child like simplicity that the great sage displayed and how soon we both arrived at mutual consent amicably.

Agastya Maharishi: “You have co-ordinated between Swami Shivananda and the rest of the people because he does not take up junior disciples. He can only take disciples from level 6 upwards. You will take children from level 5 and above and not under level 5. He decided to take up temporarily level 5 students so that they can start with you and then properly move on to next level according to their will of interest. You can consult any of us in regard to their progress whenever you require to take stock or to find out what kind of sadhana they should be doing. Stay in consultation with us. You will also co-ordinate with Shri Mahavatar Babaji in a similar fashion soon in future.”

Just then I saw a third small circle of light in a very far off astral space and wondered who this can be now and what the significance of their arrival one after the other in a sequence would be.

Agastya Maharishi: “You will first write two articles with me in Pondicherry and after that with Bogarnathar and Murugan in the end. The next few months are going to be taxing for you as there will be many articles in quick succession after which you will also write many articles in a new segment with Shri Mahavatar Babaji. By April end, this segment will close down. But before closing, you will write articles in co-ordination with me here from Pondicherry, then with Bogarnathar, and later with Murugan or Kartikeyan Swami in March. You will get rest in the month of April and May and you should take a break at that time.”

Knowing what will happen in future gives such a good sense of rest to my mind and will help me plan my life’s activities and plans. I perceived that they all are in unity and are co-ordinating between themselves and informing me well in advance so that my performance is up to their expectations. I also wonder now how can I not perform well if the great rishis are all the time involving me in their huge projects. Where will I get to learn so much in such a less time? Since our time and their time is wide apart, with them I am conceiving so fast in my brain and hence saving so much more time to learn further. For the rishis, comprehension is very rapid, instantaneous because they live in Cosmic Light all the time and their understanding is far, far superior to any of us. I quickly understood that the same Cosmic Light was cascading over me as I was resting with my eyes closed comfortably. I understood everything in a flash. Those three circles of Light were arising from Agastya Maharishi, Shri Mahavatar Babaji and Bogarnatharji. They were in unity.

Me: “This is so interesting and I am happy to hear this, Maharishiji. I am truly blessed!”

Agastya Maharishi: “Swami Shivananda chose to tell the world about the constituents of the blog, its aims and objectives and why it was born. He had to tell everyone so that it is taken seriously by people. He drew a line here and my task is to take things forward from this point and reveal about my role and to look into future events.

(Please refer previous posts-My conversations with Swami Shivanandji on an auspicious day-I, II & III)

I am also very pleased to take you as my disciple because it has been a very rough ride for you in this life. You have struggled to cross over so many hurdles in just one life. It is not easy to start from where you were born and then to move up spiritually so very high in one life. Not a single person in your life appreciated or supported you in your fiery determinations to search God in this life. Those people who should have supported your cause and till this day are not responding because of their envious nature have been debarred from my class. They have seen your rapid progress and are able to see all the valuable postings on the internet and know that it is only because of your own tapasya as you have never taken any one’s help and support for anything- be it for a worldly or a spiritual purpose. You have been deprived of your basic rights and you have never complained. You say that all this has been a blessing in disguise. Agreed, but your rights have been trespassed because you refuse vehemently to bend and compromise with your inner values and convictions.

I will compensate for every loss of yours. You will now achieve what they can never imagine achieving in several lives. You will get success and fame in every endeavour of yours. You will be blessed by every Sage and Saint of great order and calibre.

We have been appointed by God to establish Dharma and righteousness. We will make sure that you get more than you lost. We are doing all this for you because not even once you have done them wrong and they have cheated and betrayed you. If someone does so much penance for getting God with so many hardships, other people should respect and honour such saintly souls in their environment. Instead, if they torment you and take away your rights, God shall intervene through us and make your life more easy, happy and comfortable.

God is always watching over us and keeps a vigil. The bad people think that they can hide their bad deeds from others, but this is false. God waits, waits patiently so that they learn from their own mistakes. God gives many signs for wrongdoers to reform. If they lose the last chance, they are forbidden from all the happiness, prosperity and health as well peace of mind and are punished in numerous ways. The people who are noble and virtuous are rewarded and reinstated. Your honour will be restored and you will achieve unprecedented milestones in minimum time.

I have decided to select candidates in my class. People who have not maintained dignity with you, not shown respect for your self-worth, honour and self-righteous beliefs shall be debarred from our home lessons. You should not attend to them. It is God’s punishment to them for not behaving in a dignified manner and causing agony to others who have been loving and kind to them.

Me: “I will abide by everything that you say as I am just a small child and you are my Divine Father and a father never shows the wrong path to his children. You know everything and out of respect I bow to your command. I will obey your guideline always.”

I rested a while in the afternoon today and took some sleep so that I could again meditate with the Maharishi. Before sleeping I was talking to myself and wondering that it would be such a nice thing  to happen if Agastyaji told others also what he has told me about himself. I meant about his life, works, how he transmits his thoughts in the world, what he wishes to teach us, what he expects from us and so on.

God heard me. This is what I received in my evening meditation with utmost grace and mercy-

Agastya Maharishi: “When you first came to Pondicherry in Ma’s ashram in December of 2002, you saw with your open eyes a sage in white dhoti (wrap around) and hair tied in a knot doing fire sacrifice (Homam, havan) in the middle of the open space with his young disciples although this was not happening in reality in physical world. It was your paranormal sight which enabled you to see me although nobody ever before has seen me here. It is your good fortune that I told you about myself in a few years’ time that my ashram was built here once upon a time. On the same site, today there is Sri Aurobindo and Ma’s resting place and ashram. Children came from far to become my students, I was selective even then.

Pondicherry was so lush green. I could meditate for hours silently and practiced various types of Kriya and gave Kriya Deeksha to a number of people. I lived in a thick forest here with wells to provide water for all of us. The sea was about 13 to 15 kilometres away from land and there was so much tranquility. I lived here 74,682 years ago to be very accurate. Pudducherry is the original name of this place.

I mainly work from Pudducherry although, I am working from Manasa’s Tower (Manasa Foundation Taponagar, Bangalore) also, where the sapt rishis’ work is going on vigorously. It is my base and I provide vibrant spiritual energies in this place and also help Aurobindo and Ma in their huge work of salvaging thousands of people who come from all over the world. I can travel anywhere via ether mentally and prefer to stay quiet using very little words as silence is always golden. I have helped countless writers finish their thesis in their research and search for new theories and science applications. I assist all the sages in their endeavours to make this planet safe and peaceful.

Me: “Yes, respected Maharishiji, I remember you telling me about yourself on many occasions earlier.

(Quoting a short paragraph and referring to Expand your Consciousness-II– Maharishi Agastya was dark in complexion, short, had long hair tied in a big knot over his back and had a bunch of ancient manuscripts on palm leaves in his right hand. This face matched with the other astral view I had of him in Rameshwar temple, most probably in 2004. After we had offered our offerings and prayers in the Shiva temple at Rameshwar, I sat down in the hall against a pillar away from people, almost hiding and I did japa on my rudraksh mala…….)

Other saints have confirmed this to build up my faith in my conviction. But kindly tell me today, why you have been so benevolent towards me. I sometimes get overwhelmed by your stature since I am like a very small person in front of you if credentials are the point of reference.

Agastya Maharishi: “You have hidden yourself for too long. People should know about your past also. You have the punyai, good deeds of so many lives which are manifesting now all of a sudden. In the past, you have been a rishi kanya,  daughter of a sage in eight lives; you were the daughter of Rishi Bhardwaj centuries ago and a rishi patni, wife of a sage in seven births after which you lived the life of a Maharani, queen and for  five times. Earlier, you were worshiping Lord Shiva but during your period of living in the palaces you also worshipped Lord Krishna with deep devotion. Your devotion towards God, deities and Guru has been unceasing till this day

You are that rishi kanya who made a shanti vana, forest of peace about which you have written an article on the blog and not mentioned that it was you who nurtured it. The old rishi mentioned in that post was the soul of your Sage Father (Guruji Krishnananda)  who made you do that great act.

The state of Super Consciousness-III

You have received so many blessings from the souls of Banyan Trees and they have given you abundant knowledge although they may not be in the physical form today. Your blog has articles related to all of them. Banyan tree is also known as Bodhi tree, or the knowledge tree.

The state of Super Consciousness-I

You have earned much good and positive karma during the time of those fathers and husbands when they were teaching their students. You have also taught kanyas, small girls in girls school and have visited that place and site again in Delhi, the site of girls school. At that time and life, I was one of your distant relatives. Your father and I were distant cousins. From that heavily charged place where once there was a school for girls in olden days, you have written posts out of which one has the story of a Banyan Tree.

The state of Super Consciousness-II

The seeds of our good karmas take us so far and come to our rescue at the most crucial time. God knew that at some point of time, you shall need the power of so many good actions and hence the delay in their manifestation.

You have the vardaan or blessing of Atri Muni who gave you the vardaan of ‘Mokshadayani gyan’, the knowledge of liberation and Moksha. You lived during that time and that is why you were sent to Chitrakoot by Babaji just two years back to recall about your lost identity. Swami Shivananda has told you that he was one of the four sons of Atri Muni, you both lived at the same time period in Chitrakoot and hence affinity to each other.

Me: “I am feeling very uncomfortable now because so far it was only I who knew about my past. Opening the pages of my past makes me uneasy and apprehensive. Why should we tell others about it? Why are we revealing so much and telling the world? What purpose will it serve anyway?”

Agastya Maharishi: “In the morning you were telling me that you are feeling anxious because we are making a lot of the hidden facts and unknown knowledge about God and saints public which only a few knew so far. How will the people behave? If all the saints work on God’s will, then why is God revealing so much suddenly?

Listen my child, there is a purpose behind all this. In ancient times, so much work was done by the sages as the environment was so conducive, nature was assisting by giving peace and tranquility and good health was supporting them. However, so much good work was also lost to nature’s elements like fire, water and insects. They worked diligently to achieve something great in years. It took a lot of hardships to complete the great works because of lack of availability of modern means of communication and transportation. Some unscrupulous men also robbed the manuscripts and made them theirs to gain quick success and popularity.

The precious work could not be preserved well and thus what was achieved with so much toil in so much time was lost hastily. Keeping this in view, it is the will of God to preserve many things in this world with the assistance of new technology. The science of liberation in which humans can liberate themselves from their own created miseries is of utmost importance out of all these.

There is so much adulteration even in this. There are extremely few people in a vast population of men of millions who know this exact science. It is with them that God is undertaking this project where Truth is documented without any adulteration and preserved forever. Now and in many centuries to come, whoever is honest and sincerely seeks can consult this blog to assure of him or her and remove all the doubts and therefore help them as there is no adulteration in it. It is straightforward, direct and pure. The great and highly illumined Masters are making this manuscript ready for all the sincere and serious seekers with which they can help themselves. The blessings of all the enlightened beings is the Light in it and God is the destination!

You are an old and mature soul; you will be able to handle this long and tough project with deftness. You have lived with the sages for so long and you are detached with Maya because you have seen its futility when you lived in palaces. As you have burnt off all the unborn seeds of all the lives journeyed so far in just one life, you deserve honour and respect.

You will be able to teach with patience, love and understanding as you have taught before many times and have many blessings to teach well to good learners. Therefore, you must teach all today again through modern means and technology. There were many irritants that were hampering your task and undertaking; they have been removed by me. Swami Shivananda has chosen to speak for you as you will never speak about your achievements and glories. I will assist Shri Mahavatar Babaji and ensure that all our projects are achieved on time and no time is wasted in unnecessary details. Bogarnathrji will come at a time when the blog has reached a great height and will showcase the world wonderful ancient hidden, sacred sciences of Spirit. Muragan Swami the oldest of all, will grace this wonderful manuscript with still older Science since he is the most powerful amongst us whereas mastery over ocean deep knowledge about mysteries of God’s nature is concerned….”

(To be continued in next post)

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