My most cherished, enlightening interaction with Amara Maharishi-II

December 16, 2018

10.12.18 Morning 


Amara Maharishi- “You have been under our eyes ever since you were born because you were very precious to all of us. It is under such a heavy mountain load of past karmas’ baggage that you came with. But you asked from God this enormous mountain so that you could live the main outcomes of remaining accumulated karmas accrued over lives in only one life. You did this because you have observed people objectively even if they were your dear ones and your inner radiance of a clean heart told you who they were and where they actually stood. By looking at people’s behaviour and life circumstances hovering over their lives, you have gained wisdom from their small and big follies and mistakes. You have learnt incessantly from life circumstances by going deep inside the probabilities that may have caused those painful life circumstances. You have been doing this every time by being so observant. In this way, today you are on top of all the other spiritual giants since you have mastered the science of karmas, the law of cause and effect by taking refuge of various Spiritual Masters who are proficient in this field. 

The sanchit karmas, the accumulated or aggregate karmas of all lives which will one day manifest, are the most arduous to tackle by the shishya as well as the Guru. They lie dormant in the last layer of unconscious mind in the bed. Neither every shishya can overcome this endeavour nor every Guru can sail you across the ocean of delusion and rid you of the last remaining, overcast, residual un-germinated seeds of lives. They, which will manifest out of these unborn seeds of high energy crystals thereby will be forming repercussions into unknown new overwhelming formations because of previous mental and physical actions. This you understood before you died in your previous life as a queen when you underwent all shades of life from birth, growth and expansion, multiplication and extension of human relations, death natural and premature both, decline due to failure of wisdom and foresight, decline of kingdoms due to betrayal of relatives and excessive jealousy and the results of not listening to the inner voice which many a times came up as clear prophesies to avoid misfortunes but were not implemented because it was feeble! 

Your wisdom is so acute that in spite of experiencing so much suffering, grief and sorrow in many lives you have on the contrary, been able to see serendipity and God’s justice through these circumstances. Your realization today is-where were these chains of attachments and bondages when we first came in this world in our first ever birth? They were formed over a period of years in different lives as we came back to Life again and again as different human beings. But that is not the whole truth. Our relationships with kindest ever God, benevolent, loving and His appointed messenger called the Sadgurus are true since the relationship is everlasting and pain free. Hence you have established a permanent relationship with us and other Wise Sages as you do not wish to fall into the trap of ignorance, life and death, sorrow and endless suffering because of the law of action and reaction and finally because the life on Earth is so ephemeral and unpredictable.  

Knowing Truth of highest level is very hard to find in people more so in women, since they are debarred from entering this world of Science as she is the nurturer and must look after all in the household. Though it permits you to excel but the results are so slow to get and mostly intangible in the first few lives. Very exceptionally, in rarest of rare cases like yours it turns to be a reality because you have never ever stopped once in your effort. Humans like to rest, be comforted all the time, enjoy the various bewildering enjoyment. Your excessive determination, hard work and unspoiled focus has earned you a place with us in the highest skies of spiritual achievements.  

Your practice of these achieved inner enlightenments silently in all previous births has made you proficient in handling your present life as well all respective fields of activities be it Yoga, daily life, inter personal relationships or social life. Your mind is detached and selfless. 

You have been bestowed with so much grace, patience, kindness and empathy hence your understanding of human being’s chronic problems related to birth, life, death and beyond are comprehendible and you can deal with them with gravity and calibre. In no life you were resting or enjoying with a delusional mind. You were very aware and focused toward your duties towards yourself to awake your Spirit to its blistering, fiery brightness. In the olden days, it was impossible to reach out to people or meet them due to lack of transportation and amenities. You have used the present opportunity of a modern world full of opportunities to hasten work of man to maximize your growth and speedy progress without indulging in vices, transgression or infringement. You have used God given resources with severity and frugality thus practicing nonviolence, compassion and detachment. To blend modern day life with that of ancient virtuous, meritorious and frugality  Read the rest of this entry »

My most cherished, enlightening interaction with Amara Maharishi-I 

December 9, 2018

In my most profound and holy times, I have had a direct communion and interaction with Amara Maharishi in the wee hours of 9th December, 2018 at 4.00 am called the Brahma muhurat. It has arrived a few days before I set out to Bangalore to conduct an extensive and intensive discourse on ‘Thought Power.’ 

I have been in regular communion with him for inflowing guidance and teaching, but to write a chain of posts on him is a different task altogether. I have waited with so much childlike curiosity to know what the content will be since it was decided months ago that there will be posts dedicated to him in this segment along with Sage Vishwamitra. He is also a Great Spiritual Master. I have held him in high esteem and awe since I knew about his prodigious childhood spiritual level. 

I am aware that sometimes the greatest human beings are those who spend all their lives amid the general public and barely anyone can find out about their inner spiritual resourcefulness and achievements. A whole life time is spent in indulging in worldly pursuits by the associates who live with them or near them. Yet these most humble Seers never wish that they should be known for who they are and what their mission on Earth is. Nonetheless, they pursue all their goals in the world for the masses by being extremely contented, withdrawn and detached by the ongoing world’s crazy affairs. Their goals are time oriented and hence they work as per the dictates and commands of God. Their vision is so large that the common population can never perceive and interpret and hence discussion and revelations are not made by such peerless enlightened Masters. In spite of non-cooperation from the society, they continue to realize their lofty goals since they are equipped with countless spiritual powers to bring the goals set by God to a reality in a society which transform the people slowly and gently without their feeling of reprieve or guilt.  

I have always been more strongly drawn to and enchanted with these types of enlightened Souls. To me this is real depth. The test is to be able to recognize their spiritual greatness in the chaotic world during those normal or day to day routine when they look like any other person but never speak of their proximity to the realized eternal Truth or God. I was firmly convinced from the start that the task and challenge is always mine.  To be capable and wise enough to get closer to such marvellous, highly enlightened Souls smoothly and slowly through my conduct and pious thoughts and not through outward ritualistic, traditional practice of appeasement and pleadings. If I was good enough and passed the initial test, automatically they will embrace and accept me since my devotion for a Pure Soul is outstanding. The light of God and peace within are the virtues or attainments that I was always looking for in the evolved Spirits and was impressed by these types even though there was nothing ornate or visible signs of ornamentation or ceremonial, religious conventions in them.  

He belonged to this category without any doubt. Nothing in this world could convince me that Amara Maharishi was not a highly evolved Soul since the day I meditated in Manasa Foundation meditation Centre. Such profound peace and calmness are rare to get anywhere. Lingering peace, depthless peace and divine peace I experienced when I first sat silently there knowing nothing about him since I had not heard about him before. It felt as though all the elements that were burdening me and creating a wall between me and direct interaction with God were removed instantly at that moment. A huge stream of white Light stood over my head coming from top and then percolated gently inside my crown when I sat in the small samadhi room of Amara Maharishi first time in Bangalore.  

Such simplicity and modesty, reclusiveness and chastity in today’s world is not to be found and far still not at all appreciated in times of today’s modern, artificial, blatant and glittering world!

Amara Maharishi

Amara Maharishi

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(To be continued in next post due next Sunday 16th Dec, 2018)

My first direct interactions with Maharishi Vishwamitra-III

December 2, 2018



Dear readers, this is the concluding post about the Great Seer, Vishwamitra.

There is nothing recounted about his life and times as the time spans considered are phenomenal. Such exalted Seers ignore trivia anyway. They prefer giving examples and concluding what they wish to state by simplifying the difficult in this way. Their answers come as explanation of various spiritual realities of highest grade. Please look into each paragraph with full concentration and keenness whether it is section 1 or 2. You will know about the great achievements of the Seer who was born when the Earth was made for the first-time ever. It is self-explanatory and should be understood.  

This post unarguably has been demanding on me as it required many sittings of intense meditations. I wrote down the dates when the spiritual knowledge arrived in transcendental state, you will find them in between paragraphs. It might break the flow of the divine song, nonetheless it is required. Documentation is necessary. Each line is filled with so much content to think about. The revelations are too many, the flow too fast though very condensed. Kindly bear with short interruptions, you may use them as a pause if you need to. Your comments, responses and questions are welcome at this stage. These are rarest of rare revelations. There will be more coming soon.

There are 2 sections in this comprehensive post.  Section-1 is poetry, Section-2 is prose.

Section 1 is very lengthy and has further 4 parts-A, B, C and D which will narrate and reveal the mysteries of nature. Section-2 is concise and are the messages for me and others from the Sage about events of the Earth which took place too, too long ago.

Please go slow and go over the post several times singly or in parts to derive best benefits. In the end you shall get the nectar out of churning. Thanks.

Part A 

26.11.18 afternoon 

Revelations unprecedented, Benedictions unlimited!  


The house was filled with enormous atoms of tranquility and peacefulness; I immersed in unimaginable, unthinkable expanse of infinite Divinity. 

Floating I was into realms of unfathomable territories when I gently glided back in timescale and timeline which humanity cannot conceive. 


I was with the most advanced Sage, most revered by God I must say, he invited me to meet him in the astral world where only peace prevails. 

Rendezvous of this kind is only possible when the mind has fallen into deepest recesses of purity, peace, void; only space and rays of light remain. 


You will be aghast when I say that there were Earths made and destroyed many times before; thirteenth time it is now says the Greatest Sage. 

It perishes with a cause, we think that this is the only world, only life and only people that were ever made and never before did they live. 


This is not true we will slowly understand this fact and we must not make a hasty decision for the minds of people are very constricted, small. 

We think that life exists only now, our Earth exists only now, how it can perish and be remade, it takes millions of years to repair and remake.   


The phenomenal Sages are equipped with a peerless, piercing inner vision given by the Divine to purview what happened millions of years ago. 

It is acquired with the means of prolonged years of doing meditation and keeping silence to absorb what appears as visions, dreams and awareness. 


They keep the secreted knowledge of past, future and present in their subtle mind as a repository and vault and seal it with quietude and reticence. 

They share this wealth with only those who are devout filled with purity, will maintain all ethics of spirituality laid by God unless God ordains otherwise. 


I woke up to this truth in meditation that the ancient most Seers were born at a time when life sprung up fresh, Earth was in nascent stage. 

Some were born when the Earth was made for the first time ever, some the second time, some third time and so on, yet they are in unity today. 


They told me that everything happens when God wants it to happen, God’s will is foremost vital, all creation and destruction are cyclic. 

It was with God’s will that survived the Earth, it was God’s will it perished in natural catastrophes and with God’s will it will be created. 


God has made unknown number of forces in the Universe, some are temporary some are permanent in nature, they are used to operate. 

All types of activities that will be done from time to time by different types of species when they come to exist on the planet or Earth. 


These positive, negative powers are charged and recharged by God in different times so that they are always at work and do not hamper the flow of creation. 

These two opposite forces are standing against each other thus creating a balance and perfect equilibrium in the whole Universe and in all humankind. 


Life cannot be pursued because there must be some force which will instigate the wheel of action and reaction, destruction and construction always cohabit.  

But when humans break the balance beyond repair and reformation, God takes all charge again and invites all forces to give back their inherent powers. 


God’s will and God’s powers are at play when such decisive events transpire, they happen because something better is to emerge and eventuate.  

When the plan and management of God at one point envisage that it is better to come out of current state of the environment and affairs, Earth perishes. 

Part B 

The Earth disintegrates slowly but with natural disasters as it had formed, it perishes and all living beings die except one of five natural elements.  

It is also called Pralaya’ or complete destruction, an act of God by which cleansing and submerging of all wrongdoings and actions conducted. 


For a prolonged time, no activity of breeding or recreation takes place, there is no earth, water, fire or air, they return to its inactive or dormant state.  

Only ‘Akash’ or ether stays intact rest retreat, it is the job of akash to take on the role of master supervisor or a manager who now manages. 


Akash becomes active in activating all its nutrients which are embedded in its constitution called anu or atoms, the thoughts or sankalpa are the seeds. 

The dormant seeds of all thoughts of the Universe are looked into and sorting of rotten, very obnoxious seeds are separated from very good and pious. 


It is then God and nature both take a long sabbatical, rest and restoration work to plan and envision what must the new world be ensued and emerged.  

The creative powers, regenerative and destructive both need restoration periods so that they can self-sustain by itself without additional burden on God. 


This period is called shunya, a long phase when nothing is built, created or a time period of no possibility of germinating seeds of cycles of birth and death.  

What should never be germinated is destroyed permanently, the remaining good virtuous seedlings are stored in a repository, a germ bank readied. 


All this takes place only in ether or vacuum which is merely infinite space, it has humongous power to store, save, germinate as well as culminate.  

It is also sometimes called akash or empty space or sky because its properties are different from other four elements or tatvasair, water, earth, fire.  


God has made it transparent, bouncing, free flowing yet stationary since it absorbs everything that is thrown at it, God has made it resonating, echoing. 

Akash or space never has its own properties, it is property less, it absorbs everything that is sent to it even if it is heavy particle of dense matter or smallest. 


It is like a white sheet pinned on a wall, the projector plays images and the visuals appear in exact form, the white sheet is only a screen, a mirror. 

Similarly, the akash tatva does not move or sway, it plays a crucial role in reproducing what is embedded in it and produces exactly what is given to it. 


It is when there is no Earth that all re-calibrations are done in order to bring a new start, brand-new spic and span uncontaminated worlds are ready. 

What needs to continue continues, what needs to be destroyed is destroyed, what needs to be redesigned is restructured and remade in only Akash. 


This is the real ground or base where everything is born, all activities are always taking place in ether or akash, the Earth is just a shadow. 

Because the microcosm plane or subtle world called the ati sukshma vishwa is the womb of all creations, it is a playground for all mental games. 


Nothing is absorbed there, only stored and preserved until God commands the seeds to first break open the shell without sound and to sprout. 

The sprouts are visible on Earth as actions of humans, as objects or things, as natural occurring, as someone’s dreams or desires and lust! 


Our thoughts gross or very subtle are those arrows which are catapulted upward invisibly in the ether or akash, we are unenlightened. 

We are oblivious to the mystery, powers of God and God’s most intelligent working, there is a computer in cloud with infinite memory!! 


Everything is stored in the grains or atoms of ether, nothing ever dies, all our thoughts will someday take birth even it takes years uncountable. 

The power of our thoughts living in the manas or mind is unknown so far, no one has been able to develop them except the most ancient Rishis. 


Vishwamitra has the highest capacity to store data and information in his stupendous mind, he has data collection more than half of the ‘Sky’. 

Hence, he ranks first among all Rishis and computes Time as no one else, he is capable of handling all world problems, tries to balance world order. 


Bogar, Kartik, Adi and Gorakh are his assistants to work out billions of problems of all humans when Earth is formed and sustains all creatures. 

These five have been ordained by God to look into world issues so that the balance of construction and destruction is always balanced and stable. 

Part C 

He told me– “You are a very blessed soul since you have dreamt of nothing but God Realization in all your incarnations so far hence, I bless you. 

You will never forget what you have earned as I have embedded every new learning in your subtle mind so well etched and ingrained thoroughly. 


You worry since you do not know if you are absorbing every new enlightenment and insight deep inside to make it permanent and again retrievable. 

The more akash you have in your manas, the more you can connect to me via ether or space since all our thoughts travel at a frightening speed in space. 


When you sleep, I make sure all the new rarest of rare knowledge that you have just gained from me is neatly organized in your brain by creating space. 

You are side by side deleting immediately trifle happenings of everyday and pushing the new information inside by revising when you sit alone or rest in bed.  


You are not allowing any other ripple of thought to embed inside the soil of your mind lest it may grow when the environment will be perfect. 

Your conscious deliberations to convert previous mind to an altered one initiated by me is worth mentioning; my pervasive eyes see everything.  


You are making a silent effort to hold on to what you have just earned and learnt, you are alert and know when we are careless, we lose things precious. 

In spite of so much distraction and noise, you are not careless and weak and are holding on to what I have given you in abundance as your rewards and gifts. 


Duties I have given you unlimited yet your mind does not wander or drift for a moment as far as your writing assignments are concerned to be published. 

You are taking all this as your intense sadhana given by God through us and are attempting hardest physical, mental and spiritual hardships given. 


You ascertain that your lessons are blessings which must not be squandered and you have given up every little thing that was giving you little rest or comfort. 

Yet you are blissful and joyful all the time as your thoughts are beautiful, they are fragrance of flowers as you believe that God is exceptionally kind to you. 


You have a quenchless desire to penetrate inside the minds of Yogis and Rishis who are outstandingly risen, who reside far off and are of bygone era and yore. 

You are tireless, though the body and mind get fatigued but you recharge yourself instantly by remembering the graciousness of your Masters and Gurus. 


Such humble beings are the ones to whom God opens all the doors of hidden, invisible chambers laden with its secrets and infinite wealth untold mysteries. 

People will marvel how she could bring down to Earth such undiscovered, untraceable, unbelievable spiritual knowledge from the realms beyond even infinity!” 

Part D 


He continued relentlessly since I was forever thinking of him and waiting till he gave me his opinions or comments as I was being trained under the greatest. 

There has not been a single moment when at the back of my mind I am not thinking about how to be an exemplary disciple to carry out duty in best manner. 


I know I am being tested every day, every minute and I must comply yet be alert because the footsteps and arrival of the Ancient Sages are so soft and gentle. 

I must not forget for a second that any message can come to me from them any time of the day or middle of night and I must be ready and alert to receive. 


What boggles me is how do they always without fail come to know what are my slightest, faintest thoughts which in fleeting seconds arrive and go by? 

I am getting replies to every thought which I have generated ever since the Maharishi has come face to face with me in my meditations and silence. 


They perceive every word of mine, the matter I think about and the intensity of my thoughts although people might say what I am saying is trifling. 

They have looked inside the inner most depths, nooks and corners of my mind and are soothing the reviving pangs of my past lives’ innermost anguish. 


Though invisible they can see, feel, touch, perceive, know, convey, nudge, retort, imbue, instill, vaporize, saturate, embalm, embed, inquire, empathize. 

I see divinity personified in these Sages, they touch my Soul so gently, their love so caring and innocent, their concern so heart-touching nurturing. 


Said He- “I give my advice to so many in the world as suggestions, I plant better ideas than any one and make sure that the idea is of only world welfare. 

I make a team of mine of Sages only five-Adi Shankaracharya, Kartik, Bogar and Gorakh, we work in tandem and take turns when other is in meditation. 


Your good deeds are outstanding, you have garnered so many meritorious actions with devotion, compassion and determination to alter everything. 

A towering sky-high pool is formed with them, because of this God has ordained the impossible-that you be included in the team consisting of five. 


Bogarnathar, Kartik, Adi Shankaracharya, Gorakhnath  and now you will assist me in the team to work through mental powers of positive thinking. 

Your most compassionate and loving feelings generate powerful thoughts in the Universe, all thoughts of good will for the world manifest. 


It may take time because the geographical and environmental conditions must prevail to manifest them and time may be distant but they will express. 

The thoughts will be translated as physical realities, the power of thought of a human being if blessed by God becomes a blessing for all humanity. 


With your impeccable peace of mind, your will to empower others, your exceptional patience, resistance to negative forces and your firm, deep faith. 

Trust in God and the messengers of God, the eternal Sages and saints empower you to do exceptional tasks in multitude every day as you are humility. 


You have been selected to work on Earth for everyone, you will collect all the sacred knowledge to be dispensed and spread from henceforth from us. 

First will be you who will benefit the most, then those who will follow and obey you without any restrain and remaining benefits little or a few.  


This world is filled with liars and cheats but I will make certain nobody comes close to you who has come to deceive or rule you, they will face defeat. 

Your work of continued writing till your last breath won’t stop, it will never be obstructed by fraudulent or counterfeit or by men competitive.  


You have been profusely blessed and protected by us for each day, at every important event of your two organizations-Spirit in Life and Nav Jeevan. 

Your audience will consist of only devout, dedicated, faithful, obedient, trustworthy, sacred, hardworking, concentrated and loyal all through. 


This very sought after, prestigious, most sacred knowledge is for those only who we invite and call to attend or be inducted in the discipleship of you. 

We are in the knowing of everyone’s complete soul journey, their competence, every spark or dirt, all their previous earning and future possibilities. 


The holy, humble and spotless will be delivered, they will be navigated throughout the maze of all Maya, they will be encouraged and blessed with holiness. 

Their last chambers of mind or antahakaran * will be worked upon until they see God as light, purity, marvellous enlightenment, splendour and peace within. 


All their upcoming lives will be filled with devotion, service, empathy, wealth and prosperity and one day you all will meet again as loving Guru Shishya! 

The relation of teacher student breaks the barriers of constrain, all laws are applied so that the perfected relationship is never broken as the cause is lofty. 


They will meet again and continue to raise their levels and strive harder until someone becomes independent and starts a new wave of learning or centre. 

In a new era and Age and there will be partnership and collaboration between them and the aim will be meditation and self-realization ditto again. 


In this way, a tide will be recurring between spiritual people who will always co-operate, support in all eras and times and the world will have dharma.  

The number of people will be less but the quality of output towards the society will be excessive for such people have great mental powers in mind. 


Bless you with the ability to reach through your mind into the time when the earth was never ever made at all, God had not even created a thought!

God was alone, no sankalpa or thought was ever created by God, only He existed, the centre from where the power of thought emerges was inactive.  


Only God exists as profound peace and silence, that state is uninterrupted and eternal, timeless and unchangeable, irrevocable, perfect and continuous. 

That state you have achieved from today in your meditation, there is no dealer between you and God in this state of total unification with your purest mind. 


You have received these unlimited benedictions for all the hardest trials withstood over many lives in search of God, you have desired nothing but God. 

In spite of dealing with all types of ‘Maya’, you have stayed pure in your heart like a pink lotus in a pond of mud and stench and withheld dignity, honour. 


Your wailing pleas to God to rescue women in distress, dishonoured by men in body and mind, your nights in prayers to reform women living in shame. 

And immoral lives have created a very powerful divine light in the place you now live, your earnest desire to grow many trees on Vasudhadharti mata. 


Called Mother Earth has brought you a blessing for earth from God and shall manifest from your loving compassionate thoughts in your peaceful mind. 

There will be the largest forest in the world on the land where you reside today but after three and a half lakh years from year two thousand eighteen. 


As you have relinquished all comforts, rest and recreation to work for environment and people to revive the world from deforestation and immorality. 

God gave you the best opportunity to serve Him, to revive humanity by revealing the world of the penance and lives of forgotten, ancient holy Seers. 


You have shown the world that it is possible to revive our divinity, to live modern life with grace, simplicity, humility and resourcefulness, respectability. 

It is possible to live the modern fast life with frugality, and it is possible to live a life laden with richness of great thoughts, wonderful virtues and propriety. 


The world must change slowly by giving up false ideas about joy and happiness, give up pretensions and highhandedness, life living on surface and immaturity. 

They must instead learn to explore the hidden treasures inside, the insatiable desire to enjoy worldly objects and money are doors to hell, constant insecurity. 


They must learn to enjoy noiseless conditions of their minds; deep peace emanates from within the present Spirit, true happiness in derived when mind is silent. 

Everything is impermanent in this world, it will always change with time, nothing it is that you can call it mine, death and life are constant, joy sorrow allies. 


God has blessed you my daughter with the highest grade of peacefulness, it is derived when the mind can be so peaceful that it can speed and then rest at a time. 

When God was alone, God was in peace and only peace, God had not wished to even create anything, God was in its truest form and state, it was without a thought!!”  


Since the post is lengthy, the latter part has been compressed.  I have written the wise words, predictions and benedictions of the most revered Sage as statements

Morning meditation  27.11.18 


About Spirit in life Blog

Vishwamitra Maharishi told me on the above recorded date that Spirit in life Blog was received by him from God’s mouth and was asked to write it in the Akash beforehand 1,000,00 years ago dictated by God to him! It was meant for today almost 1,000,05 years later in Kaliyug in modern age. He has stored it held it within him since then. 

There were only two people who could have become the medium for this gigantic task. Guruji Krishnananda and me. Vishwamitra Maharishi wished to transfer this mentally. I was just a remote possibility. If I had not become capable and ready to receive these divine messages, Krishnananda would have done this work as he did in Manasa. He would have made this blog divine! However, he was already very tired and Vishwamitra Maharishi is relieved that I took up the responsibility eventually from him.  What I am doing now is decoding Akashic recordings!! My connection with Guruji Krishnananda is of five lives and hence the affinity and work so similar. 

Explanation and references- 

“I have written the immortal Durga Saptashati Mahatmya because God wanted to help women in distress. Courage, hope and energy can be derived from the sutras, or verses of this holy book. You are doing the same by empowering women and uplifting their lives.  

I have reincarnated many times as anonymous and unknown man but was extremely wise and observant.  


Maharishi Markandaye-“Almost 85,000 years ago, God transferred knowledge and hymns of Shiva to me mentally by only thought transference in my meditations. I stored it in my mind well and died. They were the verses of Shiva Purana yet to be materialized in physical form. When I became Sage Markandeya  approximately 65,000 years ago, I revived it and recited loudly every day to embed the atmosphere with the verses as sound waves in order to save and document those holy verses once uttered and pronounced by God to me as mere thought vibrations!! I printed and reprinted in the mental world and reinforced it in the Akash, and engraved all the verses permanently in the records in the sky once again by my outstanding mental powers. This act is also one’s mind power and an extreme case of thought power and thought transference. It is preservation of vibrations emanating from God directly for world’s welfare for posterity sake. 


About Vajreshwari Temple. Its connection with others. Connection of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Markandaye lives. More about Markandaye Maharishi His first incarnation ever was when the Earth was formed for second time.  

Vajreshwari temple near Ganeshpuri has a history which is said to be very primitive but not reachable by people. In my meditation, Vishwamitra Maharishi surprised me to the point of getting mild convulsions since I have gone to this temple several times. He revealed that beneath the temple is a samadhi of a very, very ancient Rishi. The temple was  made later to protect his samadhi place. In this whole very ancient teerath shektra, pilgrimage site the first person who came here to make it holy was Markandaye. His identity was obviously different.  

He became the recipient of Durga Mahatma or greatness of Goddess Durga in poetry as Durga Sapt Shati scripture through thought transfer by God directly. 

1,50,00002 years ago (1.5 crore and 2 years) God decided to empower women for future eras through the greatness of a goddess and wished it for their welfare. God’s wish and words were transferred into the mind of Markandaye Maharishi at this time. This was when he was born in the forests of Sahayadri, the ancient mountains of today’s Maharashtra in today’s Vajreshwari temple site. He received it in samadhi state. 

He embraced it, wrote it on hridaya patalthe surface of his heart and embedded it in the mind for future. He regained, recalled it 65,000 years ago as Markandaye and wrote Durga Sapt Shati after retaining it in his indestructible mind for 1,49,35,002 years (1 crore, 49 lakh, 35 thousand and 2 years)!!! Such is the power of God’s will and our mind if we develop it to its highest capacity I was taught by my revered Maharishi. 

This first samadhi of Markandey Maharishi in Vajreshwari was established when he got mukti first time 1.5 plus 2 crore years ago. Knowing about this fact, Gorakh Nath and his guru Machendra Nath were laid to rest and their samadhi are right opposite Vajreshwari mandir today. 

Swami Nityananda was called here so that these Rishis can be left in peace and the people go to Nityananda for ichcha purti or fulfillment of worldly desires. He was delegated the task of keeping people occupied and leave the holy sites alone. The samadhi of Markandeya, Gorakh and Machendra are kept secretive for posterity. 

Spirit in life blog is made when I have got mukti  in this life on a site where once Amara Maharishi has lived. The blog was first transferred to Vishwamitra Maharishi 1,000,00 years ago ( 1 lakh years) and was intended for decoding now through the holy sages. 


About me

How is it that you won’t meet Mahavatar Babaji? No thoughts die. You will meet him and write three books on him. God has purposely made you wait for about 20 years because the world will run after you when his books are released. You will have a life filled with people while your work entails you to be very quiet and recluse. First do the work of writing about difficult things which require all your mental energies. 


About an undisclosed, underlying yantra or grid.

He disclosed later on that extremely auspicious and peaceful day that Amara Maharishi came as an anonymous rishi 1,600 years ago in Maharashtra, the place where I live today. On the same place a Spiritual University after 10,000 years approximately and then a forest after 3,50,000 years  will flourish. An unknown, underground grid or yantra is made between my place, Vajreshwari temple and Mount Kailash where underground spiritual energies are generated and distributed for speedy salvation for those who follow Spirit in life Open University. Energies from this grid are being used to dispense energies to the world also to transform and hence the change toward the Age of Truth or Satya Yug is expedited with the backing of the penance of timeless Rishis of yore and eternity! ………. 

Hari Om Tatsat! Hari Om Tatsat! Hari Om Tatsat!

My learning after making this post-For the first time I understood the term sankalpamaya shrishti very thoroughly, so often used in Yoga Vashishstha holy book. Our Universe is created by our own thoughts, there is nothing else in this world but sanklapa, thought is reiterates in the book. I read it many years ago and could not grasp its depth.This post is the concise form of that statement. I am very happy that I was able to crack the shrouded verses and can use these spiritual principles kept a secret since life surfaced on Earth. The principles are the same, it is only now that so many secrets prevailing in nature are bared open for us to realize and realize ourselves easily without losing time. Truly grateful to the Divine for giving us the Master key-Rishis.

Quoting from-

According to Yoga Vasishtha, this world of experience with various objects, time, space and laws, is a creation of the mind, that is, an idea or Kalpana. Just as objects are created by the mind in dream, so also everything is created by the mind in the waking state also. Expansion of the mind is Sankalpa. Sankalpa, through its power of differentiation, generates this universe. Time and space are only mental creations.

References for advanced studies


In this way, awakening of humanity is going on; this world is constantly changing as it shifts from one era or epoch to another through natural calamities.    

Natural calamities or ‘pralaya’ are essential in the world as they are levellers or stabilizers of mass human karmas done on Earth; they create destinies.   

The Holy Sages are gifted beings, they are blessed with knowledge of psychic and Holy Sciences which are best put to use to help humanity rid their sins. 

 Chitta * 

It is sub conscious mind. It is called chitta in Sanskrit. ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” is an important line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.   

It means stilling the mind with Yoga by removing the fluctuations until it rests and comes to a state of complete tranquility. Yoga, Puranas, Vedasand Self Sacrifice for highest Ideals are infallible ways to have command over Atma.    

Not every saint or sannyasi removes all the Maya from their innermost manasthe last level of unconscious mind. Most of them stop at sub conscious mind, chitta.

My first direct interactions with Maharishi Vishwamitra-II

November 25, 2018

Part A

My Invocations heard! 


On this holy day of 25th November’18 when the two divine Sages came up to me to bless my impossible endeavours. 

Besides laying my mind at rest and removing the mental stress and worries that were continuing since last many days. 

How can I write or speak about a stellar Sage whose reach is beyond anyone and who speaks so little or nothing at all? 

I do not have the mental strength or the ability to peek into his world since he is so far away in time and distance both. 


I heard him first in a dynamic place in my meditation and with his blessings I could hear him give important guidelines. 

And then in my house several times giving his introduction and brief life history which is scarce to find and inconceivable. 

I jotted down points quickly after meditation got over and could not find any expression or language to convey. 

Today when I read those benedictory words, I cannot believe that I am now supposed to share Sage’s auspicious words. 


Since I have vowed and pledged that I will abide every wish of God, so I will today reveal him to the present world.  

Common masses have never got an opportunity to listen to my story since they have not earned but will be included. 

In the circle of all pious Souls who have meditated, served, forgiven, suffered yet blessed others without expectations. 

One needs an ocean of good karmas or earned merits to even receive this holy speech coming from heavens. 


But who are those two divine Sages who came on ethereal pathways made of thin golden light and wisdom endless? 

Why did they arrive early in morn as soon as I opened my eyes and had not risen from the night’s peaceful sleep? 

Who is this exclusive and one and one only Sage who deserves so much honour, glory, respect and veneration? 

The holy steps that came tiptoeing in the morning to me are themselves such lofty Souls and their names famous. 


They are Adi Shankaracharya and Kartik Swami who alighted with so much grace, peace and silence and affection. 

They are also very ancient and seasoned in meditation, Yoga, Dharma, Tapa and Satya apart from thought powers.

Yet they decided to usher me lovingly in a hall where none can enter or peep into until it takes many lives’ penance.

They came to invite the Greatest Sage ever into this physical world as a guard of honour, they made the time ready.


One by one they guided me and solved all my problems related to my upcoming Discourse and problems of people. 

Also, about how the very herculean tasks approaching ahead should be carried out and how to continue my Yoga. 

Without their guidance I cannot do a task since it is them who are always meeting and deciding on welfare of all. 

I become only the last person in the chain of humble workers, I prefer to be called a servant since I am the youngest. 


I repeat, I cannot fathom this designated task of bringing out the tallest figure out in the world as the world is ready. 

He is the most superior in the lineage and tapas as well as in his stockpile of virtuous deeds and speed of God contact. 

His speed to communicate with God, his command and speed over traversing in the globe or any Universe or galaxy. 

His mental powers are superior than anyone else, nobody can match him in manifestation of thoughts.  


Hence, I fear attempting this write up because I am just a fledgling, my vision disconnects looking upwards. 

I need extra help and insurance to accomplish this mammoth task of bringing out a very, very exclusive ancient Sage. 

From the zone of antiquity and ambiguity, from a period of time scale which is unheard of and unrelatable. 

No one can tell you this except the highly accomplished Rishis or Sages who have themselves become immortal. 


He is Vishwamitra Maharishi and I his youngest disciple and child at his Lotus Feet yet to bloom under his tutelage. 

Though he has known me from the beginning, I have known him not until he came to me days only five back. 

To come face to face through the medium of white Light, Light so brilliant equal to many stars and galaxies.  

I was finally able to see him in the Light that he is made up of, prior to that I was equipped to only hear. 


With folded hands, eyes closed, a prayer in my heart, mind completely inward and words none, I bow to him. 

He knows what is in my heart, what I feel and worry, love or devour, resist or endorse, want or wish. 

I will not speak but he will understand, he will tell me everything that I have desired, what is inside a Divine Soul. 

I want to reach him but I cannot, yet I long for gliding in the sky highest, the furthermost territories. 


His divinity attracts me, his purity makes me fall in love with his Soul, something is calling out to me echoing. 

It must be him since my most sensitive perceptions are reacting to his calling, my invocations he has heard! 

He is preparing me to listen without hearing words, to know without speaking, to realize without speeches. 

My deepest caverns of silence are carved out of rarest of rare attained peace coming out from inside of God!! 

Part B

*Anadi  Vishwamitra 

Vishwamitra Maharishi-“I belong to Adi Lok, highest realm of existence in the subtle  world where very few reside. I am a very, very ancient Sage who like Kartik will always shun the world but will not shy from sending out the most powerful positive vibrations to the world. I am understood only by two or three people. Amara is on top and to understand him very well you must also try to know him. I am the Master of space travel. I taught Amara this yogic kriya. You must also learn and practice this science. It saves a lot of time and we can do a lot of work as it is rapid in speed. You will need extra oxygen to carry out this exercise. 

There are maximum 11,00,000 permitted recipients of these Sages’ positive vibrations. God decided this. It is because people whoever they are, even if they are not at all aware of my presence will without any doubt get benefits and positive results and they will progress. 

The recipient will release all tensions and worries and the result of receiving such divine vibrations will always be positive and fool proof. This is because these Sages can absorb maximum Cosmic rays and bring about desired good changes in others with them.

Time is the most crucial factor in such a unique method of exchange of mental rays.  Vishwamitra, Amara, Adi Shankaracharya, and three other Rishis, Gorakhnath, Bogar and Kartik fall in this category. Each and every sankalpa or will or positive mental output from them is bound to create a ripple and make a mark on the recipient. Whoever comes under the protected canopy of these Sages, even the worst person on Earth will start turning and change into a better human without fail. The Adi Gurus can move huge mountains of/like barriers lying in front of the sadhak which were earlier next to impossible to surmount. 

You have been asked and ordained by God to join this league of eternal saints as they wish to bring bigger changes now as the eclipse will recede and before it recedes, maximum work will be pursued to add to the pool of dharma and punya of this Universe. You have been chosen because you wish to see big changes in people who come to you but they have very little punya, merits. Since your heart is always thinking, remembering and praying for their quick growth before the clutches of death devours them, God chose you to work in symmetry with the exceedingly enlightened Bodies of Light or Rishis who wish to work forever for God and the Creation. Your punyas, merits are exceeding and have become countless. They are now infinite; you are in extreme peace of mind and stillness. You have reached a depth when there is no tarang or a ripple when you are meditating. You are in shunya always when you are sitting quietly. Shunya is samadhi.

I am a very big Light. You entered a very big Light and both spheres or fields of light merged. When this happens there is total unity and silence. When this phenomenon happens, the earth becomes lush green internally i.e under the top surface of earth, the layers become energized and positive. After a gap of time, there will be greenery on that land. That land will have either a meditation temple or a forest, both extremely dear to God. 

**When such a sthal, place is purified, some yogi or tapasvi will be guided by God and she or he will do some tapasya on it. When the tapasya will be accepted by God and the tapasvi succeeds, after thousands of years a temple, a meditation centre or temple, dhayana mandir will be built on that same place. After a few thousands of years many, many people will come and meditate and purify the place further. That place will be totally free of sins. After that God will never allow that place to become impure. 

As you are aiding me in this mighty endeavour, I bless you that in this and all coming lives you will be materially and spiritually very, very rich and prosperous. Earlier you have made many temples, in future you will build many mandirs, meditation centres or temples. 

Your source of energy is your clean and sanctified heart, love and dedication, sincerity towards us, people and God. You will never fail in your any endeavours or projects and people will automatically come to you to provide their services for your pursuits. And cooperation will be given by them without asking. You are my blessed and holy child. I give you more spiritual powers or siddhis so that you can always help people in whatever bad situation they are in. They are all very blessed to have you in their lives. Your health will improve by each day, your unending patience and trust in God will uplift millions in future through your writings and present day’s seva to all people relentlessly. Come to me when I call you to Manasa. I will refresh you when you are low in energy. Your meditations will give you more peace, wellness and trust in God. Your thinking abilities will be more copious and all your enemies will perish…..”

Part C

Relation of Kailash mountain and Vishwamitra Maharishi

“When a very positive thought, a sankalpa of a human or humans arise, God accepts it. On the very same plot or piece of land begins to form a future divine plan. God sends out an order to allot that piece of land for a great purpose in future. After a few years or even Ages, a tapasvi or yogi gets motivated and decides to do further penance and is drawn to that same land. As if the land attracts or calls the yogi or ishwar abhlashi, god seeker. Penance is done, meditation is repeated on that place and the land becomes completely purified and cleansed of all negativity. On that place soon a temple, a meditation place or both are constructed and people come in large numbers to mitigate their problems and resolve lifelong issues. Never again is that land defiled as sins dissolve there. In some rarest case, even if it does get putrefied by evil actions of demonic people, in due course of time that place is freed by virtuous and pious men of God and the place released. In some course of time a Spiritual hub, a University of Spiritual Sciences where higher realities are disseminated is built with the will of God on the same site.”  

Kailash Parvat

“There is a place in Northern part of India where I meditated and did intensive penance with the most extra ordinary hardships. To save such a place, God silently worked in nature in mysterious ways. To protect it, natural disasters came into action by the will of God. There were heavy rains, storms, floods and Earthquake. From beneath the ocean sprang up big mountains many, many years ago. One such mountain surfaced from the ocean and came up on Earth. The mountain mounted on the same place where I had done intensive penance in my life when I got realization of God when the Earth was formed for the first time. I was the first ever human being to attain that. This was ordained by God so that the place where I did tapas should remain intact for millions of years. That place is today mount Kailash in the Himalayas! The mountain hides beneath itself the shakti sthal, the tapa sthal of Vishwamitra, the most ancient Maharishi! 

My subdued silence is my only way to greet or prostrate at His Lotus Feet! He Thus Spoke further –

(**I remembered this line spoken by Kashyapa Maharishi- “Truth in Light”) 

Vishwamitra Maharishi-“The key to your success is due to your nature. You have never said ‘no’ to anything that was asked of you.  How will you be able to write so much in future in such limited time you are thinking? You will never stop writing I bless you today. I will speak and you write. In this way, you will accomplish faster. You will produce more results. You will be taught gradually to master Astral Travel by us.

Yoga, Pranaayam and maun are the tools which will support you all your life to continue with your global mission and objectives. They are your tools. Pranaayam will give you extra life force to do work non-stop. Yoga asanas will help you to meditate more frequently and longer in time by giving you a robust body. You can sit longer in one posture for longer duration by Yoga. The spine and nervous system must be pliable and strong for meditation. A stiff body creates resistance thus reducing meditation duration. Maun, silence will give you time to recharge and work continuously. 

What you have written so far even of anant level, Eternity level, it is nothing; there is so much even beyond this point. The world is now ready to receive many mysteries of God. Out of so many only the selected few, a handful ancient Rishis have held these secrets from immortal times. That knowledge is being dispensed in the world for the first time through you with God’s consent. It is knowledge about lives, penance and difficulties of the unknown Seers and how they have mastered so many Yogic Kriyas with no support systems and hardships of nature many, many centuries ago singly. 

Time has come for your writings to reach the world in due course of time after the eclipse is over on the 19th of January in 2019. 

(“I command you to tell the world that a new era has begun since the eclipse of September sixteenth, two thousand sixteen.” Guru Gorakhnath) 

Many will begin to understand that a new wave on Earth has begun and they will change and transform their old nature. They will continue to do meditation in their whole life. Their punyas or pious deeds will help them and also the world to bring about the New Age also known as Satya Yug closer. 

Your writings will be simple, narrative and lucid. The essence of your writings will always be unique. It will be your flagship. In due course of time, many people will come to you for guidance in their spiritual endeavours. They must be guided and solutions offered. Writing non-stop all your life is possible for you because of your own good deeds done in the past in several lives, more so in present years in exceeding numbers.

You are unstoppable, unbeatable and unknowable. Your kind nature makes you everyone’s favourite in the world of the Light Masters or Rishis. They bless you because of one reason mainly. Even though you can approach them easily, you are forever only showing your gratitude. Your heart always overflows with it. Your heart is complete for it is tender, kind and very compassionate. It is uncompromising and whole. It is filled with purity, sincerity, warmth and effervescence. It is innocent! 

You will be always remembered as a woman of unheard grit, compassion, forgiveness and love for God and her Sadgurus. The world will remember you always for being fiery, witty and very tender in heart. God has blessed you with so many special qualities because of your good nature and soft heart. All your good qualities are being used for the good of the people in this world. You ask nothing in return. Hence, I bless you now that all your goals in life will be achieved without any hurdles. You will always remain a mystery in the world because no human has ever made such a rapid spiritual progress in one life ever before and never will! 

Me-“What is my life span Param Pujya Guruvar? 

Vishwamitra Maharishi- “I will decide.”

Blessings from Vishwamitra Maharishi  on 24.11.18 afternoon quiet time. 

“You will increase your Yoga shakti hundred times since you are writing about me. This is my blessing for this service.

You will always be very prosperous in all your lives which are about to manifest.

Your memory will be able to go backward in timeline to the very first ever event or thing that ever happened on Earth when it was made for the first time. Except for what God has not allowed man to ever know, your memory can now reach to the very first thing that happened on Earth although you are born today while the Earth has been made 13 times before. You will henceforth be able to reach that point of time with my blessing. The first time when the first bird was created, the first animal was born and the first life force entered a living species, you can tap into that time…….”

(To be concluded in next post)

*Anadi is that which is beyond infinity, timeless.


My first direct interactions with Maharishi Vishwamitra-I

November 23, 2018


  (Maharishi Vishwamitra, Antar Manasa, Bangalore)

Part A 




My inexhaustible desire to learn, my ease to disconnect the mind with the burden of work and my love to serve my Holy Masters endlessly has got me here.   

Their Grace, God’s consent brought more blessings of more Sages whom the world can’t remember or ever know as they arrived earlier than others.   

Maharishi Amara, Krishnananda, Markandaye, Kashyapa, Bhardwaja, Adi Shankaracharya are all immortal and guiding my penance on daily basis.   

Out of them, the most advanced is Sage Vishwamitra who heads all world projects; nothing escapes his eyes, not even the sound of a falling needle.   

They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.    

In this way, more rays of Light can be brought into this materialistic world and slowly the world will transform and turn back to the Age of Truth and Purity.   

This process is hard and yet needs to be attended to as the world has reached its peak in deteriorating its moral values and life-giving green environment.   

I was elevated to higher ranks in spiritual kingdom because of God’s directive as it was observed that I have been serving others unselfishly and unreservedly.   

Impeccable peace was granted by the Lord so that I could meet Him with ease at any time and place or condition of health or when I wished to only thank Him.   

In pristine, unmovable state of my being is God received and met, mutual love exchanged, a deep sense of connection between us established and rooted.   

All Sages and God are constantly working as a very trusted, reliant team to bring peace, order, harmony, brotherhood and co-operation in the ever-changing world.   

Karmas of world, countries, families and individuals are broadly looked into and accordingly mental waves thrown at them as justice deliverance.   

More Rays of Light are systematically emitted by God and the Sages through their periods of silence and meditation; forgiveness granted for the pious ones…….. 

 Part B 

My humble offering 

Today is 23rd Nov, 2018, the very auspicious day of Kartik Poornima also known Deva Deepawali, the festival of lights of Gods. Today is also the samadhi day of Guruji Krishnananda of Manasa Foundation, Bangalore. It was in Manasa and through the books of Guruji I discovered that Sage Vishwamitra is the most respected and senior in spiritual heights. I had never known this fact earlier until I came to Manasa to meditate four years back. 

I dedicate this very special write up on this auspicious day as my service and humble offering to God and all my divine Gurus……… 

My first ever direct interaction with the most exalted Maharishi 

On 19th November night when I was desperate and determined to take a good night sleep, I thought that it was just a matter of a few seconds that I will disconnect with the noisy world, but instead I fell into a spell of unheard, immeasurable bliss and peace. It  felt very divine as it expanded its girth over me until I began to grow in my capacity to gulp and swash it and simultaneously, gently touch a bottomless, endless ocean of joy!  

I was drowning inside that ocean of anandaJoy which humans have not heard of! Spontaneously, I wished to drown willfully in that divine bliss without allowing time to slip by as it was so endearing. 

I have never fathomed that I will after a few minutes of such unheard and anomalous bliss will experience one more overwhelming paranormal experience instantly after this extra ordinary sublime experience. Nonetheless, it was awaiting me with God’s grace. 

I saw a substantial, luminous body of silvery Light coming from far away and resting near me. It was a brilliant white light which was very dense and thick in form. I saw it in the next moment to have come inside me. I could see the luminous Light within my eyes.  As I am accustomed to this type of transcendental phenomenon, I welcomed it by giving it all my reverent regards, submission and love. Then, 

I quickly effortlessly entered inside it as if the luminous Light had captured me with its power and took me in. It engulfed and gorged me completely in next breath of mine. 

In a daze and disbelief, I wished to know from where the luminous Light was arriving as I was conscious of the ongoing rush of dazzling Light running towards me and engulfing my whole Self. Somewhere I was also thanking God in this rapid benign activity. I acknowledged Him also to have been the collaborator and ally of this very soothing and peaceful experience. In this way, I had thankfulness for God for sanitizing me of the flecks and speckles of worldly dust that is thrown at me by some people unintentionally when they interact mentally with my mind. I felt spotless and pristine during this state of mind.  

“I am Vishwamitra. You have been probing since a long time what is your first point or time of connection with the Great Rishis? How did you first come in contact with them in the past? When did it really start? You think that it is impossible for people to even acquaint themselves with the Rishis but on the contrary, you are flooded with their presence in subtle and direct ways throughout the day. What is your connection with them after all? You have been pondering since many days. 

You have been examining with hawk’s eyes and thinking also if it is ever destined by you to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji in person since you got to know about him first and you know us now. Your blog is a testimony of his presence in the world and about how he can transmute his mental thoughts and teaches millions of people in the world silently. You had assumed that beyond a few years you will not be able to write and pursue the blog since what is there beyond Shri Mahavatar Babaji. You have put him on a very high position in the celestial world of the enlightened beings. You have gone back in time by looking into your past and have found your previous connections with him also in some life.  You were very satisfied by the fact that he has known you earlier also and you have spent an entire life with him seeking his counsel. One thought that one day you will meet Babaji in person could not be erased for a very long period of time as you wished to show your gratitude in person and wished to meet an accomplished Yogi. 

I saw a nodding head of a Sage with extremely peaceful eyes in that dense Light and then came these words. “But this is not true. 

“Your mainspring or first ever connection with any spiritual Master or great Sage was not with Mahavatar Babaji as you have been thinking but with me!!!!! 

An electrifying shock wave jolted me; I was stunned and thoughtless for a few moments. But he continued to aghast me further since I have no memory stored in my DNA of the same as far as I can understand. I scraped every particle of it and came out blank since I did not have remotest recollection from my storehouse of knowing anything of our past connection whatsoever. 

“In your fifth incarnation as Markandeya and others have told you, you have started your first ever conscious effort of attempting to go to God’s abode. People never do that. You are the first and only human being ever who has done that. Humans come on the earth and begin to enjoy the various temptations and splurge in revelry.  

You pleaded with extreme pain and anguish to be freed from the slavery and clutches of very indulgent, selfish and over-permissive people night and day so very early at the advent of your arrival in this world.  

When you cried in anguish and agony, it was first of all me who heard you and responded immediately to your appeal in the astral sky. I reacted instantaneously. Next were Swami Kartik and thereafter Markandeya and not Mahavatar Babaji who heard and responded to your cries. I have the most acute hearing capabilities. I hear the unheard, silent pleas and cries of all the needy people on the Earth.  

Therefore, you will now be associated with us forever and your life is connected and linked in several ways with the Rishis.” 



(To be continued in next)

My tryst with Maharishi Markandaye-III      

November 14, 2018

Part A 

On 11th of Nov, 2018 I slept very peacefully after completing my writing work at night. I woke up so fresh next morning, very light in both my bodies, physical and mental. I had no physical discomfort which I experienced on previous two days. From some place unanticipated, destructive forces struck me when I was about to dispatch the post thus hindering my pace. On 12th, I recognized the incoming spiritual vibrations early in the morning from the higher Orbits. They came from Maharishi Markandaye.  I turned my mind inward to centre myself fully. I meditated for some time to bring down those discharged, coded messages as well as to ingest positive healing vibrations for my quick recuperation and well-being. After less than an hour, I grasped that I am already healthy and vibrant, full of mental stamina to resume my writing.  

My conversation with the Great Wise Sage resumed telepathically in the abstract world at a stretch over a substantial length of time over four consequent days. 

Maharishi Markandaye- “From where did the evil forces come to attack you and why?” 

Me- “Revered Maharishi, you know everything. What can I say? I feel I am progressing at dizzying speed because of the grace of you, Amara Maharishi and Swami Shivananda now a days. In the last many days, you great ones have been adorning all my meditations and I am able to comprehend at unprecedented velocity. The tenacity and buoyancy in my thought power has never been of this quality and rare caliber. In the past, whenever I was about to leap forward by multiple steps for transformation, I have encountered opposition from the dark world at all my milestones. They spring up from nowhere all at once. Your protection is holding me together. I am unfazed and unstoppable. The dark forces are obsessed with narcissism and unless they are contained by the spiritual energies of God embedded in the enlightened beings like you and other Rishis, they do not wane in my case. Such people are acutely self-obsessed and full of greed, ego and lust for power and money. I am not afraid of any one of them because the righteous and pious Rishis have always won in the end when there has been a conflict of good and evil, holy and profane, fair and unfair since inception of the benevolent Earth. 

I will continue to work and accomplish my assigned responsibilities for your blessings are the cause of my fearlessness. I will organize my day in such a manner that my physical energies do not deplete and I am able to remit this write up at the earliest. It will happen even if there are other multiple important tasks cropping up in between my writing job. You have taught me to balance my thoughts extremely well as in a financial balance sheet. I will take care of every arising thought from within me and will not waste a fraction of mental energy by allowing people’s incoming thoughts forcibly entering my mind. I can hear, read and sometimes see those thoughts, their origin, their weight and strength, colour, intensity and frequency with your and other Sages’ grace and generosity. 

Fore mostly, it was Swami Shivananda, then Swami Kartikeyan, Amara Maharishi and now you who are teaching me and revealing the concealed secrecy of the hidden secrets of thought power in mental world. I am eternally grateful to you and others for accepting me as your disciple in the first place and making my mind robust, graceful and substantial. It has grown exponentially in elasticity, intensity, texture, chemistry, width, height, depth and volume.  

It started more than thirteen years ago in July 2005, when I had lost some memory suddenly due to a major surgical procedure. I was unable to recall what I did a few hours ago. Certainly, I was devastated and worried. It was the kindness and mercy of Paramhansa Yogananda who first of all came in my meditation in the house in his astral appearance to counsel me. I had been practicing meditation regularly and asked Guruji to help and guide my meditations at that time. He began my journey and first of all, compared the brain to a walnut and asked me to do a few mental and physical exercises. I followed sincerely for more than two months. I became alright following the prescription but I knew I was vulnerable. Since then, I have been working on myself diligently without a single day’s break and have restructured my brain and memory to current unprecedented, miraculous heights! 

My mind is very plastic now and filled with extreme spiritual information given by the cluster of Divine Masters over the past many years. Your constant focus on me in the last two years in particular is the cause of my exceptional spiritual development lately. It accentuated after I visited Kanya Kumari in 2012 and heightened after I visited Rameshwaram temple in November of 2017. I owe everything to God’s mercy and your circuit of ancient, Spiritual Masters. The trust and reliability that you all have bestowed on me is the ignition of my endless energy and hence I am able to pursue manifold time-bound, extremely hard, divine plans and missions.” 

The stimulating tête-à-tête propelled and the Maharishi activated a long stream of shrouded facts and revelations which are related to our plentiful, mattering much, previous important lifetimes and incarnations. This kind act of his invoked muted serenity and bliss never ever experienced before! 

Constant reformation and restructuring of mind is mandatory for human transformation and evolution.

Part B 

Maharishi Markandaye-“You are an exceptional human being. The whole world is groping in the dark, the multitude of population is only scratching the surface or drowning in the ocean. Ever since you were born first time just a little more than one lakh years ago in Rishikesh near today’s ashram of Shivananda, you have never wasted any life. Ninety-five total you have spent exclusively for God Realization since your first birth. You started your first attempt in fifth birth consciously and from fifth incarnation until this day, you have never enjoyed food for taste, never slept in ignorance and you have deprived yourself of leisure, fun, entertainment and slumber. * 

You have practiced Yogic Science ever since and are shrewd to save your time only for added progress and unfolding your Atma. Your concentration and focus are impeccable and gets better with us each day. Your never-tiring attitude towards perfection stems from your realization and wisdom that every life is very precious because human life is limited and bound by two ends-birth and death. Whatever we must do, we must do it in the time available between two dots-life and death. You have gone further on this trajectory and have been following a parallel metaphor-the two dots-night and day. Whatever we must achieve we must do it without wasting precious time between morning and night.  

You hold on to time like it was the most precious thing in this whole Universe. Indeed, it is. You will never allow anyone at this point of your life to rob you even a few minutes because with your intense Yoga Sadhana you have been able to conquer time. You are achieving big goals by collecting handful minutes several times in the day. In this way, you add up to the pool of saved minutes. In those few available minutes, you choose only crucial tasks as your top priority. Therefore, you are an extra ordinary achiever. What people do in a year, you do it in three months and hence you are ahead of everyone.  

I will give you extra ordinary, challenging tasks to do which no one has done before. You have the blessings of many deities specially Devi Durga and hence you shall be victorious in all your endeavours. 

Many Goddesses, Devis have blessed you secretly and you are using their gifted divine creative powers to do good for masses daily. Your intense compassion for all the people makes you endearing to all of us. You forget your sleep, food and rest to extend help to people to mitigate their sorrows. We are ever watching you from the skies at night when you sleep and we pray for your goodness, health and longevity. A few wicked people have tormented you, insulted you and even decided to finish your spiritual powers but all in vain. Their stupidity and wickedness have on the contrary opened the doors of hell which propagates depression, illness and misery for those cruel people. In spite of acute sickness, you made efforts to write and complete this project on time. You are the best example, a role model for the public to emulate because you are most unassuming, unselfish and unpretentious person on the earth in spite of your unprecedented spiritual attainments. You are following our footsteps and guidelines and wish to stay solitary, incognito and hermetic even now. It is on our behest that you have decided to make your life public so that people can approach you any time and help can be given without any delay. 

You have been a devotee of Goddess Durga in many lives and earned her countless blessings. You gain your extra ordinary stamina to work day and night from her blessing. She gave you her shakti in that form in return to your selfless devotion. You have also built three Durga temples in your previous births when you were born in royal families. You will continue to worship her silently in all lives in her subtle form as you have been given extra ordinary humanitarian tasks to do in all your upcoming lives by God. 

I have written the immortal Durga Saptashati Mahatmya because God wanted to help women in distress. Courage, hope and energy can be derived from the sutrasor verses of this holy book. You are doing the same by empowering women and uplifting their lives. 

You are an extremely humble being with colourful dreams for children and young generation. You love them with all your heart. Only you have been chosen by God to proceed with this mission through Spirit in life because you wanted to make their future bright. Therefore, Spirit in life and Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation were carved out by us since you wanted to do something exceptional in life and pleaded for a lofty purpose in this life-time. 

For this lofty aim, you were mentored by so many of us since you dreamt of making your life really large. All the three hidden powers inside humans were kindled and ignited inside you. They are-the power to will, act and think. 

Mahavatar Babaji ignited your will power or ichcha shakti, the power to perform or act called kriya shakti was intensified by Bogarnathar, Gorakhnath and Shivananda and to expand your consciousness by expanding your thought power or vichar shakti further you were sent to be trained under the expertise of Shivananda, Kartik, Adi Shankaracharya and now to me and Amara.”  

Time is the most important wealth for a yogi.

 Part C 

Our continued conversation was flowing like a stream of cool, fresh water in the mountains of the Himalayas over more than three days and nights. While in this flow, I remembered with contentment that I had visited a temple located inside a big Durga temple in 2009 in Uttarkashi which was dedicated to Maharishi Markandaye when we returned from Yamnotri temple. I was told by the priest that it was here that Markandaye Purana was written by the immortal Sage. Devi Mahatmya is a section of Markandaye Purana and the oldest text of Shakti Swaroopini Durga. I see the chain of incidences which are interlinked and how God has been unfolding my complete chronicle of spiritual evolution as and when the layers of my mind were unfolding systematically on annals of life’s timeline.” 

Me- “Please tell me more about yourself Maharishiiji,” I pleaded in my meditation on 13th Nov. “Since you are such an ancient Sage, you are a treasure house of chronological events of man’s transformative evolution since eternity. I would like to know more about you as you have been associating with me so frequently ever since I went to Kanya Kumari.” 

Maharishi Markandaye- “I am the author of Mahamritunjaya mantraMarkandaye Purana and Shiva Purana. I wrote them when I became Markandaye. People do not know this. Shiva Purana was later summarized, chronicled and documented by Sage Ved Vyas approximately 5,679 years ago.  

I have reincarnated many times as anonymous and unknown man but was extremely wise and observant. I was always looking out for someone who could implement and execute my mental powers in him after my demise. Many Rishis were my prodigious sons several times and I their brilliant father. In this way, I have transferred my mental legacy and shared with them so that the wisdom spreads and is saved in a few places in the Universe as in ‘Safe.’ It is for the first time that a woman has become a recipient of my mental wealth to this large extent. You are my ‘External Drive’, a store house of modern day where I can store my wealth safely and transfer it in the world for their welfare sake! 

Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh was born as my son ample times. I was his father also when he was born as Dadhichi Rishi in Haridwar. His forte and specialization is also the same as mine-Vichar or Sankalpa Shakti-thought power. He is also empowered in many fields of Yogic Sciences. It was him who took you up formally for training and developing your thought power in 2014. You have gone to Rishikesh alone many times to be under his tutelage. After that you have not looked back. His Gurus are-me and Swami Kartikeyan, lord Shiva’s son. They both have tutored and mentored you and you have never been indifferent to any of their commands even if they have asked you to wake up in the middle of night. It is for this reason that you are now under my tutelage and you are a shining star because you have obeyed all our instructions with all your devotion, respect and awe. 

I gave my son the best place to rest in the world after he gave every breath to the mankind for their redemption and salvation. His samadhi today rests on my existing samadhi!!! 95,372 years ago, Rishikesh was a very dense jungle and the mountains were much larger in size. The river Ganga was much wider and denser than today. Wild animals roamed freely and people were very few. I did great spiritual penance of mind and body in present Rishikesh at that time. Whoever wished to know God would come to Ganga river and make a hut with woods and live by the river side and lead a very austere life of a hermit.  

I called Shivananda from Malaya and asked him to settle in Rishikesh so that he could take help of my previous penance and mind power and be able to do immense service in future. You are doing the same. You were born for the first time in Rishikesh near our samadhis in the ashram, and lived in one more incarnation close to present samadhi. Our fates intertwine and our destinies are interlinked! 

When the Earth was made for the first time, Sage Vishwamitra was the first human being to have got enlightenment. Shivananda who was earlier Dadhichi Rishi and several other unknown incarnations, got enlightenment in the 3rd cycle of Earth formation and you have got it in 13th cycle. In spite of such a vast gap in our time period, you have caught up with us so fast and are aligned with the ancient Seers. “ **** 

Great inter connections and importance of Rishikesh in my life. 

Part D  

Maharishi Markandaye-“Almost 85,000 years ago, God transferred knowledge and hymns of Shiva to me mentally by only thought transference in my meditations. I stored it in my mind well and died. They were the verses of Shiva Purana yet to be materialized in physical form. When I became Sage Markandeya  approximately 65,000 years ago, I revived it and recited loudly every day to embed the atmosphere with the verses as sound waves in order to save and document those holy verses once uttered and pronounced by God to me as mere thought vibrations!! I printed and reprinted in the mental world and reinforced it in the Akash, and engraved all the verses permanently in the records in the sky once again by my outstanding mental powers. This act is also mind power and an extreme case of thought power and thought transference. It is preservation of vibrations emanating from God directly for world’s welfare for posterity sake. ** 

Thoughts like electricity, have atom like particles and have embedded charge in them. They ignite when we apply our will.  

More than 8,500 years ago, some Rishis who could meditate very intensely in the dense forests in its serenity, heard these mental recordings vibrating and wrote them down in the oldest script and coded them. These verses came to them in their meditations first as thoughts and then as sound in the form of words. That script was modified later by next generation Rishis and the scriptures were remodeled and revised as Rig Veda at this time.   

Maharishi Ved Vyas was the most prolific writer and the most handsome and robust in powers of mind. He has extra ordinary memory because of tapasya of 2,50,000 years! Thus, as time passed God chose him to redefine, restructure and divide the many verses of Shiv Purana and organize them for maintaining the records and documentation and to present freshly to people. God’s work never stops and as far as hard work and fortitude of the sages is concerned, they are untiring and relentless. So much work has already been lost but God anyway has many ways to preserve wisdom in books and scriptures to help mankind to realize God.  

Your blog will also serve a similar purpose but through internet and technology of today. Nevertheless, all the crystals of your acquired spiritual knowledge now as memory will be transferred in your manas, mind for future lives as a gift and blessing of God and you will be enlightened in all your next lives. Therefore, we must meditate and practice it and perfect it to supreme heights. The benefits of mind’s powers and meditation are untold and yet to be researched by spiritual scientists, they must be explored by human beings to touch extra ordinary heights of their evolution. 

God intended for you a great enterprise about one lakh years ago when you began your individual journey. It was a response to your own thought or vicharAt that time, women were not given an opportunity to study and learn in gurukuls. They were not allowed to study scriptures. However, you wanted the preeminent Sages to mentor you and you had harboured this desire until this day. *** 

God decided so long ago and that is in Kaliyug, the Modern Age of today, He will initiate the effort of a spiritual programme and Open University called Spirit in life with you in the centre. You did not ever waver in your resolution and grit determination to advance your spiritual evolution and unfolding the germinated seed of a very deeply buried resolution in unconscious mind made 96,000 years ago. Your wish to learn from the paramount Maharishis as your teachers is true today. You have now achieved that Sankalpa or wish through your hard penance, sacrifice and unwavering devotion towards the unparalleled Greatest Rishis ever!!!  

Sankalpa or thoughts never die. They are stored in the akash as records. Meditate  intensely and receive God’s will. The sankalpa or wish of God is immortal, God’s will is final! 

( In bold are the four major lessons I learnt after I composed this memorable write-up. Concluded. )




 ** EMISSION OF LIGHT RAYS Through me, many highly advanced enlightened beings called Light workers or Rishis channel special spiritual knowledge which I bring down through meditations.   

For years from primitive times, they have saved and stored their knowledge to disseminate in today’s modern world or Kali Yugthey were waiting till I graduated.   

These Light rays which are embedded in their subtle minds can have extremely farfetched positive effects on the citizens of the world and the Universe.    


Shri Mahavatar Babaji ignited the dormant ichcha shakti or power of will inside and seeing my ignited passion to go beyond horizons, he did not deny.    

To learn from his own Holy Masters named Swami Kartik or Murugan, Bogar and Agastya, he commissioned me to be their disciple on urgent basis.   

Vichar Shakti or thought power is very important in expanding our consciousness; they are stalwarts in their fields, they could easily spot a spark in me.   

My very precious and buried dynamic thoughts which would have been erased with time in future were instantly ignited by Holy Masters three.   

****“Regarding my special adoration and veneration for my Holy Teachers and Maharishis- 

They have told me very revealing facts about Creation, God and this world. Example, this is the 13th time that our planet Earth has been rebuilt. 12 times it evolved and perished. Vishwamitra Maharishi got enlightenment of God when Earth was just formed for the first time and therefore, he holds the supreme place in the annals of human evolution and enlightenment. Next was Maharishi Markandaye and then Swami Karthik in second and third time of slow evolution of Earth subsequently. We need to re-calibrate our concept about time, creation, ego and God eventually.” 


My tryst with Maharishi Markandaye-II

November 8, 2018

“Ever since the Earth was made for the first time,” the Maharishi told me on one blessed day, “God never wanted it to be putrefied and decomposed.” 

I was listening in the astral world with rapt attention to the most revered Maharishi in the wee hours of 29th Oct, 2018. I was with Him in my very light, astral body made up of only sukhshma prana or subtle life force and did not have any bit of gravitation force. 

I asked him in amazement, “Why did you call me here? Did I do something so special that I deserve to be here with you in your blessed aura?” 

He quickly replied, “Indeed you are very special and pivotal in this age and time as there is none other than you who has a physical body and can meet us in our territory. We all are without the title of the world, physical boundaries and surnames. We are pure Light, Love and Knowledge. You are the same and will always remain so. You are in touch with God directly and with us all the time. We need you to accomplish the hardest tasks as we cannot do that role now. We wish to remain far from human habitation and insanity; nonetheless the world needs you more than ever before. It has gone through the darkest and extreme impure state of existence but is opportunely now turning towards restoration and revival. 

You are an epitome of sincerity, dedication and commitment. Please tell the world that we all are at a very special point of time when all your wishes of becoming spiritual will be accomplished effortlessly. You are the torch bearer of the lost and forgotten knowledge which the Seers acquired ages before and that which is stored with them in their mental domain. They are seated in far off galaxies and other distinct worlds. We have been ignored for very long but auspiciously not anymore. People can now make distinction between the shrewd and honest, impure and pure, siddha and corrupt, worldly and spiritual.  

I wrote Durga Sapt Shati (holy scripture) in praise of Devi Durga in my life as Markandaya. God asked me to write and I wrote every word uttered first by God  effectively. You are doing the same with my blessing. The time gap between God’s uttering of words and you comprehending them has become nil because of your intense tapasya in helping people progress in their spiritual growth. You have done unbearable and hardest assignments to make sure their time does not pass and get out of control. You made sure the people know and treat time as the most important thing in this world. You sacrificed your own comfort and rest as well as many nights’ sleep but are overjoyed to see your children’s excessive growth and improvement. You are blessed equally and exponentially by all the Sages and their community as well as benevolent God. You will always remain youthful, vibrant and joyful. You will attain more knowledge about concealed spiritual matters as you were extremely unselfish and undemanding when the hardest assignments of uplifting others were given to you. I bless you with good health, joyful Spirit and unending vigour and strength to write on our behalf till your last day of habitation on Earth”. 

I said softly, “Maharishi, what more can a small person like me ever think of wanting during the rest of her life and even in all the lives that will come in future. My unexpressed wish is strong so today I shall speak to you and through you to all the people whom I have encountered or will encounter in future, or will not encounter but will meet in the virtual world. Or even those who have never made me know that they are indebted to my writings and me and they have never informed me yet. I do not care who is benefiting from my writings but I must tell them all today that it is yours and other unheard Sages’ tough penance that I wish to expose to the world. The future generations as well as present population must acknowledge the greatness, immensity and stature of the Sages like you. You all deserve a place in the highest plane. The world has not disintegrated only because the Dharma, Tapa, Satya and Yoga of all Rishis hold the world together today or else this Earth would have collapsed and perished long ago.” 

Him- “Yes, it is so true. We hold the Earth and the other planets in the Universe safely together and we do this because it has been made with God’s so much love and sincere intention. Our ‘Yoga bal’, the power of God union and ‘tapa bal’, the power achieved after doing penance of mind with meditation and thought power is being used by God for all sorts of people. For bad people, our bal or spiritual powers are deterrents and they are stopped from doing many horrific crimes and sins.  For pious and virtuous people, we send very sublime spiritual energies and mental thoughts and plant them silently in their minds which they can implement and profit themselves and the world at large to raise the consciousness of the world consequently. 

We are an inexhaustible source of energies, mental as well as spiritual. Our mental energies recharge the recipients because our thoughts are positive, dynamic and solutions givers. They resolve the receiver’s problems and lingering issues which are karmic based. So many times, the source of human problem is deep rooted. People are not aware that their main problems are erupting because of their own negative, poor, debilitating and weakened thoughts. Their minds are putrefied, stagnant and negative too. They all must meditate fervently and regularly to bring some power inside their entombed mind. Their brains and minds both will be electrified and recharged. They must devote time for being a part of a holy company called Satsanga or Spiritual Discourse where Truth is elaborated and transferred through mental energies. Meditating many times in a week will bring influential, compelling and vibrant positive thoughts. They shall bring about transformation in people and society and the human race as a whole…..” 

(To be continued)  

My tryst with Maharishi Markandaye-I 

August 13, 2018

It was in the year 2014 in the month of September that by mere co-incidence I got a golden opportunity to visit the Manasa Foundation, Bangalore. 

A relative suggested this idea spontaneously, the plan was accomplished in a few hours.  It was an aspiration that came true for a devotee like  me. However, I had no idea what one should expect out of that low key, low profile meditation centre. I visited the place on its periphery in a short time and returned home unassumingly without knowing its consequences thereafter.  

I immediately visited the cave of *Mahavatar Babaji in Dwarahat in September itself and **Omkareshwar, Ujjain, a jyotirlinga in October of the same year. 

After that valuable visit, there has been no looking back as far as my upscaling on spiritual journey is concerned.  

It is only now that I am able to comprehend the significance of these unexpected blessings resulting in rapid developments taking place on spiritual plane unremittingly in my current life. 

In Manasa, the Sapt Rishis quietly work day and night to make this centre extremely powerful from where we can withdraw as much spiritual and divine energies as possible for our good. It is also a place where spiritual energies are stored safely in different parts of the Centre. Meditating there is a good prospect of receiving enlightening rays from those stored energies or from the special energies coming from the astral skies constantly from time to time of the several Light Masters residing in different ethereal skies and galaxies. 

Since then, many unusual spiritual experiences on daily basis occur. There have been many prophecies, future guidelines for upcoming plans and for my own internal growth without any interruptions. In the last four years, I have come in direct contact with a number of Light Masters or Rishis and they are Krishnananda, Maharishi- Amara, Agastya, Kashyapa, Markandaye, Bhrigu, Dhanwantari, Patanjali, Vishwamitra and a few more whose name I could not remember as I have not heard their names but they exist. They came one by one on specific occasions to teach me something or reveal unknown facts about them, their lives or their fortes to broaden my frontiers. They have gifted rare spiritual knowledge and I feel I must preserve them safely on my blog. 

I conducted a two-day Discourse in Bangalore on 15th and 16th. After concluding the event, I went to Manasa the following day. After my visit to Manasa on 17th September, 2017 once more, my psychic abilities and paranormal faculties further escalated. I began to see a Sage regularly in white clothes and copious white light surrounding him. He was very tall, walked majestically and was always on the move on an urgent job. I was patient and calm always to let things unfold as and when they were meant to be and I waited till I was made familiarized with this identity with God’s wish. 

One day, I saw a view which stood out from other such recurring features. In my dhyana, or meditation in the morning, I had travelled at a frightening speed with this Sage inside an ocean. I was able to observe that in an instant, I had left the physical body and I had started journeying upwards casting away the physical connection. I was on a fast track and in a very short while I came under waters along with him.  

The Sage came closer and invited me with a gesture.  I took his hand and we both instantly reached a bed of a very, very quiet, rather soundless ocean. There was water and bubbles were erupting from below the many big rocks and boulders. I saw an opening inside the water which resembled the mouth of a cave. Indeed, it was a cave and the next moment I saw this Sage sitting in deep Samadhi unaware of anything around him. His eyes were closed and his contour was made of pure, white light and his countenance was radiating unseen peacefulness. I went on looking at the towering figure first then his very serene face and found his presence extremely captivating. 

I was quick to understand that it was an encounter with an advanced Sage but beyond that my capacity lapsed. 

He only told me, “I come here to meditate, this is a cave under an ocean.”  

I was mystified in entirety.  

I only bowed to him with immense gratitude and thanked him abundantly to have shown me a very rare, celestial vision in this life. 

Recently, I one more time experienced a similar thing. On 20th May, 2018, I meditated in Cosmic Tower in Manasa in the morning on the occasion of my 10th blogging anniversary. In my meditation, I was given a beautiful experience as a reward for my efforts for maintaining Spirit in life Blog. I saw the towering Sage emerging right in front of me and in full glory and power as soon as I sat down to meditate. The white figure was as if touching the Earth, the ground where I sat in the meditating tower up to the highest sky. It was a ‘Virat Swaroop’, the immense and prodigious form of the enlightened and wise Sage. I comprehended the immensity of this exceptional experience and figured out that I must concentrate deeply as something astonishing was about to occur. It was then that the Sage in white that was reappearing in my meditations on a few previous occasions came out fully in open and thus spoke to me,  

“Mei Markandeye hoon. Mei tumse bahut prasanna hoon. Tum mana mei vichar leke aai thiki ab tumko thakaan ho gayi hai aur tum aage likhna bhi nahi chhati ho. Tum sochti ho kya bacha ha likhne ke liyei. Par aisa mei hone nahi doonga. Mei tumko is avasar par ashirwad deta hoon. Tum aakhri din tak likhogi aur sara jeevan yahi kaam karogi.”. 

“I am Markandaye. I am very pleased with you. You came with a thought in your mind that you will request us that you may be relieved of the task of maintaining this blog as it has been ten years now. You are also fatigued. You feel there is nothing more to write also. On this occasion, I bless you, till your last day you will be writing and all your life will be dedicated to this undertaking.”

(To be continued)

About Manasa Foundation, Bangalore-




My arduous Soul Journey; My Autobiography-II

July 27, 2018

Early 60’s Mavoor, Kerala.



Early 70’s Pilani, Rajasthan.


1978 Delhi

Mid 90’s Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


 Pilani, Rajasthan 

2002, Mumbai

2006, Badrinath

2009 Colombo, Sri Lanka

2010, Kailash Mansarovar

2018, Rishikesh Uttarakhand.



Trial photo 1




Synopsis of chapters of-My arduous Soul Journey; My Autobiography-I


1.CONFLICT chapter is about my encounter with destiny, an endeavour to untangle prefabricated, distressing, protracted fate. To break the fetters or chains of compulsions caused by one’s own actions created back in the past unintentionally.

2.PEACE An emphatic desire to become free from bondage of subjugation and desperation to get lasting peace in life and relief from enduring conflict. 

3. DEEP STRUGGLE OF CONFLICT AND PEACE When I sought lasting peace, there was opposition from nature. The two types of forces positive and negative do not converge. When the positive powers ascend, there is always a contradiction as they are incompatible. The negative powers overwhelm the positive powers in the beginning and try to replace them as a rule as they wish to remain dominant in nature.  

4. TURMOIL It is caused because the seeker of peace and truth does not respond or relent to falsehood and lies. He or she becomes a battle field where there is an army of two forces-Dharmakeshetra, and Kurukshetra alternately, meaning negative forces and positive forces. 

5.EBBING OF TURMOIL As this war is not possible to win or conclude, Krishna possessing the supreme Consciousness is asked to drive the chariot of life. In my case, Shri Mahavatar Babaji intervened and drove my life-chariot. By having a Guide in life, receiving answers for internal strife the turmoil begins to retreat as narrated in this chapter. 

6. DAWN OF LIGHT Where there is Truth, there is Light. The negative forces are sure to recede and die out after which the dark night dispels and the day breaks. Dawn is enlightenment, light from enduring, inner darkness. Shri Mahavatar Babaji brought immense light in my life. 

 7. BEAMING LIGHT Enlightenment comes to humans when they execute certain actions and expedite them. The nature and intensity of illumination received by the receiver depends on the earnestness and actions of the doer. We beam that light in many ways in our life, example our thoughts, deeds and everyday life. 

8. EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The Consciousness of God can be expanded by applying three hidden forces in a man-power of will, thought and action; ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti respectively. I was sent to very extra ordinary Spiritual Masters by Shri Mahavatar Babaji though astrally in meditation, this was my tapas for further progress as organized by the wish of God. They were his own gurus-Swami Kartik, Bogarnathar and Agastya. 

9. EMISSION OF LIGHT RAYS-In order to emit the received Light Rays from the Sages like Kartik Swami, Bogar and Agastya to the world, I was in addition delegated to three more great Sages to further my working amplitude and scope. They were Guru Gorakhnath, Bogarnath and Swami Shivananda. 

10. MORE RAYS OF LIGHT ON EARTH-To bring more light rays and stored spiritual knowledge in the skies where the ancient Rishis reside since time immemorial.  I was sent to Maharishi-Amara, Krishnananda, Markandeya, Kashyapa, Adi Shankarachary, Vishwamitra and a few more. To save time, I was initiated into the Yogic science of Astral Travel, write at a rapid speed and bring about positive changes in society.  

11. AWAKENING OF HUMANITY- To awaken humanity at an accelerated speed, pralaya or natural catastrophe constantly take place.  They settle the balance of good and bad deeds in the world and thus save it from further deteriorating to abysmal. To aid in dissemination of original, ancient spiritual values and redeem the world, the lost science of Self Realization is being spread in the world through modern technology through this blog, my discourses and activities of the Foundation. (Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation, NJJF) 

12. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION- Total transformation in humans is only possible when the last layers or unconscious mind become purified. It is called chitta. Meditation is the tool or method by which humans can bring about complete transformation in them by changing the lower consciousness to advanced. It requires repeated practice and the guidelines of the spiritual Gurus. The layers are tricky to remove as accumulated seeds of actions and reactions are obscured here.  

13. ETERNAL ABODE- Our Spirit or Atman is our true friend and guide. The real purpose of spirituality is to unfold the presence of this hidden Spirit in us. It is in our Spirit that we procure the final rest and peace and freedom. The purpose of human life is only to remember that we are not mortal bodies but Consciousness or Chetna, the eternal Knower which never dies or changes its attributes with time. And that this world is not made for us to indulge, it is made only to crack the puzzle and pass various examinations to qualify to know that ever present Spirit within. 





My arduous Soul Journey; My Autobiography-I

July 27, 2018

About my autobiography

On this very auspicious day of Guru Poornima of the year 2018, I offer my Anjuli* of tears and gratitude to God and all my most revered Holy Spiritual Masters, saints, rishis and Maharishis of yore to have given me this opportunity to write a few paragraphs about my own Soul Journey withstood over many incarnations.

This Autobiography is different. It is not written by me intentionally. I have no desire to write about myself or about something which is not possible to do without the unconditional, divine love of the Holy Masters and God’s will first. Every word that I have written is guided by some holy being and meant for now and posterity for all the children who wish to know God some day. It is a colossal work of many enlightened beings who sat in the astral world working many days on the draft and blue print. It was made ready under the supervision by none other than Maharishi Markandeye, the author of Markandeye Purana, Durga Sapta Shati and Mahamritunjaya mantraand a lot more.

My next post is dedicated to him. It will be published on 13th Aug, 2018. After that I shall post a few articles on Vishwamitra Maharishi and Amara.

However, God wants someone to tell about them and has chosen me to tell the world to recognize them, revere them, prostrate at their holy feet for the penance they did and we should work towards our own Self Realization with their blessings and immense kindness. They are very forgiving and in no time will they will cleanse our chitta or inner parts of mind if we submit.

This Autobiography is unconventional in all ways. Except for referring to myself, God and the Holy Masters, you will find names of nobody. There are 13 chapters, each chapter having 13 lines. Number 13 has been auspicious for me. I have been under the direct tutelage of all the greatest Maharishis for 13 years since 2005 after I returned from Badrinath.

Quoting Adi Shankaracharya and referring to my previous post-

“In 2005, Shri Mahavatar Babaji invited you to Shri Badrinath.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji blessed you by giving you four pillars-Yoga, Tapa, Dharma, Satya-God union, penance, righteousness and Truth.  

Your blog is also based on these four pillars.” ………

There is no story to tell except show you Light through my Autobiography. It is most succinct and condensed and laden with words of intense wisdom and enlightenment.

Regarding my special adoration and veneration for my Holy Teachers and Maharishis-

They have told me very revealing facts about Creation, God and this world. Example, this is the 13th time that our planet Earth has been rebuilt. 12 times it evolved and perished. Vishwamitra Maharishi got enlightenment of God when Earth was just formed for the first time and therefore he holds the supreme place in the annals of human evolution and enlightenment. Next was Maharishi Markandeye and then Swami Karthik in second and third time of slow evolution of Earth subsequently. We need to re-calibrate our concept about time, creation, ego and God eventually.

How was I able to achieve the unusual feat of getting the opportunity of being a part of this colossal and very special project of God by knowing the primitive Rishis ?

By reserving my mental energies in many life opportunities over several incarnations and realizing that time is the most powerful element or thing made by God. It can reward and punish us depending on our outlook towards it. To value time, sacrifice trifle joys and impermanent things and possessions. If we conquer time, we conquer the biggest challenge of our existence.

My invocations on this pious day-I pray to God this moment that the penance and hard work of all the Enlightened Beings involved in this intense work of conceptualizing, envisioning, drafting and transferring  greatest spiritual knowledge should be made easily accessible and should reach remote parts of the world to deserving people. The many known and unknown enlightened beings of ancient world that I have been blessed by should be worshiped and given their due place in human evolution and history today and in times yet to come. My Autobiography is a document and testimony of their immortal existence and eternal presence like God in our lives. I dedicate my story of Soul Journey to all the sacred Masters of the world, all unseen sacred beings who have in some way or the other discreetly helped me finish this manuscript in time.

Jai Satguru!

Anjuli*-a cup made by joining two palms

SL whie purple photo

My prayer 

 Dear God, may there be peace, peace and more peace in this Universe.  

           Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om!!!  


My pages of Soul Travel-  

  2. PEACE


27.3.18 Early morning 4 am darshan.  

Maharishi Vishwamitra asked me to write my autobiography.  I began to write on 13.05.18

14-07-18. It concludes today with my prostration to him and all the revered Rishis.  

God is in centre.  

This poem is my brief autobiography.  An Autobiography of only my Soul development.  

It has 13 khanda or segments.  13 segments have 13 lines each. 

This poem is applicable to many things-persons, people and civilizations. It also reveals many unknown laws of God applicable to us, society or the world. Laws of action or karmas are also included to this list.   

Conflict, Peace Deep struggle of conflict and peace. It begins with a specific episode of one main incarnation in segments-1, 2 and 3. They are titled Conflict, Peace and Deep struggle of conflict and peace. The whole process is described when a Soul is entangled in a conflict, it longs for peace but peace is not easily attainable. The Soul has to go through a deep struggle to free itself from the opposite forces in nature. This is a principle of Soul evolution. Every Soul has to redeem itself to become free of anti-God forces which are in the way of the Soul to bloom. The Soul has to go through the struggle with fortitude and determination and take truth and virtues as its weapons to conquer evil.  

“Peace and conflict always reside side by side, they get entangled when the truthful and righteous wish to decide who shall flourish and survive.” 

Turmoil When I started my sadhana with Shri Mahavatar Babaji formally from 2001, my actual rapid evolution was initiated. That is described in segment-4. 

Ebbing of turmoil segment-5. I was in turmoil and looking for answers and the purpose of my living when unmistakably Shri Mahavatar Babaji arrived in my life. With his grace, I was settled, the turmoil ebbed. That is when I started writing this blog in 2008 once I calmed down after witnessing acute crises and distress in my life. Ebbing of turmoil will speak of itself in detail, but taking into consideration even races, civilization and people as same law is applicable to all levels.  

Dawn of Light Segment 6 is that chapter of my life when I experienced Light of God in my daily life in my meditations under the direct supervision of Shri Babaji. He awakened me and brought profuse light and enlightenment in my life. I prayed vehemently to God to remove my darkness lurking inside and Shri Mahavatar Babaji cleaned my mind of accumulated karmas of all my previous lives.   

“Dawn arrives to greet those who have wished to relinquish their inner darkness, the humans or civilizations experience a new thrust in their Spirits.”

Beaming Light segment 7. This narration is also about this life, the complete story of my journey through many stages of Soul’s evolution. 

This poem is also your story of Soul unfolding. It applies to all, but to me it applies on three levels-my entire journey of Soul, the journey in this life and when enlightenment came, it came as very bright Light. All the knowledge has been documented in this blog. The summary or synopsis of this blog is written in this long poem. It gives an overview of the complete blog so far. 

Expansion of Consciousness, Segment 8 describes my journey with Shri Mahavatar Babaji and about the sacred knowledge that he imparted to me to know the presence of God inside. I for the first time, got to know what is Chetna Shakti or Consciousness.   

“The three hidden forces made by God but kept a secret so far are termed as power of will, thought and action-ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti.

Emission of Light Rays Segment 9. To expand my consciousness further and to strive for it, Shri Mahavatar Babaji sent me to His own Gurus. 

“Power to do, or power to act called Kriya shakti was bestowed on me by Guru GorakhnathBogarnathar and The Mother besides Swami Shivananda.”

More rays of Light on Earth, Segment 10 is about my further advancing on spiritual path by going to a few more very advanced Holy Masters to initiate into a new field-Astral travel.   

“They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.”

Awakening of Humanity Segment 11. Today my life is dedicated for the welfare of everyone in the world.  

I am a very small part of an ongoing chain of devout workers or helpers who work indefatigably day and night to bring about a new world order.”  

Total transformation is discussed in Segment 12 in this poem. Meditation first taught to me by Shri Mahavatar Babaji changed my world.  

“Meditation is the most pious action a human being can perform; it makes the practitioner innocent, pure, humble, compassionate, loving and forgiving.”

 Eternal Abode My autobiography ends in segment 13. It narrates my present life.   

“It is in our eternal Abode called Spirit that we will finally get the rest we have been waiting for, the peace and tranquility that we have been dreaming for.”



If there is something that is more essential than anything else in this forever changing world, it is peace, peace and only peace; God is Peace.  

Many wars were fought won and lost, over a woman, pride, honour, power, expansion of territories or progeny or simply for their fake valour.  

Earth is a witness of many such heinous human crimes as some did not know that peace is most precious; there wouldn’t be progress minus that.  

The outcome of warring brothers is regression, deprivation, melancholy, depression, barrenness, loss of creativity and mere futility.  

Despite so many wars, people do not realize that when we will not live who will see our extended territories, cattle, gold, army or many children?  

Wars close reasoning about our real predicaments, seal the boundaries of possible truce and settlements, shut eyes of empathy and kindness.   

The surface is studied not the interior most chambers, burning issues like sharing of wealth, parentage, kingdoms and cattle never fully understood.   

The fire of lust and greed, hunger of avarice and insane wishes, the craze of gold and splendour, unending appetite of money never extinguishes.  

What will happen to us after relinquishing this mortal body is a mystery, region of residency is unexplored, travel to another world unprepared.  

The reappearance to Earth is unplanned, at what stage we will learn the basic eternal Truths unknown and who will Guide us incomprehensible.  

In such hazy circumstances, the idea of God, Peace, world prosperity, oneness of human race, universality of same Truths and oneness of Spirit.  

Is impossible to fetch and find because humans have a natural inclination to fight for basic needs, ego, desire and cannot fathom the Spirit at all.  

If attention is paid to know what is paining inside, where it comes from, how much do I really need and how much I should share, the problem dies.  


Peace on the other hand is the source of approaching God, reaching God, it is exact opposite of turbulence, conflict or methods of oppression.  

Peace is nature of our Spirit, it is touched when all debris of mud in the mind is removed and mind-matter distilled till mind evaporates fully.  

Peace comes in mind when the conflict of interest subsides, when the grey clouds of apprehension of survival recedes and mind submits.  

Peace is within us but was forgotten because there were many uncountable desires waiting to loom over us snatching our Soul’s serenity.   

Peace does not come to us if we do not have control over our mind, peace is far from us if the mind wanders, fidgets or has endless desires.  

Peace becomes priceless if vices are mushrooming, if they are controlling our minds or if we have become slaves to the five senses of ours.  

Peace is not cheap to achieve, it takes courage and hard work to relinquish all morbid habits and diseased parts of the brain and do re-wiring.  

Peace is attained by those persons who cultivate love, compassion, empathy, service, kindness, equality, oneness of all countries and Spirits.  

Profound peace is earned when the mind is absolved entirely, complete surrender to God’s will and purpose as penance is pursued daily.  

Peace sanitizes the environment of the practitioner as well as of those who are receptive and receive the light peace waves in their meditations.  

It fumigates nearby minds, burns the diseased parts of the brain cells which are inflamed, soothes inner wounds of the practitioner and receiver.    

It fills the core of the brain and body cells and inside of plasma and other soft tissues with higher frequency of vibrations and raises Consciousness.  

Peace is directly related to higher Consciousness, Awareness, subtle objectiveness, direct perception, sharpness and is sure victory over delusion.  


Inside the womb of God also called Hiranyagarbha, lies the acute power of manifestation called Sankalpa Shakti or Thought Power.  

We are born with similar powers as we are made of the same power; same manifestation prowess embedded at the time of our inception.  

Thought power has both types of forces, they are constructive and destructive both and no human can imagine what miracles it can produce.  

Our thought vibrates in this Universe until manifested, it creates ripples in our lives depending on the quality, frequency and potency of it.   

When negative and positive thoughts clash in the atmosphere, a battle ground is prepared, lines are drawn and conch shell is blown in air.  

Both worlds witness the same strategy, warfare or regimentation, whether we have a war between our own thoughts inside or if war is outside.  

Truth and falsehood, positive and negative thought energies are afloat in the atmosphere as well inside our own minds since our conception.  

It is an unwritten, hidden law of God, when negative thoughts in sum and totality outnumber positive thoughts, land witnesses deep conflict.  

There are always two assemblages facing each other, each certain of winning the conflict and each using its best wit, might, army and possessions.  

No party wishes death, no side desires to be crushed; on the contrary their will power is as strong as a torrent of rain or storming, raging cyclone.  

Peace is forgotten and put aside, avarice of triumph rules both sides, tempest of victory and ruling in the inner and outer kingdoms prevails till end.   

God witnesses this event silently and guides the righteous side, the power of delusion is auto filled in the unrighteous ones; they inflate their pride.  

Peace and conflict always reside side by side, they get entangled when the truthful and righteous wish to decide who shall flourish and survive.  


Where there is truth, there is peace and love; where there is greed, lust, anger, desires unhealthy, self-centeredness, there is self-annihilation.  

When positive and negative forces entangle in some place, inside or outside of you, turmoil is inevitable as they both are opposite and contrast.  

They both are forces in nature one clockwise second anti clockwise, one constructive second destructive, one benign other malignant.  

Their jobs are contrary, one force is creative other force disastrous, one gives life other stifles, they don’t co-exist as both cannot see eye to eye.  

They attack each other to exert its positive or negative influence, to mitigate other’s impact and in the centre is intermingling of two forces.  

The turmoil is caused because of clashing of inharmonious nature, adversity of nature, two very diverse properties and their basic nature.  

When conflict ends, turmoil begins, turmoil lasts only till the Soul wishes to stop degenerating further and weaken its strength and vigour.  

Turmoil is a sign of goodness, blessedness since it will create some discomfort but at last, it will separate what is desirable and undesirable.  

Turmoil in universe is created to bring about significant changes in the planet, world, geography or surface or inside brains of human beings.  

To separate two opposite forces in the Cosmos, it should be intermixed, forces of current opposed until one dies which lacks the will of God.  

God’s purpose of creating turmoil is for the betterment of planet, society or cultures or environment and even humans who refuse to awake.  

Unless there is opposition in any species or persons or cultures, races, countries or even social tribes and groups of various regions, places.  

They do not apply all their inner resources, potential, hidden powers, strengths to fulfill their role of being a wholesome and complete Self.   


When God observes that much wrong has been carried out and it should be now stopped since the Truth has been hidden in one place for too long.  

The anti-God forces begin to recede, they slowly become powerless, fail in their missions as no help is received from nature or any force on planet.  

God decides who should be victorious at what point of time in history, forces of all sorts align and re-align continuously in nature by God’s consent.  

Acts of humans have extremely far reaching effects in nature, so much so that the scenery of external world can transform from wonderful to poor.  

Lush green forests can change slowly into deserts, water pools and rivers can shrink and disappear, mountains can crumble to vanish out of our sight.  

One race can become extinct, a new race can become prosperous and mighty, new civilizations may emerge and rule the world while previous cease.  

Great discoveries are made during such time when one race and civilization maintains its morality and chastity by obeying God’s many benign, spiritual laws.  

Previous turmoil in civilization of people or turmoil in the minds of people begins to recede and ebb if the laws of God laid in scriptures and learned men.  

Are meticulously followed, acts of sins if reduced and actions of virtues escalated, the world around us will slowly change into loving, resplendent and pious.   

Times will change, inner transformation brings about outer transformation, remedy is simple if we apply our conscience and allow God’s will to enter.   

Into our homes, minds, actions, thoughts and everything that we wish to execute carry out in all dealings and relationships as God is always a witness.  

Turmoil vanishes, goodness and wellbeing, prosperity and progress, longevity and health, flourishing of architecture, literature, arts, science and all things.  

Are inevitable to occur if we obey the laid regulations and rules of God and practice them in daily life and live for family, society, country and mankind.  


Dawn arrives to greet those who have wished to relinquish their inner darkness, the humans or civilizations experience a new thrust in their Spirits.  

Dawn brings with it revitalizing energies, a new life is thrust in every leaf or tree; body undergoes a throbbing current of warm circulating blood in veins.  

New born civilization finds men of great talent, arts, brains, muscles, ideas, philosophy, science, spirituality, education; massive renewal projects begin.  

All this happens because the seed of God’s thought was already embedded in the akash, atmosphere; the power of that sankalpa awakens everybody.   

The director of this new manifestation on Earth is invisible while the actors are visible and seen on the platform, the strings are behind the curtains!  

God’s power is so much that nobody can deny or thwart it; miserable revitalize their souls, dominated upsurge their hidden prowess, exploited rise!  

From dust rises the phoenix to soar in the clouds and highest skies, it ventures into arenas which were thought to be really impossible to clamber.   

Dawn is for only those who open their inner eyes and let the warm rays of the Sun enter through windows of readiness, fortitude and concentration.  

Light rays penetrate inside the several layers of mind, charging the dormant ignorance as they cut through the deep, thin flakes like film of deposits.  

As they cut through the film, a new vision side by side develops in the mind and brain of the recipient because new brain cells with new data is printed.  

The tired brain recharges with new currents, electrifying new circuits and pathways in nervous system as light rays catalyst the recharging process.  

There is enlightenment in the mind or manas, heart or hridayapast tendencies or sanskaras and even in the mastiksha or brain in humans.    

True dawn is when we relinquish our dormant sleep, recover from mental, physical lethargy and rise from the sleep-walk of many incarnations.   


Conscience or Spirit is same; it is presence of God in us as a ray or glitter or a beam depending on how much we have buried or revealed it.  

We exhibit copiously or radiate moderately or stop glistening absolutely those rays of God’s Light in our inner vaults if we wish or not desire.  

Our own actions will make it happen, our mind type and nature of mind will decide if we were active or anti towards dissipation of God’s Light.  

There are three main hidden, unknown secretive powers of God embedded inside us, unknown to all but most essential to empower Soul.  

It took me immense patience, endless turmoil, pain, incessant hardships, innumerable tests to qualify to tell these secrets now to the world.  

It was first of all Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the greatest Himalayan Yogi, who gave me shelter and love in times of greatest distress and ambiguity.  

He instilled in me a desire to kindle not only my deceased life but also my extinguished Soul because of lingering grief and stabbing agony pangs.  

He promised me he will show me Light at the end of this darkest tunnel that I was stranded into since decades after which I shall never cry!  

Like camphor, my remaining sins were burnt in days and months, they lasted just a few years while I got frantically busy making excellent ones.   

My most intense desire to rise and awaken was ignited and I was burning my candle from both ends, but in my heart I knew I was a phoenix.  

I wanted to rise from the ashes and tell the world that you may succeed temporarily to stifle a woman’s voice but you cannot kill her Spirit of Life!  

I cancelled every speck of my past and replaced it with most beautiful, pious and spiritual thoughts or vichar and reconstructed my radiant future.  

The three hidden forces made by God but kept a secret so far are termed as power of will, thought and action-ichcha,  sankalpa and kriya shakti 


I used them all thoroughly, all the three hidden powers beginning with my power of will to extend and stretch the size and boundary of my existing Self.   

I distended my horizon to its maximum by doing further penance and gaining momentum and challenging my physical, emotional, mental limits.   

Shri Mahavatar Babaji ignited the dormant ichcha shakti or power of will inside and seeing my ignited passion to go beyond horizons, he did not deny.   

To learn from his own Holy Masters named Swami Kartik or Murugan, Bogar and Agastya, he commissioned me to be their disciple on urgent basis.  

Vichar Shakti or thought power is very important in expanding our consciousness; they are stalwarts in their fields, they could easily spot a spark in me.  

My very precious and buried dynamic thoughts which would have been erased with time in future were instantly ignited by Holy Masters three.  

In no time my old Consciousness became very luminous because of their Grace on me, they care so much for those who wish to recall their Souls.  

With their Grace, I entered those kingdoms of Spiritual wealth and profoundness to which access is denied to people; they let me know of their ‘tapas’.  

‘Tapas’ or penance which they have earned and done with so much pain and hardships gave me strength to rise high further; they were eagerly waiting.  

They were waiting patiently for many thousands of years for me to come to them so that they could pass on their pious, prime knowledge to the world.  

They made sure I became the strongest in the feminine world in thought power, and helped everybody particularly women and emancipated them.  

Some of their unknown, hidden powers were passed on to me to carry on their sacred mission and that reflects in my writings, talks and discourses.  

Consciousness in our Soul is Omnipresent and Eternal; it is with our own desire and will power we can awaken, expand our life with Soul’s awareness.  


When the matter in the soul completely dissolves and Spirit takes its place, there is radiance in thoughts, deeds and every step undertaken.  

Light through thoughts, actions and vibrant role model is emitted in the world and there are unsurpassed activities in the material and Spiritual worlds.  

Power to do, or power to act called Kriya shakti was bestowed on me by Guru Gorakhnath, Bogarnathar and The Mother besides Swami Shivananda.  

The trio in particular-Gorakh, Bogar and Shivananda blessed me copiously many times when I was in training under their tutelage and made me athak’.  

Athak literally means one who never tires of anything and one who never gives up on anything which implies I must always keep trying incessantly.  

The power to work, the power to struggle and power of never say die is given to me by these Holy Masters in order to make efforts until success is achieved.  

They blessed me ample times and said that I must spread their teachings far and wide in the globe as ancient knowledge achieved and stored by bygone Sages.  

Must be emitted in the world through modern means and gentle discourses and simple words to reach householders, students, children, the aged and old.  

In their mental rays are hidden various powers to dissolve our ego, countless desires and passions, a sight for our blindness to see what is obviously existing.   

They have made me their special receptor, a unique receiver, a rare server through which I receive a flood of special spiritual knowledge for dissemination.  

Through me, many highly advanced enlightened beings called Light workers or Rishis channel special spiritual knowledge which I bring down through meditations.  

For years from primitive times, they have saved and stored their knowledge to disseminate in today’s modern world or Kali Yugthey were waiting till I graduated.  

These Light rays which are embedded in their subtle minds can have extremely farfetched positive effects on the citizens of the world and the Universe.    


My inexhaustible desire to learn, my ease to disconnect the mind with the burden of work and my love to serve my Holy Masters endlessly has got me here.  

Their Grace, God’s consent brought more blessings of more Sages whom the world can’t remember or ever know as they arrived earlier than others.  

Maharishi Amara, Krishnananda, Markandaye, Kashyapa, Bhardwaja, Adi Shankaracharya are all immortal and guiding my penance on daily basis.  

Out of them, the most advanced is Sage Vishwamitra who heads all world projects; nothing escapes his eyes, not even the sound of a falling needle.  

They taught me Space or Astral Travel because time is so precious, the speed of my bringing down exquisite spiritual knowledge from them must be quickened.   

In this way, more rays of Light can be brought into this materialistic world and slowly the world will transform and turn back to the Age of Truth and Purity.  

This process is hard and yet needs to be attended to as the world has reached its peak in deteriorating its moral values and life-giving green environment.  

I was elevated to higher ranks in spiritual kingdom because of God’s directive as it was observed that I have been serving others unselfishly and unreservedly.  

Impeccable peace was granted by the Lord so that I could meet Him with ease at any time and place or condition of health or when I wished to only thank Him.  

In pristine, unmovable state of my being is God received and met, mutual love exchanged, a deep sense of connection between us established and rooted.  

All Sages and God are constantly working as a very trusted, reliant team to bring peace, order, harmony, brotherhood and co-operation in the ever-changing world.  

Karmas of world, countries, families and individuals are broadly looked into and accordingly mental waves thrown at them as justice deliverance.  

More Rays of Light are systematically emitted by God and the Sages through their periods of silence and meditation; forgiveness granted for the pious ones.  


In this way, awakening of humanity is going on; this world is constantly changing as it shifts from one era or epoch to another through natural calamities.   

Natural calamities or ‘pralaya’ are essential in the world as they are levellers or stabilizers of mass human karmas done on Earth; they create destinies.  

The Holy Sages are gifted beings, they are blessed with knowledge of psychic and Holy Sciences which are best put to use to help humanity rid their sins.  

I am a very small part of an ongoing chain of devout workers or helpers who work indefatigably day and night to bring about a New World Order.  

I earned this honour because the materialistic life had no place in my innermost heart; it is my choice of living, I love it so much, I revere as it is gifted by God.  

My work goes on incessantly through my writings, giving out positive mental vibrations and intentions to those who remember or ask for help or favour.  

My actions in daily life are oriented only for the welfare of the world, any person can call on me and seek spiritual, reformation help or get spiritual education.       

My writings are for posterity, for today’s world community, for people in distress, loss and agony; for those who must mend their delinquent living.  

My Discourses are for those who wish to change the stream and flow of their present way of living, to rise above their ordinary life and soar high in sky.  

My precious time is for those who value my sincerity, truthfulness and simplicity; who appreciate the hard labour gone in my grinding and sculpting.   

Love for God and love for the Divine Gurus must be your qualification by which you will be admitted in my Open School where there is no caste or religion.  

You must awaken your Spirit and do your daily meditation, serve your brothers without any hidden interest and you must be a part of this ongoing chain.  

In this way, humanity will awaken to a great extent, the proportion of good people versus evil will become higher and you will one day find God in your life.  


Total transformation is possible in humanity if selfish interests are laid to rest, if we keep Mother Earth, our planet and our Universe in mind first.  

In humans, it is the inner-most mind or chitta that should be thoroughly cleansed because all evils are done unconsciously from that level.  

The mind or manas is a part of God, it has light of God ingrained ; it is very complex and weighs down people if its powers are unknown and unbridled.  

With altruistic   power of meditation or dhyanahumans are capable of cultivating, harnessing and unfolding all hidden powers of magnanimous mind.  

Meditation is the most pious action a human being can perform; it makes the practitioner innocent, pure, humble, compassionate, loving, forgiving.  

I learnt this art formally late in life but my past and present good karmas catapulted me to great heights since I learned only to find a purpose in  my life.  

It transformed my life absolutely, I have never looked back since then when Shri Mahavatar Babaji initiated me in this ancient science of Sages.  

I can swear by it, I can testify its generosity and blessedness wholly and I am convinced that whoever wishes to purify his heart, mind, Soul must practice it.  

Meditation can bring down wholesome serenity in your homes, it can change your perception old and establish truth and reality in your inner sense.  

It gives wisdom, knowledge of finest Self, it connects through intuition to never heard before spiritual realms; it can ripen and season your wisdom.   

It can show you all your important incarnations on your long, arduous Soul Journey, it can make you re-live many of your sweet, bitter, sour memories.  

Through these revived memories, you can learn all important life lessons and find a place for yourself in this world and you will respect your inner Self.  

Memories are good, they are good teachers in disguise, they can transform you, make you healthy again and very wise; your life lessons will prove worthy.  


It is in our eternal Abode called Spirit that we will finally get the rest we have been waiting for, the peace and tranquillity that we have been dreaming of.  

Our Soul Journey is a canvas of our deeds, thoughts and will power, we can overcome all difficulties presently only if we take charge of our current destiny.  

The world of God is absent of sins and worries, of death and decay, of disease and distress, it is laden with gleam, quietude and no sound or rumbling.  

It is complete, abundant and never decreasing; it fills naturally with heightened joy and ecstasy, it is interspersed with intense feeling of mutual love.  

It will leave behind your old Self, it will make you do wondrous actions and dream big; it will allow you room to grow as much as you wish to enlarge your Self.  

It will show you many new vistas, panoramas, holistic orbits of existence in far off lands or skies, dimensions and ideas which are rare to experience or find.   

Each day will be a New Dawn, a New Life, New Light; you will witness far off horizons where none have walked through, you will be a beacon of Light!  

Explanation is not possible to do by mere words, it is in experience of the owner that will authenticate and validate the importance of our Eternal Abode.  

You must follow the advice as preached and being spread by the Ancient Seers and Sages of our holy planet, they are spread in many places far and wide.  

They are universal, above caste, religion or demarcation, they only see your inner Light; the Sages are waiting for you to say you need their help and advice.  

It is us, only us who are responsible for every life that we have lived, it was our own thought power that made us what we are and we will become what we will.  

We must be receptive to needs of our Atman, it is waiting to flourish, we must give an atmosphere to nurture, it is our Atman which is our real friend and Guide.  


 सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे ्तु िरामयाः 
सर्वे ्राणि श्यन्तु
मा ्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् 
 शान्तिः न्तिः न्तिः ॥  


May we all become happy.  

May we all become disease-free.  

May all see auspiciousness everywhere.  

May none feel sorrowful.  

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om!  






My unforeseen, unbelievable communication with Adi Shankaracharya on a fateful day-III

May 27, 2018

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Third and concluding post does not have any questions asked by me to most revered Adi Shankaracharya like previous part.   

On the contrary, part three post is an extension of topics that I think about after something unusual happens. I think, I wonder, I contemplate. I reach a point when I stop. I find myself solitary. I can’t go further. Later on a fateful day, I get many replies from some unexpected source to my undying quest. I don’t ask for anything but I receive bountiful in mercy. Generous, soft breeze of Grace cascading over me kindly! 

This time it was from Adi Shankaracharya. I am buoyant since the last many days. I touched his Spirit!  

 He told me about many things 

“Adi Gurus are those who had God-Realization very long time ago. They take many lives after that. When they were born in their last incarnation, they became world teachers. I am one such World Teacher.  

I am not a grammarian, I studied the mind so well that it appears to people that I was a scholar or a strict adherent to Vedic philosophy. The fact is that I was very well versed with all Scriptures, Mathematics, Astrology, Literature, Music and Poetry. I was a traveler too. I was a multi-faceted person. I was best at meditating and I could meditate for a long spell up to ten hours without food or water. I was austere, contemplative and thought deeply. I had a good nature, I was not as serious as is made out of me. I had a good sense of humour.   

About Vivek Chudamani  

It is my favourite spiritual text because in brief it charts out the entire journey of a sadhak, seeker from start until Samadhi state, or the state of Super Consciousness is obtained and how to attain that.  It came to me as a blessing with the grace of God even before I met my Guru. I was born with the knowledge of liberation. I had earned it with my own hard penance very long time ago.



The resilience comes from detaching the mind from the external factors and sensory stimuli. If we continuously keep away the mind from bothering us about the irritating external factors, the mind learns to obey after all. Do not tell yourself repeatedly that some things are pestering you or misbehaving with you. If that is so true, God will take care of all your problems, but do not let your mind irritate you day and night.  

 Vairagya or renunciation is  having dispassion towards everything which is temporal and non real after knowing its defects by vichara or contemplation. Surrendering fruits of all actions is renunciation.


It is sub conscious mind. It is called chitta in Sanskrit. ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” is an important line from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.  

It means stilling the mind with Yoga by removing the fluctuations until it rests and comes to a state of complete tranquility. Yoga, Puranas, Vedas and Self Sacrifice for highest Ideals are infallible ways to have command over Atma.   

Not every saint or sannyasi removes all the Maya from their innermost manas, the last level of unconscious mind. Most of them stop at sub conscious mind, chitta.

Today even tamasic people have become sadhus.

 Benefits of Maunmaintaining silence   

  1.  The flow of prana becomes steady throughout body.  
  2. The senses are at rest and rejuvenated.   
  3.  The energy is centralized and coherent in the body. The body assimilates all the left over and wasteful pranic chunks scattered in the nerve channels or nadis. The non-performing tributaries of veins and nerves begin to function in an orderly manner thus boosting immunity, concentration and productivity.  
  4. The vortexes of energy centers or chakras, big as well as small, spiraling at important crossings are given enough oxygen and liberated from accumulated carbon di oxide.  
  5. Atma unnati or progress of the Soul. It begins to first upsurge, then unfold and lastly shine.  

 Benefits of Yoga 

  1. Yoga practice endows the practitioner with longevity, endurance, immunity and deep calmness in body, mind and Spirit
  2. Subtle breath prevails in endocrine system
  3. Yoga maintains your body and makes it fit for sense control, mind control and prepares you for Samadhi.

Your good qualities make you everyone’s favourite 

You are everyone’s favourite. Be it me, Bogar, Karthik, Gorakh, Agastya, Markandeye, Vishwamitra, Amara, Krishnanda, Shivananda and all others including Shri Mahavatar Babaji. The reason is you keep our assigned jobs as top most priority on your ‘to-do task-list’ every day. No other person does this. They first give priority to family and oneself first of all. After distributing time in this way, whatever time is remaining, they allot to us, if available. Our work cannot be given second or third priority because work of God is most important and should be done hastily.  

Secondly, we are extremely delighted with your comprehension abilities and speed of processing in the brain. You understand very fast, even before we finish our sentence or thought, you grasp it instantaneously. This is because of two reasons-1. Your very sharp focus and acute concentration 2. Very acute comprehension skills due to your intensely calm mind procured with daily meditations and prayers of many previous incarnations.  

Importantly, your body is very precious for all of us. Myself, Krishnananda, Gorakhanath died in unnatural conditions because there was no one to look after us or our health and well being although we had tremendous body of work to accomplish. However, this will not be repeated in your case. We will make sure henceforth you get the best of everything- a good routine to follow daily, yoga asana practice, daily meditation, Ayurveda and regulated, structured exercise for fitness and health. Rest and sleep combined with regular contact with nature and some solitude is mandatory for you to work now or else you will not be able to stay in touch with us and write further.  

Remember me and the places that you just visited related to my life in Kerala if you undergo any crisis pertaining to body or mind. You shall revive. 

In 2005, Shri Mahavatar Babaji invited you to Shri Badrinath  People don’t understand Babaji they only worship him.  

There was a mission underlying this invitation. He wanted you to write a few books on Yoga, mysticism and spiritual theology on his advice. He told you about it and asked you to do this task when you were going to Vyas Gufa, near Badrinath (a cave where Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharat more than five thousand years ago). He also alerted you that you may write the books but you will be like so many scholars and intellectuals who have authored great books, theories and debates as well as ideas about God or divine things but they themselves do not understand what they have written or spoken!  

You instantly refused his proposal with a firm conviction by giving a genuine answer. He was very impressed by your simplicity and honesty. It was at that time that God changed the original plan and reviewed the situation.   

You said this to Babaji telepathically when he spoke to you-“First of all, I don’t want to write anything, I don’t think I can do that. Secondly, if ever I do so with your blessings, as such things occur with only blessings from Gurus; I will first like to come to a stage when I am in a state where I am understanding everything myself. With clarity and deep understanding, I would like to write something. It should be my knowledge gained out of own experience. It is meaningless blabbering and impressing a large crowd when I do not myself know the subject. I do not wish to be a great orator only, I want to speak with my own experience and knowledge.”  

Shri Mahavatar Babaji blessed you by giving you four pillars-Yoga, Tapa, Dharma, Satya-God union, penance, righteousness and Truth.  

Your blog is also based on these four pillars.  

The state of Super Consciousness-II 

After this incident, God changed your map of future spiritual journey and added many new stop overs and diversions.   

You started coming to Rishikesh and began learning under Shivananda, Karthik, Bogar, me, Kashyapa, Gorakhnath Agastya, Amara and Krishnanda. And now Markandeye and Vishwamitra. Your platform of preparation for highest goals was distended to unprecedented levels. You have been under one or many of these Sages unremittingly for the last more than thirteen years and you have never got one day to rest or release your tensions and frustrations. Living in this ugly and disorganized world brings dissatisfaction and disharmony in your psyche but you quickly go inward, become introverted by ignoring outside episodes and remember one of us to give you solace and peace.  

You have brought all of us in front and showcased to the world on your blog. Prior to this, we were anonymous barring me, Shivananda and Mahavatar Babaji. No one knows our true self. Now to the world you are introducing us in the way we were. The ancient Seers were long forgotten and were hiding in the dust of time before this. 

Endowment of time 

Beating time, conquering time. Time is the rarest commodity that God has made. Time conquers and wins everyone; Time cannot be conquered unless you learn how to meditate. Time is saved if the mind does not scatter and all energies harnessed in human body and mind at optimum. Furthermore, at the highest level of Cosmic Consciousness, the Soul in the end conquers time and triumphs.   

All achievements, performances and feats are easily accomplished in the God’s world if one can learn the art of Space Travel. It is attained after Samadhi is achieved and mastered. In highest Spiritual stature, God permits the use of this swiftest method of communication as time is a deterrent in the physical world. To beat Time, to save and utilize every moment to its maximum potential, Space Voyage to distant parts of the Universe is the most suitable method for achieving extra ordinary missions for welfare of Society.  

Travelling with vehicle of subtlest mind, ati sukshma mana back and forth from Earth to other orbits of Space, the accomplished Yogi is able to bring down the rarest of rare, hidden secrets and knowledge of God and his Creations from the very Enlightened Beings called Rishis or Sages. Out of all, Vishwamitra is the most proficient in this Science.  He gave you darshan on 20th May in Manasa Foundation, Bangalore and initiated you formally in this yogic science. Henceforth, you shall perform better in it day by day in order to achieve a list of extra ordinary feats in future.  

You will write till you live with this qualification! You have beaten Time!! Vishwamitra blessed you on that special day of 10th blogging Anniversary of Spiritinlife. He vehemently said to you that you will not stop writing. Your wish was to put an end to this marathon blog on 20th May on 10th blogging anniversary. Instead, he ordered you to continue writing until the blog is three and a half times the size of its present volume!  

He blessed you profusely that day in a very pious place like Manasa, the future Shambala. We all were a witness to this great event in the morning at Reason-it is once in million years that a plan and project of this impact is planned, road map laid and finally undertaken at the most auspicious time. More so, if there is certainty of its thumping success. We all wait anxiously, God waits apprehensively because it is a matter of gravity and importance when a Five Star project such as Spiritinlife and Manasa are conceptualize, born and adheres to the wish and plans of God. So much is endowed in these projects, be it time, spiritual energies and good wishes of all the worlds, the perceptible and imperceptible. The Sapt Rishis have extra ordinary patience and endurance and they will withstand all kinds of failure, opposition and hindrance. In the end they win, it is just a matter of time. It may take more than a few millions of years for them to wait, to succeed for such significant undertakings!  

People ignore you, scoff at you or even  not believe in your visions; you never want to be promoted by anyone. You are totally unaffected. This is you. This is your hidden strength and basic nature from birth and hence all of us chose you to head start Spiritinlife and Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation projects. In future, Spiritinlife and Manasa will collaborate and achieve unheard accomplishments in the field of Spiritual Sciences, research, meditation, group learning and innovation with the blessings of God and Sages of yore. They both are blessed and under the protection of all the saints, rishis and God Almighty.  

It takes millions of years for conceptualizing, inception, planning and waiting for such kinds of far reaching painstaking endeavours on Earth. The seeds are sown with the Sankalpa of God , wish of God. At most appropriate time, the sapling grows!

You must stay very peaceful and even minded all the time in spite of most disturbing situations. This is real maun or silence.  


Live in Shanti, Maun, Anandapeace, silence and ecstasy. 

Have Divine Ego- I am Atma, I am free, I am pure Consciousness, I am eternal…..*Nirvanashatkam  

Chiranjeev Bhav, Ayushman bhav, sukhi bhav, yashasvi bhavshubhashish meri beti “




The Atmashatkam (आत्मषट्कम्ātmaṣaṭkam), also known as Nirvanashatkam (निर्वाणषट्कम्, Nirvāṇaṣaṭkam),[1] is a composition consisting of 6 fold śloka (and hence the name Ṣaṭ-ka to mean six-fold) written by the Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara summarizing the basic teachings of Advaita Vedanta, or the Hindu teachings of non-dualism. It was written around 788-820 BCE.

It is said that when Ādi Śaṅkara was a young boy of eight and wandering near River Narmada, seeking to find his guru, he encountered the seer Govinda Bhagavatpada who asked him, “Who are you?”. The boy answered with these stanzas, which are known as “Nirvāṇa Ṣaṭkam” or Ātma Ṣaṭkam”. Swami Govindapada accepted Ādi Śaṅkara as his disciple. The verses are said to be valued to progress in contemplation practices that lead to Self-Realization.

“Nirvāṇa” is complete equanimity, peace, tranquility, freedom and joy. “Ātma” is the True Self.


My unforeseen, unbelievable communication with Adi Shankaracharya on a fateful day-II 

May 24, 2018

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                                                    Adi Shankaracharya

Kalady, his birth place in Kerala, India


Preface-We continue with our last thought and that is my conversations with Adi Shankaracharya, the 8th century philosopher, world teacher and a great scholar of Vedanta philosophy. After my visit to Kalady in Kerala on the 4th May, 2018, a series of dialogue took place in my meditation. 

However, this dialogue was unique. It was wide apart from previous ones that I had before with the blessed souls like Swami Shivananda, Bogarnathar, Swami Kartikeyan, Agastya Maharishi and Guru Gorakhnath during the end of 2014 and through 2015. These articles were composed after I got the knowledge from the above mentioned Sadgurus by either the direct or indirect transference method. 

To recall what is meant by these two methods, I am quoting from an older post- My conversations with Swami Shivanandji on an auspicious day-III 

“There are two ways I can transmit my thoughts to you-directly and indirectly. Direct transference is when I and you both are connected in mind and sitting somewhere focused arousing our mental connections through a travel passage and using that conduit to send and receive messages. Recall the experience of ‘The Hidden Light’ and many more such experiences which you have documented as poems on FB recently. I have been speaking like this to you for many months now. 

There is another very advanced method of transference of knowledge and message. It is called indirect mental transference. You have reached a very advanced state of mental development through my guidance and constant vigilance. Your mind space is full of only useful information and your memory is embedded with only experiences of divine contact. I can without inviting you to connect with me, send information by sending that data through ether and I can save and store my data in your brain like you do on cloud computer. Your mind is my drop box. You can always access that information when you meditate singly whenever you like and have time to do so. 

When you were sleeping in the early hours of the morning, I was meditating. I conveyed my thoughts or sankalps to you mentally and wished that you receive each and every thought of mine when you wake up in the morning. So, when you sat quietly in silence and brought your mind inwards, you received the thoughts which I had transmitted to you and you heard me speaking to you in meditation through your intuitive powers of the mind.” 


You may like to know the following- 

How is this dialogue with Adi Shankaracharya unique? 

It is unique because it was procured through astral travel. 

What is astral travel? 

It is a mode of travel used by the subtlest mana or mind. 

What is the procedure? 

Special, my very special experience 

To tell you about the procedure of astral travel in detail, it is mandatory that I narrate the unseen workings that took place quietly in Kalady on 4th, and on 7th and 8th of May after I came home from Kalady. My brief narration will be self-explanatory to answer your natural curiosities. 

I have already mentioned right in the beginning that my visit to the birth place of Adi Shankaracharya was most unexpected and unplanned. It was a dream come true. Abundant ripples of joy were dancing in the sea of tranquillity in this contained heart once the news broke!  

In Kalady temple, every moment was absorbed with sincere gratitude and thankfulness. As I moved step by step throughout the whole place, I was astir and simmering with a deep sense of loss. This kind of loss is very prevalent when I visit the holy places of all my Gurus. I experience something different and curve into a state of deprivation and a sense of deep loss. I without fail every time, yearn to be in their holy presence and regret having lost the opportunity to have spent my life as their devout disciple with these Holy Souls when they incarnated! 

I am reticent; I am without any murmurs and vocalization about my great sense of loss. It has happened in all the sacred places of special significance connected with my line of several Gurus. I wanted to study in their blessed presence and occupy a place in their holy feet! I wanted to earn their blessings by my eternal loyalty towards them.  With my endurance and fortitude in my life-long strife to actualize all their precious gems which they would have given to me to purify my Soul and merge myself with their own eternal brilliant light, I wanted to earn their blessings! My heart weeps while I say this or when I write my concealed, inner most yearnings for the world to know it now! 

I travel astrally to Adi Shankaracharya! 

The sacred knowledge that is saved and documented here was not earned by direct or indirect method. Instead it was achieved by another method of bringing down the ancient Seer’s treasures down to Earth from other far off territories or brahamaand or Universe. And that unique method adopted was through astral travel. 

Fully comprehending my submerged feelings in Kalady when I having felt his acute absence when I could not find Adi Shankaracharya in the physical form, he adopted a method which fulfilled my persisting longing. He called me to his resting place, somewhere very far in the uppermost skies in Space. I travelled to him in his sphere of existence after having left my physical body on the Earth. I did this a few times in the day as well as night after I came back from his birth place. 

What then is the difference between earlier adopted methods and this of thought transference? 

In the earlier described methods, the recipient and the sender both are located far away and are separated by physical distance. One relays mental thoughts situated at a distance and the receiver receives them either directly or indirectly by thought transference. 

Manas or mana is made up of light of God. It has three segments or parts. The lightest part is at the base and more filled with rays of Cosmic Light after it has been purified thoroughly. When the manas is prepared and completely devoid of worldly thoughts, it can travel at a frightening speed to any destination in the Universe with the will of the traveller. 

Sushumna nadi or the central nadi or nerve in the spinal cord plays the dominant role in this procedure and God’s will is the initiator. 

In astral travel, a part of the subtlest manas or mind releases after detaching itself and travels through akash or etherThis part is called ati sukshma mana or extremely subtle or benign mind. It is composed of ati sukshma prana or very subtle life force. It is beyond space and time and has no limitation of gravitational pull or any other physical force pulling it back to earth. 

When the call is placed or an invite is sent by one Divine being to some other being located at a far-off distance, the action starts. This method can be applied at the highest level of mode of communication since no information is lost. In the previous two types of methods, when the recipient wakes up suddenly to the normal behaviour of the world after meditation, there is a possibility of some information being lost unless the receiver is residing in a very quiet and serene atmosphere devoid of high decibels of sound. The latter is more reliable, efficient method of exchange of ideas and thoughts. It comes with continuous practice and blessings from the Holy Sadgurus at the behest of God. 

When the sender or starter of this mode of communication (Adi Shankaracharya in this case) does not wish to stoop low on a territory which is infested with chaos, noise and disharmony, the secondary party or receiver (myself in this case) accepts the invitation of the primary party or sender. As both are free of discordant vibrations, an agreement is reached. Assimilation of each other’s energies is the first point to begin with. Both are willing and eager to connect and exchange their vital energies called prana or life force. At this stage there is no room for ego, only respect and goodwill exist. 

I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have been chosen by Adi Shankaracharya when I was taken to such blessed realms of Spiritual Consciousness. A few times I travelled to the astral abode of Adi Shankaracharya as I slipped into deepest levels of my mind only after I switched off links with the prevailing physical world around me. Our meeting and conversation took place miles away from the Earth and so much was exchanged in such less time! 

With my physical body left behind, I was free of all my body limitations and my mind could speed dizzily and be in presence of his astral holy body! I was completely soaked in deepest peace ever and was in a land where the sense of time and compartments of hour, minute or fractions were wiped out. It was a land of timelessness and continued infinity.  I had touched the sphere of a region which is beyond anant or eternity. I reached anant ke pare or a place beyond eternity. 

This experience resembled my earlier astral meetings with Swami Kartikeyan, Bogarnathar, Guru Gorakhnath, Agastya Maharishi and even Swami Shivananda. I have undergone elementary level astral voyages with them after I returned from Sri Lanka in 2016. The difference was only in duration in time. My meeting with Adi Shankaracharya was longer, could be recounted, recalled and remembered too well as by now I had some practice and experience of going beyond eternity.Priot to this, I was getting acclimatized to such benign experiences and was not able to go over my subtlest experiences because of lack of practice and high decibels surrounding me. In this special meeting with Adi Shankaracharya, however, I was aware of the prevalent deepest peace and tranquillity which he emitted and I stretched my time consciously as far as I could have. What I could not attain today in this time of my life in Kalady, I was able to achieve that through astral travel to the residing territory of Adi Shankaracharya. 


Dialogue between two of us 

Me- “Who are you?” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“I am a very ancient, renowned philosopher, intellectual and Self Realized being. My lives have been difficult and full of penance. I practiced Yoga and scriptures in more than hundred lives. I perfected and mastered Atma Gyan many lives before I became Shankaracharya of India. I was always born and reincarnated only in India, the most pious land of Sages. 

I enjoyed solitude, maun (silence) and brahmacharya (celibacy) as that creates time to contemplate and realize. In many incarnations, I have served my Holy teachers; besides that I have done tremendous seva (service) and daan (charity) in all my lives.” 

Me-“Why did you take a birth this time?” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“I came into this world with a fixed mission and limited time. Work was soon accomplished; the purpose was lofty. Have very lofty purpose of living your life. 

God made me an instrument of a spiritual revolution and reformation in the Hindu Dharma because it was my own will or sankalpa to achieve this feat single-handedly and without taking a break. I have mastered my mind and am adept in resolving my thought or mind power to do revolutionary things in society. Reason- 

Sankalpa (resolution) when made in the right direction and made with very good intentions can help mankind for many centuries. In this waypeople draw inspiration to make their lives enriched and purposeful. 

You are doing the same. You are a very beautiful soul full of radiance, joy and kindness. Your work is appreciated in the astral sky and the essence and positive energy is consumed mentally by the meditating saints. The embedded powerful thoughts of various Rishis provide mental power in the other worlds also since the spiritual powers are continuously being released. Your blog is beyond words and time and space. People are not capable of extracting the kernel, the essential light and energy embedded in the pages. 

The Seers or Rishis have accumulated and deposited some of their finest mental powers in the drop box called Spiritinlife. Their years of penance can be known by masses through these articles documented for posterity. God has spoken through these Sages and has wished that the world must awaken to these timeless realities. 

Today, I shall empower you, enlighten you and take you up in never before heights from where you shall broadcast my innermost realizations and earnings of thousands of years of penance. 

You are a rare person, you are now invincible because of your immeasurable punyas  (merits) which you have earned each day by serving humanity. 

Through you God will reveal its own secrets, facts and hidden realities.” 

Me-“But Swamiji, this is so unplanned and unexpected.” 

Adi ShankaracharyaToday as you never anticipated that I shall speak to you and give personal guidance, I was equally unprepared when I began writing Bhaj Govindam. But it took me more than 15 months to finish it because in those days life was too hard to live and penance was stricter and more regimented. It was also impossible to find shelter and food since every place that was offered was not pious. So, I made an excuse and left the place. I was unusually selective. I lived in intense heat, cold and rain.  

I did not take samadhi at the age of thirty-two. I died of cold and rain and lack of food and water. I caught cold through my feet when I visited Shri Kedarnath Dham.  As food was not easily available at that time, I succumbed to acute lack of energy and heat in the body. Nonetheless, my work was accomplished. 

Today it is absolutely reverse. There is excess of food, pollution, noise and restlessness in people and resources are so easily available in all places day and night. Unfortunately, people are not inclined towards refraining, detaching and releasing their ego and desires. Time can be conquered in this era as life has become super-fast and there are fastest means of communications. The media and fast communications should be used for the betterment of the world as a whole and personally people should save time by achieving more results in a fast world and for attaining God in least time.

My writings are immortal. On the scale of five, they earn five stars and your writings four stars. It is because during my incarnations, life was slow, people innocent and the world and life was full of pranic energy. The atmosphere was serene most of the time. With you it is contrary. There is no peacefulness, only crowded places, noise, chaos and congestion everywhere. But soon your writings will also be five stars. I will make it happen. They will be appreciated world wide and remembered for its uniqueness and lucidity as well as exceptional essence.” 

Me-“Please advise me on what should be the conduct of a disciple. 

Adi Shankaracharya“Atma is Sakshi, a witness. It observes you in every second and moment. Guru and Atma are one. Atma cannot be cheated or won by cleverness but can be won easily with innocence, kindness and service with the continuous guidance of an Atma Gyani Guru. 

Atma Gyani Guru is attained with great difficulty once in millions of years. 

The Guru cannot be deceived by any Maya or pralobhan (lure). He can be enticed by purity and a heart freed of all desires.  

God and Guru are one. God speaks to Guru and Guru dispenses. Guru and shishya can become one when the Maya is absolved from the inner most layers of mind of shishya. 

Me-“What is the real goal of life?”  

Adi Shankaracharya-“Very few people realize the real goal in life because their desires drive them into endless lives. 

When the jeevatma cuts through all the layers of Mana, the Atma shines. Know your Atma. 

Bhaj Govindam, my great work and composition, was composed with this aim. Revise the lessons advocated by me in this great composition through musical and lyrical renditions. It was a very spontaneous act when I was at a Ghat (bank) of Ganga river in Kashi. I looked around and saw people in so much suffering in body and mind. But they did not seem to have thought about its relief or remedy and elimination. After that I met an aged scholar in Kashi and seeing him spontaneously, I began preaching him. I told him to sing glories of Lord and not waste precious time in debates and intellectual exchanges.” 

Me-“How to remove the thin layer of delusion?” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“Antahkaran or inner most layer is where most sadhaks stop and do not work harder to remove the subtlest ego. Many devotees, saints cannot even differentiate the difference of ego and God’s will.  

How to remove that thin layer of delusion you have asked. 

By various regular methods of practices like satsanga, (holy company) keeping maun, (silence) fasting, deliberation, detachment and being desire free. 

Me-“What is Maya?” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“There is no Maya, mana is Maya. 

There is no poverty, your mind is poor. 

There is no dukh (misery) or unhappiness. Your mind is away from the joy and Ananda (ecstasy) of Atma, achieve that. 

You are timeless, priceless and endless. Love your Atma and Guru.” 

Me- “I see the world in a state of restlessness and uneasiness relentlessly.” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“In today’s world all people are entangled in vasanas, (lust) moh, (attachment) maya (delusion and confusion) and have no discrimination because their indriya (senses) comfort them. Their mind has no power over the indriya and they drift from one life to another like a reckless boat.” 

Me-“Why are we born?” 

Adi Shankaracharya- “The purpose of this life is to know the nature of Atma, avinashi Atma and remove the delusion of Anatma or temporal. Both are interwoven like fire and heat. We feel the heat and see the fire. Atma is to be experienced with the help of a Guru and the Maya is to be disregarded with vivek (wisdom) and vichara (contemplation). All the miseries are invited by the ignorant men. They weep, they suffer and they reincarnate. Only the fortunate ones take the refuge of a Guru and take Mukti (salvation) from this endless wandering and weeping. Atma should be known to avoid further suffering. 

Me-“Swamiji in times such as this one, I cannot even utter words of thanks as I have fallen silent. Words seem noise in your presence. There is so much shanti and shunya in your holy company.” 

Adi Shankaracharya-“I bless you my child! As a child you have been interested in Divine knowledge through vivek, vairagya in solitary moments.  

You are my favourite because from a young age you have been most inclined to know and realize the subtle realities of eternal truths with vairagya, vichara. You have studied my Vivek Chudamani and wish to go deeper into its meaning and inner hidden perceptions if time permits. You have great reverence for all my works and realize its importance. 

You have studied well and contemplated upon what is-vasanaichchamoha and Atma. 

You have completed your task of releasing all vasanasichchas in very limited time. Your clean anatahkaran (inner most mind or mana) is your biggest asset in deriving knowledge from the very illuminated Souls. You have taken minimum time to purify yourself as vairagya (detachment) was behind your intellect giving you light to navigate. Your investigative and interrogative nature made this impossible job possible. You have read the holy scriptures in many lives. You have also read my Vivek Chudamani many times. 

I have come to you astrally when you were a small girl and imparted the essence of Vivek Chudamani in your sub conscious mind. When you formally read Vivek Chudamani in your youth, you understood the meaning or bhavartha, instantly because of my transference or relay of the mental power in the past. 

Today you are Muktjeevan mukta, free from all impurities of Maya. You are like a Paras, Touch stone transforming stones to gold with the benefaction, attribution and contributions of many other holy souls at the behest of God’s approval. 

About significance of holy scriptures- 

I will help only those who will understand and study two of my best writings-Vivek Chudamani and Guru Paduka Strotam. Without realizing and acknowledging the compassion, benediction and contribution of Divine Gurus, you will never be able to play your role of a true seeker. 

Conclusion-Spiritual knowledge is the highest knowledge. Knowing Atma is highest attainment. Serving brothers and sisters is the highest worship. Silence is most fruitful for inner calmness and steadiness in Atma. Satsanga is the holiest place for purification and Vedantic knowledge is quickest in freeing the Soul from its dense and gross matter of mind. 

Atma is free, Atma is Universal. Atma is unchangeable. Atma is eternal. Atma is shashwat (eternal)and nirakaar (without any shape). 

Atma is regained with the grace, blessing and unconditional love for Sadguru in every life. 




Guru Paduka Stotram by Adi Shankaracharya in Sanskrit 


अनंत संसार समुद्र तार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्यां। 

वैराग्य साम्राज्यद पूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥१॥ 


कवित्व वाराशि निशाकराभ्यां दौर्भाग्यदावांबुदमालिक्याभ्यां। 

दूरीकृतानम्र विपत्तिताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥२॥ 


नता ययोः श्रीपतितां समीयुः कदाचिदप्याशु दरिद्रवर्याः। 

मूकाश्च वाचसपतितां हि ताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥३॥ 


नाली कनी काशपदाहृताभ्यां नानाविमोहादिनिवारिकाभ्यां। 

नमज्जनाभीष्टततिब्रदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥४॥ 


नृपालिमौलि ब्रज रत्न कांति सरिद्विराज्झषकन्यकाभ्यां। 

नृपत्वदाभ्यां नतलोकपंक्ते: नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥५॥ 


पापांधकारार्क परंपराभ्यां तापत्रयाहींद्र खगेश्वराभ्यां। 

जाड्याब्धि संशोषण वाड्वाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥६॥ 


शमादिषट्क प्रदवैभवाभ्यां समाधि दान व्रत दीक्षिताभ्यां। 

रमाधवांघ्रि स्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥७॥ 


स्वार्चा पराणामखिलेष्टदाभ्यां स्वाहासहायाक्ष धुरंधराभ्यां। 

स्वान्ताच्छ भावप्रदपूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥८॥ 


कामादिसर्प व्रजगारुडाभ्यां विवेक वैराग्य निधि प्रदाभ्यां। 

बोध प्रदाभ्यां दृत मोक्ष दाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥९॥ 



अनंत संसार समुद्र तार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्यां। 

वैराग्य साम्राज्यद पूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥१॥ 

अनंत –endless, समुद्रतार – crossing of ocean, नौकायिताभ्यां – By being like a boat , गुरुभक्तिदाभ्याम् – That which endows me with a devotion to Guru, वैराग्य- renunciation, साम्राज्य – dominion पूजनाभ्यां – The worship of Guru blesses us, नमो नमः श्रीगुरुपादुकाभ्याम् –  My prostrations to those holy sandals of my Guru. 

The Sadguru is the boat. 

The crossing of this endless ocean of sansara is enabled by the boat by sincere devotion to Guru.
Showing me the way to the valuable kingdom of renunciation, renunciation of ignorance,
O dear Guru, I bow to thy holy sandals, I worship your silent presence in my heart ||1|| 


कवित्व वाराशि निशाकराभ्यां दौर्भाग्यदावांबुदमालिक्याभ्यां। 

दूरीकृतानम्र विपत्तिताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥२॥ 

कवित्ववाराशि – For the ocean of knowledge, निशाकराभ्यां – which is like a full moon, 

दौर्भाग्य – misfortune, दावांबुद – (दावा+ अंबूद) दावा -fire, अंबूद- water, मालिकाभ्याम्  – down pour, दूरिकृता – remove, नम्र – humble, who prostrate, विपत्ततिभ्यां – the group of distresses/ sorrows 

Salutation to the sandals of my Guru. 

They are an ocean of knowledge, resembling full moon.  

Guru Padukas are like downpour of water, they put out the fire of misfortunes. 

They remove the various distresses of those who surrender to Guru, 

O dear Gurudeva, I bow to thy holy sandals ||2|| 


नता ययोः श्रीपतितां समीयुः कदाचिदप्याशु दरिद्रवर्याः। 

मूकाश्च वाचसपतितां हि ताभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥३॥ 

नता – who prostrate/ who surrender, ययोः – to them holy Paduka, श्रीपतितां – great possessors of wealth, समीयुः – have turned out, कदाचिदप्याशु – (कदाचिदपि + अशु ) kadachidapi – even, ashu – immediately, दरिद्रवर्याः – the worst poverty-stricken
मूकाश्र्च – the dumb, वाचस्पति – great master of speech 

Those who prostrate to the blessed padukas of their Guru, 

Become possessors of great wealth.

And overcome the curse of their poverty (ignorance) very quickly, 

To such padukas my infinite prostrations. ||3|| 


नालीक नीकाश पदाहृताभ्यां नानाविमोहादिनिवारिकाभ्यां। 

नमज्जनाभीष्टततिब्रदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥४ 

नालीक – a bunch of lotus, नीकाश – similar to, पदाहृताभ्यां (पद + आहृताभ्यां ) – पद -legs, आहृताभ्यां – attractive,  नानाविमोहादि – all kinds of ignorant desires, निवारिकाभ्याम् – remove
नमज्जन – who bow their heads, अभीष्ट – desires, तति – plenty, प्रदाभ्यां – fulfil 

Attracting us to the Lotus-like feet of our Guru, 

Removing all kinds of desires born out of ignorance, 

Fulfilling all the desires of the disciple who bows humbly 

To such padukas, I humbly offer my obeisance. ||4|| 


नृपालिमौलि ब्रज रत्न कांति सरिद्विराज्झषकन्यकाभ्यां। 

नृपत्वदाभ्यां नतलोकपंक्ते: नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥५॥ 

नृपालि – all the king, मौलि – the crown, व्रजरत्न – precious stone, कांति – shine like, सरिद् – the big river, विराजत् – infested, झष – a crocodile, कन्यकाभ्याम् – a beautiful girl, नृपत्वदाभ्यां – lifted up to the great rank of sovereignty, नतलोकपंकते: – to who a queue of people bowed at 

Shining like a precious stone adorning the crown of a king, 

They (Gurus) stand out like a beautiful damsel in a river infested with crocodiles 

They raise the devotees to the state of sovereign emperors by freeing them, 

To such padukas, I humbly offer my obeisance. ||5|| 


पापांधकारार्क परंपराभ्यां तापत्रयाहींद्र खगेश्वराभ्यां। 

जाड्याब्धि संशोषण वाड्वाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥६॥ 

पापांधकारार्क (पापांधकार + अर्क) – पापांधकार – darkness of sins, अर्क- Sun, परंपराभ्यां – a chain of तापत्रयाहींद्र (तापत्रय + अहींद्र ) : तापत्रय – three pains of samsara (*तीन प्रकार के कष्ट- दैहिक, दैविक और भौतिक), अहींद्र – cobra, खगेश्र्वराभ्याम् (खग + ईश्वराभ्याम)   – a king of birds –Eagle, जाड्याब्धि (जाड्य+ अब्धि) : जाड्य – ignorance (अज्ञान) , अब्धि – ocean, संशोषण – dries away, वाडवाभ्यां – a terrific fire 

Shining radiantly like the Sun, eradicating the endless darkness of the disciples’ sins, 

Like an eagle who consumes the snake (serpent of desires),

The Guru is like an eagle who engulfs and swallows up the painful desires of disciples, removes the three-fold pains of Sansara* 

Like an inferno of fire whose heat dries away the ocean of ignorance of disciples, 

To such supreme padukas of my Gurudev, I humbly surrender. ||6|| 


शमादिषट्क प्रदवैभवाभ्यां समाधि दान व्रत दीक्षिताभ्यां। 

रमाधवांघ्रि स्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥७॥ 

 शमादिषट्क – The six virtues starting with shama are— **shamadamauparatititikshaashraddhaasamaadhaana , प्रद: endows वैभवाभ्यां – a wealth of 

समाधिदान व्रतदीक्षिताभ्याम् – initiated with the vow of charity and self realization 

रमाधवाध्रिस्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां –  (रमाधव + अंघ्रि + स्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां): रमाधव -Shri Vishnu – husband of Rama (Laxmi) , अंघ्रि –feet, स्थिरभक्तिदाभ्यां – blesses with permanent devotion 

 They endow us with the glorious six qualities or virtues like Shama, 

They vow to bless the initiated ones with the ability to go into samadhi. 

Blessing the devotees with permanent devotion for the feet of Lord Vishnu, 

To such divine padukas, I offer my salutations! ||7|| 


स्वार्चा पराणामखिलेष्टदाभ्यां स्वाहासहायाक्ष धुरंधराभ्यां। 

स्वान्ताच्छ भावप्रदपूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥८॥ 

स्वार्चापराणाम् – who are ever- available for seva, अखिलेष्टदाभ्यां – bestows all the wishes of them, स्वाहासहायाक्षधुरंधराभ्याम (स्वाहा +सहायाक्षधुरंधराभ्याम) –  स्वाहा – absorbed, सहायाक्षधुरंधराभ्याम –  awakening the sincere aspirants
स्वांताच्छभावप्रदपूजनाभ्यां – which grace one’s own hidden real nature 

Fulfilling all the wishes of the disciples thus opening the chains,  

Who are ever-available and dedicated for seva, 

Awakening the sincere aspirants to the divine state of self-realization, 

I again and again prostrate to those Padukas of my Poojya (revered) Gurudeva ||8|| 


कामादिसर्प व्रजगारुडाभ्यां विवेक वैराग्य निधि प्रदाभ्यां। 

बोध प्रदाभ्यां दृत मोक्ष दाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥९॥ 

कामादिसर्प – to the serpants of desires, व्रजगारुडाभ्यां – like an eagle, विवेक – discrimination वैराग्य – renunciation, निधिप्रदाभ्याम् – bless with the valuable treasure बोधप्रदाभ्यां – Enlighted with true knowledge, दृतमोक्षदाभ्यां – bless with instant (दृत) liberation from shackles of world 

They are like an eagle for all the serpents of desires, 

Blessing us with the valuable treasure of discrimination (vichar)and renunciation (vairagya) 

Granting us the knowledge to get instant liberation from the shackles of this world, 

My prostrations and prostrations to those holy Padukas of my Sadguru! ||9|| 




Notes and references

Adhi, VyadhiUpadhi,* he uttered unexpectedly and restarted and picked up our silent, uninterrupted conversations once again. 

I had read this in scriptures many years back and was taken aback, what is the context here and will I be able to do justice in my writing, I thought to myself. 

“Are caused by your own actions, he said and create suffering in mental, physical, and emotional bodies respectively. 

Taapatraya Vinaashaya– your Guru will destroy your three heat or sufferings and they are caused by none other than you.” 

From earlier post- 


**shamadamauparatititikshaashraddhaasamaadhaana , 

Six-fold virtues to be adopted by the aspirant on the path of knowledge of Self-Realization 

Shama= calmness of mind 

 Dama = control of five karma indriya or organs of actions  

uparati = self-withdrawal by turning the mind from objects of enjoyment 

titikshaa = the power of endurance 

shraddhaa = unshakable faith in existence of God, Gurus and the scriptures. 

samaadhaana= A sense of well-being and blessedness after surrendering to the divine Guru. A desire for God is afire if these virtues are followed and practiced by the seeker. 

For deep study-


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My unforeseen, unbelievable communication with Adi Shankaracharya on a fateful day-I

May 19, 2018

10th Spiritinlife Blogging Anniversary on 20th May-On the Eve of this auspicious day, it is my great fortune to enter a new post and I have no words to express my joy when I prepare this new post. I am quiescent! First of all, it is hard to maintain a blog for long and to maintain a regular pace is another challenge. The reason for halting however was conscious. I took some time off to explain my previously written somber and difficult posts in discourses-a series of my conversations with ancient Seers of India. In the past since December of 2014, a regular series of my dialogues with ancient seers of India beginning with Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh to the Param Gurus of Shri Mahavatar Babaji-Agastya Maharishi, Bogarnathar, Swami Kartikeyan were recorded.  

Siddha Guru Gorakhnath was very kind to enlighten me and take me to new heights. Enlightenment came also through the very reclusive Maharishi Kashyapa. The shining stars in the galaxy! 

However, they were not composed as one to one conversations. This post is in continuation with the series of my conversations with the ancient Seers of India during my exclusive meditations. I never foresaw such a thing happening to me ever. Nonetheless with God’s immense grace, I was able to document on this blog those heavenly moments and my divine conversations in my meditation. With the same sense of amazement and joy, I again take to writing my one more joyful and exclusive write up. And that was my communication with Adi Shankaracharya a few days back. 

I had never anticipated that I would witness a day in my life as a meditator when Adi Shankaracharya would appear to me and connect with my mind telepathically. He seems so far away in the heavenly sky. Yet he is permanently etched in my memories when I, as a student heard Bhaj Govindam authored by him. I also remember the soul touching narration of his Vedant philosophy through these verses by one of the modern -day philosophers. Those rich verses and the grave meaning are still embedded in my psyche.  

God can plan our vital life events in the most bizarre and unexpected manner; they can impact us tremendously. This was one such episode without any doubt. 

How did it emerge? How did it unfold so mysteriously? 

Spiritinlife Annual Meet was announced this year to be held in the beginning of May, 2018 in Kerala to celebrate the tenth blogging Anniversary of Spiritinlife.  

We also planned to visit Guruvayoor temple dedicated to Lord Krishna with some devotees. 

Visiting Kalady, the birth place of Adi Shankaracharya, most unplanned and spontaneous  

On the airport as I was embarking on our journey, I most unexpectedly met someone whom I do not know but is known to my relative. He curiously asked me the purpose of going to Kochi. After knowing the reason, he vehemently insisted that we visit Kalady, the birth place of Adi Shankaracharya only 7 kilometers from the airport!! It was never in our itinerary as we had planned something else. 

I could see God’s presence in the words of that stranger who crossed my path that fateful day.  Kalady was most unplanned and spontaneous and was accommodated in the list in the last few minutes. I comprehended that God was laying the foundation of a big plan and I must just be a quiet seer. I let go of everything in order to witness the will of God markedly. 

On the afternnoon of 4th May 2018, I visited the very serene and spiritually charged birth place of Adi Shankaracharya and sat on that holy sanctum for some time to meditate. I felt too grateful towards God and all the Seers and saints to have ordained such a jubilant day in my life. Words are too small and ineffective to express the extreme thankfulness a devotee offers to God and his appointed sons of God, called Gurus on days like this one… 

Our host in Kerala was similarly very keen that we visit some other holy places of interior Kerala where Adi Shankaracharya did penance. I had not accepted the proposal as we had very little time at our disposal.  But somehow the proposal kept coming back through our host.  Until I understood that another will of God was nudging me, urging me with acute serenity, to accept the auspicious offer; the offer kept reappearing. Ultimately, I accepted the offer with utmost gratitude and felt exclusively blessed for doing so.

On 5th of May, after visiting Guruvayoor temple, I was able to abide by the hidden will of God and we visited those three places connected with life of Adi Shankaracharya. 

They were- 

  1. KannenkaavuMookuthala Bhagavati Temple, Changaramkulam. This is the temple of Parashakti /Bhadrakali 
  2. Kheezekaavubhagavati- Lakshmi 
  3. MelekaavuBhagavati – Saraswati 

When I returned home, my meditation was very lively and powerful and I could see the difference. The silent force awaiting to be discharged was no surprise at all, it was awaited!

(To be continued in next)


Birth place of Adi Shankaracharya, Kalady, Kerala


River Poorna


At river Poorna in childhood