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This blog is the sacred gift to humanity by God; more so in Modern Age or Kaliyug. It has embedded in it countless blessings of Shri Mahavatar Babaji, his own Gurus, Swami Kartikeyan, Agastya Maharishi and Bogarnathar.
The constellation of other unknown rishis, sages and saints alike, have also been imbuing this sacred space with their divine vibrations and messages for the world from time to time. They are Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh, Guru Gorakh Nath, Maharishi Kashyapa, Amara Rishi, Manasa Foundation and many other unknown celestial immortal beings residing in the far-off territory.

On my repeatedly asking Babaji with what kind of Consciousness he was born with, he eventually told me-
“I was born in an enlightened state and I came for a specific purpose and mission. I brought along with me yoga, tapa, dharma, Satya– unity with God, spiritual penance, righteousness and truth respectively.”
This blog stands on four pillars- yoga, tapa, dharma, Satya.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji imparted me the sacred knowledge and science of Moksha and even beyond! Those experiences have been documented in this very blog.
“What is beyond Moksha?”, I asked naively in one intense meditation.
He proclaimed, “Teevra Gyan, Prachand Gyan, Prabhutva Gyan”. Correspondingly, it means-  Blazing, very blazing and extremely blazing spiritual knowledge. In between these three stages there are other sub -stages of spiritual and God’s wisdom.
Moksha is not the end, he pronounced subsequently. The real journey starts after Moksha!! He left me speechless for many days to come.
And what is beyond Prabhutva Gyan or extremely blazing knowledge?

I enquired from Shri Mahavatar Babaji, “How to attain extreme levels of spiritual knowledge like you?”
He answered unpretentiously, “There are three hidden, unknown, undeveloped powers in human beings given by God. They are Ichcha Shakti, Sankalpa Shakti and Kriya Shakti. They are called the power of will, thought power and the power to act.”

For years, I was intrigued and wondered why is Babaji called Mahavatar and nobody else.
He once again blessed me and answered adroitly, “Mei Mahavatar apni ichcha Shakti se Bhagwan ke ashirwad se bana hoon.  I became Mahavatar because of my will power with God’s blessing.”

On asking how we can reach him, how anyone can approach him.
He answered very politely, “Mei keval aur keval, keval sharaddha se prapt hota hun. You can attain me only and only through devotion.”

Apart from such exclusive interludes with Shri Mahavatar Babaji, there are some more, very special experiences given by the highly exalted ancient sages also. Those experiences are to be found in the posts in the later part of the blog. Referring to ‘Blog at a glance’ will guide you well and you can avail the opportunity to find out more about these unrecognized, unacknowledged, unrewarded and silent ancient Perfect Holy Masters!

These sages, Swami Karthikeyan, Bogarnathar, Swami Shivananda and others have disseminated their age-old held back spiritual knowledge with the will of God for this modern world for the first time for its resurrection and revival to bring back the Age of Truth or Satya Yug. The rotating of the wheel of time has already begun and this blog is a part of God’s gigantic feat of reversing the time from Kaliyug to Satya Yuga. On Face book posts, this topic has been brought up many times by Guru Gorakh Nath, Shivananda and even Bogarnathar.

What is the method by which such extra ordinary divine feat has been triumphed and brought down from the heavens to the earth for every person?
Through ‘Jyoti Marg’ or ‘Pathway of Light.’
It is a method the ancient seers had developed and mastered to gain access into the divine kingdom in the quiet recesses of deep forests doing it alone long, long time back.
An ocean of divine nectar of immortality has been procured, documented and recorded for posterity with this earliest, long lost method of receiving Self Realization in modern times. It has been named ‘Spiritinlife’! The first post with the title ‘Celebrate Life’ begins from a stage after Moksha. The current posts have crossed even Prabhutva Gyan level and we are currently at ‘Anant’ or Infinity stage!!

In future, many books shall be published in sync with these same topics. They, this blog, posts on Facebook and the work of our Foundation-NJJF, Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation which means, New Light, New Life all are under the tutelage and monitoring of all these ancient holy Masters and God! Their creations are for welfare of the whole humanity. It is also for world’s, Earth’s as well as environment’s survival, revival and resurrection for posterity!!
May we all pledge to realize these sacred objectives and work worldwide untiringly to realize these noble, far-fetched visions with utmost dedication and all our devotion!

Sarika Nagrath

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