All the revered readers and devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji,  my namastey to all of you. Sorry to have been away from blog-writing for a long time but I guess, it was essential. As directed by God and all my Gurus, I was totally engrossed in pursuing my next hard lessons of the ensuing class and level. In the previous many days, I wanted to grow more and experience my inner character and strength which has endowments of the Cosmic Spirit. I have realized that we only experience something enormous if we actually take some course of actions and do the right karmas and undergo all the hardships that come along with it before we get the full experience of a new order and class. If we are ready and very keen to step on the next elevation, then the true Guru will make sure you undergo all the hardships and adversities; even dangers in some rare case if you have the irresistible urge to march on in spite of not getting immediate desired results. This is because the extremely vast and unrelenting reserve of faith and unending trust of yours in a personage like His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji will not allow you to opt out of it!!

I now feel totally blessed and completely privileged to have undergone the most unexpected, unpredicted and severe types of tests and experiences which took place at home and even in Badrinath in the month of September with my daughter. But in the end  when I looked back, I realized that Shri Mahavatar Babaji had planned everything out of tune and harmony for me so that I could not only help myself and my daughter to steer clear  unseen, deep rooted offensive seeds of karmas, but at the same time rise very high on unprecedented scale of bravery, presence of mind, fortitude and last but not the least- faith in my Gurus and God as well. I had never once thought in my life that someday in my spiritual yatra, Babaji would stage manage with so much finesse and artistry such unanticipated, stiff as well as harsh events for me just to give an opportunity to soar high!! And after so much turmoil, physical and mental weariness, he showers uncountable number of sacred blessings once everything calms down!!! Only He knows what He is doing and how He will extricate us from the huge complexities of our past complex and unending amassed karmas!! I have woken up to the knowledge that it lies in the hands of only Shri Mahavatar Babaji such dexterity, unending patience and boundless love and compassion for us that it becomes possible to free our Spirit from the bondage and slavery of past good and bad karmas totally and then re-create with so much light a new life full of peace, uninterrupted ananda and get  remarkable solutions and answers to all the nagging grave problems of humans thereby releasing our Spirit with the concealed heaviness of our many past lives. It is only after this that we can actually soar freely and fly easily in the kingdom of God’s heaven and sip the sweet nectar of divinity!

My many, many pranams and thanksgiving to Shri Mahavatar Babaji for allowing me to come much closer to him and letting me peep a little in his personal world after I went through a stormy series of experiences lately. I guess this is one of the prasads-sweet, I got after my tough examinations! I bow eternally at his sacred feet for trusting in me and taking my case in his hand and imperilling so much for my sake on my behalf. No words are sufficient enough to convey my gratitude to the Guru for enriching my life with so much purity and divinity, just the heart knows!

The new segment E that we have just begun has a title- New Life, New Light and it will have far fewer visuals and pictures than before as the focus will be on stirring our thoughts, learning and then our new conclusions. I get a feeling that this segment is going to be a new discovery, a new light in us and a new way of living our present lives. It is only the sacred knowledge given by none other than His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji which we shall now get that we will be able to live a new life with the given new Light…

Before the other posts begin to roll out, kindly go back to Expand your Consciousness-II for future orientation. One suggestion please- kindly do not be apathetic to ask questions, you are expected to do so. It is for your good. And after reading these posts, contemplate and introspect. And to do that you should be meditating regularly, do not skip your daily meditations. Regular practice of meditation will give you the much required mental power to see things in the right light. The subsequent posts will be progressive in nature and each post will have some of my present experience followed by the divine knowledge that I received by my Guru.

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