My most cherished, enlightening interaction with Amara Maharishi-II

10.12.18 Morning 


Amara Maharishi- “You have been under our eyes ever since you were born because you were very precious to all of us. It is under such a heavy mountain load of past karmas’ baggage that you came with. But you asked from God this enormous mountain so that you could live the main outcomes of remaining accumulated karmas accrued over lives in only one life. You did this because you have observed people objectively even if they were your dear ones and your inner radiance of a clean heart told you who they were and where they actually stood. By looking at people’s behaviour and life circumstances hovering over them, you have gained wisdom from their small and big follies and mistakes. You have learnt incessantly from life circumstances by going deep inside the probabilities that may have caused those painful life circumstances. You have been doing this every time by being so observant. In this way, today you are on top of all the other spiritual giants since you have mastered the science of karmas, the law of cause and effect by taking refuge of various Spiritual Masters who are proficient in this field. 

The sanchit karmas, the accumulated or aggregate karmas of all lives which will one day manifest, are the most arduous to tackle by the shishya as well as the Guru. They lie dormant in the last layer of unconscious mind in the bed. Neither every shishya can endeavour to overcome nor every Guru can sail you across the ocean of delusion and rid you of the last remaining, overcast, residual un-germinated seeds of lives. They, which will manifest out of these unborn seeds of high energy crystals thereby will be forming repercussions into unknown new overwhelming formations because of previous mental and physical actions. This you understood before you died in your previous life as a queen when you underwent all shades of life from birth, growth and expansion, multiplication and extension of human relations, death natural and premature both, decline due to failure of wisdom and foresight, decline of kingdoms due to betrayal of relatives and excessive jealousy and the results of not listening to the inner voice which many a times came up as clear prophesy to avoid misfortunes but was not implemented because it was feeble! 

Your wisdom is so acute that in spite of experiencing so much suffering, grief and sorrow in many lives you have on the contrary, been able to see serendipity and God’s justice through these circumstances. Your realization today is-where were these chains of attachments and bondages when we first came in this world in our first ever birth? They were formed over a period of years in different lives as we came back to Life again and again as different human beings. But that is not the whole truth. Our relationships with kindest ever God, benevolent, loving and His appointed messenger called the Sadgurus are true since the relationship is everlasting and pain free. Hence you have established a permanent relationship with us and other Wise Sages as you do not wish to fall into the trap of ignorance, life and death, sorrow and endless suffering because of the law of action and reaction and finally because the life on Earth is so ephemeral and unpredictable.  

Knowing Truth of highest level is very hard to find in people more so in women, since they are debarred from entering this world of Science as she is the nurturer and must look after all in the household. Though it permits you to excel but the results are so slow to get and mostly intangible in the first few lives. Very exceptionally, in rarest of rare cases like yours it turns into reality because you have never ever stopped once in your effort. Humans like to rest, be comforted all the time, enjoy the various bewildering enjoyment. Your excessive determination, hard work and unspoiled focus has earned you a place with us in the highest skies of spiritual achievements.  

Your practice of these achieved inner enlightenments silently in all previous births has made you proficient in handling your present life as well as all respective fields of activities be it Yoga, daily life, inter personal relationships or social life. Your mind is detached and selfless. 

You have been bestowed with so much grace, patience, kindness and empathy hence your understanding of human being’s chronic problems related to birth, life, death and beyond are comprehendible and you can deal with them with gravity and calibre. In no life you were resting or enjoying with a delusional mind. You were very aware and focused toward your duties towards yourself to awake your Spirit to its blistering, fiery brightness. In the olden days, it was impossible to reach out to people or meet them due to lack of transportation and amenities. You have used the present time of a modern world full of opportunities to hasten work of man to maximize your growth and speedy progress without indulging in vices, transgression or infringement. You have used God given resources with severity and frugality thus practicing nonviolence, compassion and detachment. To blend modern day life with ancient virtuous, meritorious and frugal means of living is a challenge in today’s world. People are blatantly indulging now because the resources are so easily available and life is easy. But you have learnt from us, specially Swami Kartik and Adi Shankaracharya that one moment of any vice, weakness or enjoyment have caused people stupendous blunder and manifested new lives slowly over centuries from high class into mediocre; in some cases very low. The penance and hard-earned attainments reaped in countless years have got lost completely or diluted and the glory of spiritual power totally diminished and their lives are today degenerated into a sorrow state because of a small weakness in the beginning which grew with time.  

It is very painful to search and find out from the inner repository of past life events the knowledge given by light of god within with the help of Gurus”. 



Me- “Guru Maharaj since the last three days and nights I have been requesting pleading and invoking you to tell me something about you. With great difficulty you agreed but you have started speaking about only me. It is monotonous to hear about myself. Yet I will say that you have expressed my deeply buried feeling very explicitly, better than me. I have waited for many months to receive wisdom and new learning from you. I can’t wait anymore since the day I saw you as a prodigious son of God.” 

Amara Maharishi- “I will tell you now because you have suffered at the hands of cheats and wicked people. They have rejoiced when misfortunes fell over you and fate did not concede. I wish to extend help to you because I wish to spread the knowledge of the ancient Sages or Rishis far and wide in the world now. We have waited for countless centuries because before this this sacred knowledge was passed on from one man to another only through recitation, memorization or through narration. You have been chosen because you have gained this knowledge through the illustrious Rishis who were many times your relatives. But the enhancement and depth of this Science you have procured now from God’s approval because you are worthy of it. Your humility, sincerity and kindness make you my best receiver. 

I have earned so much knowledge about Yogic Sciences, astrology, human behaviour, meditation and most of all Space or Astral Travel that I can control physical forces in nature to control evil or wicked mental movements of very tamasic people.  I am in constant touch with the family of very advanced Yogis or Rishis who are in rotation given opportunities by God to govern the Earth to balance the positive forces with negative ones. You will soon join me after seven days as per the nakshatras and your karmas, both very excellent. You are undergoing a very auspicious life phase because of your own creation. It was not superlative but you made it with your constant effort. Your own interest in all occult sciences like forecasting of events to help people mitigate their sorrows, disease or misery, Ayurveda, Yoga, subtle pranic science and the effects of natural forces on the physical and mental health of people will be your forte soon. I will teach you this in detail. 

I have come so many times as a nameless, faceless saint or yogi or tapasvi in all ages and times in different places of India and elsewhere. This world is so small, the galaxies and stars so small, the whole Universe so tiny in comparison to the Spirit that lives inside us! 

A fraction of that Spirit or Atma comprises the entire Creation. Everything emerged out of the sankalpa or thought of God. In the beginning there was nothing, no creation. Only God existed, there was no akash or ether also. 

The first thought of God was born 41 crores, 3 hundred and 33 years ago. At this point of time 41,00,00,333 years ago, God wished to create something, before that he was formless.  

I will tell you more about myself now. 

I am a very, very primitive, ancient Soul. I got God Realization very fast like you without delays or consuming excessive time as I never erred or sinned. My father was Vishwamitra Maharishi so many times. Even today, he takes care of me and I like to seek his guidance for every little issue out of my deepest respect and gratitude. I have never failed in my endeavours because of his profuse blessings and benevolence since eons. 

I have mentally guided so many rocket launches with Bogarnathar and Agastya from time to time for their safety and success. I am also the master of Meditation. I work with Markandaye Pitaji for many projects like mass meditation of thousands of apprentice rishis who are under his training. I consult him several times on world issues, salvation of thousands of would be mumukshu, desirous of Moksha. You can join us in one of these sessions and learn how to train aspirants for their salvation. I meet him in his cave under the sea in Kanyakumari. You have visited that sacred, protected place physically first and astrally two times. Swami Vivekananda also knew about it and that is the reason he went to Kanyakumari and meditated on the rock in the sea for two days before he left for Chicago for World Religious Conference. I will tell you more in the next article.”  

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  1. Alka Kurup says:

    My Dearest Krishna Sakhi , your tapas has taken you to the heights that is unfathomable by an ordinary person like me….
    I am short of words to even express myself, rather I am bewildered, about how I feel when I read about these humongous resources that you are able to reach to.. You are bringing them down for the welfare of the living beings….. You are not only showing path but holding hands of all those who want to walk on this path.
    I feel so lucky and blessed that I am able to even read this… please keep me under your surveillance…

  2. Shahid says:

    ” Our relationships with kindest ever God, benevolent, loving and His appointed messenger called the Sadgurus are true since the relationship is everlasting and pain free. Hence you have established a permanent relationship with us and other Wise Sages as you do not wish to fall into the trap of ignorance, life and death, sorrow and endless suffering because of the law of action and reaction and finally because the life on Earth is so ephemeral and unpredictable. ”
    So true that relation with Sadguru is everlasting and pain free. Only the sadguru truly cares for his disciple in this world <3

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