Audio-Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru-II (11.6.17 Vashi, Navi Mumbai)

August 17, 2017



17.08.17– Today, intense spiritual energies have been embedded again in these words.

I meditated in early hours. Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Guru Gorakh Nath, a Holy Banyan Tree of Himalayas and a divine holy Rudraksh tree this early hour during Brahma Muhurat appeared before me. The time was too quiet, concentrated and tranquil at 5 am. Their blessings touched me gently and their guidance came to bless us all as I heard the last part of this audio. They advised us to follow this guideline-

Advised-Kindly listen to this audio first on Saturday, 19.08.17 any time in one flow and continuity. Then listen to the last one hour only where questions and answers and last paras of the above mentioned post are recorded between 4 am to 6.30 am for full advantage on Sunday 20. 8.17.

Maintain silence and calmness, maun on these days.

Revert only after full absorption is achieved; take more time till thoughts and precepts get crystallized well.

Jai Satguru!

(Reference-Previous and Present Wisdom from this Post-The state of Super Consciousness-II)

When born, every individual brings with him wisdom acquired by him from his previous lives. That is Previous knowledge or Purva Gyan. And Present knowledge or Vartaman gyan is the wisdom that we are acquiring in our present life.

The wisdom that we have carried forward in this life gets corrupted in the company of worldly, unwise, evil and lethargic people. By coming in constant companionship and interaction, we imbibe obtuseness, vices and impurities. So keep away from evil, vicious, greedy and immoral people. Benefit from the company of learned and wise. Enjoy silence and solitude……


Audio – ‘What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master? 4th June’17 Bangalore

August 4, 2017

Discourse on this post in Bangalore on 4th June, 2017

Audio of Discourse


Bhajan in MP3 


Updates and notice-

Dear all, this post has come after a reasonable gap. However, we were busy in dealing with older posts from WordPress but they were taken up on Fb starting from Guru Purnima on 9th July 2017 and ending on 16th July for a week. They were from Segment-Our lost rich heritage. I chose those posts which were not heeded since the beginning and whoever devoted time to them were blessed and gained so much. In these posts, I included devotional songs here and there which were related to the topic but in the comment box. That eases the strain on the mind and gives us tremendous joy and even spiritual bliss to many. Those who have not yet availed the good opportunity may please do so.

There are many posts as poems posted on Fb which are difficult to decipher and understand. I took up one such post in Bangalore on 4th June 2017 and that explains the reasons why we should heed to our intuition and submit our mana or mind at the Holy Feet of the Spiritual Masters. And what happens after that has also been described in earlier posts like this one-Why is it important to submit the mind at the Lotus Feet of the Holy Master or Guru? (Fb post no 247 in index dated 21.08.16). This post will be dealt with in the upcoming another Bangalore Discourse on 16th Sept, 2017.

At some point of time, I took up a series of bhajans in 2016 between 27.07.16 and 02.08.16. They were 7 in number as Day 1 to Day 7 on Facebook. As the series of bhajans as posts were hard to comprehend, I have explained one such bhajan of Guru Gorakhnath in Bangalore recently. My posts and consequently their explanations are revelations of the sacred science of Moksha wherever they be-Facebook or WordPress. By understanding these posts, the disciple will be assured of the sincerity of this path besides its sacredness.

Besides, there are some posts on Fb which are directed towards me or my grandson but they benefit humanity because in them the Great Ones or the ancient Holy Sages either speak something about themselves which is completely unknown to the world; or they reveal the path of salvation through the sacred words. A few posts are instigated by one of the greatest rishis-Maharishi Kashayapa whose spiritual earnings are way beyond human comprehension and consumption. Today on this auspicious day, on Fb I will consolidate some posts of Maharishi Kashyapa; they shall benefit all those practitioners and seekers who are seriously seeking and wish to help themselves in knowing how we, as a single soul transcend from one point to another and how important it is to know God to mitigate our lingering sorrows. It was directed to my grandchild though but everyone is supposed to learn from these articles. We have just become mere conduits for the sake of revelation, I wish to clarify so that we all focus promptly and seriously as words are very grave and should be heeded.

Apart from a collection of older posts of Maharishi Kashyapa, a new post on Fb today is due. It shall come up as soon as I compose and translate the sacred words which are transmitted to me two days ago in my long meditations. On every 4th August there will be a new post on Fb in this chain of posts. The older posts of previous 4th Aug, of this series will be stringed every year as a pearl of necklace to beautify our souls and minds…..You shall soon see this new pattern of posts on Fb and savour its intensity.

The audio of this Discourse is a little more than 2 hours; it has the explanation of one poetry of Guru Gorakhnath-Bhola Mana Jane Amar meri kaya… to save your time and effort I have pasted the entire post from Fb on WP for your perusal since this bhajan or spiritual rendition was taken up in Bangalore and is very much present in my Talks.

In this way, I have also consolidated the recent Spiritinlife activities through this post about our activities so that the link between the author and the readers is maintained. Kindly be in constant resonance and connection so that you are always empowered with the energies that are endowed through these articles from time to time.

In the end in Bangalore, we all heard the above bhajan in the gathering but the recording of the song was not too clear. Hence, I have inserted 2 versions of the song-MP3 as well as You Tube. You may choose whatever you like the most or avail both. Please get inside the skin of this musical and lyrical composition and partake ‘prasad’ or grace from all the ancient Holy Masters who are very quietly guiding our Spirits in order to free us from the severe karmic bondages which we have created over centuries…..


Fb post

What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master?

This world is so inconstant, body so fickle, mind always restless.
The ephemeral nature of this ever shifting sand of desert-world

Will never allow you to rest fully if you do not understand this fact.


People come and go incessantly, waste their lives in absolute inessentials.
But never spend time to guard their own interests and become immortals.
They live only for sense pleasures and build structures and satisfy their egos.


The puzzle of this never ending delusive world can be cracked by only some.
They are the ones who are totally blessed and blessed by the Almighty God.
They are blessed because they have lived uncountable lives only by God’s will.


They are called Gurus or Sadgurus or Avatars or Chiranjeevs or Amar Atma.
They know how to teach someone crack this entrapping and puzzling Maya.
They are under constant God’s commands and always are doing His duties.


They will first call you, inspect you, and see what lies beneath your inner core.
The core consists of desires and imprints of all the actions performed in all lives.
They work on removal of those dark spots and untangle knots which create desires.


Once the knots are opened, the mind begins to see the facts which are beneficial.
The mind begins to create new actions which are not detrimental and only enhance.
The mind gets peace and rest and the senses begin to rest and the journey begins.


A new life starts which gives more time for the upliftment of one’s own Soul welfare.
The senses are slaves, mind servant, body worker and the Soul lifts and soars freely.
It unites with the Universal Consciousness, it permeates into highest Consciousness.


It is free from shackles of endless lives’ slavery of moaning fiefdom, mental darkness.
It is always free of unwanted fatigue of exhausting, immoral thoughts and sadness.
It is also free from the load of enjoying the ephemeral pleasures which are later painful.


The Holy Masters make you ever free, ever joyous, and ever present in every moment.
The future and past are nullified and each day is lived as a deep gratitude towards Him.
The Soul soars, mind is free and body is always complying since there are no tensions.

These Holy Masters will always guide you quietly and sincerely without your knowledge.
Until one day you wake up and see how hard it is to awaken a dead wood or a sleepy dough.
Once awakened, they shall also become joyous, sincere, one pointed and very concentrated.


They will never err again, they will never go back to their original state of drowsiness or laziness.
They will always be in poise and calmness, mind their own business and never feel ungrateful.
Sorrow and pain will never touch them, disease both mental and physical will be at bay invariably.


So trust your inner voice, submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Masters, do not disturb your poise.
Come to them with an open mind and a pure heart, they will baptize you, purify you with gentleness.
They will also make you soar like them one day in the everlasting heavenly kingdom of the Heavenly Father!


This time related rare Nirguni Bhajan is of Guru Gorakhnath, the disciple of Guru Machandarnath of Northern India sung by Kumar Gandharva again.

The lyrics are-

Bhola mana jaane amar meri kaaya
Dhan re, joban sapne si maya
Badal ki si chhaya

Ek kuan paanch paniyaari
Jal bharti hai nyari nyari

Dat jayega kuan, sookh jayegi kyari
Haath mal mal chali pachon paniyari

Sukha sa kaath bhent nahi chhaya
Kahan tera thausa, kahan teri maya

Baalu ki bheet pavan ka khambha
Deval dekh bhaya achambha

Adi Adinath Machhandar ka poota
Yeh jasa gaave Gorakh Avdhoota

भोला मन जाने अमर मेरी काया I
धन रे, जोबन सपने सी माया II
बादल की सी छाया II

एक कुआँ पाँच पनियारी I
जल भरती है न्यारी न्यारी II

डट जाएगा कुआँ, सूख जाएगी क्यारी I
हाथ मल मल चली पाँचो पानियारी II

सूखा सा काठ भेंट नही छाया I
कहाँ तेरा ठौसा कहाँ तेरी माया II

बालू की भीत पवन का खंभा I
देवल देख भया अचंभा II

आदि आदिनाथ मच्छंदर का पूता I
यह जस गावे गोरख अवधूता II

Translation by each line now-

भोला मन जाने अमर मेरी काया I My naive mind believes that my body is immortal!

धन रे, जोबन सपने सी माया II Wealth and youth are like a dream, it is like a fleeting dream.

बादल की सी छाया II The worldly attainments are like temporary shade of a cloud.

एक कुआँ पाँच पनियारी I There is one well and five women are drawing water from it.

जल भरती है न्यारी न्यारी II And they all fill up water separately.

डट जाएगा कुआँ One day the well will halt, the flower bed will dry up.

हाथ मल मल चली पाँचो पनियरि II And the five water drawing ladies will be high and dry.

सूखा सा काठ भेंट नही छाया I Your dead body will be like wood, it won’t be decorated anymore and it won’t have any shade over it.

कहाँ तेरा ठौसा कहाँ तेरी माया II Where is your bullying, any prestige or worldly power or any glory or money now.

बालू की भीत पवन का खंभा I The walls are made of sand and pillars made of wind.

देवल देख भया अचंभा II When I see this temple I am stupefied.

आदि आदिनाथ मच्छंदर का पूता I Eternal Adinath Machandar’s son I am.

यह जस गावे गोरख अवधूता II Gorakh Avdhoota is singing the praise of his Guru through this poem.


Dear readers, this Nirguni Bhajan is written by Guru Gorakhnath from North India and he is one of the eighteen siddhas of South India also.
Siddhas were yogis, alchemists, mystics, astrologers and healers and or a combination of all these too. Like Swami Kartikeyan, Bogarnathar and Shri Mahavatar Babaji, Guru Gorakhnath went into deep forests of South India to do intense meditation and penance like his Guru Machandranath. Some others in the category of eighteen siddhars or siddhas are Agastya, Thiruvalluvar, Thiromoolar, Kalanginathar and some more mystics and immortal divine souls. Most of their literary work is in poems on palm leaves and are still available in remote Tamil Nadu areas. Their foremost discovery was nadi shodhan or nadi reading, reading the pulse and doing the diagnosis of a diseased body. Ayurveda was born out of the research of these siddars or siddhas.

This particular poem by guru Gorakhnath reveals to us the eternal fact and the hard reality of life. And that is the reality of the ever changing world and the never changing fact of our impending death.
Very beautifully, he describes that ah! how strange is this-my mind is naive because it believes that this body of mine is going to last forever!!
In fact, instead of telling others that you all are going to die one day therefore open your eyes, he is telling himself that his mind is naive and innocent.

He further explains this one point by saying that wealth and youth are not going to last forever since they all are like the temporary shade created by the floating clouds in the sky. The wealth and youth give us temporary means of sustenance and delude us in this way. Similarly, we see dreams in our sleep. They are not real and are made and destroyed in a few moments. This world and our inheritance is like a dream, we cannot hold them for too long. We cannot hold our dreams. The achievements and belongings of this world are alike the dreams and we cannot hold them for too long. They both are very much temporary in nature.

The well is used here to describe our human body in which there is life force. It is made of five senses and the women who are drawing water from it constantly are the five senses in the body. The five senses draw out our life force separately and a day arrives when there is no life force left in the body and the human body is extinguished.
That is a time when the human finally stops and this flower bed (body) dries up since there is no water or life force. At this stage the five senses or women who were drawing water from the body-well leave the body remorsefully one by one.
The body becomes like a dead wood and it has no shade over it or a shelter because no one keeps the dead body at home. And guru Gorakhnath is now asking humanity a valid question and that is-Where is your blustering, bullying or social prestige and wealth?

The walls are made of sand and the pillars are made of wind. When I see this sight I get stunned. Which walls and pillars is Guru Gorakhnath speaking of and why is he so stupefied?
This body-temple is made of sand that is Earth; it comes from earth or anna or food and disintegrates and perishes on earth. The pillars are made of wind. Wind word is used here because wind also means life force or air here. The vasanas or intense lusts and passions are embedded in the human’s life force and like air, the vasana won’t be stable and will travel fast after death into a new body since it has worldly intense desires or vasanas.

The word wind is also used here to compare and say that this body is so temporary and there is no guarantee that it will be stationary. It has no fixed legs or permanent legs to stand on forever.
So Guru Gorakhnath is saying visualize a structure that is made of walls of sand and the pillars of wind. Seeing or imagining such a sight gives him great deal of disbelief and astonishment. He is stupefied. In other words, he is pointing towards us and showing us how ephemeral our body is but we think the reverse. All the people in this world believe that they will never die because they all are so engrossed in living their mundane life and are living in a dream and never think of metaphysical topics.

Guru Gorakhnath’s Master was Guru Machandranath. Gorakhnath is calling himself the son of Guru Machanadarnath and says he is singing the glory of his Guru because the knowledge has been given to him by his Holy Master Machandarnath and that he himself is an Avdhoota which means totally free from all Maya and worldly desires. And he loves to sing his glory……..

Footnote- These bhajans are not only rare but very difficult to decipher and comprehend as well. People can always have their own opinion and meaning but the exact meaning comes only when we can meditate intensely and connect our quiet mind to the soul of the real or original author or poet. Since they too have written the classic poems in deep states of meditation and were in communion with the Supreme or to the Spirit of their own Holy Master, who was guiding his or her thoughts. I too prayed and invoked Guru Gorakhnath to guide me to tell me the exact meaning of his mystical poetic creation.

This is my small offering at His Holy Feet and also to God’s all children who are going to read this lost, ancient, wonderful bhajan or devotional offering.
With gratitude and devotion always.


On Guru Purnima-New Light, New Life

July 9, 2017

Dear devotees and readers, today is an important day for us on which we in India, keep aside a lone day in our calendar to invoke and remember the illumined sages. We worship them. We also thank them and offer our heartfelt gratefulness. We renew our pledge to liberate and redeem ourselves from our own created sufferings initiated in the past incarnations, some made now because we lacked focus and awareness.

As this is a very advanced segment, Segment-H ‘Inner Sacred Life of Infinity’, it has only audios and videos. Older posts of Infinity Level have been discoursed through direct interaction in Satsanga or Pravachan or Discourses in Rishikesh in November 2016 and April 2017 and elsewhere. You may please go over these audios and videos in the coming months and get a good grasp over the veiled knowledge of liberation owned by a few solitary immortals, shining gems in the galaxy mysterious to the world.

Posts from this segment are very challenging and cannot be deciphered alone unless a great deal of explanation about the complexities is given in Discourses personally. Furthermore, unless I explain a few important points about the layout of the mammoth blog, readers will not understand the profundity of each post which are so many by now.

Shri Mahavatar Babaji has over uninterrupted long period of time, through mutual mental connections imparted me the supreme knowledge of Moksha and beyond. His own astral Gurus have further added to his given treasury. They have gone still further and revealed to me their procured spiritual knowledge attained with so much penance back in forgotten time. I have documented most of that in Infinity Posts or Anant Gyan in H segment.

They have divided this seamless knowledge into 4 categories as below. Please find an explanatory Tab on the Menu on the Home Page titled-Blog at a Glance & History of past rich heritage. Briefly for your convenience it is,

  1. Blazing knowledge after Moksha termed as-Teevra Gyan. That is labelled as Level 1. There are 3 stages in this level. They are Level 1, 2 & 3.
  2. Very Blazing knowledge termed as Prachand Gyan. There are 3 stages in this level likewise. They are Levels 1, 2 & 3.
  3. Extremely Blazing knowledge called Prabutva Gyan. There are 3 stages in this level like before. They are Level 1, 2 & 3.
  4. Infinity or Anant. This is endless and has no stages or divisions.

The colours used in the representation bands are-yellow, orange, white and blue for Teevra, Prachand, Prabhutva and Anant respectively.

The segment H belongs to explanation primarily of audios and videos of Anant or Infinity posts. Or of L2 or L3 stage of some previous segment of Prachand or Prabhutva Gyan.

There are numerous posts already published since May of year 2008. Most of them are hard to grasp and retain even after understanding on the surface. To first understand these difficult posts and to be able to transfer them in our regular life, we must slow down and look back now. It is important for all of us; it is no mean task to grasp the in-depth and veiled meanings. Therefore, it is not advisable for us to expect a new post on this auspicious day. However, we will not skip the fortunate occasion to invoke our sacred, enlightened Masters and Gurus who have been blessing this masterwork Blog-Spiritinlife since its inception. We will surely seek them, seek forgiveness for all our past misdeeds and ask for grants and boons so that we all lead a humble, pious and virtuous lives in coming years.

On such favorable days, boons specially of salvation and great transformation are always granted. Asking of such boons is restricted to a small number of population. Most of the population fail to understand the importance of a Godly and devout life in modern times. Leaving out a very small population, everyone now a days is hypnotized with material and money’s flash and madness. More humans should turn to God for wisdom and spiritual solace. A few should at least spend all their lives in pursuit of true happiness, harmony and peacefulness. Only after attaining divine virtues, nobility, tranquility and inner lasting peace, we will put our minds to stall and rest and never again entangle it with this devouring and mesmerizing Maya….we must try to go near God as much as we can in this life and at least visualize a new life full of light and purity.

To celebrate this pious occasion, let us dedicate one whole week for our soul’s liberation and removal of our mental, physical woes. There will be 8 posts each day beginning from today Sunday 9th July, lasting till next Sunday 16th July when I will insert an important quote from an old segment from mid way. They will be on Facebook since we cannot have posts other than audios and videos in this segment. But for discussions and question answers, you may please respond in the comment box of that post on WordPress only. In this way, we shall also get enriched from the untouched, intact previous posts.

I take this good opportunity and holy day to also make an announcement. Some years ago, I was really inspired by the sweet voice of my intuition during my daily meditation coming straight out of the Universal Mind of Shri Mahavatar Babaji when he said that one day I must establish a Foundation. He wishes to spread New Life and New Light in this world through this blog. He called it Nav Jeevan, Nav Jyoti. I compressed it and coined it to- Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation (NJJF). There is a very interesting cluster of posts from segment New Light New Life.

Excerpts from subsequent post of 3 articles titled New Life, New Light. A foreword before we take a new turn into our future spiritual training on this website…

A brand new path has been chalked out through Spiritinlife, the clean path has no adulterations and if you are ready to walk on this path, you shall succeed. Provided, Shri Mahavatar Babaji says that-

  • You are always obedient towards him and your mentor.
  • You will keep your mind in control by practising yoga of meditation or dhyan yoga daily without fail for a very long period of time
  • Have enough patience till you see positive results
  • A part of your income to be shared and given for suitable charitable causes
  • Occasional mental and physical isolation to facilitate and retain new learnings. Spiritual tours to pilgrimages required to boost the positive energies

Today’s sadhana according to Babaji, is something that can be done at home but we need to give ourselves in whatever ways to restore the environment that has been deteriorating at a very rapid pace in modern times. We have to add to our sadhana, which we will be doing at home, the seva or serving the Mother Earth. This is new age sadhana as per his vision and if we care to follow this ideology, then we should get very quick results in our endeavours.

A foundation will be made in future which will have the name Nav Jeevan Jyoti Foundation, NJJF. It means New life New light Foundation. This word has been coined by Babaji himself because through this blog and its Foundation, he wishes to communicate with his millions of followers and well-wishers. He wishes to spread spiritual light and wisdom and give new life to this planet by involving as many people as possible with the help of these two mediums. There would be mainly five objectives of NJJF-

  • To spread awareness about the grave necessity of restoration of our Earth planet
  • To spread divine knowledge in India and far off lands
  • To dispense ancient spiritual wisdom through modern tools and technology through internet to cover as many people as possible in the world.
  • To involve people’s participation in greening the Earth
  • To preserve the Himalayan Mountains and the rivers; more so the sacred place where Mahavatar Babaji lives near Badrinath. The recent spate and trend of landslides and flash floods in the Himalayas in the month of August and September are an indication that all is not well in that environment. And to enable and allow Babaji to live in his cave in Satopanth and other winter abode, that environment should be protected. In future, tie ups with other working agencies and NGO’s in the mountains shall be welcomed and solicited in this regard. It is indeed a mammoth task and mission………

Today on this auspicious day, I wish to state that the Foundation has become a reality and is functional now. Apart from spreading ancient, lost, sacred knowledge of bygone sages through this blog and discourses, it will also publish books in future. It also has environmental issues on its list like tree plantation, water harvesting as top priority.

I extend my help to all those worshippers, believers and disciples of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his lineage of Gurus to serve you, help you, advice you and in helping you come out of the deeply buried spiritual ignorance through this blog, posts of Fb as well as through mails.

To accomplish his dreams and aspirations, we seek partnerships, patronage, guidance and information on these issues from all our revered readers from all walks of life. If you wish to contribute in the field of your knowledge, advice as well as support us monetarily in achieving these goals, please write to me on

Important-Please note, giving your name, place or city, Pan card is mandatory. At this stage, there is no tax exemption of 80 G from Indian Income Tax department and monetary contribution should be only in INR. We are not in a position to accept any contribution in foreign currency at this stage. Thank you.

With eternal gratitude and my humble offerings to all my sacred Gurus,


Podcast, an advantage for seekers for listening to all Spiritinlife Audios

May 20, 2017

Dear all, we got an inspiration from our Divine Gurus to simplify the process of accessing Spirit in Life discourses in our mobile devices effortlessly – “Podcast”

  • A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can subscribe to so that new episodes/posts are automatically downloaded to the user’s own local computer, mobile application or portable media player. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • We took this concept and created a podcast of our Workshops called “Spirit in Life Discourses”
  • Any WordPress reader can now subscribe to this podcast and have access to all audio files from our blog as soon as we publish new posts.
  • Downloading new audio files to phone is as simple as just hitting refresh button on the app. You can then listen to the audio offline without internet at your leisure.
  • Steps to get this setup in your android phone
  1. Please download an android app called “Podcast and Radio Addict”
  2. Once the app has been installed on your android phone, click on link below to subscribe to the podcast channel we described above
  3. Clicking the aforesaid link should automatically bring up a suggestion to open it in the “Podcast and Radio Addict” app you just installed. Please choose that app to open link and then click on “Add” button

  1. Click on the top-left breadcrumb menu icon
  1. Then click on “Podcasts” menu item to take you back to home screen of app

  1. Your phone screen should now look like this. Now, click on the podcast channel titled “Spirit in Life discourses” to view its contents.

  1. Please click on refresh button a few times until images get updated so that it looks like screen in Step 8.

  1. Now you may click on any of the posts to access the post audio (and post content). As of 20th May 9:00 am there are 8 posts in the blog with audio content, so we see 8 episodes in the screenshot below. More episodes will automatically get added as new posts with audio content get published in the blog.

  1. You can click the download button on title bar (as highlighted in screenshot below) to download the audio file from Spirit in Life WordPress blog to this app for offline playback. Alternatively, you can click on the play button at the bottom to play the audio file over internet.
  2. Clicking on title of any podcast episode will open the actual post in Spirit in Life blog.


24-04-17, Rishikesh Workshop- Augment of a New Era-III

May 20, 2017

Complete audio


We took up only last 5 paras of this post(Repeat). In previous Rishikesh Workshop from 10th to 13th Nov’16, we had done the complete post.

Click button below to download audio

23-04-17, Rishikesh Workshop-How can you find God in this life?-III

May 20, 2017

Complete audio


Why is it important to submit the mind at the Holy feet of the Master or Guru? From FB

Early Morning 1st session

Morning  2nd session

Evening Session



Click button below to download audio

Spiritinlife 9th Blogging Anniversary Videos, Audios of-How can you find God in this life? I, II & III. Rishikesh Workshop 22-4-17

May 20, 2017


Dear Readers, it is a great day of joy and celebration when we have arrived on this day when Spiritinlife blog is nine years old! What an incredible journey it has been so far!! There are 270 posts today!!!

My most humble pranaam and revered prostrations at the Lotus Feet of all our Gurudevas from Param Pujya Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his own Gurus and param Gurus, Swami Kartikeyan, Bogarnathar and other stalwarts like Guru Gorakh Nath and Swami Shivananda. It is because of them that I was able to achieve the capacity to receive extra ordinary spiritual knowledge in many meditations. And once again from none other than Swami Bogarnathar himself I could be under his tutelage and receive rare knowledge. It was a very unique, trying and grim subject with the title-What is our mind and how is it formed?

Not only this, it was equally if not more, a daunting task to be able to explain and pass on this knowledge to the listeners in Rishikesh Workshop in April a few weeks ago. (Rishikesh Workshop was held on 22nd, 23rd & 24th April 2017) It took a lot of courage from my side to permit myself to speak for the first time in public about my personal anecdotes and experiences of my spiritual life so freely. Or even experiences of how I make these posts and how much more is given to me apart from these nuggets in posts! All this and much more you shall find in my Talks of these three days in Rishikesh posts of 22nd, 23rd and 24th April in a serial. Some videos and audios are not too perfect because of glitch and slow internet speed but please stay on as these are passing phases.

Moreover,  for the first time these Talks are in Hindi. I don’t feel any difference in the standard as well as the quality of my Talks by changing over. On the contrary, it shall reach many more people and most of Indians especially the Hindi speaking gentry will get initiated into a subject such as what is our mind or mana? The challenge was not the language but it was how do I explain in such a brief time such an in-depth and grave subject which was concise yet an ocean of knowledge imparted to me. There were questions & answers also in the gathering and hence the duration of our satsanga or spiritual meetings got extended in spite of me tracking time all the time. The total time of all videos of 3 days is more than 11 hours and a few minutes-one more milestone for all of us!

There are 6 videos and simultaneously 6 audios of the same in these 3 posts. Apart from that, I have also inserted one post as an audio this time in all three posts from Fb and WP to help you understand about these ancient sages with more clarity. They are- i)The Shining Stars in the Galaxy ii) Why is it important to submit our mind at the Holy feet of the master or Guru? And iii) What happens if your submit your mind at the Holy feet of the Master?

((And lastly, it became mandatory to make a complete audio of all audios in each post since the Podcast picks up just the first audio and leaves out the rest unfortunately. Hence that becomes the first audio by default))

Updates There will be a great surge in the energy and speed of the blog since our projects are all time bound. There are many Workshops and meetings now and in coming two years to clear your path to remove your doubts and diffuseness. I also wish to give you a clear picture of what all activities are due and in which place which posts will be explained in Meetings/Workshops. I have decided to share with you my plan-chart of the upcoming Workshops, places and posts so that you are in touch with the quick flow of things.

The chart cum planner for June-

4th June Sunday Bangalore

10th and 11th June, Sat & Sun Vashi, Navi Mumbai

16th to 18th June, Fri to Sun, Pune.

The complete Plan of a year was this-

Nov 2016 to Nov 2017 Workshops, Places & Posts

  1. Rishikesh Workshop 10-14/11/16 Augment of a New era-I, II & III
  2. Pune 14.1.17- Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s will-I
  3. Navi Mumbai, Vashi 19.3.17-How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-I
  4. Pune 9.4.17-How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-II
  5. Rishikesh 21-26.4.17-How can you find God in this life?I,II, III & 5 paras of Augment of a New Era-III
  6. Mumbai, Kandivali 10.5.17-Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-I
  7. Bangalore 4-6-17 What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master? (Fb)
  8. Navi Mumbai, Vashi 11.6.17 Why is it mandatory to have a Divine Guru?-II
  9. Pune 16-18/6/17 (i)Why is it necessary to live your life by God’s will?-III & (ii) How to increase the level of your Consciousness?-III
  10. Bangalore 16-18/9/17 (i) Why is it important to submit the mind at the Holy Feet of the Holy Guru? (Fb) & (ii) My Home shining bright! (Fb)
  11. Palani, Madurai 9-14th Nov-2017. In Divine moments with Swami Kartikeyan I, II & III

Total no. of Workshops 11

What’s new? Since this whole segment is primarily of audios and videos, we are introducing Podcast for your convenience so that you can listen to all the audios on your Android phone at your convenience.

You will have to download the App and whenever there is a new post on the blog, it will automatically be saved on your phone. There is a separate post the fourth one today to help you guide step by step how you can download these audios on your phone and listen to them offline. It is called- Podcast, an advantage for seekers for listening to Spiritinlife Audios.

Besides this, there is a tab on the menu on the Home Page of which tells us about all the Workshops that are being held regularly, where and which posts are being tackled. These posts have their links also so the blog is very well designed and organized at this stage for everyone’s convenience. It is updated as soon as one Workshop gets over. Now moving over to this post’s content.


(Complete audio)

Dear listeners, There is one extra audio added automatically in the posts. This Audio is a long combined audio of other short audios. We did that on purpose, otherwise only the first audio of such posts comes in podcast. It’s a limitation of RSS in WordPress. It picks up only the first audio of a post and ignores rest. So we had to create an audio file which has all audios merged into single file and upload it as first item in such posts with multiple audios)

The Shining Stars in the Galaxy!

# Videos of of 2 sessions/segments &

## Audios of 2 sessions/segments of Post How can you find God in this life? Part I & II



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A Note-A big thank you to IT team and all other Spiritinlife members for making this day possible. It is their sheer dint of hard work and dedication which has made it possible to upload videos and audios so frequently. And to conduct so many Workshops one after the other with your co-operation and team work! God bless all of you, your efforts are evident!

And one more point I must make. In Rishikesh, there were issues related to internet and electricity. There were power cuts and we still managed somehow to make these videos and audios. In some places during your passage, you will see this effect. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Audio of older post- Why is it mandatory to have a divine Guru?-I, Mumbai Workshop 11.05.17

May 13, 2017


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(Extreme! -1) Long discourses held in Rishikesh Workshop, 21-26th Apr’17

May 7, 2017

My dear revered readers, there are long gaps in new postings on WordPress. The reason is valid; I am holding quite a few direct conversations and interactions with interested seekers in different cities. I am thoroughly busy with explaining the hidden meanings of my articles to people who come to meet me in my Workshops and sit through the brain storming discourses. The lectures are long, sometime extremely long but it can’t be helped. There are some postings which were very elaborate like the one we discussed in Rishikesh-How to find God in this life-I, II, III. It took us more than twelve hours to go through each line to do the excavation of the Mystic’s lives and attained spiritual knowledge. The audios and videos of the same will be available on 20th May, ’17.


The hard labour and Spiritual achievements of the ancients Seers has been lost in antiquity and people today cannot fathom how people who lived so back in time could have known the facts about God and God’s creation called Maya or Prakriti. Nonetheless, these Rishis have not been forgotten by God as they did prolonged and extensive penance in forests to attain Godhood even when their lives were in danger.

To know about such long forgotten happenings/events today is possible only when God wills. God’s will translates as myriad occurrence in human lives, most of the times undeciphered by common men. However, when we follow the will of God every day in our lives, our lives are bound to change and alleviate our Consciousness and we are enlightened. We begin to get access into the unknown realms or hidden mysteries of life.

The soon to be realized audios and videos in next post on 20th May, 2017 are testimony of that.

Extreme is the word used in this particular Rishikesh Workshop because of three reasons-

  • Each discourse was very long
  • It was very deep and intense
  • It was elaborate.

Despite this, people will not be able to fully follow each and every fact about the long lost and forgotten spiritual knowledge through my previous posts. Hence, I suggest 2 previous short posts from Fb and WP each, for you which will support as well as elaborate the concepts and facts which were disclosed by me in Rishikesh Workshop recently. They are-



In spite of all this, I shall also help many of you through the soon to be held Workshops in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune between 11th May and 16th June, 2017 to continue my feverish endeavour to go on revealing the lives, times, penance and biography of these ancient Seers and mysteries of God. Apart from these Lectures in Workshops, there will be available for you, all the audios and videos of all the Workshops being conducted henceforth. But that does not mean that you should be complacent!!

The Lectures and discourses shall be spontaneous in nature and shall intermittently divulge my personal communications with the various ancient Seers in my meditations. My intense meditations so many times consist of revelations by these Seers of yore about unknown, hidden laws of God and how God functions and what are the dos and don’ts for we the human beings. This is in addition to prophecies and oracles which are made known to me through these Seers and many times by God. This phenomenon helps me to always walk on the path of Truth as well as show the world ‘The Truth.’

So, when such wonderful anecdotes are happening, it obviously deserves chronicled reporting and documentation. My blogs are those documentation for posterity on WordPress and Facebook!!

Thank you.

Regards and gratitude always.


Some glimpses into making of these posts-

Important summaries for your perusal and recollection-

  1. Midhun

Dear Ma, if there is any mistake please correct me.

  1. Intuition opens the door to knowledge.
  2. Ma made Sankalpin Rishikesh in one of her past life that she wanted to attain god, knowledge and at the same place, she came as a teacher. Such is the power of good & strong Sankalp. One should always make good and strong Sankalp, which can take us further to God. Sankalp Sakti is so powerful that can create our future accordingly
  3. Ma always faced all challenges and difficulties and that nature made her walk beyond blazing knowledge and reach Anand. Icha saktiis very strong power in us, which should be used wisely and only for good, pure, higher intentions.
  4. One should always hold on to peace & Calmness even during our duties, conversations. Etc. A yogi should always aware about his or her breathe since the Pranaand mind are interconnected.
  5. Humans are the most evolved and most advanced creation of God. Whose brain and Nervous system are very advanced, by which he can experience the creation of God and ultimately reach God.
  6. A true Sannyasin renounces everything mentally. Sadhakneed not to renounce externally to attain God. True Sanyas always is in the mind.
  7. Mind & Manas are two separate and different things. Mind is always referred to the brain and Manaswhich is a part of Atman and the same have 3 segments, Sthool, Sukshma, Karan. The atman is beyond all this.
  8. We all are part of God, We become Jeevatmaand born in this earth to experience the creation of god which made by 5 elements. Slowly it start identifying itself as a separate entity other than God, and more indulged in matter. Many of us have travelled so far from God, and still indulging in the impermanent matter & in each life strengthening the Ahankar more and more.
  9. We have 5 Karmendriyasto do karam oractions in this world and 5 Njanendriyas to perceive the world. Njanendriyas gives the Mind information’s from outside and accordingly mind react, hence it is very important for a Sadhak to control the senses and keep mind always focused on Guru & God.
  10. We are always in debt to the Guru. We cannot repay to Guru, as the Guru gives us the most precious true knowledge of God which is only gained by few, which again take us back to God. Doing Sevais one way to show our Gratitude and love. Relationship of Guru and Disciple is eternal.





Dearest Ma,


My sincere apologies for the delayed response. Please find below my synopsis:

  1. Responsibilities of people listening to this workshop
    • Relinquish all ego
    • Live Life by Guru and God’s will
    • To do unconditional seva to humankind
  2. Who is Chiranjeev  – Vo jiska astitva nahi mita sakte hain. Mana aatma ki tarah amar ho jaata hai
  3. Why does human not understand futility of life?
    Guru Gorakhnath ji says, “Humans don’t have sense of time”
  4. Why does Guru have to purify Sadhak’s mind?
    • Mind has many layers. Every thought creates impressions in mind (dense particles)
    • These dense particles are so tightly packed that there is no space for God’s golden rays to penetrate our mind
  5. Who is Brahmachari?
    • Someone who has surrendered body and mind to God. He has no mental vibrations at all from mind
    • His mind has no fear/imaginations
    • In his/her mind there is only one thing “How can I serve God?”
  6. One portion of Atma is “Manas”. In Manas, changes can come but in “Atma” changes can never come
  7. If we collect water from river in a vessel, then even the smallest drop from vessel is same as water droplet from river. Similarly Jeevatma is a portion of Paramatma
  8. Good Smriti needs nourishment, Ichcha shakti and good company
  9. Keep everyone happy in family – career, relationship, money etc. everything should be in perfect balance
    • Have self-respect but not ego
    • Give right amount of time to everyone in family
    • Simplify life by removing useless people and activities
    • All systems will automatically fall in place and they will function smoothly
    • Save time and energy.
    • Now do Yoga sadhana and Good will bless you!
  10. Personal tips
    • Do every action in a gentle pace. You have to be calm and composed all through the day. Ma wants you to rise and become a Yogi
    • Don’t cut other people while they are talking. Wait for them to finish talking and let them take a breath. Then speak up.
    • Ma, I will strive hard to work on resolutions I shared at the end of workshop

Jai Satguru!

Lots of love,

Your son,



  1. Bharat Iyer

RISHIKESH WORKSHOP 21.04.2017 TO 26.04.2017

I thank you with deep gratitude for being part of this Workshop. I consider very fortunate and blessed to be in this meet.

My learnings from workshop are as below

Topic -1 – How to Find God in This life – Part I

  • This topic covers your communion with Param param Sidha Yogi Bogarnathar. They conveyed that they are resurrected by your writings and come alive.
  • Guru and God want to now know all the great yogi’s who have done lot of penance for many lives in process of achieving spiritual goals and enlightenment.
  • Mankind is bound by clutches of birth, old age, disease and death. People are repetitively in the same cycle. Just for one temporary happiness he takes numerous life, disease and death cycle. From one’s own death also man is not learning and still ignorant.
  • We will never be born same again. Nature puts lot of effort to make us.
  • To go all out for permanent cause i.e, Go into inner depth of our mind to contact God
  • Meditate under any circumstances as this will help us differentiate temporary happiness and permanent happiness.

Topic -2 – How to Find God in This life – Part II

  • Continuation of communion with Sidha Yogi Bogarnathar who has done thorough research on the formation of mind
  • Explanation about three states of human mind built over many years- conscious mind, sub conscious mind and unconscious mind.
  • Mind is composed of matter and spirit. Our mind is full of dense matter which is accumulated through many life cycles and eventually forms thick curtain where light of God does not reach i.e, access to our spirit.
  • Ego is settled in the innermost mind i.e, it is there in unconscious mind and it does not leave. This can be removed only Guru.
  • As and when our matter in mind starts melting, divine light reaches and charges every cell of our brain. Charge keeps on increasing as and when our God communion is continued.
  • Disease first comes in mind and then in body.
  • Run our life by Godly principles and live life by will of God. Everything will be taken care.

Action to be taken

  • Bring revolution within
  • Emit peaceful and loving vibrations
  • Help and serve.

Topic -3 – How to Find God in This life – Part III

  • Explanation about difference between brain and mind . Brain is in physical body and mind is in subtle body. Mind is made of food and thought.
  • Heart and brain has lot of energy. Healthy, impactful and influencing mind is because of thought power. Brain is developed with good food, nutrition and exercise
  • Aura and personality of person is because of the energy of mind.
  • Mind can change but Atma does not change
  • Intellect ( power of reasoning ) and memory is also part of Subtle component – Mind. Huge data is stored in the mind. We have to organize proper mind file storage.
  • Quality of memory- Fragile, mediocre and Grave. Knowledge we get is engraved through proper exercise, nourishment and Will power. Mind gives electrical command to the brain and decides by will power that it wants to do certain action.
  • Don’t eat wrong food, not to be in wrong association.
  • Remove junk from mind space to store new information

At the end of workshop my sankalpa is I serve  spirit in life whole heartedly as this is the way I can understand / work on serving my higher purpose of life.

I will work / aid / involve in activities  in conserving earth.

My  pranams and deep gratitude to you for all teachings.



4. Nishith Patel

Dearest Maa,

Jai Sat Guru!

Please find the learnings and synopsis of the most amazing workshop in Rishikesh.

-> With unending gratitude to the great Gurus, Swami Kartikeyanji, Maharishi Bhogarnatharji, Guru Gorakhnathji, Swami Shivanandaji, and Shri Mahavatar Babaji… unknown rishi’s, and beloved Guru Maa.

-> Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha.

-> Determined to find God in this life, no matter what.

-> The announcement of arrival/disclosure to the world of the Greatest Gurus has been made during the workshop.

-> Mind can be brought back in control by doing right actions. The mind can be surely controlled when Gurus’ instructions are followed without resistance. The Gurus can see further than anyone.

-> The speed of instructions and messages is unbelievably fast in the astral world, and between Maa and Gurus.

-> The power and effect of this workshop was tremendous. Large scale work and cleansing of disciples has occurred during this workshop. Cleansing worth 10 years of pilgrimage was completed in 2.5 days.

-> One single thought in a tiny moment can change the mind’s course, either for good or for bad depending on the quality of thought.

-> This path is always difficult in the beginning, but later life becomes peaceful.

-> Worship the wise sages and follow the foot steps of the great ones. Serve humanity, family, and earth. Offer the life to search for God.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Jai Sat Guru!

#Please note-There are two more posts published just now on Fb on Rishikesh Workshop along with this one on WordPress.

-Synopses and photos of Spiritinlife Rishikesh Workshop 21-26th April’2017 &


Audio of-How to raise the level of your Consciousness?-II, Pune 9.4.17.

April 14, 2017

Complete Audio


Part 1

Part 2

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Audio of discourse on-How to raise the level of your consciousness?-I, Navi Mumbai 19.3.17

March 28, 2017

Dear readers, I take pleasure in informing you that a new Segment H has just started. It has a title ‘Inner Sacred Life of Infinity’. These are of Infinity or Anant level.

It began with the last post of discourse on raising the level of our Consciousness in a Workshop held in Pune on 14.1.17.

The following three audios are from my talk given in a Workshop held in Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 19.03.17. The first short audio is of introductory level, the following two are from passages of the above mentioned post.

The next Workshop of discourse is in Pune on 09.04.17 on -

In this year there will be many Workshops to explain the hidden facts about these posts so enriched with wisdom of ancient Rishis and Maharishis. The new segment will comprise of only audios and sometimes videos. Whoever is interested in attending these classes or Workshops may please write to me on Synopses of previous Workshop is available on

Thank you.


Complete Audio


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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New Segment of just Audios Discourse on ‘Why is it necessary to live our life by God’s Will’?-I & II, Pune Workshop 14.1.17.

January 26, 2017

With this post of Audio, a new Segment H has commenced. The title is ‘Inner Sacred Life.’

In this segment we are going to have only Audios. A stream of Workshops are lined up in this year of 2017. All are welcome.

The Talk and discussion on the above mentioned two posts in Pune comprises of more than three hours. For your convenience sake, we have divided the video of this Workshop into two parts.

However, the Audio is one file and you can hear the entire discourse in the Audio itself.


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A Correction- the Shloka of Bhagwat Gita referred to about the inverted Pipal tree during the Talk is from Chapter XV and not XI.
Thank you.

Audios of your Q’s & A’s from-The Shining Stars in the Galaxy.

January 1, 2017

Complete Audio


The complete post

Questions of Mandira and Kanchana

Shahid, Farha & Nazma

Sathya & Nishith

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Your questions from post-The shining stars in the galaxy

December 16, 2016

Quoting from the previous post-The shining stars in the galaxy-

These sages are out of the ordinary, they are endowed with some rare mental earnings and calibre by which they can penetrate in the minds of other people who are located at extremely far-off places on the planet or even Universe in very subtle form.

By knowing their minds and the distortions, they apply their own mental powers to enhance the thoughts for changing the existing to more powerful ones or they plant new, very innovative ideas on the lowest layer of their subconscious mind.

I have received this extra ordinary knowledge, never known before to the world publicly on account of my very good deeds and devotion towards my very humble and holiest of all great exalted Masters residing in the infinite sky ever since millennium.

I shall beam these sparkling rays of enlightening holy information to every part of the world by which many areas in the world and many people scattered in the globe shall manifest their dormant Spirit and neglected divinity.

The specified, assigned job to me by my sweet loving divine Father and our beloved God is to revive this planet and Universe with very powerful spiritual rays by merely spreading awareness about the long forgotten very humble ancient sages.

And to help those who wish to come forward on their own to redeem their aggrieved souls and to care for them so that they do not lose hope or lose their path which they must never leave and must always walk on………

Dear all, this post was published on 22.12.15 and to ensure that it has been read well and understood thoroughly, it has been decided that there will be an audio of your questions and my answers on this post. The audio recording on the same should come in the first week of January 2017. With it we begin a new segment.

Therefore, please read this post about three times, put your questions in the comment box of the same post below and I shall clarify and explain through an audio for your convenience. Please send your questions before 24th Dec, 2016.

Thank you.