Creating your destiny

October 10, 2008

Mandira, I hope you enjoyed reading some of my mails published in the previous posts which were written to some of my dear friends. It contained some interesting topics for you.

Let’s now move on with another fascinating and intriguing subject like destiny or fate.

We have at some point of time in our life wondered if there was any control over the events occurring in our lives. Where do they come from? Why some circumstances take place in our life and not in other’s? What should we do when we are faced with formidable life circumstances and how can one face their onslaught, if they are overwhelming?

This post was written by me lying in the bed when I was unwell and recovering from sickness a few weeks ago. I hope it will satisfy some of the commonly asked questions in our minds which we seek and wish to know on our long journey of our life.

The last few days have flown at a  dizzying speed. Everything was moving in the right direction for me. I was in a very good health, enjoying good and restful sleep, eating and exercising well. This showed on my face which was glowing and radiant. I was full of energy and bounce. My mental and emotional health was sound when one fine day I suddenly crashed and I fell ill. I got a fever and felt enervated. I was laid up in bed for two days and was recuperating.

Throughout the resting period, I was in communion with my inner self, talking to my Soul asking questions and receiving replies. Although I was cut off from the outside world, there was a lot of activity going on in my inner world. ‘Life goes on, work goes on, they never stop’ as they say I reflected on it. Life flows continuously like the flowing of the river waters and in our lives activity must go on because work is a form of worship, we worship God in this way too. During my confinement in bed, all these things stated in the following space came in my mind which gave me illumination and a slight  peep into the spiritual laws of karmas.

I realised that our destiny or prarabdh is fixed because of our past deeds and released energies in the cosmos. Some circumstances will inevitably take place no matter what. Some of these are pleasant and happiness giving while others we wish to ignore or delete them out of our lives.

So how does one face the concurring circumstances? What should be our attitude towards the continuous inflow of not so pleasant, unpalatable and not so easy life situations?

It dawned on me  that working out and living one’s destiny is sadhana and tapasya. Whichever karma comes our way, what so ever life circumstances we have to grapple with,  should be accepted gracefully as Prasad of God, as Grace of God, as Kripa. This is wisdom.

Therefore, I meditated and contemplated on these enlightening thoughts for two days while recuperating thereby working out my karmas as well as recreating something wonderful and good for future by visualizing, recreating and re-structuring my future.

My future depends on today. What I create today, I get tomorrow!

Although I had very little energy, but these spiritual realizations which led to new wisdom and deeper understanding of karmic theory generated so much peace and tranquility in me and in the atmosphere around me that it could be compared to blissful moments of prolonged, deep meditation ! I bathed in divine peace when…

It was during this time that I saw a big yantra, a geometrical figure with my inner eye. This is the same yantra which we had seen in the birthplace of Divine Mahavatar Babaji in an obscure village in Tamil Nadu. Attached below are a few pictures of Perrangaipettai or Porto Novo as it was earlier called.

In the centre of this yantra was a circle. Out of this place, I saw  a high level of energy, in the form of Light, which began to emit and flow towards me. It soon began to enter my body. I felt energized at that very moment and I could feel the distinctive creative powers entering me. My whole body  was completely energized and I felt recharged with subtle divine energies. I was immediately elevated and became very relaxed after this. The tingling creative vibrations entered my every pore thereby not only healing me but also bestowing on me a good amount of creative energy which I very much needed because of my illness. I was pondering over the fact about how will I be able to write my next article and what should I write?

To create good literary work, one needs to ask God to grant you, shower on you divine creative powers and energy otherwise the work reflects ‘you’ and not the Highest Force.

Just after this interlude, in a divine vision, I saw many words descending like a water cascade from the upper space of the skies. They were falling and entering one by one in my brain like weightless white feathers that float in the atmosphere and fall on the ground very gently. As they were falling over me, a voice whispered to me, ” From now onward, do not write very long articles. The following write ups are going to be shorter but full of power and energy.”

In the evening, I got much better and after having a hot cup of tea, I was inspired to blog. To know  the date, I saw the calendar and I found this saying on it-

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the aeroplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

So no matter how many times during our sadhana, we are met with innumerable hurdles because of inevitable play of our destiny or some other unknown forces in nature, we must not be afraid to face them. Prarabdh karmas are going to manifest till our last day, they must not deter us in our spiritual progress. We must not lose hope and feel disappointed and therefore never get tired of it all. We must endure. We must go on relentlessly as this is the only way for the human being to overpower the powerful force of the effects of the  karmas created by him before in the past. Along side, we must think, wish and visualize positive pictures and images in our mind to create a pleasant and dynamic future.

Whatever is manifested in the physical world is first created in the mental world. All creations are born in the subtle domain first. In this way, we can recreate a better and brighter future of our choice and liking with the power of our will.

This is ‘selection by Will.’ This is how destiny can be re-created consciously. Everything lies in our hands. We create and build our destiny by overcoming past karmas with submission and acceptance and at the same time creating new, better, refined karmas with positive attitude and creative visualization.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om.

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