Improving our Thought Power-II

Morning meditation of 9/4/11.

I do not know what good I have done to earn this Grace but I do know that this kind of experience is gained when God is very pleased. Such experiences are rapid in momentum and take its own time to disclose its relevance and meaning. I am so full of gratitude and content today.  Such moments are always so welcome for a seeker and I look forward with great zeal for their reoccurence because they tell us much about the mysteries of the Alchemist, the Great Lord!

I got to meditate after a brief lull yesterday but to my surprise at the very start I had a vision of Mother Earth. I saw the Earth from far away as if I had gone up very high in a space shuttle as soon as I had closed my eyes. The Earth looked very small like a tiny globe or sphere from where I was.

And as I came down approaching the Earth, I saw its surface with green patches of vegetation scattered sparsely which was visible to me- the onlooker.

I instantly hoped that I should not see any grey or black patch over the Earth as I had seen earlier in meditation(Refer post Thought Power-I) When I did see an image of dark grey clouds over the Earth some days ago, I had never anticipated that it was a prophesy and it was the island country in the far east which suffered one of the worst natural disasters after a jolting earthquake. I wished and prayed at once that there should be no more affliction and misery for so many people, oh God and not again please.

After my prayers, I slipped into a short spell of comforting peace and savored every moment that followed. I began to speak to God, “God, you are very sweet, you are very loving, very endearing. The more I know you, the more I love you. I get more and more drawn  to you as each day passes as if you are a giant magnet and I a piece of small iron. Your attraction power is irresistible, Lord. Please pull me more and more towards yourself so that I get to know you even more. Shower your Grace over me, my Lord, my humble request to you today. Please give your enchanting love and ecstasy” Speaking out my innermost feelings around that time put me in some other world where there was no gloom or distress.

I again had a vision of Mother Earth from far away after which I prayed to God once again,” God, let there be harmony, co-operation, love and peace amongst us. There should be no room for animosity or conflict amongst your children and may I always give out loving and peaceful vibrations to whomsoever I meet or know or not know. And then in a flow I began to chant this Sanskrit mantra with devotion-

Om Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramaya…….

I became effervescent and so joyous that words are not sufficient to express myself. There is so much power in our prayers, more so during our meditations.

After mellifluous joy, arrived effulgent rays of Divine Light entering every pore of my existence thus giving me a shower of divine bath. So soothing, so very comforting… And I am beginning to think that should we not call this Atma santushti?

 Peace followed and captivated me for the next few moments.

Next, a communiqué was established between me and God in the form of soliloquy.

A gush of Vedant knowledge was given to me without my even asking for it and I was submerged in its sweet ecstasy!!

S-“Who deserve enlightenment?”

G-“Those who suffer in this Maya, illusion and who after many incarnations take shelter in God. God directs them to their predestined Guru, who is a recipient of God’s incessant Grace.” 

S-“Why does man reincarnate repeatedly?” (Read Why is Atman difficult to know?)

G-“ Because the thinking power of man is abysmal low and he does not improve the power of his thoughts.”

S- “Why does man not improve his thought power?”

G-“Because man’s existing thought power is already so low. Based on his present poor thought power, he creates new karmas which hurl him down further and hence in this way there is no way by which he can be raised. But God is concerned about us. God is always anxious and eager that somehow we must rise in Atman, in Spirit because God cannot see our suffering.”

S-“And how does God help us?”

G-“God helps us indirectly since we are not ready and prepared to connect and deal directly with Him. Those souls who are awake in Spirit, who are called our Spiritual teachers and Masters, God communicates through them. The Masters illustrate the divine path because they are always in unison with God.”( Also refer ‘The power of praying intensely’)

S-“How does the guru help us?”

G-“The thoughts or sanklap of the guru are in agreement and unity with God. They have unlimited force in them. Whenever someone with a clean heart, with a pure feeling sends out a prayer or appeal or a humble request to God, that prayer or request after touching God, first of all reaches the divine guru. The guru after God’s approval sends out divine thought vibrations which travel in the Universe. The thought waves in Cosmic Consciousness are acknowledged by us if we are prepared. So establish a strong bond with the divine guru with your mind and then establish yourself in Atman. Their powers will give you profound peace and you will become very strong in mind and deeds. After this happens, the seeker begins to think on Universal level and does good for the Universe. In this situation, God is too pleased with such souls.

Jan kalyan Vishwa kalyan,  srishti kalyan, vriksha aaropan, Vishwa shanti ki prarthana se Bhagwan bahut prassan hota hai.

With prayers sent out for the world’s welfare, planet’s wellbeing, for peace and happiness for all, acts of doing afforestation, God is extremely delighted. Without even asking for anything in return by us, God gives us everything in abundance, all our desires are nourished and we begin to touch new heights in spiritual growth and improvement.”

Foot notes:

The Vedic prayer for all mankind is-

Om Sarve Bhavantu sukhinah

Sarve santu niraamaya

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu

Maakashchid dukh bhaag bhavet

Om shanti, shanti, shanti Om…

 Brihadaaranyak Upanishad 1.4.14.


May we all be happy,

May all be free from disease and enjoy health and freedom,

May all possess good luck and prosperity,

May no one suffer even on dark days,

Om peace, peace, peace…

Soliloquy( suh.lil.uh.kwi)

-A speech in a play when a character speaks his thoughts aloud when alone or regardless of hearers.

Spiritual knowledge in many Upanishads are questions and answers between the disciple and the sage, his teacher. Aniket means soliloquy and when our soul speaks to Universal Spirit in silent communion, it is called Aniketa.

Conclusion- Praying and meditating have enormous transcedental powers. Tapping the Higher sources with them   increase our own thought powers profusely.

5 Responses to Improving our Thought Power-II

  1. Sathyaram says:

    Hello Sarika ji,

    I feel this is the right post to ask this question.For past few weeks,TN has been facing floods due to heavy rain. In Panchangam , it is clearly predicted that there is going to be flood during these dates and time. There has been quite large amount of enhancement in technology, but though it couldn’t identify the calamity before,because of which enough precautions were not taken and thereby lot of people suffered. So what I would like to know is how could people who lived thousands of years ago could predict exactly about future and what is preventing us from doing so in spite of huge improvement in technology,which is also the goal for the people right now !?

  2. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Sathyaram, for the sake of our better understanding I have broken your question in two parts and I am answering accordingly. Your question was-
    I feel this is the right post to ask this question. For past few weeks, TN has been facing floods due to heavy rain. In Panchangam, it is clearly predicted that there is going to be flood during these dates and time. There has been quite large amount of enhancement in technology, but though it couldn’t identify the calamity before because of which enough precautions were not taken and thereby lot of people suffered.
    So what I would like to know is how could people who lived thousands of years ago could predict exactly about future.

    My answer to this part is-The people who lived a few thousands of years ago were much purer in thoughts and conduct. The environment was very gentle and calm and most of the people endured to live high levels of spiritual evolution.Those sages who had an acute development of sixth sense and were extremely intuitive received the predictions. They meditated and lived a pious life and hence had the vision and sight to see what the future events were shaping as in approaching eras of thousand years. God gave them an insight so that humanity could handle the grim situations more deftly. But, (continuing in the below para)

    Q-and what is preventing us from doing so in spite of huge improvement in technology which is also the goal for the people right now?
    The more we are depending on technology, the more we are losing our natural instincts and inherent intuitive qualities. Remember, technology though very useful in many areas, also hastens the speed of our thoughts thus giving us restlessness. An agitated mind cannot be relaxed and calm and hence the intuitive faculties unused. If we were to silence our minds, if we learnt to sit in a tranquil state of mind for longer hours, the natural sixth sense would start functioning by itself. And such calamities to a great could have been handled in a better way with lesser destruction and suffering of masses….

    • Sathyaram says:

      Hello Sarika Ji,

      With great humility, I thank you very much for the detailed and descriptive reply inspite of your busy schedule. I knew you would have such a great answer for the question and also aware that you are huge storehouse of knowledge covered by simplicity .I asked the questions for the people who suffered.

      Thanks a lot !

  3. Resham says:

    Please accept my humble pranam blessed Maa. Thank you for sharing this priceless knowledge from your storehouse of ancient gems.

  4. Kiran says:

    Wonderful Q & A Maa. Thank you.

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