The power of praying intensely

Today is 31st December, the last day of this year and of the month too. And it is also my birthday and this year I would like to celebrate it differently- by writing down my thoughts for you about what all I know my dear Mandira regarding the importance of our birthday. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog entry as much as I have enjoyed collecting and writing  my thoughts. I humbly dedicate this article to my Divine Mother of Pondicherry who infused  spiritual vitality and resurrected me with Her vibrations when things were not going right for me once and I was groping without any direction.

I read somewhere in a book in which the Mother had mentioned that-

On our birthday our soul rises up and goes to meet the Divine. Therefore, we must pray and meditate with great interest and fervour on this particular day as we are very close to our source of origin.

Though these days people believe that merrymaking and revelry is a way of celebration but for me these lines reverberate on every birthday of mine since then.

Ma also explained to me that before we are about to take birth and come on the earth, it is our soul which decides and determines as to how many karmas  it will dry up or work out, out of the uncountable karmas, out of sanchit karmas or accumulated karmas of all the previous lives stored up as unripe fruits of karmic seeds in us.

It is we who decide whether we want to undergo the formidable efforts  and salvage ourselves or not. It is we who  decide in which life and when and how should it be done.

Some individuals don’t want it, some postpone it and just a very few have the courage and fiery determination to decide and agree to finish the long-pending job of salvaging their soul from their millenniums old ignorance. It is decided on the reasoning and understanding that if eventually one has to bear and work out the fruits of actions of many past lives at some point anyway, so why not do it now? Why not free myself from the entrapment of numberless cycles of life and death? It has to be done any way at some point. Although man lives in a deep slumber but the Spirit wants to be free from the shackles and soar in vast space and take a flight of freedom and float in ether without limits.

Now the question is -Does it really happen? And how?

The answer is yes,  when we pray.

Pray how?

Pray intensely!

When we pray so quietly, unknown to all, who is the witness then?

The God residing in us is the witness and administrator of our pledge and invocation.

And on what basis does God give a consent to our request?

If the pleader makes an earnest request by praying intensely to God to free him or her from the bondage of countless regressing rebirths and consequently free oneself with associated mental and physical suffering, wishes to atone, make amends, then God is merciful and gives consent.

Liberation and salvation is not possible without the consent of God who is benevolent, supportive and sympathetic.

He helps by appointing a mentor for us in the form of a Divine Guru when we come to stay  on earth and also bears a part of the weight by giving us the much required support and encouragement in the form of generating the force of forbearance, courage, fortitude, firmness in our goal, persistence in us. And also by helping us build an unshakable  faith and complete trust in the Highest Power.

My dear child, whatever I have revealed to you today is a very pensive and profound matter of spirituality. It is worth consuming all your attention and thoughts.

Imagine that very short transitory moment, the power of a single moment when we decide for all our lives to come and that moment when we pray intensely to God for this, even when we are not born in the physical body! The impact and repercussions of a moment’s intense prayers! How much power is contained in our praying intensely!

 Think. Imagine the power of intensity, imagine the power of praying and put it together and see the impact of the power of intense praying!

Intense praying contains the power of feelings, faith, devotion of God and is surcharged with willful intentions. So we must learn to pray everyday, many times and make it a natural habit. You never know which is that crucial, life-altering moment you see. Praying should become a habit. Talk to God in this way.

Some people ask me what is praying? Why should I pray?

A prayer is an invocation, a request for help and an expression of thanks made to God. It can be an earnest hope or a wish. It is a call upon God for mercy, redemption and correction.

Praying is communicating with the Omnipresent God to find a solution to a problem. It is an acknowledgment to God for favours and obligations.

When we pray, we acknowledge and accept that there is a Higher force in this universe and we submit to it for our existence.

With our prayers we send out positive vibrations in the atmosphere. It is the broadcasting of one’s innermost desires, yearnings, requests and wishes. It is purposeful invocation to the Supreme for the advancement of oneself and others.

In praying lies mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. We can regress in previous lives and therefore heal our past. We become even-tempered, peaceful and restful in mind, body and spirit. It dissolves and releases the knots and blotches of stagnant blocked or burnt energies in our system. It accelerates the process of evolution of our Spirit by exhausting the karmic deposits.

Prayers can be said loudly or silently, alone or in a  group small or big one. It can be for ourselves, our family, community, country or for humanity for the well being and goodness of all.

The more intense and truthful, emotion packed the prayer, the more powerful its impact on oneself and on others as well.

One can pray anytime, during the day or at night, while resting or while in activity, at work. By doing so the mind of the devotee  does not wander aimlessly and is  riveted firmly and hence in control. It is attuned to the Highest Power through which we receive solutions, guidance, strength, determination, peace, fortitude and stability.

Extraordinary and welcome events occur in the form of miracles in sincere praying through the work of God.

We recover, recuperate, revitalize, find remedies. We bloom, we flower, we rejoice in health and mental peace.

Many of my prayers have come true. I have prayed for years for mental prosperity, spiritual growth and physical fitness and for an uncomplicated, worry less existence. I have  wished and asked God to make each day of my life peaceful, joyful and purposeful. I see all my prayers coming true!

My sweet child, it is my sincere prayer that may your heartfelt prayers also be heard and come true!

30 Responses to The power of praying intensely

  1. mandira says:

    if we have already made a decision regarding how much karma we want to clear out before our birth, can we alter that after we have taken a physical body? or is that something we cant change? what if i realise after i have taken birth that i should have decided to clear more baggage? cant i make alterations then?

    is there any particular procedure to follow while praying? or is earnestly praying sufficient?

  2. spiritinlife says:

    Yes, we can affirm now and alterations can be made with the Grace of our Divine Guru. I will write more about it at a later stage.

    To start with, pray before you leave the bed in the morning and once before bedtime. With more practice, you can pray anytime, anywhere and anyhow. It depends on attunement with God. The deeper the connection, the lesser time reqd. So start now! It will come to you.

  3. i never knew the power of prayer could help me fre my souls of karmas…

    i do pray, but in all my prayers i have seeked courage to face what comes before me and to be able to accept and adjust to changes i may have to bear in life…

    i feel ever adversity has made me what i am today n i trust god to make better decisons for me, so i just need the courage and patience to endure that…

    but i do pray for my mom and my friends…maybe more than i’ve asked for myself.

    thank you for sharing this..i will most definitely put this into practise 🙂

    one doubt…u said God appoints a Divine Guru for us…do each of us get to meet our Guru? if yes, how do we realise or identify that we are in presence of our guru?

    • spiritinlife says:

      @Crafty ShinesPraying is an activity of a pure heart. It connects us to to God, the silent witness. You are praying right. Do pray for others and ask for courage, patience, endurance and illumination for your ownself. Sometimes, for a special few, there is Divine intervention in the form of difficulties, trials and arduous tests so that the excess baggage gets cleared now and does not get carried over to next lives. Read posts no 18&19-‘How to surmount obstacles’ You will find all your answers there.

    • spiritinlife says:

      @Crafty Shines. Your Guru will come at the right time so please wait. At the moment, you are under the cover and shade of a big banyan spiritual tree. Think, who made me write this blog? Don’t you have his benign Grace falling over you by having deep realizations these days? Your thoughtful questions and deep realizations are an indication that you are on the right path and a true seeker. Yes, we do get to meet our Guru. If not in physical form, then in subtle invisible forms. He will give you eyes (inner eye) to see Him, know him. Their presence is always there, just be subtle in your perceptions. Do read the next post due on 20th May- The process of liberation. May God bless you always!!

  4. Thank you!! I will surely check the post you have mentioned. in fact, i plan to read all of your post, one by one.

    One trivial (maybe silly) doubt… do i address u? definitely not by your name…Mandy’s mom is like my mom! what can i call you? 🙂

  5. spiritinlife says:

    @craftyshines. Read the posts as and when you can. Mandira calls me by many names- Ma, mummy, amma, saru ma, saru-ammma, momzie and the likes. You can call me by anyname or just aunty will also be fine, no problem. Be at ease. Take care.

  6. doodlescribble says:

    Dear Sarika Aunty,
    Praying intensely is a gem our school – The Mother’s International has taught us very effectively. Many a times I have realised I have sub-consciously sung some of the devotional songs of morning assembly.
    When I am riding through rough waves all I do is close my eyes and pray, a simple prayer that could be, yet I do pray.
    Yesterday I went through a very gloomy Monday, and when I introspected what was making the mind so restless, I found the heavy and gross thoughts were creating burden on my mind. I kept quiet through the course of those moments and experienced small yet positive outcomes. Yes they were positive.

    • spiritinlife says:

      I think I have already answered to your this comment in the previous one. In case not, let me know your remaining question.

  7. doodlescribble says:

    Yes Sarika Aunty, I was just sharing my positive experiences. I have started realising the benefits of these posts by following the advices mentioned in them. It takes time but it does yield results.
    Thanks and Regards,

  8. Shahid says:

    You wrote that you have prayed for years for an “uncomplicated, worry less existence “. Wow, this hits the nail right on the head.
    This is what I exactly want too mom and I guess this is what
    everyone around the world wants too. May God grant such a peaceful life without any worries to all of us.

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Shahid, You will now understand that why Bhagwan Krishna has said in Bhagwad Geeta to Arjuna that take my refuge, bow to me I shall cure you of all miseries, fear and worries. Life is indeed very complicated.
      But if we want to have a life divine which is laden with peace, satisfaction, and devotion then for that our Guru redesigns our life by taking the first step- of helping us to get rid of some difficult phases of our lives very patiently. If the devotee trusts the Guru completely, then a day comes when the devotee’s own faith in God’s mercy, his destiny and existence of a just God takes over him completely. So even if some clouds of worries float around such a devotee, he will still firmly believe that God will settle everything perfectly well for me and peace shall return soon. Eventually the bad patch disappears slowly and a new meaningful and beautiful life emerges. So we should never lose our hope, faith in God and our divine Guru and of presence of ever-present God is us!
      God bless all of us with peace, bliss and more faith!

  9. Shahid says:

    I agree Mom, we must surrender completely to the divine.
    Thank you dear mom.

  10. srinivas Movva says:

    Pranams madam,
    I realized the power of praying intensely,when I prayed intensely to Babaji,for guidance & lo! the next day comes your post” Q&A with Babaji”,dealing with the same questions among other things!

  11. Shahid says:

    What you wrote is so true mom: ” Spirit wants to be FREE from the shackles and SOAR in VAST SPACE and take a FLIGHT OF FREEDOM and float in ether WITHOUT LIMITS. ”

    Thank you again dearest God, Babaji, all the holy masters, Sarika mom and wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI as on Nov 3, 2013 🙂

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shahid, breaking from the shackles is not easy and can be very painful yet soaring after that in vast spaces is worth the gruesome trouble so try to attain this state of mind where you are not there, only God exists. A moment of God communion is worth the riches of this whole world, try being there once……you will never go back to the changeable world of changing emotions, fear, worry and apprehensions…..May God give you more illumination and cheer on this festive occasion. You have done justice to my hard work by scraping every nook and corner of the laborious posts that I have written and the spiritual experiences that I have documented for seekers like you…..Thanks Shahid. I know the post the power of praying intensely is your favourite, may God hear and react to your prayers……
      Much love and strength from God and me

      • Shahid says:

        Thank you for your reply dear mom. This blog post is indeed one of my favourite one’s 🙂

      • Shahid says:

        I was just reading your reply again mom. You wrote, “A moment of God communion is worth the riches of this whole world, try being there once “. The effort is on and with the divine grace, I shall experience this communion in this lifetime. Glory to the Divine <3

  12. Asim says:

    Thank you Aunty for this wonderful post…By and By prayers come up and longing is there…Like a compass guiding to light…

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Asim, praying to Lord for His compassion, love and peace should be done. Also if there is any hindrance in your life, you may seek fortitude, endurance and patience. God gives us everything which we need to help us grow in body, mind and soul. So pray as much as you can, you will feel blessed.
      Sarika Aunty

  13. Kiran says:

    Dear Maa,

    I have been re-reading old posts again; read this today. Thank you for this wonder ful post.

    Looking back, my prayers have changed over the last few years-It is more surrending and thanking divine for everything now.



    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Kiran, when we accept our lives and the life circumstances as they are, we change from inside. We become braver and more at peace with ourselves. And we receive more benevolent vibrations and messages floating in the atmosphere which further enhance our spiritual state. Therefore, always welcome whatever God sends with the firm belief that you can after all tackle everything with the faith and trust established inside your heart.
      Pranam and blessings from me.

  14. pandey2 says:

    “A moment of God communion is worth the riches of this whole world”

    – May we all live in peace..May have uncomplicated, worry less existence..May we all grow spiritually and have purposeful life.

    Pranam Ma.. Millions of thanks for this wonderful post.

  15. midhunpk210 says:

    Pray how?

    Pray intensely!

    When we pray so quietly, unknown to all, who is the witness then?

    The God residing in us is the witness and administrator of our pledge and invocation.

    “The more intense and truthful, emotion packed the prayer, the more powerful its impact on oneself and on others as well.”

    “Extraordinary and welcome events occur in the form of miracles in sincere praying through the work of God.”

  16. Shahid says:

    ” Intense praying contains the power of feelings, faith, devotion of God and is surcharged with willful intentions. So we must learn to pray everyday, many times and make it a natural habit. You never know which is that crucial, life-altering moment you see. Praying should become a habit. “

  17. Kiran says:

    Pranam Ma, I was reading “The power of praying intensely” few days back. In that post you have written ” we must learn to pray everyday, many times and make it a natural habit.”

    Ma, If we keep praying to Lord and constantly asking for the same thing over and over again – say spiritual progress, liberation, peace etc.Aren’t we doubting our faith in Him. Wouldn’t He have heard our sincere appeal the first time itself.

    Wouldn’t our prayers get answered or manifest eventually, provided our prayers are earnest , truthful and meaningful?

    • spiritinlife says:

      My dear Kiran, this question is very pertinent. As human beings, we forget God for too long because of our keen interest in Maya. When we return to God, we start praying and pleading. But remember, God does not respond so easily in the beginning because our preoccupation of making our character divine with constant remembrance of God is not durable. God is listening without any doubt but God wishes to make sure that we really mean it or else we may turn towards God for sometime and then forget our pursuit if a strong wave of Maya arrives or lashes us. God makes sure to find out whether we will go back in no time to our old self or will we continue to be having unconditional love for God the rest of our life. Hence, it is very good that we repeat our invocations so hard that the layers of our Maya start getting eroded. When we prove our credibility, God responds slowly and we do not even know that we have stopped thinking of outer world seriously, our mind becomes deeply engrossed in our pursuit of seeking, pleading, invoking, thanking and remembering the Divine. So, continue invoking God for liberation, peace, spiritual progress until God responds and you feel God has heard you.

      Bless you,

  18. Sujata Pradhan says:

    Dear Ma,
    Pranam, What a wonderful post , I feel like absorbing gods words in me.

    Thanks a lot.

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