Our lives are in our hands-I

Our actions are what we are. Our actions are what we will be, our actions build our future lives. Our actions determined where we were even before many, many years in the bygone eras and times. Actions determine the character of a person. We are judged by God by the type of our performed actions. We are judged by God by the intentions of our actions. Actions are the Force which will push the soul either upwards or downwards on the wheel of life and death on the cycle of evolution!!!!

My dear Mandira, this evening I want to draw your attention on something which I feel you should be knowing by now. It is very important that you understand a few fundamental concepts and principles of Divine Laws on which our lives rest. Unless you know and understand them, you will not be able to take charge of your life. The following three posts will be an explanation of this so please try to link each post with the other and then understand the  principle in totality. It will start with a mundane example but will lead you to very crucial  fundamental principles of spirituality. So let’s start from this point-

If you look around yourself, perhaps you must have marked that most of the time our immediate environment is not agreeable and pleasurable as people are having altercations with co-workers, squabbling with neighbours, having some dispute with one or the other or else people are slanging match with relatives and opponents. We are not able to give, share, understand other people’s problems and pains, lack sympathy and shirk to co-operate. Just observe all that what I have brought out to your notice. Why do you think this is quite common no matter where you go? Did you ever find out why does man not live in adjusting and co-operative manner? It sometimes pains me to see that there are so many people who are not  caring,  are unconcerned, unhelpful and are self-serving to the core. What could be the real reason behind all this you must know.

Man by nature is born selfish. He is by nature covetous, acquisitive and egocentric. And the reason behind his improper behaviour and attitude is- ignorance and lack of understanding. He does not know that his actions are an outcome of his ignorance.

As we sow, so we reap. So actions based on cunningness, selfishness and hate not only create unhappiness for oneself but by the act of the Supreme’s Law of action and reaction, his actions are all the time shaping and building a future life for him which will degrade his soul and as a punishment he will regress in future coming  lives by encountering poverty, disease, sorrow and inadequacies. One may find all this as unreasonable and unbelievable but this is true. Each soul is responsible for oneself. There is so much poverty all around us and one seeks to know why is it so? It’s of course because of greed and exploitation by a few and nonetheless also due to the wrong doings of the sufferers at some point of time for which he is paying now.

Whenever a soul performs a wrong action, a thin layer of dark energy covers his Soul. And the brain gets proliferated with dark dense dots of negative energy and he, in turn, cannot perform deeds wisely and his intellect gets contaminated under the dark cloud of darkness. On the contrary, when we do actions and activities whether in a group or solo like generosity, helpfulness, love and kindness  and unselfishness, the already existing layers of darkness and ignorance over our Soul is dispersed, gets thinner and our brain is polished little by little. That’s why good natured people, irrespective of   lack of material wealth or good health are spirited people. Wherever they go, they beam happiness and make everyone light. Such people are morally upright, fearless and will always perform righteous acts as prescribed in our scriptures.

(To be continued)

4 Responses to Our lives are in our hands-I

  1. that was a wonderful explanation. also, it is not true that a deed, good or bad, does a round in the universe, only to return to us?
    i heard about the aura of a person, is it the same as u mention a layer of energy that surrounds us? i’ve known of auro readers being able to judge by aura the person’s physical and mental state and wellness.

    your last para about the positie people reminded me of late ustad bismillah khan. a shehnai maetro, he gave indian cinemas the trademark shaadi music and contributed manyfold to the music world, but took home nothing material.
    he lived with very less material comfort, as compared to his other musical counterparts, and also passed away in unpleasing and materialistic poor conditions. but everytime i’ve seen his photograph, it was with a smile so endearing, like he was the happiest person in this world. which i have no doubt he was.

    according to him, music was his means of communicating and serving the master, and he never expected or missed the fame and fortune it could have got him.

    its so true when u say that spirited people are always beaming happiness. how else could i explain why my heart was touched when i saw even a picture of the ever-smiling ustad bismillah khan? 🙂
    awaiting your next post eagerly!!!

  2. spiritinlife says:

    @craftyshines. Its true that our deeds come back to us at appropriate time.
    Aura is the energy field around us. It is like an envelope around us. While what I have mentioned here is that as soon as we do a wrong deed, there is an impact. The neg energy gets deposited in our brain and spinal chord like a black dot. And if the person continues to go on repeating misdeeds, the layer of neg energy, like tarter, accumulates in the space in our brain cells. Thereby stopping the Divine Light to penetrate and so no illumination! Now read the post again and you will understand it well.
    Aura readers can see the colours in our energy field and interpret it accordingly. If there is inflammation, the area will red. If decay then murky brown and if diseased then blackish. If someone is depressed or gloomy, there will be grey patches in the area of his head and so on…
    God can be achieved thru many paths, one of them is music. So some musicians meditate, serve and have devotion when they pursue music. They become one with God in intense moments. That’s why you found the face beaming with happiness!!!

  3. yes, after ur explanation it is much clearer to visualise what u meant. wow, a dot on the brain n spinal chord?! that is a bit scary 😦
    does complaining also count as negative energy? i’ve been doin a lot lately, due to a current bad phase at work and family.

    but, i have also realised that if i am unhappy with my work place and still continue to simply grumble, that will not help. so am taking steps towards making a change, hopely to a positive effect (fingers crossed!)

    right now i don’t think my aura will be a pleasant colour, coz i carry a lot of mental baggage… but am much much better than a few years back!

    am glad i found ur blog through mandira! i seek spiritual awareness and self-awareness, and i am happy i can hold discussions on my doubts too! 🙂

  4. spiritinlife says:

    @crafty shines. complaining does not help but explaining to ourselves does! Tell yourself that things will change and bring about changes in your life by your own attempts. Change your perception and attitude. Read ‘Kaleidoscope’ post, its relevant here. There are some e-mails as posts, catch up with them. Nothing is permanent here, so just smile. Lots of love to you. Sarika

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