What is Shakti?

Shakti is a Force. It is the unseen force by which this whole Universe was created. Nobody knows who created this force and how and when was it created. Vedas have called it anadi for this reason.

Shakti cannot be seen but can be only felt by us or  we can simply say that it is aabhas matra and agochar i.e something which is not seen with the eyes.

It is only seen after it manifests itself in some activity or creativity. The Cosmic creation that we see around us is the manifestation of that One Force or Shakti.

Shakti is sanatan which means eternal and it is limitless and unending hence called anant in Sanskrit. The Force is indestructible hence very powerful and potent.

Shakti is worshiped because it is pure and benign.

The Gods, deities and the saints are the ones who possess this force and hence we worship them. In fact, it is their Shakti that we submit ourselves too.

Shakti serves two purposes- constructive and destructive.

Constructive force is silent and destructive force noisy and loud.

In all of us lies just a fraction of the Cosmic force of which we are unaware. It lies very deep inside us covered by many layers of thoughts and sanskaras. This force lying deep inside can be tapped with the help of deep meditation.

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  1. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    ” Shakti is sanatan which means eternal and it is limitless and unending hence called anant in Sanskrit. The Force is indestructible hence very powerful and potent.”

    Putting out an intention for the SHAKTI within me to please awaken and also for those, who are sincere and ready for this huge force to awaken within them <3

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      @Shahid,this event happens when we have never abused shakti or energy in some form in any life and done innumerable compassionate actions towards all living beings. God in the form of shakti or eternal Force manifests in particular circumstances in its raw form when we worship God in energy or shakti form. So whenever you worship any deity or God or Goddess, remember when they bless us we might be able to perceive God as Shakti one day with their blessing. So stay pure, kind and compassionate always…

  2. midhunpk210
    midhunpk210 says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya.

    sarika ma, pranam.

    thanks for this post.

    ■ Ma, brahma is also eternal, and all come from there, brahma is creator, everything belongs to brahma, as per my understanding by this time. sakti also eternal no ending, and pure. and here i have read that “sakti is the force by which this whole Universe was created”
    what really the difference between both ?, still i am not clear.

    please clear me if i am wrong going.

    thanks a lot for your valuable time.

    With all love,
    midhun Pk

    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear Midhun, There are two things that exist in our Cosmmos, one is this Universe which was born out of powers of God called Shakti. All the Shaktis are born from the source of Infinite Brahma.
      Brahma is quiet, still, motionless, unknown to almost everybody barring just a handful.As God wishes that the Shakti or Creation be eternal, nothing can destroy it. Out of Brahma’s thought or sankalpa this shrishti or Nature was born and it is maintained also because it is the will of God.
      To sum up, two things, immobile, unmanifested, silent and mysterious is God or Brahma. While the Creation is in action, has form and shape, is visible to our senses, has cause and effect and has a tenure.
      For the time being grasp just this much, rest you will perceive yourself.


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