Dear friends, I am back home from a very pleasant, memorable and extra ordinary spiritual trip, trek and voyage to Holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Lake Mansarovar in the Himalayas with renewed revelations and elucidations.

I am still not able to let go of the recurring flashes & memories of stupendous, mind boggling scenic beauty and the awe-inspiring creation of land, waters, mountains, meadows, valleys, rivers, green foliage and other beautiful concurring panorama that I saw during my recent visit to Nepal, Tibet and China. It has filled my innermost mind with very sweet, everlasting memories of a life time which I shall treasure all my life.

These days I am preoccupied with deep contemplation and simultaneously organizing my thoughts and unique experiences for future articles. With God’s blessing and will, I may return to writing on the holy festival of Krishna Janamashtmi which falls on  2nd Sept this year with invigourated thoughts and consolidated finer understanding.

Till then, have a look at some of the awesome pictures of the  people and places I visited.


Holy Mountain Kailash

Lake Mansarovar- serenity. serenity & serenity!!

Majestic Mt.Gurla Mandhata lying to the south of Mansarovar. See its beautiful reflection in the Lake!

Rakshas Tal near Mansarovar at dusk. Tranquility, tranquility & tranquility!!

Herds of sheep grazing in meadows and mountain.

Green fields in a vast valley!!

A lovely child on the street near a temple!

A woman praying on a wheel outside the temple in Paryang.

Swayambhu temple, Kathmandu

Budhaneelkantha, a temple where Lord Vishnu reclines in a pond over the cosmic serpent, Anant Shesh. Situated in Kathmandu

An adorable Chinese baby in Saga, who made friends with me and wore my ‘bindi”!! Bindi is worn on the forehead and is typical Indian adornment of a woman!!

That’s me, trying to scale heights!! On a trek on a sunny day at Nyalam, China.Don’t miss those two people on top of the mountain!!

Mountain Flight in Kathmandu

Mountain peaks in the Himalayas. Seen from the mountain flight.

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  1. lakshmi
    lakshmi says:

    Welcome back home. I hope you feel refreshed and closer
    to Lord Shiva. I successfully completed Mt Kailash yatra last August. I went with Anil mavinkurve. I know how you feel and believe me its one year but the memory is so vivid like it was done a few days ago.

    With lots of warm South African hugs and Namaste


    • spiritinlife
      spiritinlife says:

      Dear friend Lakshmi.
      Great to hear from you and first of all accept my apologies for belated reply as I was not in town.
      What you have mentioned is very true. The sacred place of Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar is very sanctified and full of strong divine vibrations because of which it does not fade away or recede in us. During meditation also those vibrations linger. In fact, the whole experience of just being there is so overwhelming and everlasting. I must say Anil’s blog helped me a lot in my preparations and he is blessed to have recorded his journey for others to walk on!!
      Stay in touch. With many good wishes & namaste to you. Sarika


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