More posts !?

A note- A few readers have written to me expressing their wish that instead of entering 2 posts every month I must post 3 as they look forward to them with yearning.

Dear friends, at the start I myself had thought that I must post 3 short and concise posts so that there is continuity and link is maintained. But then a thought erupted from somewhere and I wondered how can I think and write at such short intervals with something or the other always waiting to be done and something asking so much of my attention every day? But after reading a very sincere devotee’s mail in the morning today, I have decided to post 3 articles every month as it is revd. Babaji who will eventually guide me through his mental powers for me to write in a flow & complete his assigned job.

In the first segment categorized as ‘A’, I did enter 3 posts every month. It will be the same now. One post on 10th, 20th & 30th day of each month.

Looking forward to meet you on these dates and also hear from you more often!!

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