Kriya Shakti, the power to act-I


(From – The state of Super Consciousness-I)

How do the yogis achieve the highest levels of Consciousness?

Each man possesses a mental body of his own. It is the energy of the kind of thoughts that dwell and are nurtured in the mind. His intellectual property, his process of thinking and the kind of thoughts nurtured are all included in the mental body. Each thought that we send out, each thought that we receive and the cumulative power of it all makes a man what he is and it this thought power to which we are attracted in some people or repelled depending on the quality of thought.

Every thought has its own vibration and wave length. The nearer it is to Super Consciousness, the higher its power.  The lower the thought, the denser the wave. The higher the consciousness of the person, the subtler the thought. Our thought waves float in the ether like sound waves. One’s mind is able to catch the wavelength of a similar thought. We should be careful in mixing with people, spiritual aspirants should try to mingle with strong, healthy and positive minds.

There are three types of power that a man possesses in his consciousness.

Ichcha Shakti or the power of one’s desire

Sankalp Shakti or thought power and

Kriya Shakti or the power to do actions.


Dear friends, we have already discussed 3 posts each on Ichcha Shakti titled ‘The role of power of will in a seeker’s life’, and 3 posts on ‘Sankalp Shakti’ titled ‘Thought Power’ and now we are embarking on the last  one called ‘Kriya Shakti’ titled ‘Kriya Shakti- the power to act’ with this post.

These days the word ‘Kriya’ is generally used for the ancient type of breathing technique or pranayam in Kriya Yoga system that is intended to accelerate spiritual development.

‘Kriya’ also means to do or actions performed.  From the word ‘Kriya’ here, we are going to deal with typically those actions which are performed in order to attain God in this life.


‘Kriya’ performed as an act of respiration and pranayam is to purify the body and the breath i.e ‘prana’  in order to achieve divine illumination.

Acts performed as  ‘dhyana’ or meditation are for purifying and stilling the mind. It is the act in which the mind or thought is disconnected from the outer world and is fixed on the waves of God vibrations.

But all actions or kriyas performed with sincerity in worshipping God purify the soul! They are termed ‘devik kriyas.’  


Christianity preaches mankind to give love and service.

Buddhism teaches us to remain calm, be non-violent and to live life with kindness. It however, does not teach us how to deal with recurring life challenges or difficulties of a human life.

Hinduism or Vedantic knowledge which is condensed in the eternal holy scripture Bhagwat Geeta, teaches us to face difficult life situations and unexpected challenges thrown at various stages of life apart from revealing us what is Brahma or the eternal, undying Spirit and guiding Light present in all of us. It teaches us to rise to the occasion and remain calm even in the face of difficulties. And also whatever we do, we must do with all our sincerity and honesty.

Those men who perform their present karmas or life situations with sincerity, calmness and honesty get connected to their Higher Self  and receive inspiration and guidance in terms of answers and solutions to their problems.

Therefore the seeker must know and remember that we have been bestowed with the power with which we either choose to act or choose not to act. We have also been given the power to choose what kind of actions to perform.

(To be continued)

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  1. midhunpk210 says:

    Lord bless all of us to do only devik kriyas, not any mistake in this life or coming lives..

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