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During the intense moments of my morning meditation of 22nd August, in the beginning, I prayed with all my earnestness to bring down peace as a Force in those parts of India where there was continuing communal disharmony, mutual hate and fear. I could feel the waves of uneasiness and nervousness at those sites. My heart begins to pound and ache by such a thing and I become uneasy for no apparent reason in such circumstances. I craved to dispel those strained waves in the air so that the waves of peace descending over me from the highest skies, which come several times in a day should not be breached. It becomes utterly difficult to live during those days when there is either some kind of turmoil in the air or if there are cries of people suffering in anguish, troubles and woes somewhere in the world ringing in my heart.

Although I have no control over lingering unresolved political and social issues, nonetheless I have an instrument, a small power which I have used more often than ever before now a days, to combat disruptive forces in nature. And that hidden power is the power of silent praying to God. I call out to God very fervently though not with my lips and mouth but with my heart’s achy yet natural feelings. Also in moments of serenity I often wonder and question myself, ‘How can we imagine to ever live without peace? Imagine a world, a place where peace is lost or  is missing. For a person like me, I find that peace is so very essential for living life in divinity. Why don’t people understand the value of peace in our daily and spiritual  lives?”

I was addressing and directing all my woes to God who I know listens to every word that I mumble quietly in my heart. By doing so, I got lost in this mood and even lost count of time. And by losing myself in this way, I felt a lot better after I had lightened my inside sacred corner by talking to God, who exists everywhere and within my heart. Peace returned quickly. At the end of my meditation, God responded by telling me that my prayers have been heard. I felt much relieved. I don’t know if my prayer had that much strength to completely wash off the negativity of so many people creating mischief somewhere, but the very fact that God responded and I felt the Presence in my body and soul, it was surely good enough to remove the pervading glumness and generate waves of re-energizing energies in the physique and alongside  pump fluttering joy in my heart.

In the transcendental state one later afternoon while resting, I was praying to all the rivers of my country to calm down as it was causing a lot of distress and loss to many people living in the mountains and plains because of excessive monsoon rains transforming into floods. Prior to this, I worshipped God in the form of water in the rivers to protect the lives and properties of all the people and not show its ire as a destructive Force. I pleaded sorry for the wrongdoings of the culprits. I perceived God in the form of many types of Forces in Nature and comprehended that humans are completely ignorant about God’s working in Nature and I discovered how God has systematically organized its Universe by distributing responsibilities to many divine entities called as ‘Devata’ in Hindu scriptures and mythology. Accordingly, I prayed to ‘Varun Devata’ or the God of water to control the environmental issues which seem to be overwhelming the population adversely in many parts of the world.

Soon a celestial figure appeared before me and blessed me by saying that I will never be affected adversely by the torrential lashes of rain or floods and I will never be stranded in a calamity like a flash flood or  deluge. I thanked him genuinely for keeping me safe in difficult environmental conditions if I ever would be in a situation like that in future. Upon his arrival and after the fortune blessing given to me, my heart felt all the more ecstatic because I had prayed for the welfare of so many people whom I don’t even know. I attained tremendous peace by praying for the wellbeing and safety of millions livestock, animals and humans. I began to float lightly in the Cosmic Universe inundated in God’s peace besieged by quietude. I held on to this Supreme gift cravingly and felt even lighter than ever before. Once the mind is free of all the earthly bindings after cleansing and baptising in the holy waters of ever pure Spirit, it can reach anywhere and it can connect easily to other Spirits straightaway with ease with God’s will, because in the ethereal space there is One Universal Mind and we are all connected.

After this, I promptly got connected to the voice of one forest’s Spirit in the European countries. The soul of that forest arrived unpredictably on its own just after the previous one departed and said, “I am the Soul of a forest in United Kingdom.” Sensing my bewilderment, it said, “Yes, even forests have Spirits or Souls. This particular forest has a lot of peace. I am gifting you instantaneous healing from the physical discomfort that you are afflicted with at this moment as you have received the bad vibrations of some malicious people living around you. Your unselfish prayers for saving the people from natural calamity have earned you this gift of healing and my undecided sudden appearance.”

My mind raced and thought rapidly before I anticipated I would lose my most unexpected contact with the Spirit of this Forest. So I swiftly asked myself, “What unknown knowledge of the concealed Spirit can I, on the spur of the moment receive from a Soul of a Forest which is en-grained with so much peace?” So far I had never communicated directly with the Spirit of a forest, I knew though that all forests, mountains and rivers have a Soul of its own. They all have a guardian as these Spirits. The Spirits are caretakers of the assigned areas for their growth, nurture and protection. Immaculately came the impeccable reply to my running thought, “All the trees in a forest have an individual soul of its own and they emit peaceful vibrations in this forest. All the trees collectively emit united tranquillity and   peace. Each forest has its appointed deity or celestial entity which has a Spirit of its own. It is the responsibility of this forest Spirit to safeguard the longevity and protection of that forest. These Spirits bless or curse humans according to the good or bad actions performed by them correspondingly. The looters, poachers and corrupt people are cursed and are dealt with severely and punished in many ways in due course of time. While the gentle, caring, kind and humane people are congruently rewarded and blessed in so many benevolent ways now and in future lives also in the form of health, happiness and prosperity.

Civil and social unrest may be because of religious, political or cultural conflicting issues, devouring peace of some regions and places of the world. Out of so many ways, one way of establishing lingering peace in such zones is by growing and nurturing forests and trees in a big number. Every human- being must definitely at least once in his life grow many trees somehow. That person will attain instant peace of mind. By planting a large number of trees, a thick cover of peace will blanket this Earth and in moments of human strife, it will act as a buffer in that place. It will make a huge difference there. In case where unfortunately, communal riots and disharmony are struck, peace shall be resumed quicker than usual time because of the forests and trees transmitting quietness, coolness and serenity in the atmosphere. One unknown reason of losing peace from this Earth is felling and losing of colossal number of big, green trees very swiftly from it.”

(To be continued)

(02.09.12 The picture of the forest is Peaks-Forest in UK sent by Nishith Patel.

Thanks Nish, it is very appropriate and I was searching for one similar to this and you caught my thoughts at the right time. It is a wonderful photo, so calm and serene.)

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  1. Shahid
    Shahid says:

    Thank you Sarikaji for this sentence which I shall apply when the time comes and situations permit : “Every human- being must definitely at least once in his life grow many trees somehow. That person will attain instant peace of mind. ”

    Beloved Babaji, Why is there so much violence in Kashmir and unrest between India and Pakistan? May peace prevail esp in Kashmir and other countries where there is disharmony,violence etc.

    A Zillion thanks to God,Babaji and Sarikaji for this wonderful Blog.

  2. pandey2
    pandey2 says:

    Thank you Maa… Love to read this

    -In the ethereal space there is One Universal Mind and we are all connected.

    -One unknown reason of losing peace from this Earth is felling and losing of colossal number of big, green trees very swiftly from it.”

    The picture “showerella” is so peaceful. One can get peace Just by seeing it.

    with love and gratitude.

  3. midhunpk210
    midhunpk210 says:

    Dear ma,

    Respect and thanks to u for praying for saving number of peoples, others life..

    Thanks a lot for this inspiring post..

    Looking forward.

    Ohm namo narayana..

    May guruvayurappan bless all of us..

    With lots of love,
    Midhun pk


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