I get a new life, a new Light in Badrinath-I

Dear readers, before you proceed to read this new post, I hope you must have read the previous two –New Life, New Light and Expand your Consciousness-II. As the later is lengthy and to recapitulate the important portion from it, let me please highlight and quote a few lines after which the flow of the post will begin.

“Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom – Teevra gyan, Prachand gyan and Prabhutva gyan – intense, very intense and blazing wisdom respectively. In between these three stages there are other sub -stages of spiritual and God’s wisdom.”

This new post which has a titleI got a new life, a new Light in Badrinath,’ will have three parts- I, II and III. Part I will narrate about my new life and part II & III will deal with how I got new Light after Mahavatar Babaji revealed some exceptional Oriental antique knowledge as supreme Grace to me after I could not meet him in Badrinath in Sept’12. A deep sense of gratitude wells up all the time in silent moments these days for Him even though outwardly I have been thoroughly engaged in formatting and composing this exceptional post since then. This is surely one of those articles which can never fade or become dull in my memory and will always be most treasured for so many reasons known only to me. My recent voluminous experiences prior to this post and also just before the post took a definite shape today are some of the most wonderful, extra ordinary and memorable experiences I have ever had –earthly as well as spiritual. They have in fact been life-altering experiences. I am now a very changed person- much, much calmer and quieter inside outside. The deep sense of oneness with my Supreme Self and the unbroken connection between we two makes it so. The exclusive experiences have today made me understand what is Moksha or liberation, the complete science behind it and also what happens on this path even after this particular eminent high state of human Spiritual Consciousness is attained.

The theory of karma and karmafal or action and reaction is densely connected with the kind and level of illumination or Moksha a soul finally gets; they are very intricately interconnected in this matter. I have learnt that the highest spiritual wisdom comes to only those who are pure, pious and kind-hearted in every life and not just selected few out of the uncountable. It is a chain or series of many, many virtuous births and pious lives that are responsible for accumulation of highest spiritual wisdom-the stage of Prabhutva Gyan or blazing knowledge and wisdom. It comes after one attains Moksha. It is a long procedure where our every good act, whether visible or invisible to others accumulate over a very long period of time and those very actions act as a highly positive force in some future specific life to give us the incredible powerful push that we would require to break free from the bondage of lives which were our very first ones on this Earth as humans!!! Imagine going that very far in time and space in mind or manas with your kindest Guru! This is real and is possible if you desire it very strongly and fall in the category of intense and fiery determined seekers and meet the pre-qualifications to achieve it which are pre-set by the Supreme Force.

I have been very fortunate to be able to reach up to the first ever human birth that I took and recently the last thin string that was tying me as a compulsion was broken and I became free of any chain.

This blog post is for one and all. It is for those readers who have been consistent in keeping in touch with the regular postings on the blog since its inception or who have arrived lately and are taking their first steps. It is also for those people who are yet to come from all over the world. This article is going to be useful for the people of future as this post also touches upon concerns and issues of our present overall lives and even the lives of our generations still to come. All the posts which are regularly posted here are for all types of seekers, the casual one, the serious one and lastly the very serious ones. It depends on each one’s desire how far one wants to go or how much does each seeker wishes to experience one’s Divine Self vis- a -vis in this very life.

To procure the highest order of spiritual knowledge called Prabhutva Gyan, or blazing knowledge, the guru makes the disciple undergo intensive spiritual work and toil so that the very transparent invisible loam or dirt of delusion does not exist anywhere; it vanishes completely. The more we lose the grip of that ignorance or Maya, the more wisdom we get. Meditation erases slowly the memory of our contact and contamination with Maya over lives. Meditation calms the mind, cleans it of prevailing Maya, subdues and quietens it. And the rays of God’s Light in intense moments of high meditative stage, penetrate our cerebrum and in doing so they give us solutions and answers to our protracted and bewildering problems which are manifestations of our difficult karmas or actions performed sometime in the past. When the last strings or threads of karmic bondage with the very first lives are also shattered by the blazing knowledge very gently and you are set free, the soul is ready for the third and final stage of illumination- Prabhutva Gyan. The bondages are hidden in the subtle body and cannot be seen by anyone except the Guru. The corresponding alterations and markings of these karmic slavery are etched inside the brain. During meditation, with the grace of God and the Divine Master, the shreds called the loam of ignorance or avidya present in the brain are wiped off by the illuminating rays of Light and there are no dust particles in our spine and nervous system. In future times, as there are no particles of ignorance in our nervous system, the rays of the blazing wisdom enter freely in our nervous cells. Such a phenomenon is for the handful as the criteria for passing this is hard to meet.

  • There are three things that the seeker must have never done in any one of his incarnations and based on those criteria, he/she becomes qualified to even dream of procuring such blazing illumination called as Prabhutva Gyan. The highest level of wisdom and spiritual knowledge is attained after one attains Moksha and are next levels after this stage. Such a soul should never have committed suicide even if there were insurmountable difficulties or pain in any life.
  • Should never have killed or murdered any one and
  • Should not have grabbed someone’s land unlawfully with force or coercion.

If any soul has ever committed either one or more than one of these sins in any life, then by the order and command of God, he/she is debarred from attaining the highest stage of Samadhi- Brahma Samadhi. It is achieved only after attaining Prabhutva Gyan, the most blazing knowledge and wisdom of God and its workings.

God has a record of all our past actions in all our lives or incarnations and the perfect Guru can peep into all your lives easily. Having said that, if the seeker is very determined not to mind the fury of so many lives’ force of karmas unfolding in some queer or hard ways, and wishes to still rise up and bask in the glory and shine of one’s Cosmic Spirit, then the perfect Guru will give some of his own force and will power to substantiate the will power and desire of his disciple, irrespective of any gender provided she or he is willing to take on anything, any circumstance that is sent by the will of God at that juncture. The perfect Guru will then start his mastery of skilled acts by guiding the disciple in the most mysterious fashion to accomplish this far-fetched and inconceivable goal.

In the mid of October 2011, one afternoon while I was sitting relaxed and thinking of my spiritual life journey, suddenly I heard Babaji saying that he would like me to travel to many places in a serial to India’s heritage sites.

I had many times wished to go to Khajuraho and Ajanta Ellora since a long time but never went there. And as the itinerary got finalized, I was thrilled and at that time I was not in a position to perceive the connotation of the whole episode and drama. The real meaning of intensive travelling was minimal and superficial. The unabridged purpose of visiting the various sites has just been understood and seeped in. In Nov’11, I began touring with the first trip to Kanhangad, Kerala to the caves of Swami Shri Nityananda where he did penance for many years. I received a lot of strength and understanding of his personal spiritual journey and my future spiritual journey alongside with that. He blessed me so that I could pursue my future journey smoothly and without breaks and hurdles.

A short visit to Karla caves near Mumbai and Igatpuri to trek to Kalsubai moutain in December and to Ajanta Ellora in January was made. Soon after this, we went to Mallikarjun at Sri Sailam in the month of February after which I toured Puri, Konark Dhauligiri Bhubaneshwar and concluded the round with Khajuraho in the month of March. I assumed that the travelling would end here. But the whole touring came to an end finally only last month when I again went to Shri Badrinath in September.  I went to Badrinath in August also but returned from Rishikesh because of floods and landslides  . Why were these many trips made apart from seeing the heritage sites was hidden in mystery until a few days back when I found out slowly. I had mentioned in those posts that I had visited my past lives when I was in Puri or Khajuraho and I have also constructed temples in a few important sites there. I was made to visit these places because they are a landmark in my spiritual journey and those lives standout from others. The unburnt seeds of unripe karmas were cauterized by reliving those lives momentarily. Then again, what was the need to know all this was kept hidden away from me until the whole truth was out after I made a third unsuccessful attempt to meet Shri Mahavatar Babaji in the middle of September’12.

In the last few months I wanted three things from Shri Mahavatar Babaji

  • More Divine knowledge
  • Inspiration to touch new unparalleled heights in Spirit
  • Shakti or power to increase the depth and duration of my daily meditations

Although I did not come to know when God heard my petition, but the recent hardships, turmoil, agitation and arduous events at home and in the trip to the Himalaya’s Badrinath temple area, granted me to a great extent my above desired plea. However, there were no prior indications or intimations from any where as to what was to happen and what would finally emerge from it all. Whatever few instructions that were articulated by Shri Mahavatar Babaji sometime during the day or sometime during calm moments of night to me were obeyed and followed with complete reliance and executed with confidence. This went on for more than a month and a half.

As each day arrived one by one, beginning from 22nd August onwards they became harder and harder to take till the end of September. I was still absolutely clueless about what was happening and also what my predefined and pre- casted fate was and the final outcome of all that was on-going. Yet I believed in Babaji’s godlike words and pursued till the end; my utter blind faith in Mahavatarji led me to do so and I was tenacious and indefatigable. So much so, that when my mother underwent a long stay in the hospital in the last week of August in Sharjah,  I was told by my relatives at one stage that she was recovering and would return home in two days. So I left for Delhi on 13th Sept and proceeded towards Badrinath area. I reached on 16th evening and the same evening my mother passed away and we were miles and miles away from each other. This was devastating. I was a helpless onlooker and was wondering what could be the reason of Babaji’s queer behaviour.

I later realized that because of lack of purity and divinity prevailing in the people around me, Babaji thought it wise to instead pursue the pre-decided plans of clearing the load of dense karmas of me and my daughter. And therefore I found myself in the chilly weather of the Himalayas instead of being with all the relatives who soon dived cheaply after the bad news came to take charge of performing mundane, inane acts and rites and thus glorifying themselves rather than the departed soul! Though I was gloomy and felt out of place, I decided to still pursue my goal to reach the caves of Shri Mahavatar Babaji twenty five kilometres away from Badrinath temple.

This time again the guide conned us and much against my intuition and wish, started the trek on a wrong day. There were wet clouds and the sun did not seem to be kind to us that day. We still began our trek although late on 18th September. The weather became very adverse after two o’clock and we were not taken care at all by any one. The consequences were that I became critically ill on 12,000 feet above sea level by four o’clock and had to be rescued literally. We were very lucky to meet by chance a group of five curious paramilitary trainees and a trainer respectively near our tent. I told them that there was an emergency and I wished to cut short my trek because of bad treatment and lack of amenities given by the organizer. They agreed and we trekked back in a drizzly dark night thus saving each other’s lives. The path was very dangerous and slippery. We faced death every moment and were many times hanging by just a fine thread of life over wet rocks, slippery muddy path and cold weather! One wrong step and we would have fallen in cold Alaknanda river from a huge height. The army men also did not know the route back so we became a whole rescue team. My daughter was alright and looked after me all the way and saw to it that I would not slide back. I had caught a chill because of wet shoes and the body was not getting warm and I was about to become unconscious at some moments. She had never seen me fall to such a poor health condition before and salvaged me by being brave on that scary night and by looking after me all the way down.

In the meadow where we had camped before our retreat, I had lost all hopes of reaching the higher altitudes where Babaji usually stays and thus to meet him personally even this time; realizing this I was totally thunderstruck. It was the most disappointing moment of my life. I was dead tired, disappointed and flabbergasted and somehow reached my hotel at nine o’clock. There everyone was very helpful and caring. They made sure that we immediately got something to eat to make us warm, brought us the useful items from the shop at night and recommended and gave us good food to get good sleep and rest. A sense of belonging and security returned and I became better by recovering very fast.

On the other hand when I woke up in the morning of 19th Sept, magically there was no exhaustion or pain in the body as if I had not trekked those rough and deadly eight something kilometres at all. And the sun came out smiling at us as if to say that it was in collusion in the near fatal conspiracy against us by both -the Almighty and Shri Mahavatar Babaji!! After that everything became very smooth and easy as if only until this part God had decided to punish us in some bizarre ways. As I was too naïve to understand what was happening and what the exact plan of my Guru was, I complied with reverence and reliance. We had to still spend two days in Badrinath for the taxi to come and take us back to Rishikesh. Most interestingly, I could meditate exceptionally well on those days. I have no words to explain to you how blessed I felt when I was all the time talking to Babaji literally during my meditations in the hotel! Day and night I was in direct communion with Him as he unfolded many mind boggling mysteries of the imperceptible world of dead, of our Earth and also guided the passage of my mother safely to the next world. She had died with a lot of suffering and remorse and had asked Babaji for help to move on with ease. It was granted.

I realized that my meditations were unusually exceptional for the reason that Babaji had descended from Satopanth lake on 19th Sept morning because of onset of winter and mild snowfall . He was staying in Badrinath  just a few yards away from me hidingly!! He was living in an ashram with other twelve disciples quietly. He explained what his day is like and adviced me to be one with him to accomplish the most through my meditations because of his presence. He complained mildly that there is more noise than before in Badrinath and he wishes to live secretly so that outside irritants do not jeopardize his unity with God. Silence is required for him to work mentally to send out healing and spiritual vibrations and thoughts the world over.

He was on his way to lower altitude to spend the peak winter. Incidently, we descended on the same date as they. It was 22nd Sept, 2012 morning.  Three devotees joined them in the ashram and they had come to Badrinath to take Shri Babaji and the rest of the troupe with them comfortably. Arrangements were made by these three devotess to take Shri Babaji to warmer altitudes in Himalayas. I and Babaji  although left Badrinath on the same date, did not see each other in physical form. He spoke to me very gently telepathically and also assured me that he would compensate all the bad times I had undergone with very rewarding times by calling me some other time. And as he knew I could not tolerate such high altitudes, so he would call me to the lower heights and would also fulfil all my desires. The most vital of all of them was of being in his holy company.

And even before I met him personally in future, he would give me the highest wisdom now because I had earned it. He assured me that in the upcoming posts sixteen to thirty two posts would be of the highest order. He will soon make me write about special things on the blog which have been written never before! They would be pertaining to Brahma, the highest Universal Self.

He also pointed out to me-“Like you did not circumvent or get marred by the nasty experiences in Badrinath and you were stable and patient, in the same way the state of blazing knowledge called Prabhutva gyan is earned and achieved when we encounter everything peacefully and patiently and never break when God gives us all sorts of difficulties. The Guru will deliberately give the most trying times to the disciple or shishya to make him/her strong to attain the highest knowledge. However, later he will give extreme comfort and relief.”

Dear friends, I cannot ignore something here . I must tell you something fascinating although the post is becoming extremely lengthy this time. When I was trekking up on the steep mountain to reach Vyasa Gufa in 2005 in Badrinath, Mahavatar Babaji reminded me about his forecast- that I will write and publish a book in future. Obviously, it sounded like an unbelievable joke at that time because I thought only saints and yogis could write a book on Vedantic knowledge. He informed and asked me that he is capable of making me write a grand book soon by which I shall become famous but I would myself not understand what I had written like so many people do. In comparison, the other option was that if I waited patiently, he would make me write and publish a book in some years and I would understand everything that I would write, rather than only explain well to others but have a poor understanding of Brahma. I immediately told Babaji that whatever he made me write in future, I should first understand and experience it and later describe and write in a book with crystal clear understanding. He granted my wish!

He explained to me further that he had to cut short my visit to Satopanth this time because of some old debt of my daughter towards her mother in a very distant life had to be cleared and I had to give her an opportunity to save me! She was estranged with her mother in that particular life and the relations had to be reformed and corrected and the whole drama of life and death was re-enacted. As for me, he took one last test to check if He put me in the most annoying, life threatening and the most arduous situation, will I lose my trust and confidence in Him or not.

Well, honestly not once did I think that Babaji was doing anything unreasonable with me even in the most gruesome situation but I failed to understand why and what exactly was he doing and pleaded that nothing untoward should happen to us as my Guru’s name would get tarnished. His honour was my honour after all. And to be precise I was recalling the incident of one chela, disciple as mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi who was thrown from a cliff top from the mountains of the Himalayas as he could not be accepted as a disciple of Babaji in the current life because of karmic pressure. So he threw himself only to be brought back by the other disciples and a new life was injected in him instantly by Babaji by inducting new life force. Can any of you recall that incident from that book and even tell me in which chapter does this narration come? *

The five kilometres area around Badrinath is very highly spiritually charged. Badrinath is the place where everyone has to come to attain the highest Samadhi-Brahma Samadhi. Boganathar, Agastya Maharishi, Adi Shankaracharya and some more had to come here to attain the highest state of Spiritual knowledge and bliss. It is the world’s most dynamic and spiritually vibrated holy place.

Today when everything has got over and calm has returned, I believe that if I hadn’t chosen to carry out all the directives of my Guru obediently over the whole year like a lamb, I would not have undergone a sea change metamorphosis internally as well externally in my social and family life. The major changes or the metamorphosis that I am speaking about are those I have been craving for a very long time, they did not come about since the past ten years or so. Such is the seizing power of our intricate karmas! But nevertheless, Babaji helped me all along these years with extreme patience and adroitness. I also wonder at this stage at the latest revelation of incredible amount of patience that I have cultivated over the years and the insatiable drive I possess to be excelling myself.

There are none amongst us who are not battling some of these problems- they may be one’s personal, professional, familial or some social or even concerning spiritual success for that matter. Then in our times there are also environmental issues we need to attend to. And interestingly, we cannot solve several of our matters fully by ourselves because of lack of divine insight. This is life. Short-sightedness in us comes from absence of divine wisdom. Divine wisdom is achieved when we slacken off and then untie our grip and the cover of delusive Maya, the deluding Force in nature from our minds. The power and extent of this deluding Maya is so intense and grave that even if we recognize it and begin to work on it for its removal with the help of a highly Self realized Guru, even then the whole process might take many lives! But if our karmas are of the highest order, pious and self-giving and both the disciple and the Guru are both equally keen and ready to face anything without being hesitant, the process of removal of entire cover of dark ignorance in one’s mind begins. It initiates only after we give our petition and a consent is given by God.

It requires a lot of force inside and outside in the teacher and the disciple even to initiate and then to proceed this whole process of complete removal and disintegration of Maya or lack of knowledge or avidya. Just a few would wish to initiate and take this step because first the desire or Ichcha Shakti, which is the power of one’s will in the seeker, has to be very concentrated and genuine. It should not wither or wilt in the long operation as it is time consuming. Once God accepts the petition of the seeker, all the nature’s forces abide faithfully when the schooling and learning is on. Whatever it takes to clear the muck outside one’s surrounding or settings in our lives; come what may, it will be cleared even though the whole procedure may be very tiring and toll-taking. The real procedure starts when the Guru will order the disciple to take some drastic or arduous actions happily and unquestioningly. The disciple should have enough courage and foresight to understand that there is nothing unworthy that the Guru will ask him/her to do and eventually when the series of actions or long drawn instructions are over, the force of the tight grip of complicated karmas of the past would finally be released. These are the tremendously deeply buried seeds of unexpressed karmas of our very first or second human incarnation ever!! If ever we are able to touch upon this level of recovery, then the arrival of the divine rays of blazing knowledge or Prabhutava Gyan from the Universal God dawns in us!!! The withdrawal of the last film of Maya or ignorance from the innermost recess of one’s mind initiates the beginning of Prabhutva Gyan.

What happens when we get such blazing knowledge?

We do not forget God at all and the awareness of its presence, the unity and the adherence is of the highest order while in Teevra intense knowledge, the memory is dim and the fogginess returns if the pressures of arrival of past strong karmas are overwhelming in dire circumstances. In Prachand gyan, the very intense knowledge state, the seeker is more stable yet the consciousness and mindfulness may stagger or the sadhak may be bogged down by the ensuing situations. It is God who decides on the basis of our performing actions and deeds whether we are eligible and can take a step forward or not. The tests and the consent become harder to accomplish as we move up after intense knowledge or Prachand Gyan. Therefore do pious deeds, keep your heart unselfish and have endless faith in your Holy Guru!!!

In the highest state or Prabhutva Gyan come what may, the sadhak has never altering and never failing faith, reverence and unconditional love for both-his mentor, guide and Guru all rolled into one and the ever loving and benevolent God. He/she at last tastes directly the deep Godly love, which is unconditional and unfailing towards him/her and therefore all the tiredness, disappointment and uncertainty which was lingering casts away! A new journey begins; a journey with new life and new Light!!

To be continued…..

(This post needs more revision and reading from my end till it reaches the desired state.

Kindly read it many times as it is grave and elusive in nature. And ask anything that you need to know more on this. Surely some questions will rattle you.



*Autobiography of a Yogi, chapter 33

34 Responses to I get a new life, a new Light in Badrinath-I

  1. 369rajeev says:

    Sarika Amma,

    I just scanned through your post, have to read it couple more times for the content to sink in…Too good to believe——

    -Can any of you recall that incident from that book and even tell me in which chapter does this narration come?

    * This comes from one of my all time favorite chapters- 33 – “BABAJI THE YOGI CHRIST OF MODERN INDIA”-

    “Jump then , Babaji said unemotionally, I cannot accept you in your present state of development”- The man immediately hurled himself over the Cliff. Babaji instructed the shocked disciples to fetch the body”

    ***This content got stuck in my mind and I am not referring the AOY book now. I seriously love BABAJI and anything related to HIM. Might have read that chapter ‘N’ number of times, Just have to stay in his radius of mental vibrations.

    We are lucky to be communicating with you about BABAJI> I will read his post many times , Just to understand what you have gone through in that phase and how you overcame that.

    Your Son,

  2. Kalpanaben M Jani says:

    sarikaji ke charan me koti koti pranam i would like get a new life

    • spiritinlife says:

      Kalpanaben, please say this- Babaji ke charan mei koti, koti pranam…May God fulfil your desire of attaining a new, meaningful, pure and blissful life.

      • Kalpanaben says:

        Sarika ji got your answer. There is no end to my happiness after following Babaji and his teachings!! I came to know about you from this website, which gave me more knowledge. I was blessed by Babaji and now you also showered your blessings on me. Which I need so much during this stage of my life.

        Thank You!!

        • spiritinlife says:

          It is your good fortune that you found Shri Babaji and Kalpanaben, I find no reason why should you not be able to solve your curent problems. Please continue with your daily jaap, dhyan and other calming practices. Read the blog and take those passages that will give you strength and mobility of mind. Do not get thrown down with the ensuing life situations. Worries can diminish your strength. Believe in God and your destiny.
          Ask anything that you want to know or solve on the blog, write on spiritinlife@gmail.com if you feel necessary. Continue being in touch, you will be fine soon.
          Yours affectionately

          • kalpanaben says:

            Thanks a lot Sarikaji, I read your mesg ,and i know you are with me so i am happy,pl. i dont know english very well,so my reply is not so proper but i am try my best, pl me say you know gujarati, i am in usa with my son one and half month , i wish you talk with you on phone if you wish.this are my request ,lots of love my babaji and sarikaji

            • spiritinlife says:

              Kalpanaben, your English is pretty good and you can managae fine. There is no problem there. Write in any way you can, I will understand. I suggest you read some of the posts/articles on the blog, atleast the basic ones and then you will know Babaji better than now.I can understand quite a bit of Gujarati and can read some words also, so there should be no problems in communication.You can write to me on Google in Hindi or Gujarati. I may understand let me try atleast. Or the best way is you can write in English the way you can and I will reply:) Sarika

  3. Meena says:

    Timeless courage and undaunting will, such devotion full of love only seen here between you and Babaji…..may you soar higher and higher….my humble namastes to you and Babaji..


    • spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Meena, thanks for your most wonderful thoughts,I wish you the same. I am forever and forever indebted to Babaji for accepting me and becoming my mentor in my desire to soar to the highest. It is just him who has the unique qualities of ingenuity and generosity to allow and enable his disciples to touch new and unparalleled heights, so I will never get tired of bowing down once again in his holy feet to thank him profusely.
      Had it been not for him, who could have shown us the real path? Who is so big hearted to encourage the disciple to be unstoppable? I believe he is so magnanimous, hence he is making me soar to new heights. No wonder, I effortlessly chant mantras or bhajans which have his names in it. At this moment, this line came and I was singing- Bhajo re bhaiya Ram, Govind, Hari…. These are Saint Kabir’s lines.

  4. vnaval2012 says:

    Dear Sarika!
    What an explosive post and what a challenge you have thrown to us all.. Can we ever match up to your standards of Guru Shishya parampara?? I don’t know.. What flows through clearly is your supreme love for Babaji and His love for you.. His ‘tough love’ really which you have forborne so beautifully.. As to the knowledge.. I need to assimilate it slowly … Dear Sarika, you have the gift of kindling the desire to know GOD and now you have to show me the way… I will follow.. Maybe slowly.. But surely.. My heart fulls with hope and happiness whenever I read your blog.. It shines so truly like a lighthouse in this ocean of Maya.. Showing the way to the shore.. As long as my eyes can see that light, I know that the shore is near.. So shine on.. Love always

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dearest Vanita, All I can say is that it is possible for you, it is possible to know God when the desire is very burning. I have three things to tell you at this juncture-
      -Never call off your day without your prayers and deep meditation
      -Invite God inside, leave all the Maya outside. When someone loves wisdom, Guru and God residing inside, then Maya vanishes.
      -Trust in yourself and you will know God.Walk at your own pace, whatever it is, no worries there.
      With blessings always

  5. The hardships of your life explains us that life is not a bed of roses, but we still wish to make it one, but without struggle and penance none can be one with God, is a mere fact we need to understand.

    An extra pinch of salt in life shatters our hope and throw us in a sea of negative thoughts but hats off to your never ending faith to face everything in life smilingly and self content nature.

    Loads of love


    • spiritinlife says:

      Garima we as humans have never really learnt something grave by leading a very cushy life. It is only when we toil or struggle that the real essence of life is discovered. As for being one with God one has to clear some debts, and at the final stage God is always with us so it is okay. The real question is whether we really want God? If we really want God and Guru’s protection and divine blessings, then eventually nothing matters except for that, rest becomes a passing show. So look up and try to emulate good things of the great Ones and march on…..
      Love to you
      Sarika Aunty.

  6. Lata says:

    It is sad to know that three categories of people will never make to god. Why this discrimination? What use is one man’s salvation if it doesn’t help others too? It seems there is never any end for the trials people face. Lata

    • spiritinlife says:

      Lata, those three cateogories of people are only debarred from attaining the highest level of divine knowledge called Prabhutva gyan which one attains only after attaining Moksha. So there is no question of God being unfair or those who have attained salvation not helping others. Probably my expression was not too clear, by the way I have made some slight changes in the post by making two to three lines bold so that the essence is not overlooked by others too. Thanks for pointing out. Sarika

  7. Lata says:

    Whatever the categories whatever one’s fate how does it matter for the child so long as it believes in its parent? Thank you so much for the reply. I’m sure all will be saved.

  8. Shahid says:

    Loved this sentence “During meditation, with the grace of God and the Divine Master, the shreds called the loam of ignorance or avidya present in the brain are wiped off by the illuminating rays of Light and there are no dust particles in our spine and nervous system. ”

    Glad to read that Beloved Babaji helped in passage of your mother safely to the next world and she didn’t get lost like many other souls.

    I would love to know how Babaji spends a day and what he thinks about all day long ? Is Babaji blessing the world all day long ?

    This post is fantastic and I have to read it again many more times.

    Sarikaji, you have all the qualities of a genuine, sincere seeker and I am so glad to be basking in the presence of such a holy, saintly person.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Shahid, thanks for making me read this post again very attentively just now. I felt that the price that I paid for the blazing knowledge given by God and Gurus by some gruesome method is too insignificant, now that all is over. The presence of God which has become so firm is the biggest thing that I could have ever got. The unspoilt peace, unfaltering faith and the mental stability, rest that I have now are the best things I could have ever achieved in all my human incarnations.
      Thanks for remembering me and for you knowing that Shri Babaji is the huge, the most priceless possession that you can ever have is a great gift. So treasure this. My heart is joyous when a seeker like you feels gratified and apprecciates the divine wisdom that is given here. This divine wisdom will liberate you.
      In general, Babaji’s day starts something like this-
      He hardly sleeps. In sits in dynamic meditation all through nights sending our powerful helping healing thought waves all over the world as so many people ask for help and to be rescued. It is a different matter that those people may be unaware about this.
      In the morning he likes to sit in the sun and relax after a very light meal as it is very cold in those places in Himalayas.
      Around mid day, he sits with his disciples and guides them too. Butter milk or fruit at this time. Personal instructions are given. He strolls a bit and then again light meals like a glass of milk or fruit or both at this time around lunch.
      Some rest in the afternoon and in the evening group meditation around a fire with havan or group chanting.Deep meditation and silence is maintained after this period
      Nights for solitude and communion with God.
      My souls fleets in joy when I am describing about the daily routine of Shri Mahavatar Babaji because it reminds me of the time when on his own he told me about his routine in Badrinath as I was wounded and my desire of going to see him in his natural surrounding was not met. But he filfilled my this desire. And after me, it is you who wishes to know what does Babaji do in the day!!A very sweet question!
      Lots of love and blessings

  9. Shahid says:

    Wonderful to know about Babaji’s daily routine. Thank you soooooo much Sarikaji. Babaji is great. He is literally living only for others- What a pure and magnificent soul !!!

    Hope some day Babaji takes us to his ashram and we can spend a day or more there, esp in the evening group meditation and chanting.

    The disciples with Babaji now-is the number fixed or will Babaji accept more? I was thinking it would be an honour to be selected to live as a permanent disciple of Babaji. Of course one has to put in the effort and tapasya for this 🙂

    One more question, It’s so cold in the Himalayas, so why would sweet Babaji live there when he could very well live in his quiet birth place Parangipettai ?

    Jai Bababji !!!

  10. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Shahid,
    A very pertinent question asked by you-It’s so cold in the Himalayas, so why would sweet Babaji live there when he could very well live in his quiet birth place Parangipettai ?
    With the kind and highest quality spiritual work that is undertaken by Babaji, he needs silence and purity of atmosphere. Ordinary atmosphere is laden with mischievous and malicious thoughts of people. Badrinath is secluded from the world and is surrounded by snowy mountains. Just a few people can make it and as Babaji has pledged to live as long as his mission is not accomplished, he lives in secluded areas so that he does not get disturbed by all sorts of people.
    Regarding choosing disciples to be near him in his group, I guess it is decided by God based on our performed sacred and pure karmas and our destiny both.
    But like you express who would not like to be in the holy company of Shri Babaji? Ask me! Still waiting!!!
    Lots of love

    • Wonderful! 🙂

      If our Will is strong and blazing to serve humanity in His Company, would God give us the Ultimate Permission to serve with Him in His Holy company, in this birth or the next?

      Once we have glimpses of how Dearest Babaji works, why should one have the fear of taking multiple births till one finds himself/herself bounded in His Unconditional Love and Compassion and His Holy Company? Who would not to work for the ‘CEO of the World’? 🙂 True, that Liberation grants us the permission to work for Him. So, the choice is ours, and either way we can be in His Holy Company for as long as it takes, I guess0-. Once we are bound by His Love, what else could fulfill our heart or mind? 🙂

      No wonder destiny and God’s permission plays a part, otherwise, the American who chose to serve as Babaji’s disciple would not have even found Babaji’s Group no matter how hard he had tried? 🙂 But that story also tells us how Compassionate Babaji truly is!


    • Shahid says:

      Thank you Mom for your reply. So since Badrinath is secluded from the world he prefers to stay there so that no one disturbs him.OK.

      Wish Pyare Babaji had an email ID so we could mail him directly 🙂
      ( For those who are not able to have telepathic communication
      with him. )

  11. Atul says:

    Dear Spirit in life,

    I have not even admitted any thought of meeting Divine Babaji.It is actually beyond comprehension the sacrifices and tapas that one would have to make to become pristine to be able to meet Him and there also has to be an exceptional purpose for such a meeting.Though He is so very compassionate, I feel that the sanctity of His environment has to be always maintained and there should be no disturbances of our thoughts and auras.

    May God and Babaji Bless us all.

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Atul, Shahid, Nish and so many others interested in this intriging, puzzling and enticing thought and question- Can we meet Babaji personally? How? What does it take to do so? Who are eligible? Should we be really meeting him or are we going to disturb his clean environment by polluting it with our thoughts and our aura and many such questions are coming in. I think it is the right time to know what is the Truth at this juncture.
      Yesterday early morning, as I woke up quite early after a good night sleep, it was a blessed start. I was woken up very softly in my sleep by Him only. He has not done this for quite a while. He answered very explicitly as I lay in my bed resting by telling us what really takes somebody to qualify to meet Shri Babaji in person in his Himalayan abode.
      On Shahid’s question, I gave an impromtu answer not realizing that to my pleasant surprise, many others would read all the comments regarding this subject so carefully as days are passing. Nonetheless, I was very relieved to know what does it take for someone if he/she has a desire to meet him in reality, in flesh and blood?
      Babaji said that people who are doing absolutely forbidden actions are not even allowed to go near his doormat! Such strong words reflecting his strong dislikes for committing sins by ordinary mortals! This is because such people are doing anti-God actions and Babaji would never go against God and therefore he does not allow evil people and sinful men and women to come near him.
      Now those people who do not forget God for even a single moment, have done intense atonement and tapasya and who have worshipped and loved him so much that every pore of their being emanates Babaji’s holy name are entitled to spend some valuable time with him in his holy, auspicious company some day.Four definite lines to be remembered by all of us to know how far we have still to go……
      So this is the answer straight from Mahavatar Babaji in my early morning dynamic meditation and all doubts have been cleared by him as he is omnipresent.As I have repeatedly said if you recall that this is his blog and he is all the time vigil and keeping an eye on all of us is all the more true today with my personal message which I have shared with all of you. This blog is his space and platform where Babaji speaks with his disciples and answers their queries if they are not fake. After all he values his time so much!!
      I am fortunate that this discussion took place because I got enriched and enlightened in this whole process and have acute clarity now; I would have never got to know otherwise. My earnest prayer to the Almighty and Supreme God to give me the power and strength and the will to do more intense tapasya and service for others in order to purify myself further.
      May God and our divine Gurus shower their Grace and mercy on us so that we dispel all our darkness hiding inside us and we always serve God and our holy Gurus. May we live for others and may we forego all our pleasures and desires so that we become unselfish, loving and more and more giving everyday as we tread on this lovely and bountiful path. May we spread his wisdom and knowledge in all corners of the Earth.
      With God’s abundant love

      • Asim says:

        So,tickets of pure unselfishness and severe austerity is required to reach the junction of Babaji…
        I feel lucky to even having glimpsed the way…
        My humble love for Babaji for this enlightening revelation and great sincerity to you too aunty… 🙂

      • Shahid says:

        Thank you for the reply dearest Babaji and Mom:)

      • Meena says:

        Absolute Goldmine…..

  12. manju says:

    What is the holy name of our param gurudeva Mahavatar Babaji that Babaji would like us to chant allday so that in some life we could be blessed to be in his holy presence dear Sarikaji.is it Om Babaji or some other jaap? please let me know.
    Jai Guru dear Sarikaji and thank you for this wonderful blog.

    Thank you,


  13. spiritinlife says:

    Dear Manju, you have asked me a very good question.

    The most useful and potent mantra for chanting or jaap to get the holy company of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji is- Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya and Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare, Hey Nath Narayan Vasudevay…..

    This post is very special because after so much grief and disappointment, Babaji gave me unthinkable peace and unlimited knowledge. When I see you and others drinking from my cup of nectar, my heart swells up……..It has brought me immense joy and comfort. Thank you for reading this one. May God give you more insight and sharp focus to be able to penetrate inside these lines and words….
    God bless you every moment. Bask in God’s love and Light
    Jai Guru!

  14. midhunpk210m says:

    ohm namo bhagavade vasudevaya.

    great read…may great saint/guru shower blessing to all who sincerly reading this blog.

    babaji, seeking your blessing..

    sarika ji, the book will be a holy book. it may help millions to the path of wisdom…you shall make it with the grace of guruji.

    thanks to babaji and to you for helping the wandering souls.

  15. pandey2 says:

    So True Ma…This is surely one of those articles/post which will always be most treasured.

    Jai Baba ji

    -Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya.

    -Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare, Hey Nath Narayan Vasudevay.

    with love and gratitude.

  16. Mandira says:

    My learning:

    1. “ Gyan comes after moksha.Once the Spirit unfolds in us and you know Atma, there are three levels of aspiration and heights to accomplish after that. In accordance, there are three types of gyan or wisdom”
    2. “ The more we lose the grip of that ignorance or Maya, the more wisdom we get.Meditation erases slowly the memory of our contact and contamination with Maya over lives. Meditation calms the mind, cleans it of prevailing Maya, subdues and quietens it.”
    3.” The state of blazing knowledge called Prabhutva gyan is earned and achieved when we encounter everything peacefully and patiently and never break when God gives us all sorts of difficulties. The Guru will deliberately give the most trying times to the disciple orshishya to make him/her strong to attain the highest knowledge. However, later he will give extreme comfort and relief.”
    4. It requires a lot of force inside and outside in the teacher and the disciple even to initiate and then to proceed this whole process of complete removal and disintegration of Maya or lack of knowledge or avidya
    But in most cases, the person wouldn’t know that he/she is under the influence of Maya. Then how can he/she work towards removing it? Or it is impossible without Divine Grace?
    5. What is Brahma Samadhi?

    • spiritinlife says:

      Mandira, the points you have high highlighted from the post remember them, recall and recapitulate many times in the day, in between two tasks, however busy you are. All this should seep inside thoroghly well.They will help you chart out your own path.
      Nobody can remove the Maya without his or her own will; only if you will have the great desire to remove all the dirt and impurities, only then the Divine Grace arrives. First the motivation of that one person has to be strong.Secondly the person should have lots andlots of good karmas’ bank balance.
      Brahma samadhi in short means exiting the physical body completely immersed in oneness with the purest form of divinity called Brahma. This happens only in those souls who have completely removed all the sukshma maya from within and their mind does not waver at all when the body leaves the world. Swami Nityananda of Ganeshpuri was in Brahma samadhi when he exited the world. This much information is enough for you now. Study the blog well.

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